06 Apr

This is a reminder that the WDNR’s Annual Election and Vote will be held in all of Wisconsin’s 72 counties this Monday, April 9. Information regarding the meeting can be found here. Of note, the meeting start time is shown as 7:00 p.m. It has been my experience however, that the first and most important item on the agenda (nomination and election of delegates) may occur prior to the 7:00 p.m. start time. Therefore, I would encourage those of you attending to arrive early. For meeting locations, click here.

This meeting is the one occassion that Wisconsin residents not involved with the hunting and trapping of our wildlife and the continuing destruction of our natural resources can express their concerns and have their voices heard. Like many others, I am greatly concerned with the continued pressure on our natural resources, the downward spiral of our wildlife diversity and populations, and the cruelty often associated with hunting and trapping. I enjoy being out in nature and have concerns whether current DNR “management” practices will preserve our wildlife over the next several years and for several generations to come.

Serving as a delegate to the Wisconsin Conservation Congress does not require much time (click here).  It is however an important role because you will have the opportunity to represent,your county in effecting change with respect to how Wisconsin’s wildlife, biota and ecosystems are managed and protected (click here). Over the years, such issues have been controlled by political (and other) special interests that include the NRA. The benefitting pro-hunting and pro-trapping interests represent only one end of the spectrum however. Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic is working hard to change current practices to those that are based on science, considered humane, and preserve our wildlife, ecosystems and natural resources for enjoyment by Wisconsin’s residents. Persons interested in being a delegate can nominate themselves (or bring a friend along with you). You will then have a few minutes to present your vision regarding the protection and management of our wildlife and natural resources (click here for further information).

The next part of the meeting allows you to provide your opinion on a variety of issues by completing the DNR Questionnaire (to view, click here). The questionnaire is divided into three sections: Fisheries Advisory Questions, DNR Wildlife Advisory Questions and Natural Resources Board Advisory Questions. My suggestion regarding completion of the questionaire is to select the most humane response and/or the response that is most consistent with your values.

The process for preparing and submitting resolutions to the Wisconsin Conservation Congress is described here and here.

Three flyers have been prepared for those attending the meeting.

Flyer 1 (click here). FORMAT: 8-1/2 x 11″. Points of Emphasis: Keep Wisconsin’s gray wolves protected by keeping the Endangered Species Act; Wildlife “refuges” are now prime hunting and trapping grounds – vote whether to give longer access to trappers in what the DNR has turned into killing fields.

Flyer 2 (click here). FORMAT: 8-1/2 x 11″. Points of Emphasis: Ban neonicotinoids and insecticides used on our food supply (killing bees and butterflies); require the DNR to require / perform hydrogeological studies before licensing Corporate Animal Farms and high capacity wells.

Flyer 3 (click here). FORMAT 8-1/2 x 11″ (2 per sheet). Points of Emphasis: 4,500 black bears, mostly cubs, to be killed in September, 2018 (allows for the use of bait and packs of dogs); half a million innocent foxes, bobcats, coyotes, & beavers suffer and die in traps each year; oppose the federal WAR ON WOLVES ACT H.R.424 and S.164 which strips ESA protection for Wisconsin’s gray wolves; oppose the federal SHARE Act that would open 20 million National Park Service public lands to the killing of wolf pups and bear cubs in dens, and strips ESA protection for our wolf and bear populations; and work towards implementing changes that would limit (or eliminate) opportunities for the NRA to run big game safaris across the globe killing rare species like elephants.

Please feel free to download and modify these flyers as you deem necessary. Take some along to pass out prior to the meeting (the area where you reside and/or outside the meeting location).

In addition, Flyer 5 is a template created for those seeking delegate seats. Again, modify as necessary and distribute to those you know and/or outside the meeting location.

Flyer 5 (click here). FORMAT: 8-1/2 x 11″. Points of Emphasis: Humane treatment of Wisconsin’s wildlife and protection of our natural resources and fragile ecosystems. Issues include, but are not limited to: ending the use of lead shot which is poisoning our eagles, hawks, cranes and water life; no hunting of sand hill cranes, rare white deer, and tundra swans; ending the mourning dove hunt; ending the running packs of dogs on our wildlife on public lands; ending trapping (banned in 90 countries decades ago for its cruelty); protecting innocent black bears – most of them 1-2 years old – from hunters using packs of dogs and bait; influence rules / legislation pertaining to mining, sand-fracking, high capacity wells, state parks & public land governance.

Best of luck to those of you seeking delegate seats and a big thank you to all who participate in this year’s meeting! Please let your voice be heard!!

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