MadravenspeakAction Alert for Wolves

31 May


Action Alert: Rep. Mark Pocan (WI) says that even 100 calls to a legislator cannot be ignored. Please network that it is urgent to flood these offices with calls, NOW, and tell them you want Great Lakes and Wyoming wolves to continue to be protected under the science of the Endangered Species Act:

• State Sen. Tom Tiffany (purchased by the bear hunters for $4000): 608-266-2509. Email:

• Ron Johnson: 202-224-5323 or via his website

• Tammy Baldwin: 202-224-5653 or via her website

• Rep. Sean Duffy: 202-225-3365

• Your own legislators at all levels

This alert is also at the bottom of the most recent (May 7, 2017) Madravenspeak column which can be found here. Please network it on social media and email lists. This is urgent. Please find out if your federal senator and house representative are holding listening sessions and ATTEND! This is our chance to educate them about the species extinction that threatens all of us – and to push for single payer! Tell them that the Vatican released a statement about this extinction saying it is even more threatening to our survival than climate change. Let me know how it goes!

It just came out that the Bear Hounders Association paid Senator Tiffany $4000, his sidekick in working to kill wolves, Rep. Jarchow, $2000, and donated $57,000 to legislators to get concealed carry expanded, run dogs on our wildlife without licensing or oversight, and run TWO wolf hating conferences to rally ignorance and hatred toward wolves. That means that each of the 3,000 bear hounders in their bear killing club (representing the 100,000 bear hunters who compete to kill 5,000 bears annually in WI) are each chipping in $20 or less to buy our government to destroy our natural world.

I am thinking that the other 90% of Wisconsin citizens could each pitch in $10 and we could buy it back. How? A gofundme or what? I am open to suggestions as organizing those who do not get to take our wildlife to death has not been successful. Please think about this. The only other thing I can think of is for the public to put pressure on the State government. More specifically, like in the climate lawsuit, argue the devastating effects that current Wisconsin law are having on our children, forcing a change in existing law to fund our state nature government on general public funds, no longer on killing licenses.

Please call your legislators and the legislators above listed with contact information for your easy access. Please do it now as Pocan says that there are 2,000 bills on the fast track (about 80 seek to weaken the Endangered Species Act and de-list our wolves).

We did a booth at Veg Expo Milwaukee on May 6, 2017, and I gave a talk on mass extinction and organizing around the annual election and vote put on by the DNR.

Vegan Fest Madison is June 7 and featuring Dr. Barnard from the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine. Please stop on by!

Thank you.


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