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Horrific Wolf Kill Video From Idaho Surfaces

Screen shot from Idaho wolf kill video.

Screen shot from Idaho wolf kill video.

I have seen plenty of horrific and sadistic videos from wolf killers but this one may be the most disturbing. This comes from Idaho, AKA Wisconsin West. The video shows this punk mugging for the camera after shooting a wolf, then he goes to videotape the wounded wolf thrashing around while he twirls his revolver.

I warn you that this video is very graphic but it needs to be seen. This is a perfect example of the mindset and antics of wolf haters both in the West and Midwest. For now I am only attaching the link because of how horrific the video is. Again this is highly disturbing. DO NOT comment on this cretin’s page. Please just observe. Nothing we say has any impact on these thugs. But make sure this is shown far and wide. I am sure our friends over at the wolf hate pages will be getting off on this real soon.

These are the comments that follow the video. This illustrated the mind of wolf haters and those that cheer them on. The comments are almost as disturbing as the video. This is the future of Red State America at it clearest. While the Teahadists are going nuts over the black guy in the White House this is what the children of this country are becoming. And we wonder why there are school shootings each week in America. Look at the dead eyes in this video and you will have your answer.

Easily the most awesome hunting experience for me!! So freakin sweet

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This Is Not What I Voted For…….

Three wolf haters in one picture! President Obama, USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, and "Cowboy" Ken Salazar.

Three wolf haters in one picture! President Obama, USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, and “Cowboy” Ken Salazar.

**Disclaimer** What follows is not representative of Patricia or even the WE VOW group. It is my opinion and mine alone. 

Each day I am coming more and more to the conclusion that the man occupying the White House is not the same man that I thought I voted for.

Am I talking about drone strikes? No, I really don’t care if our CIA or Air Force takes out the jihadists hell bent on killing us because we don’t buy into their “party like it’s 699” philosophy. I also do not have any sympathy for people that call for the death of a young girl that was gang raped by thugs because she is “impure.” I also am not too keen on being sympathetic to those that ram airplanes into buildings or blow up schools because girls are being educated which apparently is a big taboo in that “culture.” Do I like civilians being killed? Of course not, but our enemies sure don’t have a problem with it.

Am I talking about the IRS “scandal?” Hell no! I still cannot see what is wrong with giving extra scrutiny to groups that whine and complain about taxes and are essentially anti-government. I would think the IRS would be derelict in their duties if they didn’t give them extra scrutiny left or right.

Am I angry about the NSA “spying” program where they have access to phone and internet records? Again no. I really don’t care if the NSA sees that I texted my wife a couple of times to bitch about my job or to ask what we are having for supper. I also don’t care if the NSA sees that I spend too much time on Facebook bitching about things when I should be working. Ok, I am guilty of occasionally taking a gander at a naked woman or two on the internet in my time, but I don’t think the NSA cares unless Pat Robertson is now running that agency . As far as I am concerned snoop away as long as it doesn’t get too cozy.

Am I angry about “Obamacare?” Hell no. I think that it is a great first step toward joining the rest of the civilized world. Hopefully universal healthcare is next.

Am I angry about the “gun control” that Obama is pushing for. Again, hell no! Gun nuts make me sick. I don’t have a problem with people reasonably owning guns, I just have a problem with guns owning people as is the case on our culture. And there is that “well regulated militia” thing that the gun nuts seem to always omit when they preach their worship for the Second Amendment.

So what am I angry about regarding the Obama Administration? Well, this is a wildlife site so I think you can guess where I am going with this. When Barack Obama was elected President in 2008, I was skeptical about some things in his platform, but I was also ecstatic that after the eight long nightmare years of the Bush Administration we finally had a true “Progressive” in the White House once again. I had high hopes for the future of our wildlife and wild lands and completely expected Obama to nominate an Interior Secretary in the mold of Bruce Babbitt from the Clinton Administration. My hopes got even higher when rumors started circulating that he was seriously considering Rep. Raul Grijalva of Arizona for the post. Grijalva is a longtime champion for wildlife and wild lands so things were looking up indeed. Imagine my shock when Obama chose a freaking RANCHER, Ken Salazar, as Interior Secretary. You know the guy that showed up at the press conference where his nomination was announced in a freaking cowboy hat! This was my first inkling that something was not right with this administration when it came to the environment and wildlife. Salazar proceeded to adopt the vast majority of Bush Administration Interior policies and promptly delisted the gray wolf from the Endangered Species list in the Northern Rocky Mountain states. This led to the wolf hating states of Idaho and Montana immediately initiating wolf killing seasons in 2009. The killing was stopped when a federal judge put the wolf back on the ESA list.

Not to be deterred, scheming Republicans and “Democrats” like Jon Tester of Montana (also a rancher) decided to try to find a way around the court ruling by slipping a “rider” into a must pass budget bill in 2011 that would remove wolves in Montana and Idaho from the ESA list and authorize all but a token population of 150 to be killed. Our president signed this bill including the “rider” thus spiting right in the face of one of the groups that supported him the most vigorously. This was supposedly done to save the seat of the fake “Democrat” Sen. Jon Tester of Montana, because the only way to get elected in these states is to show how much more you hate wolves than your opponent. Idaho and Montana soon picked up right where they left off and implemented even more extreme killing seasons. Salazar and Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe then made a secret deal with another wolf hating state, Wyoming, that allows for wolves to be killed by any method, at anytime, in 80 percent of that state. The rest of the state, near Yellowstone National Park, would have a “quota.” The killing in these states have led to the death of well over a thousand wolves including numerous radio collared wolves from Yellowstone.

Then to add insult to injury in late 2011, Salazar announced that gray wolves in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan were to be removed from the ESA list at the beginning of 2012. And to the shock of no one Wisconsin and Minnesota initiated plans for killing seasons immediately. In the case of Wisconsin legislation was introduced the same day that wolves were officially delisted. This led to over a 500 Great Lakes wolves being killed in Wisconsin and Minnesota at the end of 2012. This does not include the hundreds killed by the Wildlife Services assassins. Michigan jumped on the wolf killing bandwagon in 2013 and want to start their slaughter in the fall.

The above is bad enough right? But it is not the end. Even after all of the disappointments the Obama Administration delivered in terms of wolves and other environmental issues, he again garnered the support of environmentalists and wildlife advocates, such as myself, because the alternative was unfathomable. I also held out hope that with reelection and the rumored resignation of “Cowboy” Ken Salazar, Obama would have learned his lesson and nominated a much more reasonable Interior Secretary that would put a stop to the insanity that Salazar caused and Obama allowed to happen. Even though Rep. Grijalva again had massive support from environmentalists and wildlife advocates, Obama again ignored us and nominated former banking executive and CEO of outdoor retailer REI, Sally Jewell. I figured that at least she wasn’t a rancher and seemed to be a reasonable choice for the position. Apparently I was wrong.

Not content spitting in the faces of environmental advocates for the past four years, the Obama Administration announced yesterday that all remaining protections for the gray wolf are to be removed in the United States with the exception of the severely endangered Mexican Gray Wolves in Arizona and New Mexico. How generous.

Thank you President Obama for spitting in the face of those that supported you once again. I ask, what did we do to make you hate us so much? Better yet, why do you hate wolves so much? Are you trying to pander to the yokels in the West and places like Northern Wisconsin that would never support you anyway? I didn’t vote for this, and I doubt the millions of others that voted for you did either. You won’t stand up to the Teahadist bullies that attack you each and every day, but you have no problem offending those that worked hard to get you elected? Why is that? The gray wolf is not “recovered.” Not even close. So why is the federal government washing their hands and turning over their “management” to the states knowing full well that the states are already waging and all out war against this species.

If you are like me and outraged at this administration please let them know.

Then contact the Department of Interior and let them know what you think about their war against wolves:

Mailing Address:
Department of the Interior
1849 C Street, N.W.
Washington DC 20240

Phone: (202) 208-3100
Web: Feedback form

We need to remind President Obama WHY we voted for him and make it very clear that we did not vote for this.

And while I am not a big fan of internet petitions because they are dubious at best for being effective this one is legitimate in my view. Please sign:

Protect America’s Wolves!


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“I had no idea” The Dangers of Apathy and Willful Ignorance

Ilse "The Bitch of Buchenwald" Koch

Ilse “The Bitch of Buchenwald” Koch

Definition of APATHY from Merriam-Webster Dictionary

: lack of feeling or emotion : impassiveness
: lack of interest or concern : indifference

Definition of Willful Ignorance:

A decision in bad faith to avoid becoming informed about something so as to avoid having to make undesirable decisions that such information might prompt.

Ilse Koch. Unless you are a student of history or a victim of this woman you probably have never heard this name. She was also known as “The Bitch of Buchenwald.” For those unaware Buchenwald was a Nazi concentration camp located near Weimar Germany. Koch, the wife of the camp commandant, was a sadist in the truest sense of the word. She would handpick camp prisoners with distinctive tattoos, subject them to torture, and after being killed have their tattooed skin removed as a “trophy,” or “souvenir.” Koch also kept a collection of human organs and allegedly had lampshades made from the skin of her victims.

Following the liberation of the Buchenwald camp by American soldiers in April, 1945 the American commanders on scene rounded up officials and residents of the nearby towns and marched them to the camp to see the handiwork of their fellow Germans. Many citizens fainted at the sights they encountered, while many more feigned ignorance as to what was occurring just up the road from them. Most of the citizens claimed that they had never knew that the camp had been a mass killing factory.

What the citizens were claiming is the very definition of willful ignorance. The reality is that most if not all were more guilty of exhibiting complete and total apathy as to what was happening around them. The crimes perpetrated by Ilse Koch and those like her stun the conscience. Is it really this easy for a person to be a sadist toward their fellow man? If how many treat animals is any indication the answer is a resounding yes.

“I had no idea.” That is not just a phrase that the German residents near Buchenwald spoke. This is a phrase that I hear often when speaking to people about what is occurring to wildlife in our own state. While I am not big on using Nazi comparisons, I will not hesitate to equate it the sadism that is occurring on our wild lands. While it is hard to believe that the German citizens really had no idea as to what was occurring in the camps, I do not find it all that surprising when Wisconsin citizens express total ignorance as to what is happening to our wildlife. Over the past couple of decades a cruelty cartel comprised of extremist hunting groups, their lobbyists, and their bought and paid for legislators have completely hijacked the control over our wildlife and wild lands. This happened right under the nose of both living wildlife advocates and even moderate hunters. There were a few lone voices, such as Patricia, but overall no one appeared to know that this was occurring.

This is what most people claim to not know anything about:

Killing contests are perfectly legal in Wisconsin. That’s right one of the most deplorable forms of “recreation,” turning killing into a scoring “sport,” is completely legal in Wisconsin and actively encouraged. This is occurring all over the state. The contests usually include who can kill the most and largest of raccoons and coyotes. To consider this “recreation” in this day and age is shameful, but it is perfectly legal. The response I get from people who first find out about these killing contest is “How can this be legal?” It is legal because of apathy, or willful ignorance. These “contests” fly right in the face of the garbage the DNR and their puppet masters spread about “conservation” and “heritage.” One thing that I will never understand is how killing can be considered “conservation.” But our society buys into this fallacy and assumes that agencies such as the DNR actually care about our wildlife and wild lands. For the most part this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Here is a recent example of a coyote killing contest sponsored by a tavern called “Jackson Clinic” in Mauston:

COYOTE HUNT – Sat., Feb. 2nd
Sign-in by 6 p.m. on Fri., Feb. 1st; Weigh-in at 7 p.m. on Saturday
DJ at 8 p.m.
1/2 pot for Biggest
1/4 pot for Smallest
1/4 pot for Most

This post on Facebook is followed by pictures of Wiley Coyote to make light of their killing contest. Most have no idea this is legal and occurring right in their own backyard.

The next activity that most people are apathetic or ignorant about is trapping. There are a little over 8,000 trappers in Wisconsin. Of these 5,000 “reported” that they killed almost 600,000 animals in 2011 alone. 600,000!!!!! And those are just the ones that they “reported.” Trappers are the first to claim that they are “ethical” and “respect” the animals that they trap. Here is an example of how much trappers “respect” the wolves they trap in Wisconsin:

Most people have no idea how trappers “dispatch” the animals they trap or how long they languish in that trap. Here is one preferred method:

Trapper Sadist Trapper Sadist 2 Trapper Sadist 3

This again is all perfectly legal. Remember this is “conservation” and “recreation” at work.

Finally we have the activity of hounding that I have covered here many times. Here is an example of how bear hounders “respect” the animals that they torment:

The most disturbing part of everything depicted above is that all of these activities are legal in Wisconsin. Most will say “I had no idea.” That is the problem. It is the willful ignorance or apathy of our fellow citizens that allow this to occur. Just like with the atrocities that occurred at Buchenwald most people have no idea what is happening in their backyard or if they do they turn a blind eye to it. This has to to change. We can start by organizing and participating in every hearing or meeting that promotes the sadism like seen above.

The first step is to attend the spring hearings of the deceptively named “Conservation Congress” on April 8th. These elections are held in each county in the state and ALL, are allowed to attend and vote. While the media and pro-hunting groups try to minimize the fact that the non-hunting public can participate and run for “delegate” positions, we indeed can. This year in addition to all of the usual killing more, more, and more proposals there will be a question asking if there should be a law banning the use of dogs against wolves. I implore you to attend your county election and take along as many friends and family as you can to vote against the killing proposals, vote for the ban of dogs against wolves, and elect pro-living wildlife delegates. Here is the information about the elections:

We can no longer be apathetic or willfully ignorant to what is occurring in our backyard. Our wildlife is under siege by the most extreme elements of the hunting/trapping community. If we do not organize and fight back more and more animals will be tortured in traps, ripped apart by packs of vicious dogs, and killed to score “points” in a disgusting contest. If history teaches us anything it is that we cannot just feign ignorance or be apathetic to injustices and sadism. If we don’t speak out nothing will change and we will have surrendered to the killing cartels and the sadism they promote.

Now about the “trophies” Ilse Koch took from her dead victims and human skin lampshades……….. I will let you figure out where I am headed with this.


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America’s War on Wolves Finally Gets A Little Mainstream Media Exposure

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Photo via Wikimedia Commons


A little over a half an hour ago CNN’s Headline News Channel’s Jane Velez-MItchell finally gave some mainstream media attention, albeit very short, to America’s war on wolves. Here is the segment below where she interviews Brooks Fahy of Predator Defense:

Every bit of exposure helps. Mr. Fahy did an outstanding job explaining what is occurring to wolves in the very short amount of time he had in the segment. For more information please go to:

Reminder: If you haven’t already read Patricia’s outstanding column this week please do so here:

The war on wolves and other predators is escalating all over the country and now is not the time to be idle. Please continue to let your feelings know to those who represent you at all levels if government.


Wildlife Advocates Finally Fighting Back In War on Wolves


In recent weeks wildlife advocates have finally began to stand up to those who wish to see the gray wolf exterminated once again from our landscape with government backing. The modern government sanctioned War on Wolves officially began in April of 2011 with the disgusting “Tester Rider” that set the stage for the full scale, no-quota, slaughter of wolves in Idaho and Montana. Neither state wasted any time implementing massive no holds barred killing seasons that culminated with the slaughter of over 500 wolves. This year Idaho has implemented year round wolf killing, again with no quotas, and Montana has jumped onto the no quota, shoot and trap bandwagon. The future of the gray wolf in these states is very bleak to say the least.

Not to be outdone the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Wyoming just had to jump right into the wolf killing spree with insane proposals of their own. Minnesota went back on their plan not to allow wolf killing for five years following delisting and have initiated a full-scale legislative backed killing season for this fall. Of course Wisconsin had to out do all of them by having Rep. Scott Suder (R-ALEC) introduce legislation the very day wolves were removed from the endangered species list that included every form of killing short of artillery. Then we have the recent removal of the gray wolf from federal protection in the wolf hating state of Wyoming. The Secretary of the Interior, “Cowboy Ken” Salazar, and the head of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Dan Ashe, conspired with Wyoming officials to let them have their own wolf killing fest where wolves can be killed by any way possible, at any time, in most of the state. This all happened in the past year and a half under the watch of a supposedly “progressive” president.

The Tester Rider had specific wording that prevented the law from being challenged in court. This was a slap in the face of our democracy and the opening shots in this new War on Wolves. After being shellshocked for the past year plus, wildlife advocates are finally fighting back. This started when a group of concerned Humane Societies and citizens filed suit to stop the legalized dog fighting that Rep. Scott Suder (ALEC) and his bear hounder puppet masters rammed through the Wisconsin Legislature in the form of Act 169. This brutal and sadistic bill was also voted for by many so called Democrats who also consider themselves to be “progressive.”

The next step in fighting back came following the delisting of wolves in Wyoming when wildlife groups made the government aware that they will be challenging the state’s “shoot on sight” law. Of course Wyoming plans to kill as many wolves as possible before the lawsuit is even heard.

Finally news broke today that the Center For Biological Diversity and Howling for Wolves announced that they too filed a lawsuit to stop Minnesota’s “kill them because we can” wolf hunting season. The lawsuit contends that the public was essentially shut out of the decision making process. Sound familiar? The same thing happened here in Wisconsin.

Here in Wisconsin you now have another chance to make you voice heard loud and clear. On September 24th, 25th, and 26th the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board will be holding hearings to develop “emergency” rules regarding the use of dogs against wolves in response to the lawsuit. Because as we know it is such an “emergency” that hounders be allowed to have their legalized dog fights this fall. Public comments are again being accepted for the hearing. Of course at the last hearing where the wolf kill provisions were rubber stamped the vast majority of public comments spoke out against the wolf slaughter and were unanimously ignored. That is because the Natural Resources Board has become just another arm of kill everything agricultural and extreme hunting groups like Safari Club International. In fact one of the NRB members, Gregory Kazmierski, runs an “outfitter” business and is a leader in Safari Club International. And this guy gets to make decisions about issues that can help his business financially? Conflict of interest anyone? Gee, I wonder how he will vote?

Back to the point, please submit your comments about the insane legalized animal fighting that the DNR and the bear hounders continue to fight for here:

Speak your opinion as a CITIZEN and DEMAND that they listen to your voice. Here are the comments that have been submitted thus far:

Public Comment as of Sept 17

It is very encouraging to see wildlife advocates finally coming together and fighting back against the extremists who seek the second eradication of the gray wolf. Let’s keep that momentum up. This is just the beginning. It is time to take our public lands back from the kill everything crowd and demand that living wildlife advocates be represented in the same manner as the kill everything types.


“Sportsman Channel” Promotes Wolf Killing Series

**UPDATE 08/08/2012** As it turns out this “Sportsman Channel” has roots right here in Wisconsin. Why am I not surprised? Remember this article? Here is some contact information about this “horn-porn” channel:

Administrative offices are headquartered in Southeastern Wis., with satellite offices in Denver, Colo., New York City, N.Y. and Atlanta, Ga. Sportsman Channel’s satellite and network facility is located in Atlanta, Ga.


To provide the most entertaining and informative hunting, shooting and fishing multimedia content while promoting conservation and the tradition of the Sportsman lifestyle.

Headquarters Location:

2855 S. James Drive
Suite 101
New Berlin, WI 53151
P: 262-432-9100
F: 262-432-9101

New York Office:

512 7th Avenue
11th Floor
New York, NY 10018
P: 212-852-6600
F: 212-302-4472

Killing as entertainment. What a wonderful “tradition.” 

Today, I came across an article promoting what appears to be a “snuff film” for anti-wolf extremists all over the country. The Sportsman Channel brags that:

“First-Ever Wolf Hunt in the Lower 48 Captured on Film to Air on Sportsman Channel. Conservation Historian, Randy Newberg, Takes Viewers on an 11-Day Spot and Stalk Wolf Hunt”

Please have your barf bags handy after reading this:

“The two-part episode explains much of the history of the reintroduction of wolves and how a hunting season became possible. But viewers will also see how much work Clyde and Newberg put in just to stalk one, lone, wolf. The men stretch their hunting over a 11-day period as they encounter fast moving wolves, confusion if the animal is coyote or wolf, changing winds and other hunters. “Wolf hunting is the most difficult thing you can do. If you want to do fair chase spot and stalk hunting, then you’ve come to the right place,” said Newberg.  “It’s a whole lot of effort of hiking and glassing, hiking and glassing and then suddenly, it gets real interesting.”

So wolf hunting is “the most difficult thing you can do?” Really? Tell that to our soldiers overseas whose prey actually shoot back. Tell that to people who work real jobs each and every day. This is wildlife killing exploitation at it’s worst. At the end of the article this is what the so-called “conservationist” Newberg says:

“Hunters are responsible for every species being as abundant as they are today. It wasn’t this way 80 years ago. Hunters should make no apologies for participating in our role as managing this species. I will never apologize for the fact that I hunt wolves. Every day I can hunt wolves, I will be there. I will have my rifle, I will have my tag and a wolf may be in trouble,” concluded Newberg.”

What a man! I am so impressed. No apologies. Of course not. The big tough guy apparently kills animals for a living, and then exploits it for the “horn-porn” television industry like “The Sportsman Channel.” Animals suffer so this clown and his sadistic followers can derive their sick pleasure from it. What kind of person watches something like this? I believe I answered that in this post. What’s next? Mass shooters videotaping and broadcasting their killing exploits in temples and movie theaters? That was rhetorical, but it takes a pretty sick mind to enjoy watching something being killed. “Hard work” indeed.


Ethical Hunters vs Slob Hunters

This is what a “slob hunter” looks like.

As outspoken as I am about caring for and protecting wildlife, I often get asked if I believe that there is such a thing as an ethical hunter. Shockingly for some the answer is yes, I do. Although I do not like hunting or the culture that surrounds it, I do believe that there are many ethical hunters out there. The problem is that we rarely hear from them. Why is that? I think that much of this has to do with their voice being hijacked by people like George Meyer, Don Peay, and Ted Nugent and extremist kill everything groups like the NRA, Safari Club International on the national level, and the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation and Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association on the state level.

I also believe that there is no such thing as an ethical hounder or trapper. So what do I believe is an ethical hunter?

An ethical hunter does not get pleasure out of killing something.

An ethical hunter does not make a spectacle out of the act of hunting.

An ethical hunter eats what they kill.

An ethical hunter does not take grinning photographs of themselves or their children over a dead bloody animal.

An ethical hunter does not videotape their killing exploits to re-live as “horn porn” at a later date.

An ethical hunter does not kill animals just because they can.

An ethical hunter follows all rules and regulations even when no one is looking.

An ethical hunter does not hate predators or view them as competition.

An ethical hunter admits that they are killing an animal, not “harvesting” it.

Then there are the slob hunters. These are the ones that those of us in the non-hunting community see most often. You know the ones who wear camouflage everywhere they go and drive giant pickup trucks with stickers bragging about how they love killing animals. Trappers, hounders, and predator hunters fall within this category as well.

A slob hunter kills animals strictly for recreation.

A slob hunter kills an animal just to hang their head or hide on a wall.

A slob hunter get pleasure out of tormenting and killing wildlife (see Josh Bransford).

A slob hunter kills animals like mourning doves and crows just because he can.

A slob hunter brags about their killing exploits to anyone who will listen in person or on the web.

A slob hunter participates in killing contests like the pigeon shoots in Pennsylvania.

A slob hunter thinks that they own all wildlife.

A slob hunter has no concept of property rights or trespassing (see bear hounders).

A slob hunter kills any predator that they can because they are “competition” for that “big buck.”

A slob hunter thinks that killing animals with dogs is a “tradition” (see Scott Suder).

A slob hunter is anyone that operates or participates in canned hunting (see Ted Nugent).

I could basically go on all day, but I am sure that you get the idea. Ethical hunters need to realize that the slob hunters and the groups who enable them are irreparably destroying the image of ALL hunters. By not speaking out against the slob hunters, ethical hunters are basically enabling them. Of course a few ethical hunters have contacted me through this website and are as disgusted as I am with what the slob hunters are doing. I can respect them for that, but there needs to be far more speaking up to make a difference.

Tell me what you think defines and ethical hunter and a slob hunter.


**URGENT** Living Wildlife Advocates: We Need Your Help **URGENT**

Our wildlife in Wisconsin and across the nation are under siege. While there are hundreds of animal welfare groups out there we seem to have no concept about how to coordinate. This is why we keep losing to the massive  coordination, outreach, and funding that hunting and trapping groups are able to muster.

We NEED your help.

We need to get ALL animal welfare groups on the same page and to speak as ONE voice. This is what the hunting groups do, and that is a major reason for their success. Enough of the vegan vs vegetarian arguments. Enough of the dog vs cat arguments. We are ALL in this together and every one of us living wildlife advocates must realize that ALL wildlife is part of the web of life, and all of it is under assault by bloodthirsty special interests. We even have some hunters on our side. We NEED to coordinate and pool our resources in a true grassroots way.

All of us talk a big game, but no one wants to take the reigns and pull it all together. I am willing to step up. Are you? The Republicans and Republican-lite Democrats do not care what we think. We need to make them care. While a large majority of Americans approve of sustenance hunting, they do not approve of the most barbaric of methods used such as hounding and trapping. The majority also do not like sport or trophy hunting. We need to use that public opinion to our advantage. The hounders and trappers with the help of groups like the deceptively named hunting group, The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, have almost total control of the Wisconsin Legislature. There is a widespread notion that the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation is a pro-wildlife group because they are affiliated with the National Wildlife Federation. The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation is NOT pro-wildlife. They are pro-killing wildlife and are staunch supporters of hounding, trapping, and killing most of the wolf population. We need you to inform people of what the true motive of this group is. This is the group that dominates wildlife decisions in Wisconsin because most people do not realize that they are a hunting group federation. If you love wildlife DO NOT give this group once cent until they represent ALL wildlife enthusiasts, not just hunters, trappers, and hounders.

The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation does one thing right: they know how to fundraise and organize. Why can’t we do the same thing?

If you know anyone who loves living wildlife, please ask them to get involved. WE VOW is only three and a half months old, so our influence is very limited. Our goal is to set up tables at various gatherings to spread the word about the war on our wildlife. This takes time and funding. We ask that if anyone can help, please contact us or use the donate button on the side. If you have any contacts with other living wildlife or animal welfare groups please ask them to join with us in this struggle. Wildlife is under assault like never before, and now is not the time for petty differences. We need ALL living wildlife advocates to band together in this fight.

Please contact us here:


Grey Wolves: A Success Story? Not From Where I Am Sitting

Wisconsin wants to eventually kill all but 350 wolves in the state.

Normally, I am all for positive stories about endangered species populations rebounding but a recent article about wolves failed to mention the all out war that is being waged against them. Here is the article:

Grey Wolves: A Success Story

I don’t want to be overly critical because it is great to see positive stories about wolves but what the story omits I find to be deeply disturbing. The article briefly touches on how wolves may be hunted but completely neglects to mention what has been happening to and what is coming for the small population of wolves in the United States. From the article:

“If wolves are to continue to prosper, one important issue must be addressed:  Hunting.

As populations continue to increase, there is more and more debate about how humans should react to the wolves. Some experts believe that hunting could be a key way to achieve optimal wolf populations. Others worry that since the population overwhelmingly has negative attitudes towards wolves, hunting would decimate the population.”

What the author fails to mention is that wolf populations are already being decimated by hunting and trapping across the United States.

Definition of decimate from Merriam-Webster:

Definition of DECIMATE

transitive verb
: to select by lot and kill every tenth man of
: to exact a tax of 10 percent from <poor as a decimatedCavalier — John Dryden>
a : to reduce drastically especially in number <choleradecimated the population>b : to cause great destruction or harm to <firebombsdecimated the city> <an industry decimated by recession>
I would say that eradicate would be a better word to describe what is occurring to gray wolves in the United States.

Idaho and Montana have killed 545 wolves through hunting and trapping just since late last summer. That doesn’t even take into account the number killed by poachers and by Wildlife Services assassins. Both states plan to continue this year into next with no-quota hunting and trapping. Then there is Wyoming’s plan to allow the unregulated killing of wolves throughout the vast majority of the state except for a token population around the national parks. In the Great Lakes Minnesota plans to allow the killing of 400 wolves this fall through hunting and trapping. Last but not least we have Wisconsin’s “conservative” plan to kill 1/3 of the wolf population over 4 1/2 months through the breeding season by using packs of vicious dogs, night hunting, bating, trapping, and electronic calls. Their ultimate goal is to kill off all but a token population of 350.

Any “success” from the recovery of the gray wolf is to be short-lived as ignorant and misguided myths about the animals continue to rear their ugly head and lead to the wholesale slaughter of this animal. Wolves have been off the endangered species list in the Northern Rocky Mountain states for a little over a year. They have been off the list for just 4 1/2 months in the Great Lakes. Hundreds have already been killed with many hundreds if not a thousand more to be killed in the following months. Success? You decide.


“Science” and The Great White Hunter

This “decimated” animal killed 14 people in Wisconsin in 2010. This “decimated” animal caused 16,947 traffic accidents in 2010. How many accidents did wolves cause? How many people did wolves kill?
Photo by Jerry Segraves, via Wikimedia Commons

Among the kill everything hunting and trapping groups there continues to be all kinds of deceptive propaganda about how wolves are “decimating” deer herds in Wisconsin and elk herds in the west. Today I received this comment from someone who has a handle of “critterkiller79”:

“WTF is wrong with you people? Do you not understand that the state of WI’s whitetail deer herd is basically non-existant in Northern WI (wolf country) since the wolf population has sky rocketed the last ten years? Wolves are awesome creatures, but like any other species, their population needs to be monitored to prevent over predation of other wildlife, mainly whitetails in WI, and elk in Montana & Idaho. Do you think because wolves are “precious” that no action should be taken when they kill farm animals and people’s pets? Do you think because they’re “precious” that it is ok when their population is 200%+ above what the state’s wildlife agencies say it should be? That is the scientific “informative information” that all of you have over looked. Do some research before you start writing a bunch of BS nonsense.”

Science? How about the science of the Wisconsin DNR:

From the above map it sure looks like the northern Wisconsin deer herd is “nonexistent.” According to the DNR map most northern counties had between 10,000 to 20,000 plus deer. “Nonexistent?” I don’t think so.

“Wisconsin had 1.14 million deer after the 2011 hunting seasons, according to an estimate released Tuesday by the Department of Natural Resources.”


The statewide herd is essentially unchanged from the same time last year. But it’s still 44% higher than the state’s overwinter deer population goal.”

Deer population far exceeds goal

And even in areas where wolves are supposedly “decimating” the deer herd they are less than 20 percent below their “goal.” Meanwhile hunters killed:

“Hunters registered 347,711 deer in the 2011-’12 Wisconsin seasons, including 193,954 antlerless, 150,839 bucks and 2,918 deer of unknown sex. Unknowns are the result of incomplete or improper deer registration forms.”

It sure seems to me like Wisconsin is one big game farm for whitetail deer. The poor “sportsmen” might actually have to look a little harder for their deer because with the presence of predators the deer act like they are supposed to. What is next? Are hunters going to demand legislation that the deer must stay in certain areas and present themselves for “harvesting” by the great white hunters of this state?

Then there is the recent discovery of a deer with Chronic Wasting Disease in northern Wisconsin. Right in the middle of wolf country.

So do you trust the “science” from “critterkiller79”, the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, and their seven lawyers who wrote the wolf kill bill or the state experts who were excluded from testifying? How about the science from UW Professor Adrian Treves:

Of course “bar stool biologists” like the above commenter will always have something to complain about. There are always “too few” deer. While the “great white hunter” sure seems to have trouble finding deer, the drivers of this state certainly have no issue. In 2010 there were 16,947 car/deer crashes in Wisconsin. 14 people were killed in these accidents, 65 people suffered incapacitating injuries, and there were at least 204 less serious injuries. Did the 800 wolves in the state kill 16,947 deer? I doubt it. How many people did wolves kill or injure in Wisconsin? The answer is ZERO. Maybe there should be a “harvest” season for those vicious cars that hit 16,947 deer that could be killed by “sportsmen.”

Of course I am sure that those facts will not be enough “science” for the commenter because they didn’t come from the NRA, SCI, the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, or the deceptively named hunting group, the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation.

Then there is the mass anti-wolf hysteria in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Elk populations since 1984 have skyrocketed by 44 percent. Wolves were reintroduced to these states in 1995, yet the elk numbers keep climbing. These groups claim that wolves are “decimating” the elk herd in these states but their numbers went from 715,000 in 1984 to 1,031,000 in 2009. The same groups that are bragging about the massive increase in elk numbers are also the same ones spreading the anti-predator hysteria in these states. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation loves to brag about how the elk numbers have exploded, but then they speak out of the other side of their mouth and talk about how wolves are destroying the elk herd. Which is it? This group just gave Montana $50,000 to “manage wolves.” In other words the money is to kill even more wolves to allow the “game farm” mentality to continue. Why not just make these entire states into giant “canned hunting” enterprises so that the “great white hunters” can pretend to be “conservationists” without competition from predators?

Some hunters have even noticed the double standard and the insanity of the anti-wolf hysteria. Here is an outstanding opinion piece from Todd Wilkinson in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle:

Guest column: With elk and wolves, someone is fibbing

There is this very disturbing mindset among the “great white hunters” in this country that vilifies anything that gets in the way of that trophy to hang on the wall. We must fight back against this mindset and present these people with FACTS. What species are the true threat to our ecosystem? Science shows that it certainly isn’t the gray wolf. It is far more likely to be the cammo clad “great white hunter.”