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Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: DNR cruelty-to-bears season begins again on our lands


Please read Patrica’s latest Madravenspeak column:

Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: DNR cruelty-to-bears season begins again on our lands

Coming this weekend a column about the potentially massive “pay to play” scandal involving outgoing Assembly Majority Leader Rep. Scott Suder (R-ALEC), the bear hounders, and a large number of the anti-wolf/wildlife killing cartels in Wisconsin. Here is the background to that story:

DNR awards $500,000 grant despite thorny questions

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. RICO anyone?


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Coming to Wisconsin July 1st…………


On July 1st of this year the Wisconsin DNR is sanctioning the release of an invasive predatory species upon the northern part of our state. This species is a viscous predatory canine with an insatiable appetite for blood, grandchildren :), and any wildlife species that is in their path. Is it the gray wolf? No. Is it the coyote? No. Fox? No again. It is a species known as “hounddogus redneckus.” Also known as the “bear hound” and it will be terrorizing Wisconsin bears and other wildlife with impunity starting July 1st when thousands of these invasive species are released into our woods for “training” against bear or whatever species gets in their way.

While researching this post, I made sure to read deeper into the DNR “rules” concerning the use of dogs against wildlife. What I found was horrifying. Here are the “rules” for “training” dogs against wild animals from the DNR:


Except as described in ‘Prohibitions’ below, any person may train dogs on free-roaming wild animals without a dog training or trialing license.

Department lands. Dogs shall be controlled on a leash not longer than 8 feet in length from April 15 – July 31 on all DNR public hunting lands with the exception of Class 1 dog training grounds and Class 2 dog training grounds approved on a dog training or trail license.
Exceptions for training on raccoons and rabbits.

Except where prohibited in state parks, campgrounds, natural areas and other posted areas, from July 1 to the following April 14th, hound dogs may be trained on free-roaming raccoons and rabbits on department lands without a leash.
Northern restricted zone.

Dog training on any captive or free-roaming wild animal is prohibited May 1 to June 30 on all lands within the northern restricted zone, except as follows:
A person may train or trial dogs on captive or free-roaming raccoons and rabbits in the northern restricted zone May 1 to June 30 provided all the following apply:
1. The licensee applies for and receives a hound dog training or trialing license.
2. The licensee complies with any restrictions placed on a license to prevent the intentional or unintentional pursuit of wild bear.

So basically raccoons and rabbits can be hounded for the entire year with “some” restrictions.

3. The licensee may list up to 3 townships in the same or adjoining counties for training purposes.
4. The department approves the property locations listed.
5. No more than 2 dogs in a single pack may be used to pursue raccoon or rabbit for training purposes regardless of the number of persons assisting or accompanying the hound dog training license holder and regardless of the dog ownership.
6. For trialing purposes, the location of the Master of Hounds and the name of any approved state properties where the dog trials
are to be held shall be listed on the hound dog trial license and application.

Bear dog training period.

An individual may ONLY use dogs to pursue free-roaming wild bear from July 1 to August 31and provided:
The person possesses a class A or B bear license or is under age 12;
Each dog is uniquely tattooed or wears a collar with the owner’s name and address attached;
No more than 6 dogs in a single pack may be used to pursue bear regardless of the number of persons assisting the licensee and regardless of the dog ownership.
NOTE: Bears may not be pursued where prohibited in state parks, state campgrounds, state natural areas or other posted or restricted areas.
Killing wild animals. No person engaged in training dogs may kill or cause to be killed any free-roaming wild animal including unprotected wild animals without department approval.

So in other words raccoons and rabbits can be hounded for almost the entire year and hounders apparently can kill wild animals with the approval of the DNR? So under what circumstances can the DNR approve hounders to kill wild animals and how often does this “approval” occur? We will work on getting this information.

But the above is not even the most horrifying aspect of what hounders are allowed to do. What follows are the “captive wildlife” rules. Hounders are allowed to keep penned animals, including bears, and let their dogs “train” on them.

Hound Dog Training License

Issued to any individual who is at least 12 years of age who files a dog training license application and pays the applicable fee.

A hound dog training license allows you to purchase, possess and use captive raccoon or bobcat for dog training purposes, and use captive black bear possessed under the authority of a captive wild animal farm license for dog training purposes. In addition, rabbit/hare, coyote and fox may be purchased, possessed or used for dog training purposes if held in a permitted hound dog training enclosure. The license does not authorize commercial or organized shoots, selling, breeding, or propagating of animals, or training of dogs with the use of captive black bear on DNR lands.

Captive wild birds possessed for dog training purposes shall be treated in a humane manner and confined under sanitary conditions with proper and adequate space, shade, food and fresh water. If birds are severely injured, they shall be humanely killed. Primary and transportation enclosures for captive-bred bobwhite quail and mallards shall meet the requirements in § NR 16.30 to 16.38, Wisconsin Administrative Code.

Captive raccoon, rabbit/hare, coyote, fox, bobcat or bear possessed for dog training purposes shall be treated in a humane manner and confined under sanitary conditions with proper and adequate space, shade and fresh water. Dogs may not be released into a training enclosure with the intent to injure of kill any captive rabbit/hare, coyote or fox. Captive rabbit/hare, coyote, fox, raccoon, bobcat or bear may not be shot inside a training enclosure or cage. Any coyote or fox injured during a dog training exercise shall be submitted to a veterinarian for treatment at the owner or operator’s expense, or euthanized and shall be reported to the department within 24 hours.

Really? What does the DNR think is the purpose of releasing vicious dogs dogs into a pen with wild animals? Who enforces this farce? Do they seriously think that the animals in these enclosures are not ripped to shreds by these dogs? Seriously, WDNR?

Training & Trialing periods.
a. The length of time that captive wild bear, bobcat or raccoon may be used for training exercises may not exceed 12 hours within a 24-hour period.
b. Captive wild bear, bobcat and raccoon shall be provided with a minimum of 8 consecutive hours of rest within a 24-hour period.

Training & Trialing periods:
a. The length of time that training activity may occur in a hound dog training enclosure containing captive coyote or fox may not exceed 16 hours within a 24-hour period. Trialing with captive coyote or fox may not exceed 12 hours within a 24-hour period.

b. A minimum of 8 consecutive hours of rest within a 24-hour period shall be provided during which no dog training or trialing may take place within an enclosure containing captive coyote or fox.

How generous. What is wrong with these people and their enablers in the DNR?

This is how these monsters acquire their torture subjects:

Sources of Captive Wild Animals for Hound Dog Training
In-State Captive Sources.

Generally, all coyote, fox, rabbit, raccoon and bobcat used for hound dog training may only be obtained from a legal Wisconsin captive bred source. No free-ranging wild animals captured from the wild may be used for hound dog training purposes, except:
1. Coyotes and raccoons that are live trapped on a Wisconsin licensed wild fur farm.
2. Coyotes and rabbits that are causing a nuisance or damage and which have been live trapped for relocation under the authority of s. NR 12.10(1)(a)5. and (b)5.
Coyotes or rabbits that were live trapped under s. NR 12.10(1)(a)5. and (b)5., and released into a hound dog training enclosure, may not be later relocated to any other cage or enclosure unless the owner or operator of an enclosure holds a valid hound dog training enclosure permit for that enclosure.
Out-of-State Captive Sources.

Unless authorized by the department, captive wild animals from out of state may not be used within a hound dog training enclosure. If the department authorizes use of an imported captive animal for use in hound dog training enclosures, the animal shall be accompanied by a certificate of veterinary inspection as required under s. ATCP 11.02 and a copy of the certificate maintained with the records required to be kept under s. NR 17.11(5) and a copy shall be provided to the department with quarterly reports required under s. 169.36(9)(b), Stats. When determining whether to issue an authorization under this subsection the department shall consider whether the animal originates from a state or country with suspected or known infectious wildlife diseases.
Note: To request the use of an imported captive wild animal, contact the state wildlife veterinarian, (608) 266-8204.

Notice all of the “unless approved by the department.” I would bet that there is plenty of “approvals” coming from this DNR to appease these sadists. And that is not all. Here is more from the DNR about what bear hounders are allowed to do:

Dog Training and Use
Dogs may be trained by pursuing bear statewide from July 1
through Aug. 31. It is legal to train dogs in Zones A, B, and D
during the season when hunting bear with aid of dogs is open.
A Class B bear license is not required to train or assist with bear
dog training on Aug. 17-18, 2013.
It is illegal to:
• hunt bear with dogs in Zone C.
• train dogs by pursuing bear except during the times stated
• hunt or train dogs unless one person in the group has on their
person rabies tags and dog license tags for each dog.
• hunt, train dogs, or pursue bear with a dog that is not tattooed
or that isn’t wearing a collar with the owner’s name and
address attached.
allow the dogs to kill any wild animal.
• hunt, train dogs, or pursue bear with more than 6 dogs in
a single pack, regardless of the number of bear hunters or
the dog’s ownership. Note: Dogs that fall out of the chase
may be replaced, but no more than 6 dogs may be used
to pursue bear regardless of the number of bear hunters
or the dog ownership.
• hunt or pursue any free-roaming wild animal with the aid of
any dog from May 1 to June 30 north of the highways shown
on the map below except for approved dog trials and training
on free-roaming rabbits or raccoons
under a hound dog trial or training license.

A former hounder made it very clear to us that during these “training” periods he estimated that 30 percent of the bears chased by the hounders were killed. According to sources within the DNR there are a number of bear hounders that are unhappy with all of the attention they are getting due to the wolf hounding issue. Good. They have flown under the radar far too long and many are upset that their “sport” is being exposed for the sadism that it truly is. We need to keep exposing this blatant state sanctioned cruelty and showing what hounders and their DNR enablers are all about. If you want a good idea about what kind of cretins are involved in this type of activity watch these videos:

From Wisconsin:

Here is another one from North Carolina that shows how these people operate:

Keep spreading this information and videos far and wide. We need everyone to see what kind of people these hounders are and what they are doing to our wildlife. Remember all of these activities are sanctioned and encouraged by the DNR. This is one invasive species that we can do something about.


More DNR Pandering To Bear Hounders


Former Madison Mayor, Dave Cieslweicz, writes a column for the online Isthmus newspaper where he tackles various political issues that impact our state. Recently he has been covering the relentless assault on public lands in Wisconsin courtesy of our bought and paid for legislature. Last week “Citizen Dave” wrote about how the DNR is now requiring maps that show motorized vehicle access for all public lands. And guess who this was done on behalf of? From the article:

My guess is that the roads language was probably done at the behest of the bear hunters. Bear hunting in Wisconsin is a disreputable activity. Dogs are equipped with radio collars. They chase and corner a bear, which often winds up climbing a tree. The hunters sit in their vehicles monitoring their radio equipment. When it’s clear that the bear has been trapped. They walk over to where it is and shoot it. These are not sportsmen under anyone’s definition. I assume the bear hunters wanted the road language so that they won’t have to walk as far.

So, that’s your modern Republican definition of public outdoor recreation.

Thank you Citizen Dave for using your column to finally put into print what most of us already know about the unethical relationship between the DNR and the disgusting bear hounders. I wonder what the GOP and DNR are going to mandate next to benefit the hounders? They will probably mandate drive though beer and Ho-Ho stations on these roads so that the hounders won’t have to be inconvenienced by having to stop at a convenience store prior to going to their killing fields.

The bigger questions is why is the state pandering to a tiny minority within a minority of extremist “sportsmen?” What do these disgusting cretins provide for society as a whole? Follow the money…………



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Message from Patricia Randolph About Upcoming Bear Hounder “Training” Season

Bear hounders will soon be running their dogs on bears with almost no restrictions in Wisconsin in the name of "training."

Bear hounders will soon be running their dogs on bears with almost no restrictions in Wisconsin in the name of “training.”


I talked to Bradley Koele, “wildlife damage expert”.  He said that they have had the option to issue kill licenses on bears who cause $1000 damage ( largely to corn fields) but are taking it to an automatic issue of kill license(s) if a “verified”   (county schmoozer with farmer) $5000 damage has been done.  That license or licenses can be used outside of the bear kill seasons ( usually early September to mid-October) and as many as 20 licenses have been issued to farmers with large farms.  The farmer can “only retain one bear” for himself, but can keep as many skins and heads as he wants – or give them to friends.  He is not supposed to sell the licenses but they can have a good ole boy kill fest on his property – so much easier than going through the lottery.  And a good ole boy time was had by all.  Including dogs at their convenience.

They start running packs of dogs on bears and their cubs July 1.  Bears cannot sweat and die of heat exhaustion when run for miles, out of sight of the “hunters” who just listen to their radio-collared hounds and then drive to wherever.  They separate mothers from cubs, and shake little cubs out of trees to get bloodlust into the dogs.  Rick Hanestad who used to hound bears, told me that easily 30% of the bears run by dogs during the training, are killed on the ground by the dogs.  They are too inexperienced or small to deal with a pack of dogs – or they are run in open farm fields where there are no trees.


Please comment.  We cannot be the only species on the planet who takes everything and not share.  We cannot be the only species that “predates”.  Please say that 90% of us want to have general public funding of wildlife stewardship and a first time democracy in stewarding our wildlife.  With our money ( and we already bring 11 times the revenue of hunters (3 times if you count the $40 million they pay to destroy our wildlife – mostly spent in managing their killing biz) – again, with our money directed to a democratic wildlife fairly funded, fairly participating, we can spread a new ethic of tithing back to our wildlife and some compensation from the 90% of us who pay in anyway.  Then we do not have to be killing – we can be sharing.


What a concept.


Please send your comments to Brad Koele at 




Patricia Randolph
State Journalist
Madravenspeak living wildlife column
Capital Times online newspaper


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“I had no idea” The Dangers of Apathy and Willful Ignorance

Ilse "The Bitch of Buchenwald" Koch

Ilse “The Bitch of Buchenwald” Koch

Definition of APATHY from Merriam-Webster Dictionary

: lack of feeling or emotion : impassiveness
: lack of interest or concern : indifference

Definition of Willful Ignorance:

A decision in bad faith to avoid becoming informed about something so as to avoid having to make undesirable decisions that such information might prompt.

Ilse Koch. Unless you are a student of history or a victim of this woman you probably have never heard this name. She was also known as “The Bitch of Buchenwald.” For those unaware Buchenwald was a Nazi concentration camp located near Weimar Germany. Koch, the wife of the camp commandant, was a sadist in the truest sense of the word. She would handpick camp prisoners with distinctive tattoos, subject them to torture, and after being killed have their tattooed skin removed as a “trophy,” or “souvenir.” Koch also kept a collection of human organs and allegedly had lampshades made from the skin of her victims.

Following the liberation of the Buchenwald camp by American soldiers in April, 1945 the American commanders on scene rounded up officials and residents of the nearby towns and marched them to the camp to see the handiwork of their fellow Germans. Many citizens fainted at the sights they encountered, while many more feigned ignorance as to what was occurring just up the road from them. Most of the citizens claimed that they had never knew that the camp had been a mass killing factory.

What the citizens were claiming is the very definition of willful ignorance. The reality is that most if not all were more guilty of exhibiting complete and total apathy as to what was happening around them. The crimes perpetrated by Ilse Koch and those like her stun the conscience. Is it really this easy for a person to be a sadist toward their fellow man? If how many treat animals is any indication the answer is a resounding yes.

“I had no idea.” That is not just a phrase that the German residents near Buchenwald spoke. This is a phrase that I hear often when speaking to people about what is occurring to wildlife in our own state. While I am not big on using Nazi comparisons, I will not hesitate to equate it the sadism that is occurring on our wild lands. While it is hard to believe that the German citizens really had no idea as to what was occurring in the camps, I do not find it all that surprising when Wisconsin citizens express total ignorance as to what is happening to our wildlife. Over the past couple of decades a cruelty cartel comprised of extremist hunting groups, their lobbyists, and their bought and paid for legislators have completely hijacked the control over our wildlife and wild lands. This happened right under the nose of both living wildlife advocates and even moderate hunters. There were a few lone voices, such as Patricia, but overall no one appeared to know that this was occurring.

This is what most people claim to not know anything about:

Killing contests are perfectly legal in Wisconsin. That’s right one of the most deplorable forms of “recreation,” turning killing into a scoring “sport,” is completely legal in Wisconsin and actively encouraged. This is occurring all over the state. The contests usually include who can kill the most and largest of raccoons and coyotes. To consider this “recreation” in this day and age is shameful, but it is perfectly legal. The response I get from people who first find out about these killing contest is “How can this be legal?” It is legal because of apathy, or willful ignorance. These “contests” fly right in the face of the garbage the DNR and their puppet masters spread about “conservation” and “heritage.” One thing that I will never understand is how killing can be considered “conservation.” But our society buys into this fallacy and assumes that agencies such as the DNR actually care about our wildlife and wild lands. For the most part this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Here is a recent example of a coyote killing contest sponsored by a tavern called “Jackson Clinic” in Mauston:

COYOTE HUNT – Sat., Feb. 2nd
Sign-in by 6 p.m. on Fri., Feb. 1st; Weigh-in at 7 p.m. on Saturday
DJ at 8 p.m.
1/2 pot for Biggest
1/4 pot for Smallest
1/4 pot for Most

This post on Facebook is followed by pictures of Wiley Coyote to make light of their killing contest. Most have no idea this is legal and occurring right in their own backyard.

The next activity that most people are apathetic or ignorant about is trapping. There are a little over 8,000 trappers in Wisconsin. Of these 5,000 “reported” that they killed almost 600,000 animals in 2011 alone. 600,000!!!!! And those are just the ones that they “reported.” Trappers are the first to claim that they are “ethical” and “respect” the animals that they trap. Here is an example of how much trappers “respect” the wolves they trap in Wisconsin:

Most people have no idea how trappers “dispatch” the animals they trap or how long they languish in that trap. Here is one preferred method:

Trapper Sadist Trapper Sadist 2 Trapper Sadist 3

This again is all perfectly legal. Remember this is “conservation” and “recreation” at work.

Finally we have the activity of hounding that I have covered here many times. Here is an example of how bear hounders “respect” the animals that they torment:

The most disturbing part of everything depicted above is that all of these activities are legal in Wisconsin. Most will say “I had no idea.” That is the problem. It is the willful ignorance or apathy of our fellow citizens that allow this to occur. Just like with the atrocities that occurred at Buchenwald most people have no idea what is happening in their backyard or if they do they turn a blind eye to it. This has to to change. We can start by organizing and participating in every hearing or meeting that promotes the sadism like seen above.

The first step is to attend the spring hearings of the deceptively named “Conservation Congress” on April 8th. These elections are held in each county in the state and ALL, are allowed to attend and vote. While the media and pro-hunting groups try to minimize the fact that the non-hunting public can participate and run for “delegate” positions, we indeed can. This year in addition to all of the usual killing more, more, and more proposals there will be a question asking if there should be a law banning the use of dogs against wolves. I implore you to attend your county election and take along as many friends and family as you can to vote against the killing proposals, vote for the ban of dogs against wolves, and elect pro-living wildlife delegates. Here is the information about the elections:

We can no longer be apathetic or willfully ignorant to what is occurring in our backyard. Our wildlife is under siege by the most extreme elements of the hunting/trapping community. If we do not organize and fight back more and more animals will be tortured in traps, ripped apart by packs of vicious dogs, and killed to score “points” in a disgusting contest. If history teaches us anything it is that we cannot just feign ignorance or be apathetic to injustices and sadism. If we don’t speak out nothing will change and we will have surrendered to the killing cartels and the sadism they promote.

Now about the “trophies” Ilse Koch took from her dead victims and human skin lampshades……….. I will let you figure out where I am headed with this.


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And People Wonder Why We View Bear Hounders As Monsters?

Some "traditions" just need to die.

Some “traditions” just need to die.


I am barely able to type this post because I am so distraught over the plight of California bear hounders. This sadness comes from the fact that California banned the hounding of bears and bobcats this past September. It seems that the poor California bear hounders who claim to “love” their dogs so much are in a tizzy about how they are going to sell or get rid of their dogs. And then I read about hounder, Donnie Millsap, and my heart just broke over his plight:

As far as Donnie Millsap is concerned, he had the perfect job.

Two years ago, the Farmersville resident and avid hunter started a side business taking fellow hunters to an area south of Badger to track and hunt black bears.

“I bought a four-door truck with four-wheel drive for this business for about $15,000,” along with about $1,500 worth of knives, guns and other supplies, not to mention the cost and time involved in training, feeding and caring for his four hunting hounds.

It wasn’t Millsap’s main job, but it allowed the heavy-equipment mechanic to do what he loved and earn money to support his own bear-hunting hobby.

But all that changed when the new year began, and a California law took effect banning the use of dogs to track or hunt bears or bobcats anywhere in the state.

“It effectively took my business,” Millsap, 53, said of state Senate Bill 1221, which California legislators passed last year. The law was signed in September by Gov. Jerry Brown.

So this sadist cannot make anymore money off of his sick blood sport. My heart just bleeds for him. This is an example of the ignorant and ridiculous argument that these hounders make:

For his part, Millsap said it’s wrong for California to ban a hunting method that has existed for centuries.

“My reaction was when are they going to stop taking stuff away from people? I mean, hunting dogs, that goes back in the history books. I remember reading in school about famous people going out with a dog and going after a raccoon at night,” he said.

That’s funny, when I was in school I also remember reading about how “famous” people used dogs to go after runaway slaves at night. So is that right as well, Millsap? I get so tired of words like “tradition” and “heritage” being used to justify every sick and barbaric activity these sadists do.

Then we have Millsap expressing how much he “loves” his dogs:

“I give these dogs more attention than some people give their children,” he said.

And Millsap said a hound can’t be trained to go after an animal it doesn’t want to go after, including a bear.

“This dog here, he’s 12 years old,” he said of one of his hounds, Ole Buster. “He’s been doing it all of his life. If he smells [a bear], he is going to go after it.”

But there is always a catch with these people. Millsap and another hounder sadist are whining about how they are going to get rid of the dogs that they “love like children.”

Without the extra income from his business, Millsap said he can’t afford to keep his dogs, and Duplessis said he already gave away three of his dogs, because if they can’t hunt, he had no reason to incur the $300 a month it cost him to feed them.

Before SB 1221 was passed, his remaining dogs were worth between $2,500 and $6,000. Since he can’t use them to hunt anymore or breed them for other bear hunters in this state, Duplessis said the dogs are practically worthless.

Millsap, who also is considering selling his dogs or turning them over to an animal shelter if he can’t find a buyer, said selling dogs to hunters in other states isn’t much of an option, because they know that the new California law will allow them to buy the animals cheap from people desperate to sell them.

“You went from a $5,000 dog to — maybe, if you’re lucky — a $1,000 dog.”

Yup, they “love” them so much that they want to sell them for big money or dump them at a shelter. And they wonder why most sane people view hounders as monsters?

The rest of the article goes on to give the same old whining that all hunting is going to be banned by the “antis” and that the ban on hounding is just a start. The typical NRA backed paranoia that these people are famous for. All I can say is that California deserves massive praise for putting an end to the deplorable practice of hounding. While states like Wisconsin continue to expand hounding, California is following the right path. Excuse me, I must get some tissue because I am still so upset over the bear hounders plight. Read more here:

Tulare County hunters aren’t happy about new state law



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Way To Go California!!!! Hounding Banned in the Golden State

Thank you California!!!!

Today, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill, SB-1221, that banned the hounding of bears and bobcats in the state. Hounders across the country are whining that this is an “assault” on their hunting “heritage” and infringes on their “rights” as “sportsmen.” This is an outstanding first step. California today, the rest of the country tomorrow. The vast majority of citizens across this country despise the brutal act of hounding. While states like Wisconsin keep trying to convince us that it is a “tradition” the majority know better. Hounding is legalized animal fighting perpetrated by a small minority of sadists who get pleasure watching their dogs rip wounded animals to shreds as countless internet videos have shown. Dogs are our companions. Dogs are NOT weapons for lazy sadists who enjoy blowing scared animals out of trees, or watching animals fight to the death.

The wolf kill bill fiasco in Wisconsin has brought far more attention onto hounding than it’s proponents ever thought would happen. This is what happens when you overreach. Hounders think that they are supported by the citizens of this state and country. With the exception of a few rural enclaves, they could not be more wrong. Way to go California!!!!

Gov. Jerry Brown outlaws using dogs to hunt bears, bobcats in California


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Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Annual bear carnage is upon us

Here is Patricia’s latest column about the annual bear slaughter in Wisconsin:

Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Annual bear carnage is upon us

Please share and comment.


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The Bear Hounder Responds

I just received another comment from the bear hounder in the previous post. I normally would not post these type of comments, but I will let you make of this what you will:

“My full comment did not post! I did not come to this sight to whine, at the end of the statement. I just had two of bear hounds killed by wolves and i should be the first to say kill all the wolves! But thats not what i actually want! People want them down to a manageable level! The state right now can not sustain the wolf population at current levels! All species have to be managed. And as for the hair in the scat its pretty damn easy to tell it apart from other animals. You just proved your ignorance on what you assume the situation is! Like i said before leave the city and actually come to the northwoods and learn what the people want and talk to us bear hunters. As for the nice fat check comment, you can not put a price on a family memeber! To me my hounds are family! I raise them from puppies and train them myself!! If it wasnt a case of them being family members i wouldn keep the ones that are now 15 yrs old, and i wouldnt bring them in the house when it gets cold in winter!! You dont want hunters to judge all you tree hugging, anti hunters….. Dont judge hound hunters!”

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t let my family members run rampant in the woods terrorizing wildlife and putting their lives in danger. Wow you bring them inside when it is cold. And you want praise for taking care of your dogs as you should? You train them to terrorize and kill wildlife and you want us to view this positively?Can you put a price on the life of the bear cub that you blast out of a tree? Oh that’s right you can! You don’t want us to judge hounders, but you call living wildlife advocates “tree huggers” and assume we are live in the “city” and are “ignorant?” Pot meet kettle. I along with most of the readers of this blog live in and around rural areas in Wisconsin. That includes the north. What makes you think that you have a monopoly on wildlife and how it should be “managed?” In case you didn’t know, hounders are not viewed very favorably among most citizens in this state, nor among the hunting community in general. They may be in small enclaves in the northern part of the state but in the rest of the state they are viewed with well deserved disdain. 5.6 million people, 1.4 million plus deer, and 800 wolves? I think that the state can “sustain” the wolf population just fine. If the state can sustain hundreds of packs of dogs rampaging loose through the woods through most of the year terrorizing wildlife, they can live with 800 wolves. The only species that needs to be managed are the two-legged species. We are the ONLY threat to a healthy ecosystem, not wolves.

You are on the wrong website if you think that bear hounders are not going to be judged here. There are plenty of other sites where you can swap stories of blowing bear cubs out of a tree after hounding them to exhaustion. This isn’t one of them.


Ethical Hunters vs Slob Hunters

This is what a “slob hunter” looks like.

As outspoken as I am about caring for and protecting wildlife, I often get asked if I believe that there is such a thing as an ethical hunter. Shockingly for some the answer is yes, I do. Although I do not like hunting or the culture that surrounds it, I do believe that there are many ethical hunters out there. The problem is that we rarely hear from them. Why is that? I think that much of this has to do with their voice being hijacked by people like George Meyer, Don Peay, and Ted Nugent and extremist kill everything groups like the NRA, Safari Club International on the national level, and the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation and Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association on the state level.

I also believe that there is no such thing as an ethical hounder or trapper. So what do I believe is an ethical hunter?

An ethical hunter does not get pleasure out of killing something.

An ethical hunter does not make a spectacle out of the act of hunting.

An ethical hunter eats what they kill.

An ethical hunter does not take grinning photographs of themselves or their children over a dead bloody animal.

An ethical hunter does not videotape their killing exploits to re-live as “horn porn” at a later date.

An ethical hunter does not kill animals just because they can.

An ethical hunter follows all rules and regulations even when no one is looking.

An ethical hunter does not hate predators or view them as competition.

An ethical hunter admits that they are killing an animal, not “harvesting” it.

Then there are the slob hunters. These are the ones that those of us in the non-hunting community see most often. You know the ones who wear camouflage everywhere they go and drive giant pickup trucks with stickers bragging about how they love killing animals. Trappers, hounders, and predator hunters fall within this category as well.

A slob hunter kills animals strictly for recreation.

A slob hunter kills an animal just to hang their head or hide on a wall.

A slob hunter get pleasure out of tormenting and killing wildlife (see Josh Bransford).

A slob hunter kills animals like mourning doves and crows just because he can.

A slob hunter brags about their killing exploits to anyone who will listen in person or on the web.

A slob hunter participates in killing contests like the pigeon shoots in Pennsylvania.

A slob hunter thinks that they own all wildlife.

A slob hunter has no concept of property rights or trespassing (see bear hounders).

A slob hunter kills any predator that they can because they are “competition” for that “big buck.”

A slob hunter thinks that killing animals with dogs is a “tradition” (see Scott Suder).

A slob hunter is anyone that operates or participates in canned hunting (see Ted Nugent).

I could basically go on all day, but I am sure that you get the idea. Ethical hunters need to realize that the slob hunters and the groups who enable them are irreparably destroying the image of ALL hunters. By not speaking out against the slob hunters, ethical hunters are basically enabling them. Of course a few ethical hunters have contacted me through this website and are as disgusted as I am with what the slob hunters are doing. I can respect them for that, but there needs to be far more speaking up to make a difference.

Tell me what you think defines and ethical hunter and a slob hunter.