Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: The Second Amendment: Looking into the mirror of cultural psychosis

23 Oct


What kind of mind actually wants to kill something? What is wrong with the psyche of a man who looks at a lion, or a deer, or any sentient being and wants to kill it for no other reason than the sport of killing? ~ Tom Grasso, Elephant Journal   

Wayne LaPierre heads a rigid, macho National Rifle Association that represents much that is sick in America and in the Republican Party. The NRA has played into the astonishing insecurity and entitlement of white male supremacy, marketing guns as if they represent “freedom” and “independence.” The United States is awash in this false idol, status symbols to be paraded in open intimidation and used for the recreational mass murder of wildlife — and people.

After the Sandy Hook Elementary School slaughter of 20 children and six adults in 2012, it was estimated that there were then 3.75 million AR-15-type rifles in the United States, in a mix of 310 million firearms.

The most frequent victims of gun violence are not black people or people in wars, or people at all. They are innocent, natural wild beings who are tortured and killed annually by the millions just in Wisconsin, for recreation. This is insanity.

Scientific study has proven that animal, bird and human consciousness are the same, culminating in the Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness.

As Albert Schweitzer famously said, “I am life which wills to live, in the midst of life which wills to live. As in my own will-to-live there is a longing for wider life and pleasure, with dread of annihilation and pain; so is it also in the will-to-live all around me, whether it can express itself before me or remains dumb.” He advocated respect for all life.

Often even progressive legislators, when braving the gun control topic, give the caveat that “no one is trying to take away the rights of hunters.” These rights are not God-given — these are undemocratic fictions created by legislators stuck in a cowboy mentality. The fact is that the main support of the NRA, beyond militia groups and gun collectors, are hunters, who are a minority of our citizens.

Wisconsin is one of 24 states that allow semi-automatics to be used on wildlife. They fire as rapidly as one can pull the trigger. Dana Liebelson of Mother Jones wrote: “A legal add-on can make assault rifles fire ‘as a machine gun would.’ “

As Ammoland Gun News reports: “(I)t should be abundantly obvious that hunting with semi-automatic ‘assault rifles’ is the norm, not the exception.”

Violence begets more violence. The state teaches children to numb themselves to the suffering they cause in hunting and trapping. That numbing, as we have seen in war veterans, has personal and societal costs — more violence.

Gerald Horne, professor of history and African-American studies at the University of Houston, speaking on “Democracy Now!” said: “Well, first of all, you need to understand that the Second Amendment to the Constitution, which is the calling card for the gun lobby and Washington, D.C., has everything to do with slavery.” Horne says that militias and guns were used to suppress slave revolts, and both freed slaves and indigenous populations were excluded from gun “rights.” He says the Ku Klux Klan was organized to disarm newly freed Africans.

Horne describes how the NRA and gun lobby actually wanted gun control after the Black Panther Party, fully armed in the 1960s, confronted the California Legislature. He concludes, “So, you cannot disconnect the history of the Second Amendment from the history of racism and white supremacy.”

Or from the history of specie-ism: “Fear of black people, indigenous people, domination over nature. Elevating the almighty white male top of his self-proclaimed hierarchy.”

Tom Grasso wrote in “Debunking the Second Amendment” for the Elephant Journal:

“Why ban all guns? Because there is a certain amount of insanity necessary to own a gun. Again, I’m not talking about someone living in the remote areas of our nation. I’m talking about the dentist living in urban Minnesota who owns a gun simply because he wants to kill something. He doesn’t have to kill to survive, he wants to kill. If there isn’t a measure of insanity there, I don’t know where else to find it.

“Suggesting you need to own a gun because you want to kill something should automatically disqualify you from the ability to purchase one. What kind of mind actually wants to kill something? What is wrong with the psyche of a man who looks at a lion, or a deer, or any sentient being and wants to kill it for no other reason than the sport of killing? Doesn’t that alone suggest a type of psychological issue?

“There are relatively few people living in the 50 American states who need to kill to survive. Instead, the killing of living beings is more of a statement than survival. It feeds our ego, our need for power, and our lust for blood.”

Australia began a ban and buy-back of all semi-automatic weapons 12 days after the Port Arthur massacre 20 years ago. Since that ban, there have been no mass killings in Australia. The program cost $230 million. Peter Baskerville, an Australian citizen, wrote of that change, “See, Australians don’t have an emotional, ideological nor political view of guns. In our country, guns are not seen as a ‘natural right’ of its citizenry nor are they a symbol of freedom and independence. Australians simply view a gun as a gun.”

He explains: “Other changes introduced at the same time significantly contributed to the gun law impact and included extensive background checks, the need for valid reasons to own ANY firearm and police-inspected mandatory secure gun safes.”

The assessment of the law changes 20 years later is “the benefits have enriched us beyond measure as a society, and as individuals.”


The state of Illinois wants to destroy two pet deer rescued and licensed through the state. Humane citizens should have as much right to our wildlife as do killers. You can add your name to the nearly 120,000 people who have opposed the state removing them on this petition.

Also, sign the petition to save Yellowstone’s remnant population of 750 bears, which are threatened with immediate hunting if taken off the Endangered Species List. 100,000 grizzlies thrived in the United States before Lewis & Clark’s voyage. The plan is to give hunters a once-in-a-lifetime grizzly head on wall. Please help bears survive this ignorance by signing and networking this petition

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