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Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Lab-grown and plant-based meat will change everything for animals


Take me to the slaughterhouse … I’ll wait there with the lamb.” ~ Leonard Cohen

Richard Branson has made a revolutionary prediction: “I believe that in 30 years or so we will no longer need to kill any animals and that all meat will either be clean or plant-based, taste the same and also be much healthier for everyone.”

In Jeremy Rifkin’s 1992 book, “Beyond Beef: The Rise and Fall of the Cattle Culture,” he wrote, “There are currently 1.28 billion cattle populating the earth. They take up nearly 24 percent of the land mass of the planet and consume enough grain to feed hundreds of millions of people. Their combined weight exceeds that of the human population on earth.

“Above all, ‘Beyond Beef’ adds up the cost of all this. It depicts a world in which the poorer peoples of the planet have been starved to  the beef addiction of a handful of wealthy nations. In Europe, the United States, and Japan, this addiction has resulted in millions of deaths from heart attack, cancer, and diabetes — the diseases of affluence. The book also describes the grim ecological effects of the cattle culture: rain forests burned, fertile plains turned into desert, and climate threatened by global warming.”

“Meat is the new tobacco,” according to a chart on Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine website.

Now nearly a third of the world’s land mass is used for slaughterhouse production.

Other grim statistics: Two-thirds of wildlife on the planet have ben destroyed in 50 years. Millions of acres of American public lands and rainforest across the world continue to be grazed cheaply for private profit of livestock ranchers. Taxpayer dollars subsidize federal wildlife “services” that kill millions of indigenous cougars, wolves, coyotes, bobcats, lynx, buffalo, grizzly and black bears, foxes, wild horses and wild burros, beavers, and even groundhogs — many of these species reduced to 1 to 5 percent of their former numbers and ranges.

“13 billion hectares (32.1 billion acres) of forest are destroyed for use as croplands or pastures each year. According to the WorldWatch Institute, 51 percent of global greenhouse-gas emissions are caused by animal agriculture. Those emissions, and the harm associated with them, would be eliminated by choosing lab-grown meats rather than killing animals for food,” Karla Landt reported in September in Futurism.

In 2017, more than 150 billion animals are killed annually by the meat, dairy, egg and fish industries. Billions of wild animals are killed to facilitate it. One can get a real scope of the slaughter at this website, which has a count of how many of each species are being killed as you open and scroll down the page.

We are decades late, given the predictions of Winston Churchill in 1931 that by the 1980s, lab-grown meat would replace raising livestock on farms altogether. He wrote: “Nor need the pleasures of the table be banished. That gloomy Utopia of tabloid meals need never be invaded. The new foods will from the outset be practically indistinguishable from the natural products, and any changes will be so gradual as to escape observation.” A Fortune article in April 2017 describes some of the innovations.

To satisfy beef cravings, Impossible Foods has developed a plant-based burger that looks, tastes and behaves uncannily like one made from the real McCoy. Its secret is heme, an iron-rich molecule that gives meat its meaty taste.

Memphis Meats is commercializing what it says is the “world’s first chicken produced without the animal.” The company grows meat in tanks by feeding living animal cells oxygen, sugar and other nutrients. The process uses about 1 percent of the land and 10 percent of the water needed for conventional animal agriculture.

Leonardo di Caprio, Bill Gates, Cargill, and Kimbal Musk (younger brother of Elon Musk of Tesla) join Richard Branson as heavy investors in removing animals from our food system in the next couple of decades. “They recognize that our diets are unsustainable, and that changes are coming whether we like it or not, so might as well get on board sooner than later,” Michael Pellman Rowland writes in Forbes.

Tyson has invested in Beyond Meat, which can be found at Whole Foods in the meat section in Madison. Tyson and Cargill investments show that large companies recognize the inevitability of the end of animal agriculture.

This changes everything in our relationship to animals. Trapping for skins and hunting for heads on walls will no longer be the camouflaged killer’s pride, but seen for what it really is — needless and horrifying animal cruelty.

Natural predators will no longer be demonized and persecuted for trophy or to enable a holocaust of “farm” animals.

Branson says: “One day we will look back and think how archaic our grandparents were in killing animals for food.

This column was originally published in the Madison CapTimes on November 5, 2017


Center for Biological Diversity petitions:

Kick Cruel Traps off our Federal Lands

Tell McDonald’s: Billions of Burgers Are Bad for Our Future

Bring back Grizzly Bears to California’s Sierra Nevadas

Stop Congress from Opening the Arctic Refuge to Drilling

Also, please take the opportunity to donate to create a Sacred Bear Education Center for organizing to help our wildlife, right here in Wisconsin, 35 miles from Madison. More information: Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic.


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Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Bear hunters buy legislators to rule killing fields, loosen gun laws

“Influence Peddler of the Month (May 2017): Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association” ~ Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

According to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, the Bear Hunters Association buys legislator loyalty to their agenda.

“Since the Bear Hunters conduit began operating in 2000, it has funneled nearly $369,000 in large individual contributions of $100 or more to legislative and statewide candidates through 2016. Most of the contributions — about $265,400 or 72 percent — went to Republican candidates. … In addition to the group’s lobbying activities, the Bear Hunters also operates a conduit, which is a legal check bundling outfit that may funnel an unlimited amount of individual contributions to legislative and statewide candidates,” the organization reports.

Lobbyist Bob Welch, a former GOP state senator, represents the Bear Hunters Association, which has 3,000 members. He also lobbies for the Wisconsin Firearm Owners, Ranges, Clubs and Educators (FORCE), which is the National Rifle Association’s state chapter.

Welch and the bear hunters are promoting new GOP legislation for Wisconsin residents to carry concealed weapons without licenses or training. “The concealed carry bills — here and here — that the Bear Hunters strongly support eliminate the prohibition on carrying firearms into police stations, jails and prisons, and mental health facilities, unless those locations specifically post weapons prohibitions on their buildings and grounds,” The Democracy Campaign writes. “The measures also would allow people to carry tasers, and also eliminate the prohibition on carrying guns, bows and crossbows in wildlife refuges, and while operating all-terrain vehicles.”

The Bear Hunters oppose four current Democratic efforts for common-sense gun laws, including a 48-hour waiting period, background checks, and gun sales only through federally licensed gun dealers.

When the Wolf Patrol monitored the wolf hunt and found illegally placed barbed hooks in meat baits set high so that wolves would hang to death on them, the bear hunters complained of “harassment.” Rep. Adam Jarchow was quick to sponsor and get passed a bill carrying penalties of up to $10,000 and jail time up to nine months for citizens taking pictures of hunters doing illegal activities or monitoring bear hounding so that the public could see this cruelty.

Citizen reporting squelched. Only killers can take pictures of dead wildlife on public lands.

According to the Democracy Campaign, the Bear Hunter conduit funneled $63,565 to individual legislators, a sharp rise in buying access.

“About $56,400 of the conduit’s large individual contributions in 2016 went to Republican candidates and about $7,100 went to Democratic candidates. The top recipients of the group’s conduit contributions in 2016 were GOP Sen. Tom Tiffany, of Hazelhurst, $4,000; GOP Rep. Rob Stafsholt, of New Richmond, $3,000; the Committee to Elect a Republican Senate, $2,775; and GOP Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke, of Kaukauna, and Jarchow, $2,000 each.”

Bear hunters have been richly rewarded for their investments. They will kill another 5,000 innocent, peaceful, intelligent black bears, mostly cubs, this fall.

Tiffany and Jarchow held two carefully crafted pro-wolf-killing summits in 2016. I attended one of them. I only commented twice, when I raised my hand and was called upon. I pointed out that the federal Department of Agriculture documents that only 2/10ths of 1 percent of livestock die due to wolf predation before the slaughterhouse. Why not address the reason 90 percent of them die — respiratory diseases and poor care? Tiffany said, “That will be explained.” (It never was.) Later, I contributed that 60 percent of large mammals are threatened with extinction, including wolves, who are a vital to control of chronic wasting disease and Lyme disease. Tiffany then leaped to my table, yelling, “You are being disruptive as usual. Just leave!” I told him I am a Wisconsin citizen and had every right to attend.

A woman spoke long and tragically of sheep killed by wolves — sheep she raises to be shot in fenced enclosures by trophy hunters.

A police chief from a small town up north, surrounded by woods, labored through 42 “incidents” that were all wolves just showing up at the edge of the forest to look at the village. Only one involved a pet dog being killed. The police chief said he did not care what the law is. He vowed to shoot wolves on sight, and was applauded.

The Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association .compraises the federal legislators working to remove wolves from protection: “We applaud Representative Duffy, Senator Johnson, and Senator Baldwin for the reintroduction of this important legislation. … Wolves in Wisconsin need to be managed, just like all of our other wildlife. The State of Wisconsin has an excellent track record of managing wolves.”

That “excellent track record” includes killing wolves in traps and gunning them down for thrills.

Sen. Tammy Baldwin has avoided numerous attempts to interview her about her support of removing our wolves from Endangered Species Act protection. The courts have been the only branch of government that has enforced the act. Signing on to this legislation that bans judicial review betrays Wisconsin citizens’ will to protect our wolves.

This is a requiem for Wisconsin. The shame is that killers care more about torturing and killing than the majority care about protecting our vulnerable wild creatures. Year after year they suffer and die needlessly.

Contact Sen. Tammy Baldwin (202-224-5653), Sen. Ron Johnson (202-225-5323) and Rep. Sean Duffy (202-225-3365) to oppose legislation delisting gray wolves.

Petition to protect the surviving 83 Mexican wolves. 14 were killed this year, more than any year since they were reintroduced in 1998.

This column was originally published in the Madison CapTimes on May 21, 2017. 

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Step Up and Become a Delegate!

Over the past couple of weeks, WWE has provided a wealth of information regarding the upcoming DNR Election and Vote! We are happy to report that pro-wildlife candidates will be running for one or more delegate positions in several counties – but the truth is that as of right now, the candidates to be voted on in the majority of counties solely represent the pro-hunting and pro-trapping interests.

Are you satisfied with the status quo? Complacency by pro-wildlife organizations and Wisconsin residents at last year’s election has had disastrous consequences for wildlife. That election generated actions to implement: (1) a wolf hunt with killing quotas far more brutal than that faced in any of our neighboring states; (2) running dogs on wildlife letting them maim and kill prey; and (3) allowing the trapping & hunting in all state parks and public lands. What’s on the table for this year? Well, if anti-wildlife interests have their way, legislation that will: (1) allow hunters to gain access to private land without landowner permission to retrieve their dogs; (2) authorize the DNR to create a tundra swan hunt; (3) remove existing protections and allow the killing of Wisconsin’s rare albino deer; and (4) provide trappers with the ability to trap all night in our State parks, Stewardship lands, former wildlife refuges and all publicly purchased lands. This is sportsmanship? Is this acceptable to you? The power is in YOU running as a candidate!

Annually, delegates commit just 20 hours of their time for a great cause (they attend four meetings – two in their County and two in Central Wisconsin). What do you receive in return for such a small time commitment? Stand out and be heard. Learn more about wildlife. Bring accountability and real science into the DNR’s decision-making process. Influence the legislature so that the risk posed by hunting to willing participants AND the entire community is reduced. Help communicate that hunting is ineffective for solving human/deer conflicts for many reasons including the fact that the DNR intentionally keeps the deer population high for hunters. Provide valued input regarding objectionable practices such as canned hunting, trophy hunting, baiting and running packs of dogs on animals. Ensure that the lands managed for hunting in Wisconsin are not purchased and maintained by taxpayer money (90% of Wisconsin residents do not hunt). Have a voice in protecting our State’s natural ecosystems and with restoring the balance of animal populations. Be a steward for Wisconsin’s wildlife and change the course of how our natural areas and wildlife are viewed and managed by the DNR today and for generations to come!

A tutorial providing details regarding what to expect at the meeting, INCLUDING information regarding the delegation nomination and voting process, can be downloaded by clicking on the following link: If you have any questions regarding the role and responsibilities of delegates, please contact Patricia Randolph at Also, contact Patricia if you’d be willing to run as a candidate (she is maintaining a list to ensure that only one pro-wildlife advocate runs for a particular delegate position so the vote is not split).



Call to Action!


trapping pic (raccoon)

Allowing trapping all night

Tundra Swan

Annual Tundra Swan Hunt


Private land access w/o restrictions









Teaching trapping to kids too young for classes

Madravenspeak Column # 86 Albino deer-1

Rare white deer kill

Trapping pic (coyote)

Trapping expansion with dogs

Adapt them to your county location by copying and pasting the location from the DNR web site locations for every county:
Second link here:



Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Pretty Foxes Lobby the Capital Against Trapping in State Parks, but Legislators Don’t Understand Fox Language

Madravenspeak Column # 84 Foxes


“Foxes have the nicest nature of any animal I have ever met.  They are considerate and helpful, particularly toward young foxes.” ~ Mike Towler, Kent, England who saved a wounded fox ( see his video story here: )

The pretty foxes photographed sitting in the windows of the Wisconsin capital building were among citizen favorite images this season. The foxes were lobbying against trapping where it counts – the legislature. 

We can help them by drafting and supporting a ban on trapping.  Are Wisconsin citizens too busy to stop trapping, banned in 90 countries?  Uganda decided it was too cruel and indiscriminate decades ago.

Trapping has been expanded throughout Wisconsin’s state parks into all public lands. It is the one and only private for profit business that can take as many animals out of our public lands as the trapper can kill in an astonishingly long 7 months. Trapping starts mid-October throughout April, when wildlife is most vulnerable, leaving babies to starve.

The demand for animal skins is driven by Russia and newly rich China and Korea. Trapping is at a 30-year high. The Fur Council of Canada reports that it is “bunny cuffs and coyote fur ruffs that helped grow the retail fur industry to $15.5 billion last year, 45% higher than ten years ago”.  

Stoughton remains trapping central, thriving remnant of the old Hudson Bay Fur Company, stripping out Wisconsin’s commons to sell through Toronto auctions, annually.  Altogether trappers paid $98,000 to the DNR to destroy our wildlife for $5.6 million dollar return. Each killing brought in 19 cents to the trapper-pleasing DNR. Now new trappers “kill as many as you want for $5.”

The DNR is recruiting trappers as fast as it can among children and women. Trapping nights went up from  5.2 million trap nights in 2010-11 to 7.2 million trap nights in 2011-12 – a 39% increase in one year. 

588,098 animals (, table 5) are the “rough estimate” of kill – and with collateral damage of pets, stray cats, squirrels, birds of prey, songbirds, water birds, and wildlife too young to have marketable fur, or never retrieved,  it is probably closer to a million and a half. 4,557 Gray Foxes (worth $16.15 each)  and 6,159 Red Foxes (worth $26.35 each) were bludgeoned to death 2011-2012.   

How many citizens would pay $20 for a living fox? Not a chance. The DNR is only in the killing business.

It is time for fair take. The rest of us should start living wildlife, plant, and tree for profit businesses and demand 7-month seasons to go in with our trowels and live traps and take all we can get in that time frame. $5 sale on public lands! It’s called democracy.

I attended the rule-making obligatory sham “hearing” on hunting and trapping in state parks Thursday, January 23 in Fitchburg. About twenty people braved the cold to speak or register against the violence. One grizzled trapper activist, Corky Meyer, showed up to whine about not being allowed to trap from 11 p.m. until 4 a.m. when the parks are closed to all but campers. 

A Kegonsa State Park hiker said that hunters park illegally to haul out dead deer, and when reported, are not fined by park rangers. She was distressed watching a dying doe running out of the woods, collapsing in a pile of blood, while dogs harrassed her. Dogs are not supposed to be anywhere near deer.

Dr. Krebsbach, a veterinarian for Friends of Ferals, brought pictures of three cats rescued from “dog-proof” traps this season. Each had a leg amputated.  They are the few who survived.

Carolyn Schueppel whose border collie Handsome suffocated in a conibear trap two years ago, brought in pictures that prove that coyotes, cats and dogs are caught in the DNR’s “dog-proof traps”.

The DNR reported “no problems” with their takeover of our state parks for killing.

Jodi Habush Sinykin, the attorney who filed the lawsuit against running dogs on wolves, wrote that the DNR has misled (lied to) the public: “I have since uncovered that the DNR Notice is incomplete at best, outright deceptive at worst — in that the proposed permanent rules aim to expand access on the part of unleashed hunting dogs to any areas where hunting is allowed. Shame on the DNR for misleading the public in this manner.”

If you are walking your dogs in our parks, they must be on 8 foot leashes.But if you are a hunter chasing wildlife to kill, your dogs can run freely. If your dog gets maimed or killed in a legally set trap on our public lands, you can be fined for interfering with a trap and will be liable for your pet’s or child’s doctor or euthanasia bills. Hounders who put their own dogs at risk terrorizing wolves, coyotes and bears are rewarded lavishly when their dogs are killed.

Packs of dogs and the DNR smorgasboard of traps, guns and crossbows now threaten citizens who not only bought the parks but buy stickers to visit them.

Legislators do understand their constituents who vote. More humane stewardship of foxes would be kinder to all of us.   

You can sign a petition here|utmccn=(direct)|utmcmd=(none)&__utmv=-&__utmk=165619963   to end Wildlife Services which is the federal outdated agency that kills millions of wildlife every year.


Major Frito Lay Potato Supplier Convicted of Poisoning Bald Eagles and Other Wildlife in Wisconsin


My post last week was supposed to be my final one before transferring the website, but this is too big of a story not to get out and share far and wide.

Father, son charged with poisoning bald eagles, other wildlife

From the article:

A father and son who operate a large potato farm in northern Wisconsin have agreed to pay $100,000 in restitution in connection with the poisoning deaths of more than 70 wild animals, including at least two bald eagles.

Alvin C. Sowinski, 65, and Paul A. Sowinski, 46, of the Town of Sugar Camp in Oneida County, also face penalties of up to $100,000 each and up to a year in prison at their sentencing in May, according to the U.S. attorney’s office for the western district in Madison.

According to documents filed by prosecutors, Alvin Sowinski used poisoned bait piles to try to kill predators such as coyotes and gray wolves.

While it was a relative slap on the wrist for these poachers, it turns out that they are big donors to the Wisconsin Republican Party and major potato suppliers for Frito Lay Corporation:

“Sowinski Farms of Rhinelander, Wisconsin is one of the longest standing suppliers of chip stock potatoes to Frito-Lay. They signed their first contract with Frito in 1955. In 2009, Sowinski Farms received Frito-Lay’s 2009 North Central Region Grower of the Year Award. During the 2009 crop year, they were cited for delivering outstanding quality and the highest solids in Wisconsin, while delivering on their supply commitments at 100% contract compliance.”

Here is the public Frito Lay contact information:


M-F 9:00AM – 4:30PM CT

Send letters to:

P.O. Box 660634

Dallas TX 75266-0634

Here is their Facbook page:

Please DEMAND that Frito Lay drop these eco-terrorists as one of their major suppliers. Make it clear that you WILL NOT be purchasing any of their products while they continue to support these wildlife killing criminals.


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Horrific Wolf Kill Video From Idaho Surfaces

Screen shot from Idaho wolf kill video.

Screen shot from Idaho wolf kill video.

I have seen plenty of horrific and sadistic videos from wolf killers but this one may be the most disturbing. This comes from Idaho, AKA Wisconsin West. The video shows this punk mugging for the camera after shooting a wolf, then he goes to videotape the wounded wolf thrashing around while he twirls his revolver.

I warn you that this video is very graphic but it needs to be seen. This is a perfect example of the mindset and antics of wolf haters both in the West and Midwest. For now I am only attaching the link because of how horrific the video is. Again this is highly disturbing. DO NOT comment on this cretin’s page. Please just observe. Nothing we say has any impact on these thugs. But make sure this is shown far and wide. I am sure our friends over at the wolf hate pages will be getting off on this real soon.

These are the comments that follow the video. This illustrated the mind of wolf haters and those that cheer them on. The comments are almost as disturbing as the video. This is the future of Red State America at it clearest. While the Teahadists are going nuts over the black guy in the White House this is what the children of this country are becoming. And we wonder why there are school shootings each week in America. Look at the dead eyes in this video and you will have your answer.

Easily the most awesome hunting experience for me!! So freakin sweet

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Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Hunters buy killing licences, so why not saving licenses?

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Please read Patricia’s new Madravenspeak column here:

Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Hunters buy killing licences, so why not saving licenses?


Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: DNR cruelty-to-bears season begins again on our lands


Please read Patrica’s latest Madravenspeak column:

Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: DNR cruelty-to-bears season begins again on our lands

Coming this weekend a column about the potentially massive “pay to play” scandal involving outgoing Assembly Majority Leader Rep. Scott Suder (R-ALEC), the bear hounders, and a large number of the anti-wolf/wildlife killing cartels in Wisconsin. Here is the background to that story:

DNR awards $500,000 grant despite thorny questions

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. RICO anyone?


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Coming to Wisconsin July 1st…………


On July 1st of this year the Wisconsin DNR is sanctioning the release of an invasive predatory species upon the northern part of our state. This species is a viscous predatory canine with an insatiable appetite for blood, grandchildren :), and any wildlife species that is in their path. Is it the gray wolf? No. Is it the coyote? No. Fox? No again. It is a species known as “hounddogus redneckus.” Also known as the “bear hound” and it will be terrorizing Wisconsin bears and other wildlife with impunity starting July 1st when thousands of these invasive species are released into our woods for “training” against bear or whatever species gets in their way.

While researching this post, I made sure to read deeper into the DNR “rules” concerning the use of dogs against wildlife. What I found was horrifying. Here are the “rules” for “training” dogs against wild animals from the DNR:


Except as described in ‘Prohibitions’ below, any person may train dogs on free-roaming wild animals without a dog training or trialing license.

Department lands. Dogs shall be controlled on a leash not longer than 8 feet in length from April 15 – July 31 on all DNR public hunting lands with the exception of Class 1 dog training grounds and Class 2 dog training grounds approved on a dog training or trail license.
Exceptions for training on raccoons and rabbits.

Except where prohibited in state parks, campgrounds, natural areas and other posted areas, from July 1 to the following April 14th, hound dogs may be trained on free-roaming raccoons and rabbits on department lands without a leash.
Northern restricted zone.

Dog training on any captive or free-roaming wild animal is prohibited May 1 to June 30 on all lands within the northern restricted zone, except as follows:
A person may train or trial dogs on captive or free-roaming raccoons and rabbits in the northern restricted zone May 1 to June 30 provided all the following apply:
1. The licensee applies for and receives a hound dog training or trialing license.
2. The licensee complies with any restrictions placed on a license to prevent the intentional or unintentional pursuit of wild bear.

So basically raccoons and rabbits can be hounded for the entire year with “some” restrictions.

3. The licensee may list up to 3 townships in the same or adjoining counties for training purposes.
4. The department approves the property locations listed.
5. No more than 2 dogs in a single pack may be used to pursue raccoon or rabbit for training purposes regardless of the number of persons assisting or accompanying the hound dog training license holder and regardless of the dog ownership.
6. For trialing purposes, the location of the Master of Hounds and the name of any approved state properties where the dog trials
are to be held shall be listed on the hound dog trial license and application.

Bear dog training period.

An individual may ONLY use dogs to pursue free-roaming wild bear from July 1 to August 31and provided:
The person possesses a class A or B bear license or is under age 12;
Each dog is uniquely tattooed or wears a collar with the owner’s name and address attached;
No more than 6 dogs in a single pack may be used to pursue bear regardless of the number of persons assisting the licensee and regardless of the dog ownership.
NOTE: Bears may not be pursued where prohibited in state parks, state campgrounds, state natural areas or other posted or restricted areas.
Killing wild animals. No person engaged in training dogs may kill or cause to be killed any free-roaming wild animal including unprotected wild animals without department approval.

So in other words raccoons and rabbits can be hounded for almost the entire year and hounders apparently can kill wild animals with the approval of the DNR? So under what circumstances can the DNR approve hounders to kill wild animals and how often does this “approval” occur? We will work on getting this information.

But the above is not even the most horrifying aspect of what hounders are allowed to do. What follows are the “captive wildlife” rules. Hounders are allowed to keep penned animals, including bears, and let their dogs “train” on them.

Hound Dog Training License

Issued to any individual who is at least 12 years of age who files a dog training license application and pays the applicable fee.

A hound dog training license allows you to purchase, possess and use captive raccoon or bobcat for dog training purposes, and use captive black bear possessed under the authority of a captive wild animal farm license for dog training purposes. In addition, rabbit/hare, coyote and fox may be purchased, possessed or used for dog training purposes if held in a permitted hound dog training enclosure. The license does not authorize commercial or organized shoots, selling, breeding, or propagating of animals, or training of dogs with the use of captive black bear on DNR lands.

Captive wild birds possessed for dog training purposes shall be treated in a humane manner and confined under sanitary conditions with proper and adequate space, shade, food and fresh water. If birds are severely injured, they shall be humanely killed. Primary and transportation enclosures for captive-bred bobwhite quail and mallards shall meet the requirements in § NR 16.30 to 16.38, Wisconsin Administrative Code.

Captive raccoon, rabbit/hare, coyote, fox, bobcat or bear possessed for dog training purposes shall be treated in a humane manner and confined under sanitary conditions with proper and adequate space, shade and fresh water. Dogs may not be released into a training enclosure with the intent to injure of kill any captive rabbit/hare, coyote or fox. Captive rabbit/hare, coyote, fox, raccoon, bobcat or bear may not be shot inside a training enclosure or cage. Any coyote or fox injured during a dog training exercise shall be submitted to a veterinarian for treatment at the owner or operator’s expense, or euthanized and shall be reported to the department within 24 hours.

Really? What does the DNR think is the purpose of releasing vicious dogs dogs into a pen with wild animals? Who enforces this farce? Do they seriously think that the animals in these enclosures are not ripped to shreds by these dogs? Seriously, WDNR?

Training & Trialing periods.
a. The length of time that captive wild bear, bobcat or raccoon may be used for training exercises may not exceed 12 hours within a 24-hour period.
b. Captive wild bear, bobcat and raccoon shall be provided with a minimum of 8 consecutive hours of rest within a 24-hour period.

Training & Trialing periods:
a. The length of time that training activity may occur in a hound dog training enclosure containing captive coyote or fox may not exceed 16 hours within a 24-hour period. Trialing with captive coyote or fox may not exceed 12 hours within a 24-hour period.

b. A minimum of 8 consecutive hours of rest within a 24-hour period shall be provided during which no dog training or trialing may take place within an enclosure containing captive coyote or fox.

How generous. What is wrong with these people and their enablers in the DNR?

This is how these monsters acquire their torture subjects:

Sources of Captive Wild Animals for Hound Dog Training
In-State Captive Sources.

Generally, all coyote, fox, rabbit, raccoon and bobcat used for hound dog training may only be obtained from a legal Wisconsin captive bred source. No free-ranging wild animals captured from the wild may be used for hound dog training purposes, except:
1. Coyotes and raccoons that are live trapped on a Wisconsin licensed wild fur farm.
2. Coyotes and rabbits that are causing a nuisance or damage and which have been live trapped for relocation under the authority of s. NR 12.10(1)(a)5. and (b)5.
Coyotes or rabbits that were live trapped under s. NR 12.10(1)(a)5. and (b)5., and released into a hound dog training enclosure, may not be later relocated to any other cage or enclosure unless the owner or operator of an enclosure holds a valid hound dog training enclosure permit for that enclosure.
Out-of-State Captive Sources.

Unless authorized by the department, captive wild animals from out of state may not be used within a hound dog training enclosure. If the department authorizes use of an imported captive animal for use in hound dog training enclosures, the animal shall be accompanied by a certificate of veterinary inspection as required under s. ATCP 11.02 and a copy of the certificate maintained with the records required to be kept under s. NR 17.11(5) and a copy shall be provided to the department with quarterly reports required under s. 169.36(9)(b), Stats. When determining whether to issue an authorization under this subsection the department shall consider whether the animal originates from a state or country with suspected or known infectious wildlife diseases.
Note: To request the use of an imported captive wild animal, contact the state wildlife veterinarian, (608) 266-8204.

Notice all of the “unless approved by the department.” I would bet that there is plenty of “approvals” coming from this DNR to appease these sadists. And that is not all. Here is more from the DNR about what bear hounders are allowed to do:

Dog Training and Use
Dogs may be trained by pursuing bear statewide from July 1
through Aug. 31. It is legal to train dogs in Zones A, B, and D
during the season when hunting bear with aid of dogs is open.
A Class B bear license is not required to train or assist with bear
dog training on Aug. 17-18, 2013.
It is illegal to:
• hunt bear with dogs in Zone C.
• train dogs by pursuing bear except during the times stated
• hunt or train dogs unless one person in the group has on their
person rabies tags and dog license tags for each dog.
• hunt, train dogs, or pursue bear with a dog that is not tattooed
or that isn’t wearing a collar with the owner’s name and
address attached.
allow the dogs to kill any wild animal.
• hunt, train dogs, or pursue bear with more than 6 dogs in
a single pack, regardless of the number of bear hunters or
the dog’s ownership. Note: Dogs that fall out of the chase
may be replaced, but no more than 6 dogs may be used
to pursue bear regardless of the number of bear hunters
or the dog ownership.
• hunt or pursue any free-roaming wild animal with the aid of
any dog from May 1 to June 30 north of the highways shown
on the map below except for approved dog trials and training
on free-roaming rabbits or raccoons
under a hound dog trial or training license.

A former hounder made it very clear to us that during these “training” periods he estimated that 30 percent of the bears chased by the hounders were killed. According to sources within the DNR there are a number of bear hounders that are unhappy with all of the attention they are getting due to the wolf hounding issue. Good. They have flown under the radar far too long and many are upset that their “sport” is being exposed for the sadism that it truly is. We need to keep exposing this blatant state sanctioned cruelty and showing what hounders and their DNR enablers are all about. If you want a good idea about what kind of cretins are involved in this type of activity watch these videos:

From Wisconsin:

Here is another one from North Carolina that shows how these people operate:

Keep spreading this information and videos far and wide. We need everyone to see what kind of people these hounders are and what they are doing to our wildlife. Remember all of these activities are sanctioned and encouraged by the DNR. This is one invasive species that we can do something about.