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The Week that Was in the Bloodsport Capital of the United States

As of this morning 213 wolves have been killed in the first five weeks of Wisconsin’s annual wolf slaughter. In little more than 10 days packs of vicious four legged weapons will be unleashed upon the surviving wolves in Wisconsin’s “Zone 3,” the only remaining open wolf kill area in the state. The killing cartel puppets at the Wisconsin DNR have to be hoping that the 251 kill quota is reached during the upcoming gun deer killing season that commences this weekend. They have already been taking massive heat over their reckless and politically motivated wolf slaughter/witch hunt and the last thing they want the public to see are the inevitable photos and videos of dogs attacking wolves in what amounts to government sanctioned dog fighting. If anyone comes across photos and videos exhibiting this activity please do not hesitate to forward it to us.

Yesterday I was informed by a wildlife advocate in Wisconsin that the DNR once again is refusing to take action against bear hounders that openly violate the law and allow their four legged weapons to attack bears and other wildlife. The advocate was emailed this photograph earlier in the year by a troll in an effort to taunt them.

A clear violation of Wisconsin law and again ignored by the Wisconsin DNR. Used under Fair Use Doctrine.

A clear violation of Wisconsin law and again ignored by the Wisconsin DNR. Used under Fair Use Doctrine.

This is the response from the DNR:

Thank you for taking the time to contact the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources with your concerns. We have had an opportunity to investigate the information that you have provided regarding a photo of some dogs “fighting” with a black bear and at this time we have not found evidence of any law violations. (Photographs and admissions apparently are no longer “evidence” according to the DNR apparently).

If you have additional information that you would like to share regarding this matter please feel free to contact me directly via email or by phone at (608)279-1960. To report violations outside of normal business hours please feel free to contact our 24 “Hotline” by phone at 1-800-847-9367, via text at TIP 411 (847411). Text: TIPWDNR [space] followed by the tip or via email at<>. The hotline is in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Trained staff will relay reported information to our conservation wardens. Anyone who calls the hotline or provides information can remain anonymous.

Thank you again for sharing your concerns with us and don’t hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance.

John M. Welke
Commercial and Internet Enforcement Administrator
Special Operation Unit
Bureau of Law Enforcement
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
(*) phone: (608) 279-1960
(*) fax: (608) 266-3696
(*) e-mail:
Find us on Facebook:<>

Hmmmmm. The same Warden that also refused to take any action against wolf killers not immediately tagging their kills in violation of their own printed rules. This is on top of the fact that there were ZERO violations against bear/coyote hounders in 2012. Earlier this year this video was posted to the Facebook page of someone purported to be the DNR’s “Youth Hunter of the Year” and one of their trapping instructors in northern Wisconsin. The person bragged on his page about allowing his dogs to fight this coyote:

This video along with the comments and more photos showing the purported “Youth Hunter of the Year” allowing his dogs to also attack bears were turned over to the Wisconsin DNR by concerned wildlife advocates. After some time passed the investigating Warden informed the complainant that he would “have a talk” with the person and that was as far as the complaint went. Again no action was taken. When pressed on why no action was taken in the face of video, photographic, and internet comment evidence the DNR responded with multiple stories. The most absurd one came from the DNR spokesman Bill Cosh who said that the video above was just “some guy out west” and not their “Youth Hunter of the Year” and trapping instructor. The message from this is very clear. If you are a bear/coyote hounder you do not have to follow the rules because the DNR has your back. If you are a wolf killer breaking the rules they are only “technical violations” and you have nothing to fear from the Wisconsin DNR. Animal fighting and violations of the rules are perfectly fine with the DNR if you kill predators, but don’t you dare try to save an orphaned deer.

In even more bizarre Wisconsin related news it seems that the great white hunters of Wisconsin need to be reminded not to drink and drive while they are out “putting food on the table” this deer killing season.

When hundreds of thousands of deer hunters hit the highways in Wisconsin this weekend, they’ll be reminded at the gas pump to stay sober while behind the wheel.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is teaming up with the Wisconsin Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association to install 150 gas pump topper signs at convenience stores throughout the state.

The signs feature an orange-clad bearded hunter becoming an orange jail uniform-clad bearded inmate because he didn’t stay sober heading out to the hunt.

Funny. I never see these types of warnings for the millions of people that take to the woods to watch wildlife or hike in Wisconsin. If that isn’t absurd enough the DNR had to put out a story essentially trying to make excuses for the reckless fools that shoot people while out “putting food on the table:”

DNR: Hunt accidents rare, mistakes blamed

Wisconsin wildlife officials say shooting-related hunting accidents are rare but most result from basic firearm safety mistakes.

Post-Crescent Media reported Wednesday that Department of Natural Resources records show 28 hunting incidents in 2012, including four deaths. Most were attributed to gun-deer hunting, squirrel hunting and turkey hunting. Thus far in 2013 the state has seen 18 incidents, including one Marathon County squirrel hunter who was killed.

“Mistakes?” How about reckless endangerment? I wonder how many of these tie into the alcohol issues mentioned above? How many people did those big bad wolves kill? But have no fear our fearless leader Governor General Scott Walker will be out attempting to kill deer during the gun season:

Walker released a statement Friday saying he will join hunters from around the world in heading to the Wisconsin woods. His quote: “Like riding my Harley and watching the Packers, going hunting is one of my favorite Wisconsin traditions.”

Wow! He seems to be covering all of the cliche Wisconsin pastimes. All that is missing is some serial killing and drunk driving. Of course that is not the end of the “news” from the DNR. The DNR had to make sure to warn those looking to kill deer over the next week and a half that things might be a little “tough” for the great white white hunters looking to “put a trophy food on the wall table.”

Wildlife officials are predicting deer hunters will face some tough conditions when they take to the woods Saturday for the start of the state’s nine-day gun season.

Kevin Wallenfang is the Department of Natural Resources’ big game ecologist. He says the opener is scheduled later this year, which could mean reduced rutting activity.

He says many areas are fairly wet, which could limit hunter access. And he says that thanks to the late spring and wet conditions about 40 percent of the state’s corn crop is still standing, which will provide cover for deer.

Plus, he says, bow hunters haven’t been reporting many deer in northern areas, mostly because many animals didn’t survive the unusually long winter.

Although not mentioned in the article I am sure we all know what will really get the blame if the great white hunters don’t get “their” trophy buck “food” this year. The wolf haters are already clamoring to further increase the already massive kill quota for next year. That is when they are not advocating the use of poison on Wisconsin wolves:

Gary Kauther
Food sweetner Xylitol found to kill wolves if sprinkled on gut piles.
Like · · November 13 at 3:23pm

Gary Kauther
authorities try to quiet the word about Xylitol elk hunters in the west using to wipe out wolf packs by sprinkling on gut piles,gives wolves a heart attack.
Like · · Yesterday at 3:08pm

And where does this person “work?” He lists “Green Bay Tea Party” on his page. Color me shocked. Another one of those “rule of law” conservatives I see.

Speaking of wolf hate the wolf hating poachers that are worshiped here in Wisconsin and out west are now trying to eradicate the critically endangered red wolves in North Carolina. In just the past few weeks SIX collard red wolves have been illegally killed there. It seems that the Teahadist fueled anti-wolf vitriol now covers all parts of the nation.

Good day from the Bloodsport Capital of the United States.


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More Odds and Ends From the Bloodsport Capital of the United States

As of this morning 199 wolves have been slaughtered during the state sanctioned revenge/witch hunt that began on October 15th in Wisconsin. The vast majority of these wolves have been killed through trapping. This includes one wolf that languished in a leg hold trap for a week before being killed in Marquette County.

“Over 100 lb. Killed on the farm I hunt by portage. Got caught in trap last sat. Ripped 2 2 foot stakes out of ground. 1 week later farmer was combining corn called him up said hes in the corn with the trap. 3 hours later bang”

This wolf apparently was forced to drag around a trap for a week before being executed near Portage, WI last week.
This wolf apparently was forced to drag around a trap for a week before being executed near Portage, WI last week.

Concerned wildlife advocates made us aware of this and informed us that they also asked the Wisconsin DNR to investigate. I wouldn’t hold my breath. We have also been informed by several wildlife advocates that they filed complaints about the lack of a visible tag on many of the wolves in the various snuff pictures posted on the internet. According to the DNR’s own regulations on wolf killing this is a clear violation:

Tagging and Registration

Upon killing a wolf, the harvester must do all of the following:

1) immediately validate and attach the PELT tag to the wolf in the manner described on the tag. After skinning the wolf, the CARCASS tag shall be attached to the skinned carcass, and the PELT tag shall be left attached to the pelt.

From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary


adverb \i-ˈmē-dē-ət-lē also -ˈmē-dit-, British often -ˈmē-jit-\

: with no person or thing in between

: without any delay

Of course as expected the DNR has a different interpretation of “immediately” than the rest of the world when it comes to the wolf killers that they protect. This e-mail from a DNR warden “investigating” one of the non-tagging complaints was forwarded to us:

I am writing to inform you that the WDNR Bureau of Law Enforcement has concluded the investigation into the complaint that you filed with us on 10/20/2013 regarding Wisconsin Timber Wolves not being tagged properly. I can inform you that we have investigated and determined the following:
  • The wolf was harvested in a lawful manner during the open season
  • The wolf harvester was properly permitted and licensed.
  • The trapper successfully completed a trapper education class as required.
  • The wolf was properly registered by phone as required by law.
  • The photo of the wolf without a tag occurred shortly after harvest and the wolf was tagged after the photo was taken.
In light of the circumstances outlined above no enforcement action will be taken in this matter. 
If you have additional information that you would like to share regarding wolf harvest violation concerns please feel free to contact me directly via email or by phone at (608)279-1960. To report violations outside of normal business hours please feel free to contact our 24 “Hotline” by phone at 1-800-847-9367, via text at TIP 411 (847411). Text: TIPWDNR [space] followed by the tip or via email at<>. The hotline is in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Trained staff will relay reported information to our conservation wardens. Anyone who calls the hotline or provides information can remain anonymous.
Thank you again for sharing your concerns with me and don’t hesitate to call me if I can be of further assistance
PJohn M. Welke
Commercial and Internet Enforcement Administrator
Special Operation Unit
Bureau of Law Enforcement
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
(()phone:     (608) 279-1960
(()fax:        (608) 266-3696
Find us on

Funny, I didn’t see anything in the DNR’s rules that state you don’t have to tag the wolf until after posing for grinning snuff pictures and uploading them to the anti-wolf Facebook pages. The rules say IMMEDIATELY. Is anyone surprised that they won’t enforce violations concerning wolves? They refuse to take action on the numerous violations committed by bear/coyote hounders, so why should we expect anything but the same for wolves? Upon requesting clarification from this warden we were informed that these were just “technical violations” and no enforcement action would be taken. Next time you get pulled over for not having your car registered on time or having an expired drivers license see how far this argument will get you.

The above should not be a surprise to anyone considering the attitudes of some employees of the DNR. Last week a comment from a DNR employee showed up on the anti-wolf hate site on Facebook from a person that lists himself as a DNR employee. This was forwarded to to us and is in response to a story about tribal members wounding and not recovering an elk here in Wisconsin:

I hope that the governor denies everything period! Are they not their own nation? Why does the state/Feds give them anything? Why do people go to their casinos? I sure the hell don’t nor would I ever! How are they any different than any other person in this state. Sorry but they are not special! Enough is enough I don’t owe them a damn thing nor does anyone else in this great state!

I am not naming the person because complaints have been filed with the DNR regarding this comment. Past practice would make us assume that they will ignore these this as they have other inflammatory ones made by their associates. We will see. Racist comments like these should not come as a surprise to anyone that looks at the anti-wolf hate site on Facebook. These comments followed the posting of a snuff pic containing two black wolves killed in Wisconsin:

Mary Poppe WOW!!! Not only doubling up . But DOUBLING UP ON BLACKS!!!!! Congrats boys!
Sam Donner Wack em n stack em running the blacks out !
Henry Chmiel DARKIES———SWEET
Northern Wisconsin residents at their most tolerant. Surprise. No racial overtones here, wink, wink.
Wisconsin DNR and Milwaukee Bucks
In other wildlife news it seems that the Wisconsin DNR has built a cozy relationship with the National Basketball Association’s Milwaukee Bucks. From the DNR:
As fall hunting seasons get underway, many hunters have bucks on their mind and so does the Department of Natural Resources. In addition to white-tailed bucks, DNR is also focusing on the Milwaukee Bucks as the first DNR Nights game is set for Nov. 2, 2013.

Bucks Winter Cap
Buy a discount Bucks ticket through our DNR Nights promotion and get this hat free.

Anyone holding any Wisconsin hunting or fishing license is eligible for discounted tickets on select home games at the BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee. In addition, each ticket purchased through the DNR Nights program will include a free regulation blaze orange Bucks winter hat.

“Hunting and fishing in Wisconsin is a time-honored tradition,” said DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp. “We are thrilled to give those license holders an added benefit they can use to spend time with their families.”

The following dates are designated DNR Nights at the BMO Harris Bradley Center:

  • Saturday, Nov. 2 – 7:30 p.m. vs. Toronto (opening night)
  • Wednesday, Nov. 6 – 7 p.m. vs. Cleveland
  • Saturday, Nov. 9 – 7:30 p.m. vs. Dallas
  • Saturday, Nov. 16 – 7:30 p.m. vs. Oklahoma City
  • Wednesday, Nov. 20 – 7 p.m. vs. Portland
  • Saturday, Nov. 23 – 7:30 p.m. vs. Charlotte
Considering that the killing cartel, “U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance,” went crazy when the Minnesota Timberwolves hosted the Minnesota based wolf advocacy group, Howling For Wolves, at one of their games their silence about the Wisconsin DNR’s cozy relationship with the Bucks is quite hypocritical. Again, does that surprise anyone?
“By giving this animal rights group a high profile platform, the Timberwolves are in fact endorsing the group to all those in attendance,” says Nick Pinizzotto, USSAF president and CEO. “It’s disappointing for such a high profile organization to allow this type of propaganda that is contrary to scientific fact”
Pot meet kettle. Funny how it is “propaganda” and should not be allowed if it doesn’t conform to their kill everything views. As with the stories above this should not surprise anyone.
Melissa Smith on WORT
Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf President, Melissa Smith, appeared on Madison’s WORT 89.9 this morning and knocked it out of the park. Great job Melissa! Please listen to the archive of this show here and click on the download of the 8 O’Clock Buzz – Thursday
DNR Quietly Advocating Poaching?
Here is an interesting tidbit from the DNR’s Trapping Regulations that I found today:

Please Contact the DNR About Incidental Take!

The sale of fur from these carcasses is used to support the trapper education program and educate new trappers. If incidental catch of a protected species occurs, please contact your local Conservation Warden or call 1-800-TIP-WDNR (1-800-847-9367) as soon as possible for instructions on how to release an animal, or if dead, how to transport it to the department. A protected species is any species for which the season is closed, there is no open season, or a person has no authority to possess.

Wow! This sure sounds like a fluffy way for the DNR to advocate poaching and illegal trap kills in order to fund their trapper sadism education program. We are going to look much closer into this program and find out how much money the DNR is making off of illegal kills.

More to come this weekend from the Bloodsport Capital of the United States.

“By giving this animal rights group a high profile platform, the Timberwolves are in fact endorsing the group to all those in attendance,” says Nick Pinizzotto, USSAF president and CEO. “It’s disappointing for such a high profile organization to allow this type of propaganda that is contrary to scientific fact.” – See more at:

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Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Wolf biologists blast wolf killing


Please read and share Patricia’s new column here:

Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Wolf biologists blast wolf killing

“The wolf hunt is an ‘ego-testical’ hunt. We all know the history of ‘science’ trumping ethics. There is too much testosterone in the North American wildlife model.” — Paul Paquet, internationally renowned Canadian wolf biologist

Wisconsin’s killing spree targeting 251 wolves (a third of our wolves) was the shame of the International Wolf Symposium, “Wolves and Humans at the Crossroads,” held in Duluth, Minn., Oct. 10-13. Killing wolves at random was described as analogous to “shooting into a crowd hoping to hit a criminal.”

The Wisconsin Wolf Hunt facebook page should humiliate all Wisconsinites, as should this YouTube from the 2012 wolf hunt.

A trip to the International Wolf Center and the Bear Education Center in Ely, Minn., energized symposium participants who viewed the live wolf and live bear enclosures to soak up the beauty of these exceptional mammals. The myth of the big bad wolf was dispelled and it was obvious that these power animals had won over the “old white guys” who had worked with them for 40 to 50 years. Biologists who had reintroduced wolves in Yellowstone documented the richness of healthy ecosystems and balance brought to habitats stripped of diversity by the man-imposed destruction of wolves, now thriving again. They were angered by wolves being slaughtered rather than being respected as honored members of our community.

Scores of biologists representing 39 countries gave presentations nearly nonstop throughout the three days. These scientists have worked directly with wolves, radio-collaring, documenting what they described as their very challenging and dangerous lives.

Most wolf mortality is caused by man. But they also die from mange, parvo, lyme disease, starvation, fights with other wolves and carnivores, kicks from deer or elk, and car collisions. Seventy percent of pups die within the first year.

Richard Thiel experienced Wisconsin wolves for 30 years before he retired. He has found a home on the board of directors of the Wolf Center. He is the retired Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources biologist who told Joy Cardin on public radio that in all the years he worked with wolves, pushing them off deer carcasses and having them walk right up to him, he never felt the need to carry a firearm and he never did.

He recently sought out wolf biologists to write down their favorite wolf stories. Within 10 months, he had stories from 23 wolf scientists and compiled them into “Wild Wolves We Have Known: Stories of Wolf Biologists’ Favorite Wolves,” available here. All proceeds support wolf educational efforts.

Within the book, biologists break from the outdated policy of dealing with wild animals as just “populations.” The traditional self-serving hunter “science” has dealt with all wildlife through the pronounced bias that maintaining hunt-able populations is all that matters. The book celebrates the value of the INDIVIDUAL wolf as a sentient being who suffers and deserves moral consideration.

Biologist John Vucetich, writing the book’s introduction, considers the life of a wolf from the wolf’s perspective, urging empathy. He explains how wolves have sensory consciousness, memories, dreams, intentionality, emotions and personality, concluding that these similarities humans share with wolves are significant. He says, “Wolves are certainly not human … but it is an entirely separate concern to ask, is a wolf a person?” He concludes that given the traits mentioned above, “All mammals experience life. Each has a story to tell and a life with which to empathize. … It is perfectly right to treat our dogs as people. Native Americans were certain wolves and many other creatures were people.”

This book will educate and change the human people who read it.

One of the most exciting forums was a debate on trapping and hunting wolves. On the wolves’ side was Howard Goldman of the Minnesota Humane Society and Paul Paquet, Canadian wolf biologist. On the pro-hunting/trapping side were Jim Hammill, a Michigan DNR biologist and an avid hunter with Safari International, and Gary Leistico, a lifelong trapper and lawyer representing numerous trapping associations.

Paquet’s defense of wolves exposed the sham of the good ol’ boy system: “There is a lot of testosterone driving the North American wildlife model. It is not a ‘gold standard’ but a ‘lead standard,’ narrowly directed to using wolves as targets to kill. It is human-centered domination by man for his own use — killing competition for deer, trophy killing for pleasure. There is no doubt that we are inflicting physical and psychological harm to wolves and causing them intense suffering. Serving our own interests, sanctifying switching off conscience. It is unethical.”

Paquet continued, “Individuals are important and you are failing to consider individual suffering. The harm is more serious when it is intentional with no worthwhile purpose. It has long been recognized that wanting to cause pain is wrong, especially when we have the cognitive ability to know it. Bottom line: Stop killing wolves.”

Hammill, in an intense voice, said he resented reference to the “recreational” killing of wolves. He said, “Hunting is not baseball. This is something deep within us.”

Hammill gave a final swipe at Paquet: “Then killing deer and ducks is immoral — disrespecting those species.”

Without intending to do so, Hammill spoke a deep truth.

Please comment against delisting gray wolves across the entire 48 states, and support recovery efforts for the extremely endangered Mexican wolf here.

Please contact your state representatives and senators to oppose LRB 3191, which would give $500,000 of public tax money, every two years, to recruit more wildlife killing on our public land. Contact them to support SB 93, Sen. Fred Risser’s bill banning the use of dogs against wolves.

Patricia Randolph of Portage is a longtime activist for wildlife. or


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“Just Get Over It”

Coming soon to Wisconsin.

Coming soon to Wisconsin. Apparently we are supposed to just “get over it.” 

One of the more common arguments that wolf haters are throwing around these days are that wildlife advocates need to “get over it” and “accept” the wolf slaughter because it is the law and the Wisconsin DNR says that we must kill wolves before they eat our grandchildren…….or some other nonsense. I pose this question to the wolf haters and their right-wing supporters. If wildlife advocates are supposed to stop fighting the wolf kill and “get over it” will you do the same for abortion and Obamacare? How about gun laws? After all they are the “law” just as wolf killing now is.

A woman’s right to an abortion has been upheld time and time again in the Federal Courts, yet those on the right continue to whine, complain, and do everything they can to undermine that right up to and including bombings and murders.

Why can’t you right wingers “just get over it?” After all abortion is legal and that has been affirmed by the Supreme Court.

That’s right. You continue to fight it because you find it morally reprehensible based on your religion or whatever hate radio tells you that day.

How about the Affordable Care Act aka “Obamacare.” That too is the law of the land and has been upheld by the Supreme Court. Why can’t the right-wingers just “get over it?”

How about gun laws? The “Holy Grail” of the right wing in America. Why do you fight gun laws? After all some are the “law” as well. Just “get over it.”

I am kind of getting the idea of what these people believe. If you want to help animals and people live a healthy and cruelty free life you are “bad” or “anti-American.” But if you want to kill animals and deny people healthcare or access to abortions you are “good” and a “patriot.”

As one anti-wolf commenter that tried to post to this site said:

“So what if a couple comments hurt your feelings, wahhh, go cry about it.”

I suppose the same can be said for those very same people when they protest abortion, gun laws, and the big bad “socialist” Obamacare. They are the law now, so “get over it.” We wildlife advocates feel just as passionate about fighting what we see as unjust laws and regulations that go against what WE believe in. We will not stop fighting against the cruel use of dogs against wolves. We will not stop fighting the sadism that is trapping. Why should our passion or right to protest be any different than your rights? Is it because you think that you are somehow “more of an American” than we are? Is it because of some twisted sense of “dominionism” taught to you by a religious leader or parent?

No, we will NOT “get over it.” Just as I am sure that the right wing will not get over the LEGAL things that I mentioned above. If that hurts your feelings, “wahhh, go cry about it” but not here.


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Jamie Vee, The Ball is in Your Court


**The posts on this blog, unless otherwise noted, do not come from Patricia Randolph, Melissa Smith, or any other wildlife advocate other than myself.**

Over the past week I have received several comments from Jamie Vee appearing to take a conciliatory tone toward this site and those of us that are vehemently against the wolf slaughter now occurring in Wisconsin. He claims to want to come to an understanding and foster civil dialog between the two camps. He also mentioned a willingness to try and reign in the hate and threats coming from a certain anti-wolf Facebook site. However, the threats and harassment continue from that site they appear to be ramping up their rhetoric against us.

Submitted on 2013/10/25 at 5:22 am

I can’t speak for everyone, but I believe that most people truly are good people. I can’t speak for, nor can I or would I associate with the people that are doing the disgusting things to which you are referencing. The videos I posted last year were done so in poor taste. I can’t take them back. No videos this year, other than the release of a young wolf.

I have been hunting and trapping all of my life. It truly is a way of life for me and my family and I don’t want anyone to take that away from us. If any of your members want to learn more of why its important to me, or to learn more about these things in general, contact me. I’m easy to find. I’ll take anyone out for a couple hours to show them why the outdoors is important to me and my family.

Most of you know me from two separate one minute videos and a few photos. There is more to me than what you see in those short clips. To be honest, they are a poor representation of how I view myself, how I want my children to view me, and how others should view me. Also, it’s not how I want people to view hunters and trappers. I think that most are good people. But the actions of a few bad apples are able doing most of the talking.

I admire your passion. I understand your concerns. I respect your heritage. I can’t undo the things that have been done. And I can not speak for everyone.

Jamie Vee

Submitted on 2013/10/25 at 7:15 am

PS,  Deleted  was one of the letter writers to my wife’s employer. I see Alice was quick to condemn it, deleted. My wife is also a board member at Chequamegon Humane Society. Yes, it’s possible to hunt and trap, and still care about finding homes and shelters for domestic animals. Anyways, numerous contacts have been made there in an attempt to have her removed from the board. It should be known that she is an amazing vet tech, and a huge asset to the CHS. The thought of her being an incompetent tech or board member because she hunts or traps is elementary. And that’s one of the areas where I believe there is some lack on understanding, and a simple, adult correspondence would go a very long way.

While nothing is going to change how I view the killing of our native predators to be barbaric practices and trapping an archaic and brutal form of torture, I respect the conciliatory tone in this message. 

When I write a blog post I want to ruffle feathers. I want to make people question their beliefs and actions. Mission accomplished on both sides with my most recent posts. But what I don’t do is make threats against their lives, their pets, or find humor in rape. The anti-wolf factions think it is perfectly acceptable to threaten death against wildlife advocates, threaten to poison pets, call wildlife advocates “timber niggers” if they have Native American ancestry, brag about “gut shooting” the animals that we fight for, place dead coyotes on wildlife advocate’s vehicles, and what may be worst of all threaten to rape female wildlife advocates. What kind of person does this? Better yet, what kind of website condones or even subtly encourages this?

When I choose to write inflammatory things about the sport/revenge killing of wolves and other wildlife I want to be edgy, I want to get our supporters fired up and fight against the propaganda and misinformation being fed to the public by anti-wolf factions. I want them to see how brutal trapping and hounding really are. When I read things about “kill ’em all or “gut shoot them and let them die elsewhere” you damn right I am going to get pissed and comment on it. When I see a photograph of a group of wolf haters posing with a dead wolf, an American flag, and wearing KKK style masks you damn right I am going to equate that image with terrorism. Does anyone in the anti-wolf factions think that is going to help their cause? When I see a photograph of someone smiling over a dead bloody wolf and read vile hate filled comments and threats of intimidation against wildlife advocates you damn right I am going to equate that behavior to terrorism.

Should the rhetoric be toned down? Probably. But it becomes very difficult when the other side continues to  harass, post death threats, and attempt to intimidate those that oppose them. I would be easy to say to avoid those hate filled pages, but death threats and harassment cannot be so easily ignored. The anti-wolf propaganda and the deliberate misinformation that flow from those pages also make them very difficult to ignore.

Mr. Vee if you are sincere and you really do want to find “middle ground” tell those that run and comment on that page to stand down with the threats and harassment. I have given them far more attention than I should or they  even warrant. There are numerous law enforcement investigations ongoing about the threats coming from some commenters at that site and their enablers. Some internet back and forth can be both frustrating and even entertaining but the line is crossed when racism, death threats, and threats of rape rear their ugly heads.

Mr. Vee I will take you at your word that you are going to try to get that site to tone down the rhetoric and threats. I will do the same on my end and not post the vile hate filled comments that come from that site. But I will not stop posting about the abuses and misinformation being spread about wolves and other wildlife no matter the source. The ball is in your court. I look forward to hearing your response.

On another note, I ask that all commenting to this site refrain from using the same kind of threatening language and swearing that we have come to expect from the anti-wolf zealots. The same goes for any threats of violence. Those will be reported to law enforcement in the same manner that the ones from the wolf haters have been. Those contacting employers of wolf killers or their spouses also need to knock it off. I can understand the outrage when viewing the smiling pictures over dead wolves, but this behavior WILL NOT be tolerated. You have been warned.


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DNR Denial and More Hate….I Mean “Humor” From the Blood Sport Capital of the United States

**For the anti-wolf people attempting to comment here: DON’T BOTHER. We have heard all of the “they are eating all the deer,” “they are killing bear dogs,” “eating grandchildren,” and all of the other propaganda and misleading information time and time again. You don’t care about the “livestock” when a bolt gets shot into their head and their throats are slit, so why get a high and mighty when a wolf kills one that the rancher gets reimbursed for. You don’t care about your dogs when they are running rampant through the woods terrorizing bears, coyotes, and other wildlife so don’t pretend you care when a wolf kills one trespassing in their territory. I am sure that you are crying all the way to the bank with your nice fat $2500 check while you just grab another dog from your backyard puppy mill. None of your talking points and anti-wolf rhetoric is going to change my mind or any other wildlife advocate’s mind. Another thing. Don’t assume that everyone who cares about wolves do not live around them. And being offended by us insulting the DNR and the qualifications of Cathy Stepp? Really? Finally, wolves were not “reintroduced” into Wisconsin. They migrated from the last remaining population after lower 48 eradication in Minnesota. Save your propaganda comments for the wolf hate page that sent you here because they sure are not going to be approved for posting here**

A couple of months ago real estate developer and high school graduate turned Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Secretary, Cathy Stepp, was reported to have told a gathering at a public meeting that “there are no anti-wolf people or groups in Wisconsin.” Well Cathy, as the old saying goes “de Nile is a river in Egypt.”

What do Egypt and Wisconsin have in common? That’s easy. Wisconsin and post-Mubarak Egypt are both state sponsors of terrorism. Ha! Ha! Ha! Apparently the “Knotsies” that run the hate “humor” filled “Wisconsin Wolf Hunting Facebook page are “offended” at the linkage to “Muslim terrorism,” because we all know that their glorification of poaching, laughing about “air strikes” against wolves, commenters calling wildlife advocates “timber niggers,” and threatening rape are not intended to intimidate wildlife advocates or make a political statements just as terrorists would. It is all for a good belly laugh. I am sure that they will also be “offended” at my stab at humor above. It takes a special kind of person to find humor in rape, racism, and death threats against Wisconsin mine opponents. I guess I don’t fit that mold.

I thought long and hard about whether or not my characterization of wolf killing sadists “comedians” as equal to terrorists was really an apt comparison. I was pissed that day about what I was reading on that hate page and thought maybe I over-reacted and jumped into the world of hyperbole as they tend to do. Today, I gave up any self doubt when I saw this picture that supposedly emanated from Wyoming and has been lauded on Facebook by several of the Wisconsin wolf killing sadists “comedians.”

Remind you of anything from America's dark chapters?

Remind you of anything from America’s dark chapters?

What does this look like to you? After viewing this image I have no regrets about equating terrorism and wolf haters “comedians.” Who are they trying to emulate? The Klan? Al Qaeda? Replace the dead wolf with the scalp of a Native American, the body of a lynched black man, or the severed head of a kidnapping victim. It is all a sick political “comedy” statement. Whatever it is they are certainly holding up the wrong flag. I served this country to defend that flag they are holding not the ideals that these cretins “comedians” represent. These people often claim they are “patriots” that are saving the country from the black guy in the White House and his “socialism.” Of course those anti-Federal “gubmint” patriots types in Wyoming neglect to mention that they leach far more federal money tax money than they pay in, and the black guy in the White House hates wolves as much as they do. Why let facts get in the way of some good ol’ American hate “humor?”

Also today, the wolf hating “laughing” page decided to take a stab at me and a few other wildlife advocates with insults that they labeled as humor:

Humor of the day . Everyone say hi and wave to the Wolf lover nut jobs that continue to visit here daily and cry about legal Wisconsin hunting on facebook. Hi Melissa, Hi Paul, Hi Cathy and Alice!

Photo: Humor of the day . Everyone say hi and wave to the Wolf lover nut jobs that continue to visit here daily and cry about legal Wisconsin hunting on facebook.  Hi Melissa, Hi Paul, Hi Cathy and Alice!
Nothing says funny like dead animals and insults. The “humor” doesn’t end there:
Tyler Tanner This is fuckin great..kill em by the dozen

Wisconsin Wolf Hunting ^He’s talking about the wolves Paul. We understand you’re a little slow and a little sissy like sensitive about this subject Not to mention having the reading comprehension and grammar skills of a 5th grader on your blog.

I suppose you are jealous that my “5th grade education” seems like doctorate level for the sadists “comedians” that comment on your hate “humor” page. It says plenty that you find humor in poaching, death, and anti-government propaganda. If not getting off on killing animals and death threats make me a “sissy” then so be it. Do you find humor in the rape threats and “timber nigger” comments your commenters make as well? Here are some more comments from the graduate students that post to that hate “humor” site:

Ryan Cutts smoke a pack a day! shoot em in the guts and let them run and die elsewhere! : )
Like · Reply · 6 minutes ago

Mark Chovan hell yes, nice job. Kill em all.
Like · Reply · 4 · 3 hours ago

Maureen Drinkman congrats!! SWEET…. lets take em all down!!! we need them gone!!!
Like · Reply · 36 minutes ago

Tom Handrick I hope everyone “wounds” at least 10 before filling their tag
Like · Reply · 1 · 2 hours ago via mobile

Austin White Smoke a pack a day
Like · Reply · 1 · 3 hours ago via mobile

Kris Hanes Nice wolf. Im from Elcho. Killem all
Like · Reply · 35 minutes ago via mobile

William S Dordan awsome smoke all those fuckers
Like · Reply · 2 hours ago via mobile

George Busse Them idiots should have there own country or state or septic tank. Whatever can hold them all. Facebook only gave them something to live for. A place to express there opinion where they wouldn’t have to kill any trees writing it down. Don’t worry, soon they will die, there are only so many plants to go around, I will die after, animals can live without food longer. I eat animals. In case you didn’t know…… Here’s your sign. Fuck off you tree hugging, anorexic, no meat eating Fuck head!!! Yeah I said it!

Wow! National Honors Society level on that last comment. Thems some deep words. They like to label all wildlife advocates as being the same but freak out when we label them for what they are. I can play that game too. Look at the leering snuff photos all over that site. They all look the same. Short white guy. Fat white guy. Ugly white woman. Fat white kid. Bushy faced white guy. Notice the pattern? They all dress the same as well. It is like “Children of the GMO Corn” on that site. What a knee slapper I am!

My “humor” level has peaked for the day so I will share a couple more comments from the Mensa candidates that post on the hate “humor” site:

Garrett Shaw Gut shot everyone before you kill one!!!!

Dan Morris I hunt near superior we have no deer , bone piles and lots of timber wolf tracks bigger Than my hand we had a great heard in July till the wolfs moved in

Dan Morris The wolf’s were brought in by the paper mills to protect the damn poplar trees in the first place. When I was young in the 50-60s we never had wolf’s except in the UP and Canada.

Who woulda thunk? It was the paper mills all along that conspired to bring the “wolf’s” back to Wisconsin. You learn sumthin’ new every day……..

Wildlife advocates, make sure you forward this post to DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp so she can see that indeed there are anti-wolf groups and and anti-wolf people in Wisconsin. Of course I am sure that the Wisconsin Wolf Hunting page will “Knot” know what I am talking about and claim that it is just “satire” and “humor.”

From the Blood Sport Capital of the United States this “sissy,” is signing off to go hug some California trees, eat some organic granola, and hug some “wolf’s.”


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How Would You Respond to This?

Wolf Tracks

Upon waking up this morning I was confronted with this comment requesting approval for this site:

Jamie Vee commented on Well that was Fast…..More Threats and Hate from Anti-Wolf Facebook Site

Too late on the work place calls and emails. Some of your members must have missed your request to refrain from those efforts. It seems that this world hasn’t enough middle ground. I’m trying to work with the WWH page to get people to understand that there can be middle ground. Unlike some members, I don’t hate wolves. I don’t want to kill them all. I don’t hate anti-hunters either. I learned a few things last year and am hoping to pass some of that on to other hunters and trappers, and maybe even anti hunters.

PS, I’ve already been investigated by the DNR this year. That’s fine. I don’t mind being checked out. But, if your members are going to have me investigated, have them pursue without putting together false stories or photos.

I’m not quite sure how I should respond to this, but actions do speak louder than words. By Mr. Vee continuing to post grinning pictures of himself and family members with dead wolves and coyotes on that disgusting hate page, I am dubious about his comments. Mr. Vee and other wolf killers seem to not understand that the wolf has a cultural significance among Native American tribes, and a special place in the hearts of millions of people worldwide. Each wolf killed and each grinning picture posted to that disgusting site is just another slap in the face to Native Americans and those that worked decades to bring this animal back from the eradication caused by the previous generations of wolf haters. They claim that this is “management,” when in reality it is a revenge/witch hunt as their own comments allude to. Did I mention bullying as well?

  • Branden Boe Smoke a pack a day:)
  • Wisconsin Wolf Hunting Hippie tears are yummy
    Clint Worden I get a kick out of how these anti-hunters think we’re uneducated red-necks. All they have to go on is they’re emotions, no facts, no biology, just emotion. If they really loved wolves they should have pushed NOT to bring them back to areas where they would clash with humans. Wolves just don’t belong in northern WI. anymore.
    • Wisconsin Wolf Hunting That is their biggest weakness besides being emotional filled cry babies. They really think we’re all uneducated rednecks. It’s actually fun to watch because they really have no clue how big of fools they make themselves look by coming here.

Wisconsin Wolf Hunting

Dear anti-wolf hunt nutjobs coming to our page today. Check this out. BANG BANG BANG! They are still all dead.
Photo: Dear anti-wolf hunt nutjobs coming to our page today.  Check this out. BANG BANG BANG! They are still all dead.


Yup! More of that “respect” and “tolerance.” Remember when Kathy Stepp said with a straight face that “there are no wolf haters in Wisconsin?”

Mr. Vee claims that “members” of this group have contacted his wife’s place of employment against my warnings against such behavior. This is true and I certainly disapprove of this. I will reiterate that unless you are a direct customer of this business there is no reason to contact them. The wolf killing behavior did not happen on company time or have anything to do with that business so STOP contacting them. I do know of two women that were customers of this business and after 17 years they stopped patronizing this vet clinic because of the gleeful wolf killing behavior or Mrs. Vee. Frankly if my vet office employed people that take obvious glee in killing animals, especially wolves, I would not patronize them either. However, that is the only justifiable reason for contacting this business and ONLY if you are a customer or soon to be former customer.

If Mr. Vee truly wants to find some “middle ground” with wildlife advocates then stop posting the snuff pics on that disgusting hate page. I highly doubt that those running that page and those posting there care anything about “middle ground.” In fact here is what was posted on that site just a couple of hours ago:

Quick, call in an air strike!
Photo: Quick, call in an air strike!
Obviously more of that “respect” and “tolerance” from the chickenhawk “Call of Duty veterans.”
Mr. Vee if you really want to make a difference and find “middle ground” condemn this disgusting kind of talk. Better yet condemn the death threats made against wildlife advocates emanating from that page. How about condemning the threats of rape against female wildlife advocates that come from posters on that page? How about condemning the non-stop advocating of poaching and “kill ’em all” garbage coming from that site? How about condemning the comments frequent WWH commenter “JB Brown” messaged to Melissa Smith yesterday calling her a “timber nigger?” How about condemning the vile slime that left a dead and gutted coyote on the hood of a wildlife advocate’s vehicle earlier this year? The threats of poisoning another wildlife advocate’s dogs? The threats go on and on and that page is the root of ALL of them. You see why wildlife advocates are pissed?

Mr. Vee, condemn the vile, disgusting hate filled comments, and death threats on that page and maybe we can talk about a common middle ground.

For everyone else that reads this page and is thinking about contacting the employer of a wolf killer or their family: DON’T DO IT. If you do business with one of these places, stop being a customer and tell them why. If you are not a customer back off. If you cannot heed these simple warnings do not expect to get any sympathy or support from myself or this group.


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