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Killing as “Conservation” and Other Obscene Hypocrisies

Wolf Tracks

Definition of HYPOCRISY (from Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

1: a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not; especially : the false assumption of an appearance of virtue or religion
Gee, of whom does the above definition describe?
While again reading the story about the wealthy Wisconsin trophy killer that paid hundreds to thousands of dollars to fly to Africa and kill a HIGHLY ENDANGERED black rhino, I came across a quote that made my blood boil:
But an organization named Conservation Force, which has spent about four years helping Reinke get his permit so he could bring home the trophy, argues the decision will be a precedent-setting boost for efforts to protect endangered species.

“Mostly it’s significant for rhino conservation,” said John Jackson of Conservation Force. “It will help support anti-poaching efforts.”

Jackson said Conservation Force is a nonprofit, charitable organization that is “using hunting as a tool to conserve species.” And the group’s website describes itself as “a force for wildlife conservation, wild places and our way of life.”

Really? Protect endangered species by killing them. Sure. Just like NAMBLA (Google it) is all about “mentoring” and providing “guidance” to the little boys that they molest. Give me a freaking break.

But sadly this isn’t the only form of hypocrisy from wildlife exploiters and killers. In Michigan the voices of 250,000 plus signers of a petition to stop their upcoming wolf killing season are about to have their voices silenced by the anti-wolf legislature in their state. From this article:

Supporters of Casperson’s bills, however, say the move protects Michigan citizens’ hunting rights by not allowing outside groups from coming into the state and pushing their own agenda through referendums. They point out that the Keep Michigan Wolves Protected petition drive was backed by a national animal rights group, the Humane Society of the United States.

So the killers and exploiters of wildlife in Michigan and other states don’t have “outside groups” pushing their own agendas? Really? I guess they missed the recent story about the rabidly anti-wolf ROCKY MOUNTAIN Elk Foundation and how they want to interject themselves into the pending federal lawsuit about relisting wolves in the GREAT LAKES. I am smart enough to know geography, and the ROCKY MOUNTAINS are not in the GREAT LAKES. I assume that because they are rabidly anti-wolf the wolf haters don’t view them as an “outside” group. And we are hypocrites?

If successful as an intervener, RMEF will join the Hunter Conservation Coalition group comprised of Safari Club International, National Rifle Association, U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation, Wisconsin Bowhunters Association, Upper Peninsula Bear Houndsmen Association, Michigan United Conservation Clubs, and the Michigan Hunting Dog Federation.

Gee, how many of these groups are “outside groups” pushing their agendas? The NRA, SCI, RMEF, etc. No those aren’t big money “outside groups,” are they? Apparently in the eyes of anti-wolf/anti-wildlife groups you are only an “outside” group if you don’t follow their kill everything agenda. And they call us “hypocrites?” Give me a break.

And let us not forget the ultimate hypocritical statement about how having a killing season for wolves will make the wold haters more tolerant of the species. Sure. Just take a look at the revolting Wisconsin Wolf Hunting Facebook page to see how “tolerant” these cretins have become. How about this sadistic fantasy quote from the page

“The only regret I have is that I used a recording device without sound! Just think how cool a video with sound would have been. To hear him trying to gasp for air would have been amazing! I should have taken an “after” pic, because it looked like it tried to claw it’s own face off with it’s front paws.”

Sure sounds “tolerant” to me.

When are people going to wake up and realize that these kill everything groups care NOTHING about LIVING wildlife and wild lands. They always brag about how they “fund” the various fish and wildlife agencies across the country and act like the rest of us don’t contribute anything. This is another hypocritical fallacy because we haven’t been given the option to fund these agencies because that would end the hunter/trapper monopoly that they have on power. I and many other LIVING wildlife advocates would gladly pay to fund the Wisconsin DNR and other similar agencies. But guess what happens then? We would actually get a say in how the DNR operates and we might exposed their corrupt agenda and pandering to the killing cartels. We all know that will not happen anytime soon, so the killing cartels need to get off of their tired and stale argument about how only they fund “conservation.” They only pretend to want our money. Money equals control and they sure don’t want to give that up.  If they didn’t get to kill and torture our wildlife with traps and dogs, they wouldn’t give one dime for “conservation.” It is time that someone calls these hypocrites out for their ridiculous arguments.

It is also sickening about how the term “conservation” has been corrupted just as the word “harvest” has been. With groups like Conservation Force, SCI, the NRA, and RMEF it is all about KILLING, not “conservation.” Who really believes the garbage propaganda that they spew? It is like those that said during the Vietnam War that “sometimes you have to destroy a village to save it.” We all saw how that turned out and we are seeing now how “conservation” in Africa and for wolves in the United States is turning out. Please call these groups out for their hypocrisy every time that you can, and spread the word about their true agendas. We need to create a REAL “conservation force” and not pander to big money trophy killers feigning “conservation” for their own sick blood lust.


Wisconsin DNR Again Extends Middle Finger to Nature Lovers

Badger Army Ammunition Plant near Baraboo, WI.

Badger Army Ammunition Plant near Baraboo, WI.

It wasn’t enough that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources wanted to turn the Mackenzie Environmental Center near Poynette into a “training center” for wildlife killers, now they want to do the same to the now defunct Badger Army Ammunition Plant. From the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

Conservationists who want land near Baraboo to be used for quiet activities are angry that the state might use it for motorcycle trails or shooting ranges.

The state Department of Natural Resources is in the process of deciding what to do with the 7,300 acres on the site of the now-defunct Badger Army Ammunition Plant. A plan approved in 2001 called for the property to be used for activities such as agriculture, hiking and bird-watching, but the agency said it has to consider whether conditions have changed in the past 12 years.

The plan in question was approved by the Sauk County Board in May 2001. It called for the land to be used for conservation, education and agriculture, as well as low-impact recreation, such as hiking and bird-watching.

Of course the “conditions” have changed. Now Bob Welch, the bear hounders, and other killing cartels have complete and total control of the WDNR. Screw nature lovers, the DNR just wants this land to be used for any and all destructive means possible. Apparently the backlash they have received about their plans for the Mackenzie Center mean absolutely nothing to them. It also seems that the DNR has no interest in seriously providing opportunities for wildlife watchers and nature lovers unless that wildlife is being watched via a rifle scope.

I have been to this area many times and not long ago there was talk about reintroducing free roaming bison, and providing for all kinds of opportunities for nature lovers. So much for that. Now they want to replace what could be a pristine natural prairie (give or take a few toxins) with gunfire and motorcycles. Then we have a DNR representative telling us that majority public opinion has no bearing on how they make their decisions:

But DNR regional director Mark Aquino said the reuse plan was just a “guidance document.”

“Their task was to develop a common vision,” Aquino said of the committee that developed the plan. “Since it is 12 years old and because our planning process requires us to have other involvement, we have to see whether conditions and desires now are sufficiently different.”

The DNR will issue three alternatives this summer and hold open houses and public hearings to gather comment on the plans, he said. The three scenarios range from a plan focused on conservation and quiet activity to one that emphasizes more high-intensity recreation.

Aquino said the agency already received 388 comments during a public comment period that ended last winter. Although a list of those comments on the DNR website shows that many favored conservation and low-impact recreation, Aquino said the final decision on which plan to recommend doesn’t necessarily rest on how many people favor a particular use.

“This isn’t a vote process,” Aquino said. “The public input is only one part of what we consider.”

So in other words here is a big middle finger to nature lovers. So much for our state being any semblance of a democracy anymore. Majority rules has no place in Wisconsin, we only care about what special interests want, in this instance the DNR is pandering not only to shooters and motorcycle riders, but to ATV people as well.

Another point to consider is which recreational opportunities are underrepresented, he said. He noted, for example, that the Wisconsin ATV Association has been telling the Natural Resources Board for years that ATV users have too few recreational options in southern parts of the state.

So make sure to add earplugs to go along with your orange jacket while dodging the landmines called traps when trying to enjoy nature in our state. Just make sure that while dodging the traps you don’t get ran over by a motorcycle, ATV, or get mauled by a pack of vicious dogs participating in some of that good old Wisconsin “tradition.” Should we expect anything different from an agency headed by a real estate developer? read more here:

Conservationists, DNR spar over use of old Badger ammo plant


Of Rhinos and Wolves: More Outrage from a Clueless Administration

A HIGHLY ENDANGERED black rhino and her calf

A HIGHLY ENDANGERED black rhino and her calf

When I first read the headline a week ago about an American trophy “hunter” that received approval from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to import the dead body of a HIGHLY ENDANGERED black rhino that he slaughtered in Africa any aith that I had left in our president concerning wildlife disappeared. Even less surprising is that the wealthy trophy killer hails from the kill everything state of Wisconsin. Not content being able to kill just about every living creature in Wisconsin, David Reinke, traveled to Namibia in 2009 to kill a HIGHLY ENDANGERED black rhino all under the guise of “conservation.” Not content just using the ridiculous “conservation” argument this guy even had the nerve to claim that he was “saving” other rhinos from being injured by killing the 34 year old male rhino. I didn’t know whether to laugh or vomit when I read Reinke trying to justify killing this highly endangered animal. From the article:

David K. Reinke says he’s committed to saving the endangered black rhinoceros.

So the Madison businessman traveled to Namibia where he contributed about $200,000 to a trust fund there — and shot and killed a black rhino.

Reinke said killing the rhino, a 34-year-old sterile male that he shot with a .375 H&H Magnum rifle, actually helped the species, of which only about 4,000 are left in the wild, by reducing fighting injuries and deaths among male rhinos and encouraging rhino reproduction.

“This is a scientific issue,” Reinke said in an interview. “Don’t forget, the important thing here is to save the rhino.”

Reinke, the president and CEO of Liberty Parts Team, a Madison printer parts wholesale company, is the first American in more than 30 years allowed to import a black rhino trophy. That’s put him at the center of an international controversy over trophy hunting and endangered species, and what role — if any — rhino and other big-game hunting can play in conservation efforts.

The old “we kill them so they don’t die” argument. Give me a freaking break! If this guy is so “concerned” about “saving” the species why not just donate to a real conservation effort and not traveling across the world to blow away an endangered species? And just like our inept DNR and the killing cartels in Wisconsin, Reinke has to throw around the word “science” to justify his trophy killing of this ENDANGERED SPECIES.

How much lower can the Obama Administration fo when it comes to wildlife? On top of this outrage, they want to strip all of the remaining protections for the gray wolf in the United States, except for the struggling Mexican gray wolves in Arizona and New Mexico.This is a fast track to a second eradication that the wolf hating states in this country are all to will in fulfill. Does Obama even care in the slightest? From his actions and inactions I would say that he has ZERO empathy for wildlife. What a way to payback all of the environmental voters that back him. I voted for President Obama because the alternative was too terrifying to contemplate. I even agree with Obama on probably 99 percent of his positions, but when it comes to the environment and wildlife he has been an absolute disaster. I had a feeling what was to come when he nominated “Cowboy” Ken Salazar to head the Department of Interior during his first term. Why on earth would a supposedly “progressive” president nominate a rancher to be in charge of our wildlife and wild lands? Now when it comes to a wealthy trophy killer wanting to bring in his slaughtered animal, the USFWS just spits right in the face of the Endangered Species Act so this guy and have his HIGHLY ENDANGERED rhino trophy to show what a real man he is. Shame on you USFWS and shame on you President Obama.


Message to Anti-Wildlife Trolls

Attack of the trolls!

Attack of the trolls!

**UPDATE 3/27/13**

The person that wrote the original message, sent a welcome apology:

I acknowledge that my post was vulgar and insulting. I apologize for that. In the heat of the moment I expressed myself in a way I generally would not and it was deplorable. We may not agree on hunting but we should still be able to discuss the issue in a civil manner, which I did not do and again, apologize for.

Thank you. While this issue always inflames passion civil discourse is indeed the best way to go.


The longer that I run this website the more I realize how arrogant and deplorable the sadists that we are up against truly are. While long making it obvious that their disgusting smug comments will not be posted they continue to go out of their way to offend living wildlife advocates in any manner that they can. We normally make it a policy not to publish names or email addresses of the people that post to our site, but due to some of the more vile and threatening comments that we receive the more egregious ones will be shown in their entirety.

Today we received this one in response to our post about Ethical Hunters vs Slob Hunters:

Ethical Hunters vs Slob HuntersWhat a crock of shit. They’re just fucking animals and if the hunter is following the law, they are hunting ethically. I don’t get all the pantywaist tree-hugger bullshit about not enjoying it. No wonder the new generation is a bunch of pussies.

Approve  Trash | Mark as Spam

Gee, I wonder what category Mr. “xx” falls under? Guess what? You are “just an animal too.” Yup, he “doesn’t get it” alright. This is what we are up against people. These are the pseudo-tough guys that try to intimidate and insult anyone that is different from them. Apparently this guy judges a tough guy by how they love to kill anything that is “just an animal.” Did you serve in the military Mr. “xx?” Did you fight for your country as so many of the “new generation pussies” did in Iraq and Afghanistan? Or do you think you are somehow a bigger tough guy because you dress up in cammo and kill animals from a distance. You sound more like a clone of Ted “poopy pants” Nugent than anything else. No Mr. “xx” YOU are “just an animal” in far more ways than just physiologically. There is obviously far more that you “don’t get.”

For the rest of the anti-wildlife trolls out there: this is not a forum for you to post your insulting, racist, and hate filled garbage toward living wildlife advocates or “liberals” in general. Your comments will be filed in the spam folder, deleted, or in some cases sent to the authorities. Save your kill everything, racist rants for pages like the Wisconsin Wolf Hunting page on Facebook where they welcome your kind. This is not that place. You can also save your Farm Bureau, NRA, and bear hounder propaganda for those pages as well. This is a page for LIVING wildlife advocates and only if you want to be exposed and ridiculed keep trying to post here.


**Urgent** Information About April 8th Conservation Congress Elections

Maybe-Symbol **URGENT**

*****UPDATE 3/27/2013*****

New poster to download and distribute. Please help us get the word out:

Wiley Poster: Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic- 2013 Elections Poster

Wolf Poster 1: Wolf Poster One

Wolf Poster 2: Wolf Poster Two

From Patricia:

· Question # 68 Would you favor legislation to prohibit the use of dogs to hunt & training dogs to hunt wolves?
· Question #70 Expand hunting & trapping in state parks from 2 to 7 months?

These questions are on the 80th annual DNR election & vote Monday, April 8 at 7 p.m. in every county in Wisconsin!

Download Flyer Here:


Attached are flyers with the Dane County location of this annual powerful election, the only citizen advisory to the DNR, Natural Resources Board and legislature about our public decisions about public lands and wildlife – air, mining, water, use of lead shot and chemicals. People do not know about this “most important election in the state” – so please put in your county location on this flyer and print them off in black and white or color and take them with you wherever you go for the next month – community meetings, events, and tack them up in groups of 10-15 to leave with posters at book stores, health food stores and co-ops, pet stores, wildlife rehab and humane societies, libraries, and coffee shops. Hand them to people as you meet them. Empower each other to help nature and our wolves, bears, coyotes, bobcats and all wildlife.

The first and most important part of the night is the ELECTION of two delegates to represent you. It is the most important part. Go into the room after you register and receive your two ballots ( take photo I.D. and proof that you live in your county to elect) and ELECT!!! You will have all night to fill out the questionnaire!

Above are two of the 99 questions whose citizen answers will be paraded before the legislature as the citizen ADVISORY and WILL. For 80 years 90% of the attendees have been the most avid hunters and trappers, life-time NRA members. Every year they have voted themselves more power and take of our publicly purchased 7 and a half million acres of public land and our wildlife now tortured in traps and killed on all of our public lands – including Ice Age Trail, “Stewardship’ lands, and county and state parks.

State parks were the last 1% of our public lands that were safe for citizens or wildlife. Coyotes have dogs run on them 24/7 year-round to kill them – so all wildlife is being hounded. The rise of the crossbow, once reserved for over 55 year-old or disabled, can now be used by age 10 and up. They are silent so silent killers at night, used for poaching with shining. Trapping on all public land 6 months of spring right through the birthing season mutilates and kills hundreds of animals per trapper per DAY, – and is destroying the rest of our wildlife for private profit off of public lands.

The only way we will have a voice is to organize POLITICALLY. It is time the general public stepped up this one night each year to elect humane representation and bring balance to this corrupted and privatized election and vote. Please come around 6:30 p.m. Monday, April 8, and bring friends with you. Stay all night to learn how this process works. It is just one night a year to participate in decisions about your state and the most valuable reality we have – nature and our wild brethren who have no voice without you. Children can vote on the issues if you can prove that they live in Wisconsin. Only 18 and over can elect. Do not dally in the foyer – go immediately into the room to elect after you receive your ballots after registering. Please take responsibility to make sure everyone goes into the room to elect at the beginning of the night. ( We will stand at the door to guide people into the room right away.)

Wildlife Ethic is looking for two candidates to run in each and every county. Being a delegate involves a mere 4 meetings a year – but you then have the power to design legislation and help guide your state.

Here are the links to learn more from the DNR web site – about the election, questionnaire and locations. Please replace the Dane county location with your own county location before you print off the flyers for your county! and 2013 Hearing locations

Please use the tools Wildlife Ethic will be providing to empower humane citizens to vote and elect every year! All the power of this election is in attending this one night each year to elect representation and vote. Please act to spread the word.

Thanks. Contact me if you have questions or if I can help!

Patricia Randolph
State Journalist
Madravenspeak living wildlife column
Capital Times online newspaper every other Sunday

Again please download flyers here:



“I had no idea” The Dangers of Apathy and Willful Ignorance

Ilse "The Bitch of Buchenwald" Koch

Ilse “The Bitch of Buchenwald” Koch

Definition of APATHY from Merriam-Webster Dictionary

: lack of feeling or emotion : impassiveness
: lack of interest or concern : indifference

Definition of Willful Ignorance:

A decision in bad faith to avoid becoming informed about something so as to avoid having to make undesirable decisions that such information might prompt.

Ilse Koch. Unless you are a student of history or a victim of this woman you probably have never heard this name. She was also known as “The Bitch of Buchenwald.” For those unaware Buchenwald was a Nazi concentration camp located near Weimar Germany. Koch, the wife of the camp commandant, was a sadist in the truest sense of the word. She would handpick camp prisoners with distinctive tattoos, subject them to torture, and after being killed have their tattooed skin removed as a “trophy,” or “souvenir.” Koch also kept a collection of human organs and allegedly had lampshades made from the skin of her victims.

Following the liberation of the Buchenwald camp by American soldiers in April, 1945 the American commanders on scene rounded up officials and residents of the nearby towns and marched them to the camp to see the handiwork of their fellow Germans. Many citizens fainted at the sights they encountered, while many more feigned ignorance as to what was occurring just up the road from them. Most of the citizens claimed that they had never knew that the camp had been a mass killing factory.

What the citizens were claiming is the very definition of willful ignorance. The reality is that most if not all were more guilty of exhibiting complete and total apathy as to what was happening around them. The crimes perpetrated by Ilse Koch and those like her stun the conscience. Is it really this easy for a person to be a sadist toward their fellow man? If how many treat animals is any indication the answer is a resounding yes.

“I had no idea.” That is not just a phrase that the German residents near Buchenwald spoke. This is a phrase that I hear often when speaking to people about what is occurring to wildlife in our own state. While I am not big on using Nazi comparisons, I will not hesitate to equate it the sadism that is occurring on our wild lands. While it is hard to believe that the German citizens really had no idea as to what was occurring in the camps, I do not find it all that surprising when Wisconsin citizens express total ignorance as to what is happening to our wildlife. Over the past couple of decades a cruelty cartel comprised of extremist hunting groups, their lobbyists, and their bought and paid for legislators have completely hijacked the control over our wildlife and wild lands. This happened right under the nose of both living wildlife advocates and even moderate hunters. There were a few lone voices, such as Patricia, but overall no one appeared to know that this was occurring.

This is what most people claim to not know anything about:

Killing contests are perfectly legal in Wisconsin. That’s right one of the most deplorable forms of “recreation,” turning killing into a scoring “sport,” is completely legal in Wisconsin and actively encouraged. This is occurring all over the state. The contests usually include who can kill the most and largest of raccoons and coyotes. To consider this “recreation” in this day and age is shameful, but it is perfectly legal. The response I get from people who first find out about these killing contest is “How can this be legal?” It is legal because of apathy, or willful ignorance. These “contests” fly right in the face of the garbage the DNR and their puppet masters spread about “conservation” and “heritage.” One thing that I will never understand is how killing can be considered “conservation.” But our society buys into this fallacy and assumes that agencies such as the DNR actually care about our wildlife and wild lands. For the most part this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Here is a recent example of a coyote killing contest sponsored by a tavern called “Jackson Clinic” in Mauston:

COYOTE HUNT – Sat., Feb. 2nd
Sign-in by 6 p.m. on Fri., Feb. 1st; Weigh-in at 7 p.m. on Saturday
DJ at 8 p.m.
1/2 pot for Biggest
1/4 pot for Smallest
1/4 pot for Most

This post on Facebook is followed by pictures of Wiley Coyote to make light of their killing contest. Most have no idea this is legal and occurring right in their own backyard.

The next activity that most people are apathetic or ignorant about is trapping. There are a little over 8,000 trappers in Wisconsin. Of these 5,000 “reported” that they killed almost 600,000 animals in 2011 alone. 600,000!!!!! And those are just the ones that they “reported.” Trappers are the first to claim that they are “ethical” and “respect” the animals that they trap. Here is an example of how much trappers “respect” the wolves they trap in Wisconsin:

Most people have no idea how trappers “dispatch” the animals they trap or how long they languish in that trap. Here is one preferred method:

Trapper Sadist Trapper Sadist 2 Trapper Sadist 3

This again is all perfectly legal. Remember this is “conservation” and “recreation” at work.

Finally we have the activity of hounding that I have covered here many times. Here is an example of how bear hounders “respect” the animals that they torment:

The most disturbing part of everything depicted above is that all of these activities are legal in Wisconsin. Most will say “I had no idea.” That is the problem. It is the willful ignorance or apathy of our fellow citizens that allow this to occur. Just like with the atrocities that occurred at Buchenwald most people have no idea what is happening in their backyard or if they do they turn a blind eye to it. This has to to change. We can start by organizing and participating in every hearing or meeting that promotes the sadism like seen above.

The first step is to attend the spring hearings of the deceptively named “Conservation Congress” on April 8th. These elections are held in each county in the state and ALL, are allowed to attend and vote. While the media and pro-hunting groups try to minimize the fact that the non-hunting public can participate and run for “delegate” positions, we indeed can. This year in addition to all of the usual killing more, more, and more proposals there will be a question asking if there should be a law banning the use of dogs against wolves. I implore you to attend your county election and take along as many friends and family as you can to vote against the killing proposals, vote for the ban of dogs against wolves, and elect pro-living wildlife delegates. Here is the information about the elections:

We can no longer be apathetic or willfully ignorant to what is occurring in our backyard. Our wildlife is under siege by the most extreme elements of the hunting/trapping community. If we do not organize and fight back more and more animals will be tortured in traps, ripped apart by packs of vicious dogs, and killed to score “points” in a disgusting contest. If history teaches us anything it is that we cannot just feign ignorance or be apathetic to injustices and sadism. If we don’t speak out nothing will change and we will have surrendered to the killing cartels and the sadism they promote.

Now about the “trophies” Ilse Koch took from her dead victims and human skin lampshades……….. I will let you figure out where I am headed with this.


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Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Biosphere heading toward catastrophic ‘tipping point’

Please read and comment on Patricia’s new column:

Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Biosphere heading toward catastrophic ‘tipping point’

The usual anti-wildlife trolls have been attempting to take over Patricia’s column with their vile lies and propaganda in the comment section. Please do not allow this. Leave comments to counter their lies, and report the bullying that certain posters try to do. I apparently got banned for countering the lies and propaganda the anti-wildlife posters spread. Please let know that we will not tolerate allowing bullies and trolls to insult living wildlife advocates while they spread they spread their lies and misinformation.