31 Mar

For once the NRB listened to the citizens. There is a first time for everything.

ATTEND YOUR 82nd ANNUAL DNR ELECTION & VOTE, held in all Wisconsin Counties on Monday, April 11, at 6:30 p.m.  One night a year you can make a difference by electing responsible representation for governing our fragile reality. See the above post (column) for a link to the questionnaire, and some key questions regarding the hunter-proposed tweaking of their killing power expansion.

One issue that concerns me greatly (they all do – but this one is a wipe-out) centers on the future of the otter in Wisconsin. Otters bring big bucks to trappers. With this said, they are so rare in Wisconsin that even the DNR has limited otter kill to a lottery with few licenses issued. BUT IT IS AN OPPORTUNITY – and who cares if otters are wiped out to bedeck the necks of Russian and Chinese upwardly mobile billions of people? The point is to give the trappers “more opportunity”. (And us less.)

Trappers with DNR $5 new trapping license incentives have recruited and trained 6,000 new trappers, to add to the 10,000 professional manglers and bludgeoners, crushers and drowners out there. So you can vote on whether to just give EVERY trapper 2 otter kills (16,000 trappers x 2 each = 32,000 otters dead?). This is utter nonsense since there may be a thousand otters left in the state. For perspective, a New Jersey resident just sent me an accounting that NJ trappers killed 50 otters in the entire state last year. But the trappers have to keep up with the bear “hunters” who kill 5,000 bears annually – more than anywhere on earth (Note: 2/3 are spring cubs and cubs less than 1 year – 8 months old. Such fun.)

Unless the public wakes up soon, the hunters will have to start shooting rare Monarch butterflies and bees.

Please read my forthcoming column and bring friends to your county election April 11. Run for election by nominating yourself and a friend for the grassroots sole advisory on our public so-called “commons” to have a say and create committees on global warming, CAFO’s, mining and fracking and renewable energy. An up-welling among the non-hunting fraction is needed to broaden Wisconsin’s focus on a variety of environmental-related issues rather than continuing the status quo at the DNR’s annual meeting – a focus on killing and expanding hunter/trapper/hounder power.

Can you attend four meetings a year to have a say? The election is the first order of business promptly at 7:00 p.m. Monday night, April 11.

I can answer any questions. We had Adam Kassulke, wolf advocate, elected in Milwaukee county last year and now he is running for assembly. We had organic farmer fighting CAFOs, Genie Metoyer, elected in Waushara County last year. Now her husband is running for assembly. I just had an inquiry from a woman asking how she could run in Lafayette county – another organic farmer.

We need a variety of interests represented and some humane folks who care about living wildlife running in every county – two per county. THROW YOUR HATS IN THE RING.

Ask me – I can tell you all about it.  It is a paltry time commitment for the power to help – and INTERESTING.

If you want to make resolutions for change, that is at the link to the locations and questionnaire given in the column -“HOW TO MAKE A RESOLUTION” and the more counties you submit it to, the better chance to get change.  Each citizen is allowed to present two resolutions.

We should have millions of people attending to have a say in governing our billions of dollars of public land investment, rivers, streams, and lakes, wildlife and climate.

Contact me if you have questions. I will be posting POSTERS to advertise the election on the web site in the next few days. You can replace the Dane county location with your county and location from the DNR spring hearings link. If you need help with that, contact me. You can print them off in color or black and white and post them at coffee shops, health food stores, college and high school campuses, community centers, book stores, libraries, humane shelters, and pet supply stores.

One more column about all this on April 10

Thanks in advance for all your help and support!

Patricia Randolph

State Journalist, Capital Times newspaper

Capital Times web site:

Go to to join us or download posters for the election for your community

My phone number is: 608-981-2287

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