Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: A call to women warriors to save our wildlife April 9

08 Apr

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In our hands now lies not only our own future, but that of all other living creatures with whom we share the earth.” ~ David Attenborough, BBC naturalist

We need to take a lesson from the Parkland, Florida, youth. Impatience for change and urgent action are a necessity and an honor when lives are at stake.

This is a call to strong women to stand for election to the two grassroots positions open April 9 in every county in Wisconsin — and every year in April, in every county — creating the sole citizen advisory body to the Legislature and Department of Natural Resources on policy governing our publicly purchased lands, waters, and wildlife. Because citizens do not know of this election, or its importance, wildlife in Wisconsin is being slaughtered.

It is simple to run for election. Take a friend, nominate each other that night, and write a two-minute statement of your priorities. Stand up for democracy in governing what is supposed to be our “commons” and break the stranglehold of the killing cartel good ol’ boys club.

Ninety percent of us kill no wildlife and are not represented on the Wisconsin Conservation Council.

This is a simple but powerful grassroots delegate opportunity. Advertise it on your social media and bring 10 friends who bring 10 friends each. There is an election and meeting in each county; in Dane County, this year it is in the Monona Grove High School auditorium at 4400 Monona Drive. Locations in other counties can be found here.

The election of two delegates — a two-year and a three-year term — is held first thing, at 7 p.m. There will be two hunter candidates in every county — from 18-year-old trappers to 80-year-old hunters who have been delegates for 25 years or more. We need two humane candidates and vast attendance by the 5.8 million citizens of this state — not just the 5,000 activist hunters, trappers, bear and wolf hounders who usually attend. Children can vote and it’s a great civics lesson.

Being a delegate entails four meetings a year, two of them in your county, a committee meeting in Steven’s Point and an annual meeting in May.

After the election, the DNR and current five delegates will go through each of the 54 proposals on this year’s questionnaire and citizens can comment.

Four issues, but of the 54 that are up for citizen vote, are:

• The hunters want wildlife watchers to give them over $3 million in fees to use our public lands — to enable hunters’ agenda. There is no provision for a humane citizen committee to allocate that money to help our wildlife.

• Ban neonicotinoids on our food crops, poisoning our bees and monarch butterflies.

• Require the DNR to perform hydrogeological studies before permitting high capacity wells for CAFOs and corporate water extraction.

• Vote whether to expand trapping access to former wildlife refuges by four months.

To propose a change in law, this format must be followed exactly. For example, if you want to end running packs of dogs on wildlife, you can make a resolution and defend it at the election. Resolutions are posted, read, and voted on midway through the night. Please stay to vote on citizen initiatives.

Nothing humane or democratizing can pass through the hunter gauntlet of delegates until we have humane delegates. With active citizen participation, we could transform this delegation in two years to one that is humane and life-giving.

Please show up wearing red, in solidarity with wildlife advocates.

Major violence in Wisconsin is inflicted on innocent wildlife. Semi-automatics and bump stocks are legal to use — there are few limitations. Over a million wild beings are trapped, shot, maimed and bled out with crossbows, pursued by dogs in season after an artificial manmade season, shot out of trees, and drowned. This recreational killing and suffering is immoral.

The women running my polling place at the April 3 vote knew nothing of this election. The March for Our Lives activists to whom I handed flyers on March 31 were clueless.

For 20 years, I have asked the DNR to make brochures about the event available to the public. They should be handed out at every state park. The event should be on every calendar of Friends of State Parks, the Ice Age Trail, and the MacKenzie Center.

The DNR does not advertise the event because it is funded by hunting and trapping licenses and Pittman-Robertson weapon and ammunition taxes. It does not want the humane citizens of this state, in all their diversity of opinions, messing with hunters’ and trappers’ control of our public lands and former wildlife refuges.

Where the wild things are: a world of lost and lonely beings who need you to stand for them. This is one night each year when citizens can make a difference!



Ten wolves were slaughtered with assault rifles near Denali National Park. The state agency issued an emergency end to the trophy kill, admitting they have no idea how many wolves have been killed. With state and federal resources agencies funded by hunting licenses, mass extinction of natural predators and wildlife will continue.

Oppose the federal “War on Wolves Act,” H.R. 424 and S. 164, and the SHARE Act, H.R. 3668, to your federal legislators: U.S. Capitol Switchboard 202-224-3121

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