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Patrick Durkin Tries to Compare Wolf Advocates to Wolf Poachers

More garbage from Patrick “Bunny Slayer” Durkin, the “outdoors” writer for the Wisconsin State Journal. This week he uses more of his twisted “logic” to compare anti-wolf trolls and wolf poachers to wolf advocates. He even goes so far as to brag that the number of “documented” wolf poachings during this year’s deer hunting season is the same as last. What? Then we have all of this fluffy talk about how hunter “supported” wolves:

Why such dire expectations of hunters? Sure, some hunters badmouth wolves and sport anti-wolf bumper stickers. But most have supported wolves since Wisconsin got serious 30 years ago about rebuilding the population.

During the past six years alone, sportsmen-fueled tax revenues from the federal government’s Pittman-Robertson program provided nearly $2 million to the DNR for wolf management. Wisconsin contributed nearly another $1 million from hunters’ license fees and endangered-resources funds.

Really Durkin? How much of that money came from the sale of the “Endangered Resources” license plates that went into that fund? You know that fund that payed off bear hounders to the tune of almost $500,000? You “sportsmen” do it all don’t you? Apparently he has not read the studies from UW Professor Adrain Treves because if he did he would see that “sportsmen” do not support wolves and a large number surveyed said they would poach one if they had the chanse. Oh but that would make “sportsmen” look bad, so don’t mention that. And why do the DNR’s own wolf biologists estimate that over a hundred wolves are poached each year? Then we have this:

So who’s the bigger fool: those who claim they’ll poach wolves, those who boast of poaching, or those who cite such boasts as predictors of hunter behavior?

Really Durkin? Overblown? Why don’t you talk about poacher James Vee and his wolf torture videos? Why not read the garbage and look at the photos on that deplorable Wisconsin Wolf Hunting Facebook page. Nothing hunters, hounders, and trappers do is ever wrong in the view of this guy. Apologists like him make me sick, and it disgusts me even more that he is allowed to print his garbage in a major paper. Please leave a comment following his ridiculous article.

Patrick Durkin: Worry over poaching of wolves proved overblown


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