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The Sleeping Giant Begins to Stir

The sleeping giant is slowly waking up!

The sleeping giant is slowly waking up!


In conclusion I want to address the possible consequences of ignoring majority public opinion. This bill seems to reflect a vocal minority. In so doing it will unify opponents who otherwise have not collaborated. I will venture two predictions. Opponents will challenge the bill at the ballot, in the ceded territories, and in the courts. You have never seen wolf policy challenged in these ways, particularly in state courts. Litigants will invoke the Public Trust Doctrine with its precedents in the U.S. Supreme Court that guarantee wildlife are a public trust resource that cannot be jeopardized. This bill will unify the opposition and this bill does not do justice to the measured and prudent approach to wolf policy the great state of Wisconsin has taken up to this point.

Arian Treves written testimony to the Senate Natural Resources Committee, February 8, 2012

As we all know the testimony of Professor Treves and that of countless other wildlife advocates were ignored that day and the wolf kill bill went on to pass the Wisconsin Legislature with “bi-partisan” support. A couple of major things happened once this abhorrent bill was rubber stamped and passed into law. First, people began to wake up to the institutionalized brutality that the state of Wisconsin openly advocates and actively promotes. Second, the residents of this state slowly came to realize the corrupt and openly biased system in place that shuts out the voices of everyone except a few powerful kill everything lobbyists and the killing cartels that employ them. Undeterred the Legislature and DNR continued to pass and implement anti-wildlife and pro-killing policies like never before. But people are starting to wake up.

While the wolf kill bill and the sadism included in it infuriated wildlife advocates across the country the Legislature, including almost all of the spineless Democrats, voted to allow hunting and trapping in almost every state park for SEVEN months of the year. This outraged not only wildlife advocates but non-consumptive users of the parks, and even some hunters as well. This bill, even more arrogant and audacious than the wolf kill bill, led to a public backlash that seemed to take the DNR and Natural Resources Board by surprise. The outrage was so massive that the Natural Resources Board actually listened to the citizens (unlike with the wolf kill bill) and scaled back the time allotted for killing in state parks to one month. Of course this was unacceptable to the kill everything good ol boys in the so called “Conservation Congress,” so they had to put the issue up for a vote in their yearly sham elections. But something strange happened this year at these elections, that the DNR tries to play off as a “sportsmen hearing.” Bristling from anger over the wolf kill bill and non-stop killing in state parks, attendees in Dane, Milwaukee, and Polk Counties voted to elect four PRO-wildlife candidates. And as you can guess this has the kill everything types like “outdoor” writer Patrick Durkin whining about hunters “losing” and about how these counties determined the outcome of several key votes. From Durkin’s propaganda article:

The wolf and “silent-sports” crowd also helped elect four of their own during the WCC’s annual elections, which lead off the hearings so all attendees can participate:

■ Melissa Smith, Madison, helped lead wolf-hunting opposition in Wisconsin the past year, and also opposed the Legislature’s expansion of hunting and trapping in state parks. She defeated incumbent Matt Rainey, Madison, for one of Dane County’s two-year delegate posts.

■ Barb Eisenberg, Milwaukee, a nonhunter and conservation/environmental activist, defeated incumbent Josh Hennlich, Oak Creek, vice chair of Milwaukee County’s WCC delegation, for a two-year term. Eisenberg also served as a WCC delegate from 2005 to 2008.

■ Brook Waalen, Luck, a member of the Ice Age Trail Alliance, defeated incumbent David Hraychuck, Balsam Lake, vice-chair of Polk County’s WCC delegation, for a two-year term.

■ Paul Kuhlman, St. Croix Falls, also a member of the IATA, was elected to fill a vacancy for a three-year term on Polk County’s WCC delegation.

Unlike some advocacy groups, the wolf-and-parks contingent didn’t just vote on pet questions and leave.

I love the “us vs them” tone of the article. The way Durkin makes it sound is if you are against dogs being used on wolves or against non-stop killing in state parks, you are the enemy. Then comes this little quote from Dane County Conservation Congress Delgate and wife of George Meyer, Jane Meyer:

Jayne Meyer, chairwoman of Dane County’s WCC delegation, said the Congress paid a price for asking the state parks question. “That’s why we lost our guy (Rainey),” she said. “There was no need for it. The Natural Resources Board settled that issue last year.”

Our guy? I thought the WCC was supposed to represent ALL citizens and be a citizen advisory? This quote shows that this sham organization is nothing more than another mouth piece for the killing cartels run by the likes of George Meyer and bear hounder lobbyists like Bob “Connecticut Effect” Welch. They had to give up FOUR spots to pro-wildlife/pro-enviroment candidates and they act as though the world is ending. To show how vastly unfair this “congress” is just look at how each county, no matter the population, gets the same number of delegates. So a county in the north with a tiny population gets the same say as counties with massive populations like Dane and Milwaukee. Is it just me or is something wrong with this picture? The game is rigged from the outset and they still whine that they lost four seats out of 300 plus that the good ol boys still control.

But the sleeping giant is starting to awaken. As Professor Treves foreshadowed in his above testimony people are catching on and getting fed up with the “business as usual” way wildlife is “managed” in this state. The time has come to give ALL citizens a voice in this issue and not just a select few from the good ol boy clubs that attempt to bully and intimidate anyone that doesn’t bow to their every whim. This is just the beginning. It is time to take our voice back from the killing cartels and demand that we be heard.

For more about our friend and newly elected Dane County delegate, Melissa Smith, please read this:

Hunting critics want a say in Wisconsin’s wildlife management



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“I had no idea” The Dangers of Apathy and Willful Ignorance

Ilse "The Bitch of Buchenwald" Koch

Ilse “The Bitch of Buchenwald” Koch

Definition of APATHY from Merriam-Webster Dictionary

: lack of feeling or emotion : impassiveness
: lack of interest or concern : indifference

Definition of Willful Ignorance:

A decision in bad faith to avoid becoming informed about something so as to avoid having to make undesirable decisions that such information might prompt.

Ilse Koch. Unless you are a student of history or a victim of this woman you probably have never heard this name. She was also known as “The Bitch of Buchenwald.” For those unaware Buchenwald was a Nazi concentration camp located near Weimar Germany. Koch, the wife of the camp commandant, was a sadist in the truest sense of the word. She would handpick camp prisoners with distinctive tattoos, subject them to torture, and after being killed have their tattooed skin removed as a “trophy,” or “souvenir.” Koch also kept a collection of human organs and allegedly had lampshades made from the skin of her victims.

Following the liberation of the Buchenwald camp by American soldiers in April, 1945 the American commanders on scene rounded up officials and residents of the nearby towns and marched them to the camp to see the handiwork of their fellow Germans. Many citizens fainted at the sights they encountered, while many more feigned ignorance as to what was occurring just up the road from them. Most of the citizens claimed that they had never knew that the camp had been a mass killing factory.

What the citizens were claiming is the very definition of willful ignorance. The reality is that most if not all were more guilty of exhibiting complete and total apathy as to what was happening around them. The crimes perpetrated by Ilse Koch and those like her stun the conscience. Is it really this easy for a person to be a sadist toward their fellow man? If how many treat animals is any indication the answer is a resounding yes.

“I had no idea.” That is not just a phrase that the German residents near Buchenwald spoke. This is a phrase that I hear often when speaking to people about what is occurring to wildlife in our own state. While I am not big on using Nazi comparisons, I will not hesitate to equate it the sadism that is occurring on our wild lands. While it is hard to believe that the German citizens really had no idea as to what was occurring in the camps, I do not find it all that surprising when Wisconsin citizens express total ignorance as to what is happening to our wildlife. Over the past couple of decades a cruelty cartel comprised of extremist hunting groups, their lobbyists, and their bought and paid for legislators have completely hijacked the control over our wildlife and wild lands. This happened right under the nose of both living wildlife advocates and even moderate hunters. There were a few lone voices, such as Patricia, but overall no one appeared to know that this was occurring.

This is what most people claim to not know anything about:

Killing contests are perfectly legal in Wisconsin. That’s right one of the most deplorable forms of “recreation,” turning killing into a scoring “sport,” is completely legal in Wisconsin and actively encouraged. This is occurring all over the state. The contests usually include who can kill the most and largest of raccoons and coyotes. To consider this “recreation” in this day and age is shameful, but it is perfectly legal. The response I get from people who first find out about these killing contest is “How can this be legal?” It is legal because of apathy, or willful ignorance. These “contests” fly right in the face of the garbage the DNR and their puppet masters spread about “conservation” and “heritage.” One thing that I will never understand is how killing can be considered “conservation.” But our society buys into this fallacy and assumes that agencies such as the DNR actually care about our wildlife and wild lands. For the most part this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Here is a recent example of a coyote killing contest sponsored by a tavern called “Jackson Clinic” in Mauston:

COYOTE HUNT – Sat., Feb. 2nd
Sign-in by 6 p.m. on Fri., Feb. 1st; Weigh-in at 7 p.m. on Saturday
DJ at 8 p.m.
1/2 pot for Biggest
1/4 pot for Smallest
1/4 pot for Most

This post on Facebook is followed by pictures of Wiley Coyote to make light of their killing contest. Most have no idea this is legal and occurring right in their own backyard.

The next activity that most people are apathetic or ignorant about is trapping. There are a little over 8,000 trappers in Wisconsin. Of these 5,000 “reported” that they killed almost 600,000 animals in 2011 alone. 600,000!!!!! And those are just the ones that they “reported.” Trappers are the first to claim that they are “ethical” and “respect” the animals that they trap. Here is an example of how much trappers “respect” the wolves they trap in Wisconsin:

Most people have no idea how trappers “dispatch” the animals they trap or how long they languish in that trap. Here is one preferred method:

Trapper Sadist Trapper Sadist 2 Trapper Sadist 3

This again is all perfectly legal. Remember this is “conservation” and “recreation” at work.

Finally we have the activity of hounding that I have covered here many times. Here is an example of how bear hounders “respect” the animals that they torment:

The most disturbing part of everything depicted above is that all of these activities are legal in Wisconsin. Most will say “I had no idea.” That is the problem. It is the willful ignorance or apathy of our fellow citizens that allow this to occur. Just like with the atrocities that occurred at Buchenwald most people have no idea what is happening in their backyard or if they do they turn a blind eye to it. This has to to change. We can start by organizing and participating in every hearing or meeting that promotes the sadism like seen above.

The first step is to attend the spring hearings of the deceptively named “Conservation Congress” on April 8th. These elections are held in each county in the state and ALL, are allowed to attend and vote. While the media and pro-hunting groups try to minimize the fact that the non-hunting public can participate and run for “delegate” positions, we indeed can. This year in addition to all of the usual killing more, more, and more proposals there will be a question asking if there should be a law banning the use of dogs against wolves. I implore you to attend your county election and take along as many friends and family as you can to vote against the killing proposals, vote for the ban of dogs against wolves, and elect pro-living wildlife delegates. Here is the information about the elections:

We can no longer be apathetic or willfully ignorant to what is occurring in our backyard. Our wildlife is under siege by the most extreme elements of the hunting/trapping community. If we do not organize and fight back more and more animals will be tortured in traps, ripped apart by packs of vicious dogs, and killed to score “points” in a disgusting contest. If history teaches us anything it is that we cannot just feign ignorance or be apathetic to injustices and sadism. If we don’t speak out nothing will change and we will have surrendered to the killing cartels and the sadism they promote.

Now about the “trophies” Ilse Koch took from her dead victims and human skin lampshades……….. I will let you figure out where I am headed with this.


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Reliving 2012 and a Call To Action For 2013

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Welcome to 2013. 2012 was a horrible year for wildlife across the country and especially for wolves in the Great Lakes. 2012 was also the year that we started fighting back against the kill everything extremists and their monopoly over our wildlife and wild lands. This was never more apparent than with the massive public outcry against the insane plan to allow basically unchecked hunting and trapping in our state parks for seven months of the year. Your voice made a difference and forced the normally rubber stamping Natural Resources Board to dramatically scale back this insane plan. We were finally heard loud and clear and a message was sent about the overreach of the DNR and their puppet masters in the legislatures and the extremist hunting groups.

While this was a great accomplishment there is so much more that we need to be vigilant about. In 2012 we saw the revolting side of our species manifest itself in response to Wisconsin’s first wolf killing season. The absolutely disgusting “Wisconsin Wolf Hunting” Facebook page finally showed to the rest of the public the sadistic and bloodthirsty mindset that plagues much of rural Wisconsin and the rest of the country. Facebook should be ashamed to have allowed this disgusting page to even exist. Unfortunately while homages to sadism like the “Wisconsin Wolf Hunting” page were allowed to spread and revel in their torture and bloodlust, wildlife advocates were being banned from Facebook for only expressing their opinions. That being said the sadists who participate in the above page and other similar ones are finally showing their true colors to the rest of society. Would most of us have even known how brutal and sadistic these people truly are without them proudly sharing their sick photos and videos? Their arrogance and pride in their brutal acts are waking up more and more people to what is really happening on our wild lands. One thing is for sure, we are paying attention. Because of the vigilance of wildlife advocates we were able to expose the sick and sadistic videos showing James Vee and his buddy laughing and joking after shooting a wolf in a trap. Vee and his buddy laughed while the wounded wolf thrashed in it’s death throes. Our pressure made sure that the DNR investigated this guy and he ended up being charged for not having a “proper” license for trapping the wolf. This same person also videotaped for several minutes while another trapped wolf howled and cried while awaiting it’s execution by another slob who made it a family event in front of a small child. Of course the DNR found nothing wrong with this and apparently their own rules about requiring a trapped animal to be killed “immediately” are null and void when it comes to wolf torturers.

In 2012, 241 wolves were reported to have died by human hands in Wisconsin. 117 from the wolf killing season, 57 from the Wildlife Services assassins, 22 killed by vehicles (all accidents, I am sure), 18 killed by landowners, and nine killed by poachers. The rest by “unknown causes.” Of course the number killed by poachers is very likely to be highly underestimated or underreported. And the wolf killers all did this without the use of dogs. Of course the trapper sadists killed the majority of wolves at 53%. And at no surprise to anyone the anti-wolf zealots are already clamoring for a massively increased quota for next year to push the wolfp opulation closer and closer to that ridiculous “350” number that they worship. Apparently they are too dense to realize that 350 was the number that they could begin killing wolves and it was not intended to be the maximum population. And like clockwork chief anti-wolf zealot and bear hounder puppet Rep. Scott Suder (R-ALEC) chimed in at the Natural Resources Board hearing that authorized the wolf slaughter. Suder wants to drastically lower the cost for for the wolf killing licenses to match the anti-wolf states of Idaho and Montana, and he was whining that the quota was far too low. Now that Suder and his cronies again have complete and total control of the state government we need to watch every piece of legislation that this guy proposes. He may very well be the most anti-wildlfie politician in the country right now and we need to make sure everyone knows who he really works for.

In 2013 we must also make sure to to keep a close eye on the extremist hunting groups that were behind the wolf kill bill and the unlimited killing in state parks bill. Of course we all know which groups these are and they are led by the deplorable Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association and George Meyer’s deceptively named hunting group, the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation. Last year Meyer’s kill everything group made an insane proposal that slipped under the radar. They want the state to impose a bounty program for the killing of coyotes. Now that they essentially own the legislature do not be surprised to see more insane proposals like this put forth to be rubber stamped by the Republicans and their so-called Democrat allies. When Meyer and his group were not busy dreaming up more killing proposals they were telling everyone that would listen what a great thing that it was that animal cruelty was protected under state law when it comes to wildlife.

The positive is that the above groups flew under the radar for so long that not many knew how much power they really had and how they owned the legislature. But their arrogance could no longer be restrained and they decided that their power was so absolute that they could not restrain their overreach. Now people are paying attention. Now WE are paying attention and we sure don’t like what we are seeing. WE are the new breed of wildlife advocates and WE don’t back down even in the face of bullying and threats. Earlier this year one of our supporters and dedicated ally had a dead and gutted coyote placed on the hood of their vehicle in Madison. Apparently these sadistic thugs thought that it would scare this person into submission. It didn’t. In fact it did the exact opposite and strengthened their resolve even further. These type of bullies may have been able to intimidate wildlife advocates with their gruesome acts and threats in the past, but that is no more. The bullies and sadists in the hunting community need to realize that WE are a whole new breed of wildlife advocate. Some of us are military veterans. We come from all walks of life, and some are even former or current hunters. We don’t back down. The same message goes to the anti-wolf/pro-hounder trolls who post threats on this site toward wildlife advocates and our allies. You will be exposed and your past indiscretions will be made available for all of the world to see thanks to the Wisconsin Circuit Court online records system. I would say something about throwing stones in a glass house, but most of the trolls are too dense to understand the meaning behind that.

We have accomplished quite a bit in 2012 in the face of a relentless attack by those who wish to see all that we hold precious eradicated. For 2013 we must take it up a few notches. The first thing that we must do is continue to EXPOSE the bear hounders, trappers, and other sadists for what they really are. When they post their lies and propaganda, call them on it. When they post their sadistic videos and photos share them far and wide. We must also attend the Natural Resources Board hearings to make our voice heard. The same must be done for the so-called “Conservation” Congress. We must get our delegates voted onto this good old boy “congress.” Remember it is supposed to for the “public” so we have just as much of a right to be a part of this as they do. Any “public” hearing concerning wildlife we must attend to make our voices heard. The DNR always makes sure that the kill everything groups are strongly represented at these meeting and we need to counter that. Finally we must counter the anti-wolf zealots and trolls who post on internet news stories. Counter them with FACTS and when they accuse of of being “emotional” and they get angry turn the tables and point out who is really the “emotional” one. Remember we have the FACTS on our side, not the fluffy lies and propaganda they constantly spew.

Finally the most important thing for us to do is to stop the childish infighting that so often happens among wildlife and animal welfare organizations and individuals. This petty garbage is one of the reasons that we have trouble gaining ground on the kill everything groups that dominate our state. This war on wildlife is not just affecting wolves it is impacting all of our wildlife in one way or another. Look at how bears, coyotes, and other “fur bearing” animals are treated in this state. We are advocates for ALL living wildlife not just wolves as some on our side want it to be. Our state allows and even promotes the most vile and barbaric methods for killing animals and someone needs to keep pointing this out. We cannot do this without coordination or by getting sidetracked trying to save the world from global warming or other issues. While those issues are very important we must focus on our WILDLIFE and try to do what is within our power to force change at the state level. Our real enemies are the hounders, trappers, anti-wildlife legislators, and the kill everything hunting groups that pull their strings. While it is noble to try and change the world we must focus on changing our own backyard FIRST. Before Patricia started her column most people had no clue what was being done to the wildlife in this state and how corrupt our DNR has become. Most bought into the propaganda that all “sportsmen” were “conservationists” and ethical. While some may be we now see the dark underbelly that has been thriving in this state for decades. This is what we must work together to expose. Please stop the petty vegan vs vegetarian vs meat eater arguments. Please stop acting like one species of wildlife is all that matters when all are suffering. If people do not want to work together than they are doing more harm than good as far as I am concerned and we are no better than the extremist sadists that we claim to be fighting against.

Now that I got that off of my chest I want to wish all living wildlife advocates a very happy New Year. Even with all of the sadism and suffering that we saw this past year we are making progress. People are starting to pay attention and the hounders, trappers, and other sadists are finally being exposed. We must not let up. Let’s make 2013 the year that our wildlife finally has a true voice. We must also continue to support those with the courage to challenge in court the insanity of our state. The outstanding legal team challenging the use of of dogs against wolves is a perfect example of this. We thank them for allowing wildlife advocates to finally fight back against the bear hounders and their enablers. But this must only be the beginning. We must fight to bring true democracy into our wildlife and wild land “management” decisions. It is time to stand up to the pro-killing anti-wildlife cartels that are in bed with the state and demand that these decisions are made by the majority, not just extremist special interests. Keep fighting and have a happy New Year.


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Results of Wisconsin Conservation Congress Votes

By marya, via Wikimedia Commons

As expected the kill everything crowd voted to approve each killing proposal this year during the Conservation Congress voting. Here are a couple of notable votes:

Sandhill crane killing season: Yes-2559 No-1271

Allow killing of coyotes during gun deer season: Yes-2501 No-1048

Allow trappers to check weasel traps every four days rather than daily: Yes-1878 No-1133

Every increased killing measure was approved by wide margins. A measure to delay the start of the crow killing season was also approved because an earlier start is just too cold for these big tough guy “sportsmen.”

Here are the results:

Statewide Results

County Results

There you have it folks. Each year we allow the hunters and trappers to increase their killing and the brutal methods by which they kill. We NEED to get involved in this and speak as a true majority. These meetings have become nothing more than “good old boy” gatherings where they rubber-stamp killing proposals. They are supposed to be PUBLIC hearing and we must get involved. We have another year until the next elections. Let’s mobilize and get actively involved. We cannot keep letting these people control every aspect of our wildlife and turn our lands into nothing more than killing grounds for their amusement.


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“Well, everything in God’s garden is available to us”

“Well, everything in God’s garden is available to us.”

Those are the words of Dave Swanson of the Green Bay Duck Hunters Association speaking about the proposed sandhill crane hunting season for an article in today’s Wisconsin State Journal.

This is the mindset that we are dealing with. People like Swanson think they have a spiritual imperative to kill what ever they want because it is part of “God’s garden.” This is not the first time that I have heard this argument used to justify recreational hunting and trapping. Personally, I think that people like these are just using that argument as spiritual cover for their bloodlust.

Another argument that is being used by proponents of crane killing is that they damage untreated crops. This response from Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation lobbyist Paul Zimmerman also came from the Wisconsin State Journal article:

“Zimmerman said hunting offers a means of controlling population growth and gives hunters “another recreational opportunity.”

That sums it up. The killing of sandhill cranes is just another recreational opportunity for hunters in Wisconsin.

Remember the Conservation Congress Election is Monday April 9th (tomorrow) in every county in the state. The issue of a sandhill crane hunting season is one of the questions to be voted on. Hunters and trappers have controlled this group for the past 80 years. This is a PUBLIC event and it is NOT just for hunters and trappers. Please show up tomorrow at your local meeting and remind them they WE are the majority in this state and to vote against their animal killing agenda.

Location of Election in Each County 

2012 Questionnaire


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