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Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Biosphere heading toward catastrophic ‘tipping point’

Please read and comment on Patricia’s new column:

Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Biosphere heading toward catastrophic ‘tipping point’

The usual anti-wildlife trolls have been attempting to take over Patricia’s column with their vile lies and propaganda in the comment section. Please do not allow this. Leave comments to counter their lies, and report the bullying that certain posters try to do. I apparently got banned for countering the lies and propaganda the anti-wildlife posters spread. Please let know that we will not tolerate allowing bullies and trolls to insult living wildlife advocates while they spread they spread their lies and misinformation.


So This is What The Discovery Channel Has Become?

Has anyone noticed how television has been inundated with so-called “reality” TV shows that attempt to glamorize the most putrid and vile elements of rural America? Hog killers, alligator killers, rednecks fishing in the Arctic, rednecks driving on ice, human baby factories, polygamy, and a pedophiles dream in the form of child “beauty” pageants. This is what once great educational channels such as History, Discovery, Animal Planet, The Learning Channel, and National Geographic have become. Exploitation shows that attempt to turn vile rural slobs into celebrities. That may sound harsh, but how else can it be described? Is this how decent rural Americans want to be portrayed?

Why do I bring up this rant? Take a look at this upcoming program from the Discovery Channel:

In Discovery Channel’s all-new one-hour special “Ted Nugent’s Gun Country”, premiering October 10 at 10 p.m. EDT, viewers will get an inside look at American gun culture through the eyes of staunch second amendment defender Ted Nugent. Meet Nugent’s family and visit his sprawling Spirit Wild ranch just outside Waco, Texas, home to many species of big game that freely roam the meadows and pastures.

An avid hunter and conservationist at heart, Ted has his eye on the herd of scimitar-horned oryx that have bred far faster than he anticipated. Knowing the land can’t support the booming population, he plans to thin out the herd — and that sends him on a mission. He needs the right firearm and right ammo to get the job done. For that, it’s a trip to top-grade firearms maker LaRue Tactical.

What? This twice convicted poacher is given a television program on the Discovery Channel to show his canned hunting exploits? Conservationist? Breeding tame endangered animals behind high fences only to be killed by chicken-hawks like Nugent is “conservation” and worthy of of a slot on the Discovery Channel? Do gun nuts really think that this is good for their cause? On second though go ahead and show what this guy is really all about. Show what canned hunting is really all about. And finally show what right wing gun nuts like Nugent are really all about. Last night’s South Park episode asked if the bar for “reality television” can get any lower. I guess we now have our answer.



“Sportsman Channel” Promotes Wolf Killing Series

**UPDATE 08/08/2012** As it turns out this “Sportsman Channel” has roots right here in Wisconsin. Why am I not surprised? Remember this article? Here is some contact information about this “horn-porn” channel:

Administrative offices are headquartered in Southeastern Wis., with satellite offices in Denver, Colo., New York City, N.Y. and Atlanta, Ga. Sportsman Channel’s satellite and network facility is located in Atlanta, Ga.


To provide the most entertaining and informative hunting, shooting and fishing multimedia content while promoting conservation and the tradition of the Sportsman lifestyle.

Headquarters Location:

2855 S. James Drive
Suite 101
New Berlin, WI 53151
P: 262-432-9100
F: 262-432-9101

New York Office:

512 7th Avenue
11th Floor
New York, NY 10018
P: 212-852-6600
F: 212-302-4472

Killing as entertainment. What a wonderful “tradition.” 

Today, I came across an article promoting what appears to be a “snuff film” for anti-wolf extremists all over the country. The Sportsman Channel brags that:

“First-Ever Wolf Hunt in the Lower 48 Captured on Film to Air on Sportsman Channel. Conservation Historian, Randy Newberg, Takes Viewers on an 11-Day Spot and Stalk Wolf Hunt”

Please have your barf bags handy after reading this:

“The two-part episode explains much of the history of the reintroduction of wolves and how a hunting season became possible. But viewers will also see how much work Clyde and Newberg put in just to stalk one, lone, wolf. The men stretch their hunting over a 11-day period as they encounter fast moving wolves, confusion if the animal is coyote or wolf, changing winds and other hunters. “Wolf hunting is the most difficult thing you can do. If you want to do fair chase spot and stalk hunting, then you’ve come to the right place,” said Newberg.  “It’s a whole lot of effort of hiking and glassing, hiking and glassing and then suddenly, it gets real interesting.”

So wolf hunting is “the most difficult thing you can do?” Really? Tell that to our soldiers overseas whose prey actually shoot back. Tell that to people who work real jobs each and every day. This is wildlife killing exploitation at it’s worst. At the end of the article this is what the so-called “conservationist” Newberg says:

“Hunters are responsible for every species being as abundant as they are today. It wasn’t this way 80 years ago. Hunters should make no apologies for participating in our role as managing this species. I will never apologize for the fact that I hunt wolves. Every day I can hunt wolves, I will be there. I will have my rifle, I will have my tag and a wolf may be in trouble,” concluded Newberg.”

What a man! I am so impressed. No apologies. Of course not. The big tough guy apparently kills animals for a living, and then exploits it for the “horn-porn” television industry like “The Sportsman Channel.” Animals suffer so this clown and his sadistic followers can derive their sick pleasure from it. What kind of person watches something like this? I believe I answered that in this post. What’s next? Mass shooters videotaping and broadcasting their killing exploits in temples and movie theaters? That was rhetorical, but it takes a pretty sick mind to enjoy watching something being killed. “Hard work” indeed.


The Most Anti-Wildlife Group In Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation is obsessing about killing this bird.

With all of the attention paid to the kill everything groups like the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association and the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation during the wolf kill bill “hearings” and what followed, one of their allied groups slipped under the radar. Today, I looked more into this group: the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation. I was shocked at what I found in their “policies” concerning wildlife. Not satisfied receiving vast amounts of government subsidies, having federal wildlife assassins at their beck and call, this group wants an all out war on wildlife, and more money. Here is just a sample:

Due to over population, we urge that daily bag limits be increased and more permits be issued to reduce deer, bear, goose and turkey populations. 

Kill, kill, kill.

We support the right to hunt, fish, trap, and to take game subject to reasonable rules and regulations. We support allowing crossbow hunting during the muzzleloader season. We support over the counter sales for turkey and bear licenses. Operating farmers should be issued a free deer, bear and turkey license and that the license be an open season license upon request to be used on the landowner’s property.

Kill, kill, kill for free.

We support the right to protect domestic livestock or pets from predators regardless of the predators’ endangered status.

Kill, kill, kill.

We support eliminating coyote protection from the Department of Natural Resources’ deer hunting regulations.

Kill, kill, kill.

We support the carrying of a gun with the shells in the magazine (not the chamber) while entering and exiting the woods before and after posted hunting hours.

We support a season on Sandhill cranes and seagulls.

Kill, kill, kill.

We urge that the state eliminate the closed season on raccoon until the population is under control.

Kill, kill, kill.

We support expanding the spring turkey hunting season to give hunters a full six weeks to fill their permits.

Kill, kill, kill.

In certain areas of the state, excessive wildlife population is causing a severe loss of crops and income for farm families. We recommend the following action be taken in these areas.

Farmers and aquaculturists should be able to harvest animals causing crop and livestock damage. 

Kill, kill, kill. Oh excuse me, “harvest.”

We support extension of Wildlife Damage Program coverage to protected non-game species. Further, we support the removal of seagulls and Sandhill Cranes from the protected list

Kill, kill, kill.

Property that receives crop damage payments should be open to the public for hunting of that particular species, with hunter access controlled by the landowner. Further, we support Wildlife Damage Program participant farmers receiving a payment of $50 to $100 per deer registered with animal damage tags. Farmers should be able to collect 100 percent of assessed crop damage on rented land where the landowner will not allow hunting to fulfill abatement program shooting requirements. Farmers should be compensated for their time and labor needed to participate in the program. Producers should be reimbursed for crops that are damaged by government personnel to gain access to trapped bear and other wildlife. We support lowering the deductible and increasing the claims limit for farmers participating in the Department of Natural Resources’ crop damage program.

Gimme, gimme, gimme.

So they are basically saying that they should be paid to kill deer, paid because landowners don’t allow killing on nearby land, paid for any “damage” by government wildlife assassins that are there to kill wildlife for them and on the taxpayer dime.

And more about cranes:

Shooting and Nuisance Permits – We support continuing the shooting permit program to allow the additional harvest of deer and bear on farms suffering chronic damage. Further we support expanding the shooting permit program to include Sandhill Cranes. Nuisance permits should be issued for bear when crop or livestock damage exceeds $500.

And more handouts :

We support the elimination of the $10,000 cap for producers as part of the Wildlife Damage Abatement and Claims program.

We support a requirement that the Department of Natural Resources and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service conduct an agricultural impact statement before any species of wildlife is introduced into a new area and distribute the results to local landowners. If the species is introduced, the Department of Natural Resources should be required to pay for any crop and livestock damage resulting from such action.

Gimme, gimme, gimme.

We support a financial penalty to any person found introducing a non-typical games species into the wild. Further, support the eradication of non-typical game species outside the confines of a licensed game farm.

Hypocrisy, anyone? What about all of the non-native cattle that they introduce to our ecosystem?

We oppose the introduction of elk to the central forest area. However, if introduced, we support allowing animals causing damage to be harvested.

We opposes this, but we will jump at the chance to “harvest” any that we can.

We support reducing the deer herd to at least Department of Natural Resources’ goals. The Department of Natural Resources should not have an “over winter” goal of more than deer per square mile in any deer management area. Further, we support increasing the yearly goose harvest in proportion to flock growth to reduce the over winter population.

We support requiring Department of Natural Resources to accurately reflect wildlife populations and the damage being done in Wisconsin. We support appropriate actions to reduce populations.

Again, kill, kill, kill.

Then we have wolves. Guess what they want to do:

We support keeping the wolf population at or below 350 in Wisconsin. We support requiring Department of Natural Resources to include farmer participation in wolf management planning. 

We support full reimbursement to farmers for all direct and indirect damage caused to their farms by wolves. This includes reimbursement for missing livestock where there is evidence of wolves or a history of wolf/livestock conflicts on that farm.

We support hunting and/or trapping seasons for wolves in areas where wolf/livestock conflicts exist, once the wolf is delisted by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service from the Endangered Species list. We support eliminating all predator animal re-introduction funding to the DNR.

So now we know what is behind all of those “missing” calf payouts this past year.

This is just a sample of the handouts and extreme policies that this group demands. They basically want to kill every wild species and get paid to do it. Then they want to get paid for crop damage from those who are there on the farmers behalf to kill animals. What? Is it any wonder why agriculture is often referred to as “welfare ranching” or “welfare farming?” Is it any surprise that Wisconsin is one of the top receivers of farm subsidies in the nation? If you or any farmer that you know cares about wildlife, it is essential to cut ties with this group. Also, think twice before you purchase any Wisconsin farm products.

Here is the full PDF of their “policies:”


**URGENT** Living Wildlife Advocates: We Need Your Help **URGENT**

Our wildlife in Wisconsin and across the nation are under siege. While there are hundreds of animal welfare groups out there we seem to have no concept about how to coordinate. This is why we keep losing to the massive  coordination, outreach, and funding that hunting and trapping groups are able to muster.

We NEED your help.

We need to get ALL animal welfare groups on the same page and to speak as ONE voice. This is what the hunting groups do, and that is a major reason for their success. Enough of the vegan vs vegetarian arguments. Enough of the dog vs cat arguments. We are ALL in this together and every one of us living wildlife advocates must realize that ALL wildlife is part of the web of life, and all of it is under assault by bloodthirsty special interests. We even have some hunters on our side. We NEED to coordinate and pool our resources in a true grassroots way.

All of us talk a big game, but no one wants to take the reigns and pull it all together. I am willing to step up. Are you? The Republicans and Republican-lite Democrats do not care what we think. We need to make them care. While a large majority of Americans approve of sustenance hunting, they do not approve of the most barbaric of methods used such as hounding and trapping. The majority also do not like sport or trophy hunting. We need to use that public opinion to our advantage. The hounders and trappers with the help of groups like the deceptively named hunting group, The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, have almost total control of the Wisconsin Legislature. There is a widespread notion that the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation is a pro-wildlife group because they are affiliated with the National Wildlife Federation. The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation is NOT pro-wildlife. They are pro-killing wildlife and are staunch supporters of hounding, trapping, and killing most of the wolf population. We need you to inform people of what the true motive of this group is. This is the group that dominates wildlife decisions in Wisconsin because most people do not realize that they are a hunting group federation. If you love wildlife DO NOT give this group once cent until they represent ALL wildlife enthusiasts, not just hunters, trappers, and hounders.

The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation does one thing right: they know how to fundraise and organize. Why can’t we do the same thing?

If you know anyone who loves living wildlife, please ask them to get involved. WE VOW is only three and a half months old, so our influence is very limited. Our goal is to set up tables at various gatherings to spread the word about the war on our wildlife. This takes time and funding. We ask that if anyone can help, please contact us or use the donate button on the side. If you have any contacts with other living wildlife or animal welfare groups please ask them to join with us in this struggle. Wildlife is under assault like never before, and now is not the time for petty differences. We need ALL living wildlife advocates to band together in this fight.

Please contact us here:


Finally Some Good Wildlife News: Cougars Spreading Across Midwest

Photo by: National Park Service [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

After being eradicated from most midwestern states, the cougar is finally making a comeback, including in Wisconsin. Here is an article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Cougars spreading across Midwest, study shows

From the article:

“Cougars are again spreading across the Midwest, including in Wisconsin, a century after the generally reclusive predators were hunted to near extinction in much of the region, according to a new study billed as the first rigorous statistical look at the issue.

The findings, detailed in the Journal of Wildlife Management, showed 178 cougar confirmations in the Midwest and as far south as Texas between 1990 and 2008. While confirmed sightings of Midwest cougars were sporadic before 1990, when there were only a couple, that number spiked to more than 30 by 2008, the study shows.

In Wisconsin, the Department of Natural Resources has recorded sightings of cougars since 2008 after the big cats disappeared from the state in about 1910. However, for years before this, residents had reported seeing cougars, but the DNR couldn’t confirm the reports.”

Of course this should be hailed as great news, but as usual the anti-predator “barstool biologists” have to start panicking. Here is a comment that follows the article:

“The actual mountain lion population is clearly increasing in WI. The DNR kept claiming that it was just a few males looking for mates. Apparently they found some, we are seeing cougar cubs now. It isn’t stray males anymore, it is a breeding population. Contrary to the article, in WI while cougars supposedly don’t exist, they are protected- it is not legal to shoot one. Maybe that will change after a few deaths/attacks, but by then we will be infested with them.”

Of course there is absolutely nothing to back up this claim and it is more fear mongering from the usual suspects. It’s funny how people like this claim to be such big “tough guys” but start wetting their pants whenever the mere mention of a predator comes up. Just like with the wolf there is nothing to back up their claims except the typical rural “the sky is falling” fear mongering.

I wonder how long it will be before George Meyer, Scott Suder, and the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association start pressing for allowing packs of vicious dogs to go after the tiny number of cougars in Wisconsin just as they have for wolves?


Grey Wolves: A Success Story? Not From Where I Am Sitting

Wisconsin wants to eventually kill all but 350 wolves in the state.

Normally, I am all for positive stories about endangered species populations rebounding but a recent article about wolves failed to mention the all out war that is being waged against them. Here is the article:

Grey Wolves: A Success Story

I don’t want to be overly critical because it is great to see positive stories about wolves but what the story omits I find to be deeply disturbing. The article briefly touches on how wolves may be hunted but completely neglects to mention what has been happening to and what is coming for the small population of wolves in the United States. From the article:

“If wolves are to continue to prosper, one important issue must be addressed:  Hunting.

As populations continue to increase, there is more and more debate about how humans should react to the wolves. Some experts believe that hunting could be a key way to achieve optimal wolf populations. Others worry that since the population overwhelmingly has negative attitudes towards wolves, hunting would decimate the population.”

What the author fails to mention is that wolf populations are already being decimated by hunting and trapping across the United States.

Definition of decimate from Merriam-Webster:

Definition of DECIMATE

transitive verb
: to select by lot and kill every tenth man of
: to exact a tax of 10 percent from <poor as a decimatedCavalier — John Dryden>
a : to reduce drastically especially in number <choleradecimated the population>b : to cause great destruction or harm to <firebombsdecimated the city> <an industry decimated by recession>
I would say that eradicate would be a better word to describe what is occurring to gray wolves in the United States.

Idaho and Montana have killed 545 wolves through hunting and trapping just since late last summer. That doesn’t even take into account the number killed by poachers and by Wildlife Services assassins. Both states plan to continue this year into next with no-quota hunting and trapping. Then there is Wyoming’s plan to allow the unregulated killing of wolves throughout the vast majority of the state except for a token population around the national parks. In the Great Lakes Minnesota plans to allow the killing of 400 wolves this fall through hunting and trapping. Last but not least we have Wisconsin’s “conservative” plan to kill 1/3 of the wolf population over 4 1/2 months through the breeding season by using packs of vicious dogs, night hunting, bating, trapping, and electronic calls. Their ultimate goal is to kill off all but a token population of 350.

Any “success” from the recovery of the gray wolf is to be short-lived as ignorant and misguided myths about the animals continue to rear their ugly head and lead to the wholesale slaughter of this animal. Wolves have been off the endangered species list in the Northern Rocky Mountain states for a little over a year. They have been off the list for just 4 1/2 months in the Great Lakes. Hundreds have already been killed with many hundreds if not a thousand more to be killed in the following months. Success? You decide.