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Step Up and Become a Delegate!

Over the past couple of weeks, WWE has provided a wealth of information regarding the upcoming DNR Election and Vote! We are happy to report that pro-wildlife candidates will be running for one or more delegate positions in several counties – but the truth is that as of right now, the candidates to be voted on in the majority of counties solely represent the pro-hunting and pro-trapping interests.

Are you satisfied with the status quo? Complacency by pro-wildlife organizations and Wisconsin residents at last year’s election has had disastrous consequences for wildlife. That election generated actions to implement: (1) a wolf hunt with killing quotas far more brutal than that faced in any of our neighboring states; (2) running dogs on wildlife letting them maim and kill prey; and (3) allowing the trapping & hunting in all state parks and public lands. What’s on the table for this year? Well, if anti-wildlife interests have their way, legislation that will: (1) allow hunters to gain access to private land without landowner permission to retrieve their dogs; (2) authorize the DNR to create a tundra swan hunt; (3) remove existing protections and allow the killing of Wisconsin’s rare albino deer; and (4) provide trappers with the ability to trap all night in our State parks, Stewardship lands, former wildlife refuges and all publicly purchased lands. This is sportsmanship? Is this acceptable to you? The power is in YOU running as a candidate!

Annually, delegates commit just 20 hours of their time for a great cause (they attend four meetings – two in their County and two in Central Wisconsin). What do you receive in return for such a small time commitment? Stand out and be heard. Learn more about wildlife. Bring accountability and real science into the DNR’s decision-making process. Influence the legislature so that the risk posed by hunting to willing participants AND the entire community is reduced. Help communicate that hunting is ineffective for solving human/deer conflicts for many reasons including the fact that the DNR intentionally keeps the deer population high for hunters. Provide valued input regarding objectionable practices such as canned hunting, trophy hunting, baiting and running packs of dogs on animals. Ensure that the lands managed for hunting in Wisconsin are not purchased and maintained by taxpayer money (90% of Wisconsin residents do not hunt). Have a voice in protecting our State’s natural ecosystems and with restoring the balance of animal populations. Be a steward for Wisconsin’s wildlife and change the course of how our natural areas and wildlife are viewed and managed by the DNR today and for generations to come!

A tutorial providing details regarding what to expect at the meeting, INCLUDING information regarding the delegation nomination and voting process, can be downloaded by clicking on the following link: If you have any questions regarding the role and responsibilities of delegates, please contact Patricia Randolph at Also, contact Patricia if you’d be willing to run as a candidate (she is maintaining a list to ensure that only one pro-wildlife advocate runs for a particular delegate position so the vote is not split).



Call to Action!


trapping pic (raccoon)

Allowing trapping all night

Tundra Swan

Annual Tundra Swan Hunt


Private land access w/o restrictions









Teaching trapping to kids too young for classes

Madravenspeak Column # 86 Albino deer-1

Rare white deer kill

Trapping pic (coyote)

Trapping expansion with dogs

Adapt them to your county location by copying and pasting the location from the DNR web site locations for every county:
Second link here:



Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Pretty Foxes Lobby the Capital Against Trapping in State Parks, but Legislators Don’t Understand Fox Language

Madravenspeak Column # 84 Foxes


“Foxes have the nicest nature of any animal I have ever met.  They are considerate and helpful, particularly toward young foxes.” ~ Mike Towler, Kent, England who saved a wounded fox ( see his video story here: )

The pretty foxes photographed sitting in the windows of the Wisconsin capital building were among citizen favorite images this season. The foxes were lobbying against trapping where it counts – the legislature. 

We can help them by drafting and supporting a ban on trapping.  Are Wisconsin citizens too busy to stop trapping, banned in 90 countries?  Uganda decided it was too cruel and indiscriminate decades ago.

Trapping has been expanded throughout Wisconsin’s state parks into all public lands. It is the one and only private for profit business that can take as many animals out of our public lands as the trapper can kill in an astonishingly long 7 months. Trapping starts mid-October throughout April, when wildlife is most vulnerable, leaving babies to starve.

The demand for animal skins is driven by Russia and newly rich China and Korea. Trapping is at a 30-year high. The Fur Council of Canada reports that it is “bunny cuffs and coyote fur ruffs that helped grow the retail fur industry to $15.5 billion last year, 45% higher than ten years ago”.  

Stoughton remains trapping central, thriving remnant of the old Hudson Bay Fur Company, stripping out Wisconsin’s commons to sell through Toronto auctions, annually.  Altogether trappers paid $98,000 to the DNR to destroy our wildlife for $5.6 million dollar return. Each killing brought in 19 cents to the trapper-pleasing DNR. Now new trappers “kill as many as you want for $5.”

The DNR is recruiting trappers as fast as it can among children and women. Trapping nights went up from  5.2 million trap nights in 2010-11 to 7.2 million trap nights in 2011-12 – a 39% increase in one year. 

588,098 animals (, table 5) are the “rough estimate” of kill – and with collateral damage of pets, stray cats, squirrels, birds of prey, songbirds, water birds, and wildlife too young to have marketable fur, or never retrieved,  it is probably closer to a million and a half. 4,557 Gray Foxes (worth $16.15 each)  and 6,159 Red Foxes (worth $26.35 each) were bludgeoned to death 2011-2012.   

How many citizens would pay $20 for a living fox? Not a chance. The DNR is only in the killing business.

It is time for fair take. The rest of us should start living wildlife, plant, and tree for profit businesses and demand 7-month seasons to go in with our trowels and live traps and take all we can get in that time frame. $5 sale on public lands! It’s called democracy.

I attended the rule-making obligatory sham “hearing” on hunting and trapping in state parks Thursday, January 23 in Fitchburg. About twenty people braved the cold to speak or register against the violence. One grizzled trapper activist, Corky Meyer, showed up to whine about not being allowed to trap from 11 p.m. until 4 a.m. when the parks are closed to all but campers. 

A Kegonsa State Park hiker said that hunters park illegally to haul out dead deer, and when reported, are not fined by park rangers. She was distressed watching a dying doe running out of the woods, collapsing in a pile of blood, while dogs harrassed her. Dogs are not supposed to be anywhere near deer.

Dr. Krebsbach, a veterinarian for Friends of Ferals, brought pictures of three cats rescued from “dog-proof” traps this season. Each had a leg amputated.  They are the few who survived.

Carolyn Schueppel whose border collie Handsome suffocated in a conibear trap two years ago, brought in pictures that prove that coyotes, cats and dogs are caught in the DNR’s “dog-proof traps”.

The DNR reported “no problems” with their takeover of our state parks for killing.

Jodi Habush Sinykin, the attorney who filed the lawsuit against running dogs on wolves, wrote that the DNR has misled (lied to) the public: “I have since uncovered that the DNR Notice is incomplete at best, outright deceptive at worst — in that the proposed permanent rules aim to expand access on the part of unleashed hunting dogs to any areas where hunting is allowed. Shame on the DNR for misleading the public in this manner.”

If you are walking your dogs in our parks, they must be on 8 foot leashes.But if you are a hunter chasing wildlife to kill, your dogs can run freely. If your dog gets maimed or killed in a legally set trap on our public lands, you can be fined for interfering with a trap and will be liable for your pet’s or child’s doctor or euthanasia bills. Hounders who put their own dogs at risk terrorizing wolves, coyotes and bears are rewarded lavishly when their dogs are killed.

Packs of dogs and the DNR smorgasboard of traps, guns and crossbows now threaten citizens who not only bought the parks but buy stickers to visit them.

Legislators do understand their constituents who vote. More humane stewardship of foxes would be kinder to all of us.   

You can sign a petition here|utmccn=(direct)|utmcmd=(none)&__utmv=-&__utmk=165619963   to end Wildlife Services which is the federal outdated agency that kills millions of wildlife every year.


Major Frito Lay Potato Supplier Convicted of Poisoning Bald Eagles and Other Wildlife in Wisconsin


My post last week was supposed to be my final one before transferring the website, but this is too big of a story not to get out and share far and wide.

Father, son charged with poisoning bald eagles, other wildlife

From the article:

A father and son who operate a large potato farm in northern Wisconsin have agreed to pay $100,000 in restitution in connection with the poisoning deaths of more than 70 wild animals, including at least two bald eagles.

Alvin C. Sowinski, 65, and Paul A. Sowinski, 46, of the Town of Sugar Camp in Oneida County, also face penalties of up to $100,000 each and up to a year in prison at their sentencing in May, according to the U.S. attorney’s office for the western district in Madison.

According to documents filed by prosecutors, Alvin Sowinski used poisoned bait piles to try to kill predators such as coyotes and gray wolves.

While it was a relative slap on the wrist for these poachers, it turns out that they are big donors to the Wisconsin Republican Party and major potato suppliers for Frito Lay Corporation:

“Sowinski Farms of Rhinelander, Wisconsin is one of the longest standing suppliers of chip stock potatoes to Frito-Lay. They signed their first contract with Frito in 1955. In 2009, Sowinski Farms received Frito-Lay’s 2009 North Central Region Grower of the Year Award. During the 2009 crop year, they were cited for delivering outstanding quality and the highest solids in Wisconsin, while delivering on their supply commitments at 100% contract compliance.”

Here is the public Frito Lay contact information:


M-F 9:00AM – 4:30PM CT

Send letters to:

P.O. Box 660634

Dallas TX 75266-0634

Here is their Facbook page:

Please DEMAND that Frito Lay drop these eco-terrorists as one of their major suppliers. Make it clear that you WILL NOT be purchasing any of their products while they continue to support these wildlife killing criminals.


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It’s Time to Put Our Money Where Our Mouths Are When It Comes to Hounding: Please Help Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf


Following the latest wolf slaughter season the anti-wildlife and anti-wolf factions have become even more emboldened. They openly brag on Facebook hate pages of poaching and even advocating the use of poison. The Wisconsin DNR has been presented with dozens of photographs, videos, and statements showing wolf/bear/coyote/bobcat hounders violating numerous rules and regulations and they refuse to take any action.

One of the most blatant examples of the DNR refusing to enforce their own rules and regulations concerns the refusal by their “investigators” to cite hounders, trappers,and shooters that do not tag killed wolves IMMEDIATELY as is stated in their own rules:

Tagging and Registration
Upon killing a wolf, the harvester must do all of the following:
1) immediately validate and attach the PELT tag to the wolf in the manner described on the tag. After skinning the wolf, the CARCASS tag shall be attached to the skinned carcass, and the PELT tag shall be left attached to the pelt

Each time wildlife advocates have filed a complaint regarding snuff pictures of untagged wolves being posted on the internet the DNR “Commercial and Internet Enforcement Administrator, John M. Welke, sends the complainant a canned email response stating:

The photo of the wolf you submitted occurred minutes after harvest and the wolf was tagged within minutes after the photo was taken.

I am left wondering where in their own rules does IMMEDIATELY mean after taking a bunch of grinning snuff pics over the dead animal?

Then we have the photos and videos submitted to the DNR showing hounders allowing their dogs to attack bears, coyotes, and bobcats in clear violation of state law. Welke again tells the complainants that there is “no violation” and that no action will be taken.

Various other complaints have been filed by wildlife advocates concerning photos showing hounders posing over dead wolves with more than the allotted SIX hounds. Again the DNR “investigator” sends out a canned response stating that the hounders did nothing wrong.

What is it going to take to force the DNR to enforce their own rules and stop protecting the hounders and wolf haters? This is where we need your help:

As a board member of Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf we are working on a plan to educate the general public about the brutal nature of hounding and the often illegal behavior that the DNR condones. Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf is asking that concerned wildlife advocates help fund an education program that will allow us to spread the word about the brutal act of hounding and how the Wisconsin DNR promotes and condones legalized animal fighting. We also aim to show people how hounders treat their “beloved” hound dogs. We plan to do this through direct mail and other forms of media. This takes money and that is why we are asking for your help..

Through the generous donations of several wildlife advocates we were able to fund the placement of a billboard near Wisconsin Dells this past summer. Now we need to ramp up the pressure and work to educate the public about hounding and the behavior of the hounders in our state. Please consider a donation to Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf so that we can accomplish this goal. Donations can be made at the website below via PayPal:

Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf Donations

Donations can also be mailed to:

117 Ardmore Dr.

Madison, WI 53713

Please make check payable to: FOTWW

We are asking for the help of concerned wildlife advocates and a donation of any amount will help us get the message out through various forms of media. The hounders are very well funded and essentially own our state elected officials. We need the help of the public to tip that balance. Please consider donating.

Thank you in advance for your generous, tax-deductible, support of Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf–a 501c3, not for profit, organization.

Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf Donations


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The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism Blows the Lid Off Of Scam Hounder “Depredation” Payments.


Coyote killed by dogs in Wisconsin


**UPDATE 01-05-2014** The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism has posted a chart along with numerous arrogant quotes from the convicted poachers and other violators that received “depredation” payments at this link:

State pays scofflaws over hound deaths

The end of the 2013-2014 Wisconsin wolf slaughter season marked the first time that dogs have been allowed to “legally” go after wolves. With the help of traps and packs of vicious dogs Wisconsin oversaw the slaughter of 257 wolves in a little over two months. The quota was 251 but the hounders and wolf haters had to make sure they exceeded that number for the second year in a row.

Wolf haters also took their vile bloodlust to a new low this year on the various anti-wolf hate pages that pollute Facebook and the internet. In between the countless snuff pics showing bloody dead wolves and the ginning sadists that killed them, were hundreds of calls from Northwoods wolf haters to “kill ’em all,” to poach unlimited wolves, and even going as far as giving tutorials about how to poison wolves. These comments were not even the worst of it. The season started by wolf haters sending death and rape threats to wildlife advocates and repeated use of the term “timbernigger”  directed toward Native American wildlife advocates.

The hate filled cretins assumed that their childish name calling and threats would make us back down and accept their disgusting sadism. They couldn’t be more wrong. If anything their behavior and disrespect toward wildlife and wildlife advocates have emboldened us even more to educate the public as to what kind of people hounders and the other anti-wolf factions really are. Not only are hounders the lowest of the low in the hunting community they also appear to be freeloaders at the teat of the Wisconsin DNR which enthusiastically pays them $2500 each time one of their dogs is allegedly killed by a wolf. Not only are hounders perpetrating the massive scam on the state by repeatedly putting their dogs at risk when tormenting other wildlife, the DNR has paid out vast sums of money to hounders that aren’t even licensed or allowed to hunt in Wisconsin due to various crimes and violations.

Yesterday, The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism published an article breaking down the tens of thousands of dollars paid to convicted violators over the alleged killing by wolves of their dogs:

Wisconsin, the only state with a program that compensates the owners of dogs killed by wolves while hunting other animals, has paid tens of thousands of dollars during the past decade to individuals who have violated state hunting or firearms laws.

Seven individuals received a total of $19,000 in payments after they were convicted of crimes or paid forfeitures for hunting or firearms-related offenses, according to an analysis by the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism. An additional $20,000 went to four claimants who were subsequently fined for such offenses, including bear hunting without a license.

In one case, the state Department of Natural Resources paid $2,500 to a man for a dog death that happened while he was prohibited from having a hunting license, due to a prior criminal conviction. The DNR, in response to the Center’s inquiries, is investigating. But even if the claimant was breaking the law at the time, which he denies, he will get to keep the money.

“Having a license is not an eligibility requirement for reimbursement of dogs killed by wolves,” said Tim Andryk, the DNR’s chief legal counsel.

The DNR program also has approved more than $80,000 in payments to repeat claimants — those who put dogs in successive situations where they were killed by wolves. And money has gone to people from other states who brought their dogs here to hunt.

For years hounders whined and cried about how wolves were killing their “precious” dogs yet they kept putting their dogs in those situations even after repeated “warnings” from the DNR of wolf activity.

Hunters frequently place the value of their lost hounds at well above the state’s maximum reimbursement rate of $2,500.

“They’re like our kids to us,” said Amy Visger, a board member of the Wisconsin Bear Hunters’ Association, in a 2010 Wisconsin Public Television news segment. “We really don’t want anything to happen to them.”

Visger is among the owners of the 23 hunting dogs killed in 2013 who are seeking compensation. She did not respond to an interview request.

Many hounders make claims to the state that their dogs are worth up to $10,000. One look at the various Wisconsin hounder Facebook pages show how much “value” these people place on their “$10,000” dogs.

Almost 7 year old male walker/bluetick cross bear dog. Great on caught bear, trees good, medium nose, medium speed. Selling him because hes not a great winter dog. $700 Putting this ad on here for a friend of mine so if interested, contact me and I’ll give you his contact information.

3 year old spayed Walker female for sale. Has been run on wolf,coyote and bear. Asking $200. PM me for details.

Plott pups for sale a lot of weems bloodline $300.00

Walker red tick cross hounds out of a 16 yr. Strain of lion and bear dogs, tails trimmed, first shots givin, dew claws removed, weened and ready for there new owners, $250 a pup.

All of the above posts came from Wisconsin hounders posting on a Facebook site. Any bets that if one of these dogs happen to be killed by a wolf they will suddenly be “worth” $10,000? These people are beyond despicable and one has to wonder if the state even bothers to inspect their backyard puppy mills as per state law.

According to the DNR’s Koele, the USDA’s wildlife services office has verified claims for all 23 lost hounds in 2013. The claimants have asked for up to $10,000 per animal, but the program’s established maximum is $2,500 — unless there are additional veterinary costs.

Most of the claimants for 2013 are set to get $2,500. The claims add up to $56,000, higher than any other year. The payments will be processed in mid-January, Koele said.

We certainly know how ethical Wildlife Services are. Watch this video to get an idea of what kind of people run and work for that agency:

A huge thank you to Bill Lueders and The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism for exposing yet another of the unethical scams being perpetrated by the Wisconsin DNR and their bear hounder puppet masters. I wonder how many other government run programs allow you to collect money while breaking the law and then when caught do not require you to pay it back? Try that with unemployment or taxes and see if you get to keep the money. With hounders again the rules do not apply and it is time for the DNR to be called out for their unethical alliance with these disgusting groups and people.

State pays scofflaws over hound deaths


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Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Life is no ring-around-the-rosy for wildlife

PE teacher Valtteri Mulkahainen, 52, witnessed this magical moment of brown bears dancing in a circle in eastern Finland. Read more:

PE teacher Valtteri Mulkahainen, 52, witnessed this magical moment of brown bears dancing in a circle in eastern Finland.

Trapping is a violent act. Hunting and trapping are intended to end the life of an animal.” ~ Dave MacFarland, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources at the Dec. 14 Wolf Caucus in Madison

The baby brown bears in the picture were photographed holding each other’s paws and dancing in a circle by Valtteri Mulkahainen while he was traveling in Finland. The bears’ mother was watching nearby.

What a life we could enjoy if we danced with our wildlife and got to know them! Instead, we are told to “let them be” so that hunters can track and kill them. They can bait them, but we should not feed them. They can run them down with dogs, but we cannot befriend or defend them.

Why are we citizens so powerless? It is baffling that the Wisconsin public puts up with this violence, gaining nothing but a raped-out natural world.

It will soon be time to participate in the annual Department of Natural Resources’ election, at which all citizens are entitled to elect representatives to the Natural Resources Board, which advises the Legislature. These delegates set policy governing our state parks, billions of dollars of public investment in “stewardship” lands, and wildlife. Put it on your calendar: Monday, April 14, at 6:30 p.m. in every county in the state.

Eighty years of attendance by only 5,000 hunters, trappers and hounders, statewide, has stacked the deck against the 90 percent of us who want peace and safety in our state parks.

One thing I have learned in three years writing this column is that people prefer good news. This is one night each year where we can create good news.

Seymour Hersh, Pulitzer prize winning journalist, said this of being an investigative reporter: “We are the Bad News Bears. … We’ve got a world run by a lot of yahoos and whackos, and it’s our job as reporters to do the kind of work and make it hard for the nincompoops to get away with some of the stuff they are doing.”

Wisconsin legislators are doing great damage. They primarily care about being re-elected, so they give hunters and trappers what they want, because hunters and trappers are organized. Heck, they ARE the DNR. Legislators pretend these delegates represent all of the public.

No species brings the corruption more into focus than our endangered wolves and their swift, brutal overkill. The wolf, a keystone species that keeps deer herds healthy in a state riddled with chronic wasting disease, and which is a sacred brother to indigenous people, is being destroyed as vermin. After the DNR wipes out wolves, we can take out eagles. What else is tantalizing? Tundra swans. Sandhill cranes. Seagulls. Roly-poly groundhogs.

During the Dec. 14 Wolf Caucus in Madison, sponsored by the Wisconsin Wolf Front for concerned citizens, Dr. Maureen Hackett, founder of Minnesota’s Howling for Wolves, warned of the risk in killing over a third of our population of wolves. As of Dec. 17, 231 wolves of the hunter-serving 251 quota had been killed — some of them chased by the packs of dogs that have been used as weapons since Dec. 2. Add in a conservative estimate of 100 illegally killed, plus 40 road kill, plus natural deaths. The DNR claims the population before this year’s hunt was 809. Half killed this year. Hackett said, “Twenty-two percent to 25 percent killed, you are now courting catastrophic collapse. …This hunt is fanning the fires of hate.”


Dave MacFarland, an ecologist with the DNR, acknowledged at the Wolf Caucus that only 30 Wisconsin farms have been affected by wolves killing livestock — seven or eight of them chronically. (Two or more livestock killed in a five-year period is considered chronic.) Since the delisting of wolves from the federal Endangered Species List, farmers have been allowed to kill a wolf that is attacking livestock. The federal Wildlife Service also kills wildlife for farmers using tax dollars. Wolf-killing enthusiasts have been moving through northern counties in Wisconsin gathering county resolutions to kill wolf populations down to 350. Eighteen counties have signed so far.

Hackett rightly concluded, “There are enough people who either hate wolves or want a stuffed wolf that they will not exist without laws to protect them.”

MacFarland had started his talk by saying how lucky he feels to be working with such a magnificent species. Hackett proposed that wolf “problems” could easily be handled solely by department staff sharpshooters, with no public hunt. Wolf numbers are low and many are radio-collared and easy to find. MacFarland replied, “One of the objectives of hunting and trapping is recreation.” So much for magnificence.

Come to Wisconsin to participate in dogs fighting an endangered species! It’s an exclusive market niche.

DNR biologists parrot “management numbers” and “population goals” — created with input by self-serving wolf hunters.

Paul Paquet, world-renowned wolf biologist, spoke emphatically at the Oct. 10-13 International Wolf Symposium in Duluth, Minn. “This is a moral issue,” he said. “This is causing great suffering to wolves and their families. Wolves are social animals and should not be hunted at all.”

Associate professor Adrian Treves, founder of UW-Madison Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies’ Predator Coexistence Lab, summed it up at the October symposium. “There is a very good chance we do not know what we are doing.”

So ends 2013. Only your participation can make 2014 any different.


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Wolf Haters, Homophobes, Racists, and “Freedom of Speech”


When news broke over the past couple of days about the homophobic comments from one of the bearded fake “sportsmen” of A&E Network’s Duck Dynasty the hateful, racist, homophobic, and anti-wolf internet sites went crazy with support for his disgusting comments. This is what the bearded, animal exploiting, redneck “hero,” Phil Robertson, had to say:

“It seems like, to me, a vagina—as a man—would be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me. I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I’m saying? But hey, sin: It’s not logical, my man. It’s just not logical.”

It gets even worse:

“Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men,” he says. Then he paraphrases Corinthians: “Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers—they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right.”

Even more astounding is that in the world of “The Beard” racism didn’t exist “pre-entitlement” and “pre-welfare.”

“I never, with my eyes, saw the mistreatment of any black person. Not once. Where we lived was all farmers. The blacks worked for the farmers. I hoed cotton with them. I’m with the blacks, because we’re white trash. We’re going across the field…. They’re singing and happy. I never heard one of them, one black person, say, ‘I tell you what: These doggone white people’—not a word!… pre-entitlement, pre-welfare, you say: Were they happy? They were godly; they were happy; no one was singing the blues.”

This man is a “hero” among many on the right wing in America. That says it all. Among those that jumped to the defense of “The Beard” were those at the anti-wolf Facebook page, “Wisconsin Wolf Hunting.” Among all of the exploitative pictures of trapped, shot, hounded wolves, and a picture of a truck with dead coyotes “stacked like cord wood” there are posts supporting “The Beard’ and bemoaning him being “persecuted” for his “free speech” and for ” for being a Christian.”

The person that runs the anti-wolf hate site and is always flaunting that he bans those that disagree with his sick and twisted posts with his “ban hammer,” is whining about ‘The Beard” having his “Freedom of Speech” rights violated.

Wisconsin Wolf Hunting: The only bigotry in this thread is by some people who only want freedom of speech when it suits their agenda . Oh that is spelled Bigot , not biggot.
Like · 3 hours ago

Funny that is exactly what this person practices every day when he uses his “ban hammer” on pro-wolf people. This is what drives me nuts about hypocrites like this. They go and quote the Constitution and are too self important to understand what it really means. Freedom of Speech under the Constitution applies to GOVERNMENT limitations on it. The government is nowhere in this thing. The Beard made his homophobic comments to a privately owned magazine and A&E, a PRIVATELY owned company, suspended him from his sadistic exploitation show. Just like they cancelled that mulleted freak and convicted murderer, “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” when he made racist comments a few years back. A&E is a PRIVATELY OWNED company that is part of the whole corporate world that these right wing “bloggers” get their propaganda from and now they complain about them. Ironic, isn’t it?

Wisconsin Wolf Hunting: Our current American society: “you have to let everyone express their beliefs and respect them. unless they’re a Christian.” True Story!!!!!!!!!
Like · 3 · 4 hours ago

Really? He can express his views anywhere and any time he wants. But every action has a reaction. I am so tired of this “persecution” complex by people like this guy. If you say something stupid you WILL get called out on it no matter what religion or whatever you are. Does this guy take “Freedom of Speech” and differing opinions from pro-wolf people into account when he uses his “ban hammer?” Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion apparently only apply if you agree with them or are a Christian on the Wisconsin Wolf Hunting site. Just ask anyone that posted pro-wolf comments on that site. The GOVERNMENT cannot limit or block your freedom of speech in public or private, but PRIVATE entities like Facebook, WordPress, and A&E networks CAN and DO have the ability to hold people responsible for hateful, bigoted,and reckless comments. I do and will continue to block hateful, bigoted, racist,and anti-wildlife comments on MY blog because I, just like A&E Networks, are NOT the government. But you don’t see me throwing up the “Freedom of Speech” banner when my comments or views are criticized or deleted.

A&E is just as guilty here. You create a show that caters to the lowest common denominator in our society and what kind of people do you think it will attract? The Beard is a “hero” to these people just as draft-dodger/poacher Ted Nugent is. Good riddance to bad trash and I hope that wolf hate pages go along with it. Maybe A&E and their other exploitation channels will rid themselves of their hate filled wildlife snuff programming as well. I am not holding my breath.

The funniest comment of this whole situation is below. (Warning: Graphic Language)



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Images From the Blood Sport Capital of the United States

Be proud Wisconsin. This is what is the result of legalized dog fighting/sadism in our woods. Of course the DNR claims that these wolves have “no injuries” from the dogs. You decide.

DNR large carnivore specialist Dave MacFarland says as far as he knows, hunters are following the law. “To our knowledge, there have not been injuries to the dogs or to the wolves from the dogs.”

MacFarland says the successful wolf hunters don’t have to register their kills with a warden until January 5. He says wardens could give hunters a ticket if dog bites or scratches help kill the wolf, but local law enforcement would take the lead if hunters let the dogs and wolves fight.

So hounders get a month to register their wolf kills? Strange. Why do deer hunters have to register right away? Hmmmm.

Images shown under the Fair Use Doctrine:



Hounder slime


Welcome to Wisconsin! The Blood Sport Capital of the United States and the ONLY state that allows this. Be proud!


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Hypocrisy: Thy Name is Wisconsin

Joel "Ribeye" Kleefisch

Joel “Ribeye” Kleefisch

Page #23 of Scott Walker’s Book, “Unintimidated, A Governor’s Story and a Nation’s Challenge”

“As conservatives, we believe that as many decisions as possible should be pushed down to the local level. This is not only a matter of efficiency, it is fundamental to our freedoms.”

From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:


noun \hi-ˈpä-krə-sē also hī-\ the behavior of people who do things that they tell other people not to do : behavior that does not agree with what someone claims to believe or feel

According to the quote above from Governor General Walker’s fable book he believes that decisions should be made at the “local level” to protect our “freedoms.” If that is the case then why did Walker just sign into law a bill that takes away all local government control when it comes to bow hunting within city limits?

A bill signed Thursday by Gov. Scott Walker will allow bow hunting within city limits.
Hunters would have to be at least 100 yards from any building when hunting within city limits.Rhinelander Alderperson Alex Young says the law will erase Rhinelander’s city hunt ordinances the city had on the books, like background checks on people hunting in the city.

“Those restrictions we used to have are off and anybody who has a hunting license can come in and bow hunt,” Young said. “The only thing that you are really allowed to restrict is the distance from neighboring houses.”

You read that right. First they take over our national forests, then they took over our state parks, now we cannot even have a respite from animal killing WITHIN our own cities. This means that essentially any bow killer with a license can come into our cities and impale deer and other wildlife as long as they are 100 yards from a building. Is it the goal of this regime to eliminate any and all safe havens for wildlife in this state? Mark my words this is just the first step. Next they will be demanding that local governments allow recreational trapping within our cities. So much for the “local decisions” and being against “big government” that the Teahadists always preach.

While we are on the topic of hypocrisy it should be noted that the “author” of the bill that allowed bow killing in our cities is none other than Joel “Ribeye” Kleefisch. Not only was old Ribeye the “author” and chief cheerleader of this bill, he was also a big supporter of the wolf kill bill that now allows state sanctioned animal fighting in our woods. It also appears that old Ribeye has a brand new title to add to his disgusting resume: convicted wildlife law violator and maybe poacher.

From the Cognitive Dissidence blog:

Meanwhile, crazy Joel Kleefisch, Blinky’s tubby hubby, paid a $243 fine earlier this year after pleading guilty to failure to register wildlife he slaughtered in the unit of kill.

Another one of those “rule of law” Conservatives in action. The citation is below:

State of Wisconsin vs. Joel M Kleefisch

Waukesha County Case Number 2013FO000038

Filing Date
Case Type
Case Status
Non-Traffic Ordinance Violation
Defendant Date of Birth

Count No.
Fail/Register Deer or Bear in Unit of Kill
Forf. U
Guilty Due to No Contest Plea
Defendant Owes the Court: $ 0.00
Responsible Official
Prosecuting Agency
Prosecuting Attorney
Defense Attorney
Binn, Martin
District Attorney

Defendant Name
Date of Birth
Race 1
Kleefisch, Joel M
Address Updated On
Finger Print ID

Total Receivables
Court Assessments
Adjustments 3
Paid to the Court
Probation/Other Agency Amount 4
Balance Due to Court
Due Date 5
$ 243.00
$ 0.00
$ 243.00
$ 0.00
$ 0.00

Looks like another example of a drunk with power Wisconsin Teahadist flaunting the rules. Don’t forget this guy is a member of the State Assembly “Committee on Natural Resources and Sporting Heritage.” This guy MAKES the rules like the one he violated. I am also surprised that the DNR actually cited Ribeye for his violation. Of course it did take almost a year for it to be made public.

People like Walker and Kleefisch have long been at the teat of the taxpayer yet pretend to be for “small government” and “rule of law.” At every turn their actions defy their claims and against their own interests, a large number of Wisconsin residents continue to support these hypocrites. Thus is the nature of Wisconsin after 2010. Do we want every inch of our state to be a killing field for recreational killers? People like Kleefisch and Walker have taken dog fighting from the underground dregs of our society and made it a state sanctioned “sport” in our woods. People like Walker and Kleefisch have moved the sport killing of wildlife right into our backyards and state parks. Do we want blatant law violators and hypocrites making rules that impact our wildlife and wild lands? Shame on you Wisconsin if you do.



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