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Shame on You Wisconsin!!! Anti-Wolf Bill Passes Wisconsin Assembly 69 to 25


Photo by Christian Jansky, via Wikimedia Commons

It comes as no surprise to anyone that the Wisconsin State Assembly passed the wolf kill bill AB 502/SB 411 on a 69 to 25 vote. Not one Republican voted against the bill and 11 Democrats joined them in voting to sell out our wolves. The bill now goes to Gov. Walker who I am sure is drooling in anticipation of signing it so that he can continue to appease the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, and all of the other anti-wildlife special interests in Wisconsin.

This is a sad day in our history when the wants of a vocal minority take priority over the wishes of the majority of Wisconsin citizens, and the Native American tribes that call this state home. We can only hope that the tribes and other pro-wildlife groups are able to challenges this barbarous bill in the courts so that the proposed wolf killing fest does not become a reality.

Here is an article about the bills passage in The New York Times:

WE VOW also wishes to extend our thanks to those who had the courage to vote against this anti-science and anti-wildlife bill.


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Article about AB 502 Amendments in Wisconsin State Journal and Reminder of Rally Tomorrow


Photo by Gunnar Ries Amphibol via Wikimedia Commons

The Wisconsin State Journal posted two items today about the wolf hunting bill, AB 502, that is set for a vote in the Assembly tomorrow:

Letter to the Editor from a concerned citizen:

Also, a reminder of the rally at noon tomorrow at the State Capitol in Madison. 

If you are interested in rallying against these bills there is a rally scheduled for Tuesday, March 13 by the Lady Forward Statute ( State Street entrance) at the Capitol between 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM.

This horrible bill is to be voted on tomorrow in the Assembly. I you haven’t already contact your representatives to speak out against this bill. Here is what WE VOW sent every representative today:

Dear Representative,

This letter is written on behalf of a new organization, Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic- Vote Our Wildlife, that is organizing to give the majority of non-hunting citizens a voice that we previously never had. We are hearing from outraged citizens from Wisconsin and across the world about AB 502 and the provisions contained within. Many of those citizens are also speaking of boycotting Wisconsin tourism and products if this horrendous bill passes. The below petitions have almost 14,000 people who are speaking out about this bill:

The brutal provisions in the bill aside, this makes Wisconsin look horrible in the eyes of the country and the world. To allow for the hunting of an animal that was considered endangered just a month and a half ago through the use of dog packs, at night, with bait, with electronic calls, trapping, killing pregnant females, over four and a half months looks like Wisconsin is declaring war on this majestic animal. This bill is shameful and should be voted down.

Our new organization Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife (Wisconsin WE VOW) will be keeping track of who does and does not vote for this bill. Our goal is to bring a voice to the silent majority who have been shut out of the decision making process concerning our wildlife. We are the majority, and we will vote for our wildlife.

Thank you for your consideration,

Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife

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**UREGNT Please Contact Regarding Wolf Kill Bill AB 502 **URGENT

**URGENT** List of Assembly Contacts **URGENT**
Photo by Derek Bakken from Minneapolis, MN (Gray Wolf (Canis lupus)) via Wikimedia Commons
Petition to sign against this bill:
This is a list of all Wisconsin Representatives and their email address. You can copy and paste these addresses into the “To” portion of your email program.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Democrats Add Amendments to Wolf Kill Bill


Public photo from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Assembly Democrats have added five common sense amendments to AB 502. The first four amendments seek to eliminate hunting wolves with dogs, over night, shorten the season, and limit bear hounder reimbursement for hunting dogs killed by wolves. These amendments were brought forth by Reps. Clark, Molepske Jr., Hulsey, Mason, and Danou. These are common sense measures that should be adopted. Unfortunately, this will be an uphill battle because of the anti-wolf sentiments among many in the Assembly.

Here is a list of the proceedings and amendments:

The fifth amendment was authored by Rep. Christine Siniki. She gets it. Here is what the amendment states:

March 6, 2012 – Offered by Representative Sinicki.
At the locations indicated, amend the bill as follows:
Page 8, line 10: after that line insert:
“Use of meat. A person who harvests a wolf by use of a firearm shall ensure
that the meat from the wolf is eaten.”.

Rep Siniki understands that this bill is only a trophy hunt and nothing more. Please call her office and thank her for putting this witty amendment forward.

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