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What A Shock! Bear Hounders and Allies Come To Aid of DNR

From the National Wolfwatcher Coalition, one of the plaintiffs in the Wisconsin lawsuit:

Wisconsin Lawsuit Update – Judge Anderson placed an injunction on the use of dogs to hunt or trail wolves while the case is being decided. He will hold a hearing Dec. 20th in Dane County Circuit Court to consider the state’s request to lift the injunction.

The Wisconsin DNR has awarded 1,160 wolf hunting and trapping licenses through a lottery. The state’s wolf killing quota was set at 201, with 85 of those reserved for Native Americans in the ceded territory.

As expected, the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation along with Safari Club International, the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, and the United Sportsmen of Wisconsin filed a motion to “intervene” in the lawsuit on Oct. 5th. This coalition of hunters’ groups maintain that the use of dogs in wolf hunting is indispensible and reject the restrictions recommended by the experts. Therefore they asked the court to join as a third party on the side of the defendant (Wisconsin’s NRB and DNR).

We stand strong and committed to this lawsuit on behalf of Wisconsin’s wolves and dogs. More to come…

Do we need any more proof who pulls the strings of the DNR? So the sadists claim that the use of dogs is now “indispensable” to killing wolves. Each day these sadists are getting more and more desperate to allow their legalized dog fighting. And of course they are using the justification that a ban on using dogs against wolves will lead to a “ban on all hunting.” From this article:

“Intervening in this case is very important to ensure the hunting public’s voice is heard,” said Dean Hamilton, USW President. “There are several statutory laws which we feel the judge ignored including Act 21 and our Constitutional right to hunt, fish and trap.”

USW Vice President, Andy Pantzlaff says that the claim of animal cruelty sets a dangerous precedent that sportsmen Wisconsin needs to keep an eye on.

“Manipulating the animal cruelty laws to restrict hunting eventually will lead to banning hunting all together; we as sportsment and women cannot allow this go unchallenged,” Pantzlaff said.

Now that the general society is finally learning how these sadists have been using dogs as weapons they are in full panic mode. That has been their game plan all along. They try to scare people into thinking that any ban on their brutal and barbaric acts like hounding will “lead to a ban on all hunting.” The “hunting public” is always heard. That is the problem. They control every aspect of the DNR and the Legislature and they are whining that they are not being “heard?” Give me a break. Go ahead hounders, keep defending legalized animal fighting. See how much public support you get. You are even seeing many hunters speaking out against this insanity. This makes our resolve even stronger. It is time to DEMAND accountability from the DNR and find out why they are nothing more than puppets for the most despicable elements of the hunting community.


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