Results of the WCC 2016 Spring Meeting

24 Apr


Please acess the results of the WCC 2016 disaster at:
In summary, I found the citizen resolutions to be more interesting than the usual hunter/trapper power grabs in the questionnaire. The two that I proposed both failed to pass (the first was to give legal rights to nature, a measure passed in 200 communities in Pennsylvania to fight fracking, mining, pipelines and cruelty to wildlife; the second was to democratize funding). Please read through the resolutions found on the link referenced above and consider what you would like to change at next year’s election and vote.
The results of this pathetic low turn-out of mostly trappers and hounders continued the lack of democracy and transparency in the state of Wisconsin. Only 4,363 citizens attended this “public election and vote” put on and carefully NOT advertised by the DNR and so-called hunter “Conservation” Congress. This may be an all time low attendance.  The results were heavily dominated by hunters, trappers and hounders who voted in favor of more killing and more destruction of the environment that included:
  • to allow for the continued use of lead shot that is already known to kill countless eagles, loons, egrets, cranes, and fish (and their natural preditors).
  • to give each trapper two licenses to kill otters. With 6,000 new trappers recruited and trained by the DNR and counting – added to the existing 10,000 trappers will absolutely devastate the otter population in Wisconsin. Based on a trapper estimated existing otter population of 8,000-10,000 (with a 22% average kill rate), it is likely that two-thirds of the otters in the state will be killed during the upcoming season.
  • to continue to place extreme killing pressure on beavers supposedly because they “warm trout streams”. There are thousands of miles of designated “Class A Trout Streams” in Wisconsin. Beaver dams are destroyed along 8,000 miles of river systems under the ridiculous premise that beaver harm trout.  Rather it is widely known that beavers CREATE habitat for half of the rare and endangered species on earth. IF and I mean IF water is warmed by backing up water behind a beaver dam, the simple and long-term economical solution is to run a large pipe through the dam at the bottom to let the water flow through. Same if there is flooding. Instead the DNR, ever biased to give trappers “more opportunity” DYNAMITE beaver dams, destroying mothers and pups – and allow indiscriminate conibear and steel-jaw trapping of beavers who take about 30 minutes to drown painfully.
  • to cut the 7-month long beaver trapping season by two to four weeks. As noted above, beavers should not be trapped at all as they are engineers who protect and sift water systems – and provide habitat for so many endangered animals.
  • to extend the season to kill turkeys, Hungarian Partridge, stocked pheasants and fishers.
  • to have the Natural Resources Board (NRB) pick the secretary of the DNR instead of the governor. Nice idea until you realize the NRB is mandated to hunter/trapper activist control with 4 of the 7 having licenses the previous 10 years (the others being a farmer wanting to eliminate wildlife for domestic kill and property developers).
  • to NOT inconvenience bear hunter/hounders with buying a preference point to get a kill license every year – but buy 6 years at a time.Rand double learn-to-hunt opportunities.
  • to increase awareness of the election and vote (primarily targeted to hunters and their buddies). This action could be a BRIGHT SPOT if  the non-hunting / non-trapping public are finally made aware of the detrimental threats posed to Wisconsin’s wildlife by a small percentage of our State’s population.
  • to avoid the possibility of non-hunters in funding their agenda. The reason for this is clear. While the pro-hunting / pro-trapping voted in support of a wildlife stamp for the non-consumptive user to contribute funds – such action eliminates any plan that ties non-hunting financial support to proportionate representation on the Natural Resources Board, DNR staffing, or say in our own forum of voting and electing.

After 19 years of activism trying to open up this election and interest the general public in this election and vote – I admit to dismal failure. Things are worse than they were when I was elected in 1999-2002 and served on the trapping committee.




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