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Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf Unveils Billboard and Takes Fight to the Public

Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf billboard unveiled on I90/I94 near Wisconsin Dells.

Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf billboard unveiled on I90/I94 near Wisconsin Dells.

**Disclaimer** I am a member of the Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf Board of Directors.

Tired of being ignored by the State of Wisconsin Legislature, Department of Natural Resources, and Natural Resources Board, a group of Wisconsin wildlife advocates have decided to take our message directly to the public. This week grass roots wildlife advocacy group, Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf, have taken the first step in a campaign to educate and inform the public about the reckless and brutal campaign being waged against Wisconsin’s wolf population.

Here is the official press release from Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf:



For more information:

Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf

117 Ardmore Drive

Madison, WI 53713



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                              August 8th, 2013


(Madison, WI)- In an effort to increase awareness about the upcoming Wisconsin wolf hunt, Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf, a non-profit wolf advocacy group with members all over the state, placed a billboard between mile marker 191 & 192, on Hwy A that goes over I 90/94. The controversial billboard shows wolf families in the sights of a rifle stating “SHAME ON WISCONSIN”, with a hope to increase involvement of the public with the non-profit and to engage tourists in voicing their concerns over the recently de-listed grey wolf hunt.

This year’s wolf hunt with have a quota of nearly 300 wolves.  With recent data released from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources nearly 75% of those wolves killed were juveniles. “While we are relieved that breeding adults mostly survived last year’s hunt, we are deeply concerned about the sustainability of this hunt with a goal of bringing our population down to 350 wolves, nearly as fast as they can with little regard for what is best for Wisconsin’s ecosystem and wolves”, said Melissa Smith, director of the Friends of the WI Wolf group.

 Last year, the quota of 117 was met in a very short time, mostly by trapping. This year however, dogs will be used to hunt wolves, which Friends of the WI Wolf group believes is “state-sanctioned dog fighting”. In addition, the group has been working hard to bring awareness about the practices of hounding in general and captive wildlife penning, both legal in Wisconsin. “I know if the public saw what I just saw on this YouTube video, (a video showing hounds attacking a coyote) they would be outraged. And this year, this inhumane practice will also include wolves”, said Patty Maringer-Fitzpatrick, vice president of the group.

Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf hopes to be able to raise 1,000 dollars to keep the billboard in the Wisconsin Dells up through gun-deer season and to even expand into other places such as Milwaukee and Door County. The donation will be matched by a generous donor if they are able to meet their funding goals.

Contact: Melissa Smith, Executive Director,, 608-234-8860

About Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf: FOTWW is a small, privately funded non profit dedicated to the preservation and protection of wolves in Wisconsin. You can visit them on Facebook as well at




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Reliving 2012 and a Call To Action For 2013

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Welcome to 2013. 2012 was a horrible year for wildlife across the country and especially for wolves in the Great Lakes. 2012 was also the year that we started fighting back against the kill everything extremists and their monopoly over our wildlife and wild lands. This was never more apparent than with the massive public outcry against the insane plan to allow basically unchecked hunting and trapping in our state parks for seven months of the year. Your voice made a difference and forced the normally rubber stamping Natural Resources Board to dramatically scale back this insane plan. We were finally heard loud and clear and a message was sent about the overreach of the DNR and their puppet masters in the legislatures and the extremist hunting groups.

While this was a great accomplishment there is so much more that we need to be vigilant about. In 2012 we saw the revolting side of our species manifest itself in response to Wisconsin’s first wolf killing season. The absolutely disgusting “Wisconsin Wolf Hunting” Facebook page finally showed to the rest of the public the sadistic and bloodthirsty mindset that plagues much of rural Wisconsin and the rest of the country. Facebook should be ashamed to have allowed this disgusting page to even exist. Unfortunately while homages to sadism like the “Wisconsin Wolf Hunting” page were allowed to spread and revel in their torture and bloodlust, wildlife advocates were being banned from Facebook for only expressing their opinions. That being said the sadists who participate in the above page and other similar ones are finally showing their true colors to the rest of society. Would most of us have even known how brutal and sadistic these people truly are without them proudly sharing their sick photos and videos? Their arrogance and pride in their brutal acts are waking up more and more people to what is really happening on our wild lands. One thing is for sure, we are paying attention. Because of the vigilance of wildlife advocates we were able to expose the sick and sadistic videos showing James Vee and his buddy laughing and joking after shooting a wolf in a trap. Vee and his buddy laughed while the wounded wolf thrashed in it’s death throes. Our pressure made sure that the DNR investigated this guy and he ended up being charged for not having a “proper” license for trapping the wolf. This same person also videotaped for several minutes while another trapped wolf howled and cried while awaiting it’s execution by another slob who made it a family event in front of a small child. Of course the DNR found nothing wrong with this and apparently their own rules about requiring a trapped animal to be killed “immediately” are null and void when it comes to wolf torturers.

In 2012, 241 wolves were reported to have died by human hands in Wisconsin. 117 from the wolf killing season, 57 from the Wildlife Services assassins, 22 killed by vehicles (all accidents, I am sure), 18 killed by landowners, and nine killed by poachers. The rest by “unknown causes.” Of course the number killed by poachers is very likely to be highly underestimated or underreported. And the wolf killers all did this without the use of dogs. Of course the trapper sadists killed the majority of wolves at 53%. And at no surprise to anyone the anti-wolf zealots are already clamoring for a massively increased quota for next year to push the wolfp opulation closer and closer to that ridiculous “350” number that they worship. Apparently they are too dense to realize that 350 was the number that they could begin killing wolves and it was not intended to be the maximum population. And like clockwork chief anti-wolf zealot and bear hounder puppet Rep. Scott Suder (R-ALEC) chimed in at the Natural Resources Board hearing that authorized the wolf slaughter. Suder wants to drastically lower the cost for for the wolf killing licenses to match the anti-wolf states of Idaho and Montana, and he was whining that the quota was far too low. Now that Suder and his cronies again have complete and total control of the state government we need to watch every piece of legislation that this guy proposes. He may very well be the most anti-wildlfie politician in the country right now and we need to make sure everyone knows who he really works for.

In 2013 we must also make sure to to keep a close eye on the extremist hunting groups that were behind the wolf kill bill and the unlimited killing in state parks bill. Of course we all know which groups these are and they are led by the deplorable Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association and George Meyer’s deceptively named hunting group, the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation. Last year Meyer’s kill everything group made an insane proposal that slipped under the radar. They want the state to impose a bounty program for the killing of coyotes. Now that they essentially own the legislature do not be surprised to see more insane proposals like this put forth to be rubber stamped by the Republicans and their so-called Democrat allies. When Meyer and his group were not busy dreaming up more killing proposals they were telling everyone that would listen what a great thing that it was that animal cruelty was protected under state law when it comes to wildlife.

The positive is that the above groups flew under the radar for so long that not many knew how much power they really had and how they owned the legislature. But their arrogance could no longer be restrained and they decided that their power was so absolute that they could not restrain their overreach. Now people are paying attention. Now WE are paying attention and we sure don’t like what we are seeing. WE are the new breed of wildlife advocates and WE don’t back down even in the face of bullying and threats. Earlier this year one of our supporters and dedicated ally had a dead and gutted coyote placed on the hood of their vehicle in Madison. Apparently these sadistic thugs thought that it would scare this person into submission. It didn’t. In fact it did the exact opposite and strengthened their resolve even further. These type of bullies may have been able to intimidate wildlife advocates with their gruesome acts and threats in the past, but that is no more. The bullies and sadists in the hunting community need to realize that WE are a whole new breed of wildlife advocate. Some of us are military veterans. We come from all walks of life, and some are even former or current hunters. We don’t back down. The same message goes to the anti-wolf/pro-hounder trolls who post threats on this site toward wildlife advocates and our allies. You will be exposed and your past indiscretions will be made available for all of the world to see thanks to the Wisconsin Circuit Court online records system. I would say something about throwing stones in a glass house, but most of the trolls are too dense to understand the meaning behind that.

We have accomplished quite a bit in 2012 in the face of a relentless attack by those who wish to see all that we hold precious eradicated. For 2013 we must take it up a few notches. The first thing that we must do is continue to EXPOSE the bear hounders, trappers, and other sadists for what they really are. When they post their lies and propaganda, call them on it. When they post their sadistic videos and photos share them far and wide. We must also attend the Natural Resources Board hearings to make our voice heard. The same must be done for the so-called “Conservation” Congress. We must get our delegates voted onto this good old boy “congress.” Remember it is supposed to for the “public” so we have just as much of a right to be a part of this as they do. Any “public” hearing concerning wildlife we must attend to make our voices heard. The DNR always makes sure that the kill everything groups are strongly represented at these meeting and we need to counter that. Finally we must counter the anti-wolf zealots and trolls who post on internet news stories. Counter them with FACTS and when they accuse of of being “emotional” and they get angry turn the tables and point out who is really the “emotional” one. Remember we have the FACTS on our side, not the fluffy lies and propaganda they constantly spew.

Finally the most important thing for us to do is to stop the childish infighting that so often happens among wildlife and animal welfare organizations and individuals. This petty garbage is one of the reasons that we have trouble gaining ground on the kill everything groups that dominate our state. This war on wildlife is not just affecting wolves it is impacting all of our wildlife in one way or another. Look at how bears, coyotes, and other “fur bearing” animals are treated in this state. We are advocates for ALL living wildlife not just wolves as some on our side want it to be. Our state allows and even promotes the most vile and barbaric methods for killing animals and someone needs to keep pointing this out. We cannot do this without coordination or by getting sidetracked trying to save the world from global warming or other issues. While those issues are very important we must focus on our WILDLIFE and try to do what is within our power to force change at the state level. Our real enemies are the hounders, trappers, anti-wildlife legislators, and the kill everything hunting groups that pull their strings. While it is noble to try and change the world we must focus on changing our own backyard FIRST. Before Patricia started her column most people had no clue what was being done to the wildlife in this state and how corrupt our DNR has become. Most bought into the propaganda that all “sportsmen” were “conservationists” and ethical. While some may be we now see the dark underbelly that has been thriving in this state for decades. This is what we must work together to expose. Please stop the petty vegan vs vegetarian vs meat eater arguments. Please stop acting like one species of wildlife is all that matters when all are suffering. If people do not want to work together than they are doing more harm than good as far as I am concerned and we are no better than the extremist sadists that we claim to be fighting against.

Now that I got that off of my chest I want to wish all living wildlife advocates a very happy New Year. Even with all of the sadism and suffering that we saw this past year we are making progress. People are starting to pay attention and the hounders, trappers, and other sadists are finally being exposed. We must not let up. Let’s make 2013 the year that our wildlife finally has a true voice. We must also continue to support those with the courage to challenge in court the insanity of our state. The outstanding legal team challenging the use of of dogs against wolves is a perfect example of this. We thank them for allowing wildlife advocates to finally fight back against the bear hounders and their enablers. But this must only be the beginning. We must fight to bring true democracy into our wildlife and wild land “management” decisions. It is time to stand up to the pro-killing anti-wildlife cartels that are in bed with the state and demand that these decisions are made by the majority, not just extremist special interests. Keep fighting and have a happy New Year.


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Five Month Wolf Slaughter Begins Monday and Why Are Federal Employees Giving Wolf Killing Lessons?

An article by pro-killing writer, Paul Smith, appeared this evening on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s website talking abut the upcoming wolf kill. Amidst all of the fluff about how “careful” the DNR is not to allow “over-harvest” of wolves there is a section about how a professional wildlife assassin from the despised USDA’s “Wildlife Services” gave a government sanctioned course to would be wolf killers about how to trap wolves. From the article:

Only a handful of people, mostly state and federal employees like Dave Ruid of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s wildlife services, have intentionally and with proper authorization trapped or hunted wolves in Wisconsin.

Ruid said the techniques for trapping wolves are very similar to those used for coyotes. At the clinic in Tomahawk, Ruid demonstrated a wolf set. It used a foot-hold trap concealed by dirt and leaves. A dog urine scent was used to mark a nearby log.

Trappers are likely to achieve higher rates of success, said Ruid. Of the 1,160 licenses issued in Wisconsin, 238 have some trapping experience or have purchased a trapping license in the past, according to the DNR.

So our tax money is paying for “clinics” that teach sadists how to bait and trap wolves. I expect this garbage from the kill everything types in the DNR, but why are the Feds putting on killing classes? Then we have DNR employee and bear hounder shill, Kurt Thiede, spreading more ridiculous fluffy propaganda:

“We are being as careful as possible,” said Thiede. “It is in everyone’s interest that we effectively manage wolves so we are able to retain management of these majestic creatures.”

Careful as possible? Really? Wanting to allow packs of vicious dogs to run rampant through the woods and fight wolves? Allowing 1600 sadists to target a population of 800 wolves night and day for five months? Allowing those same sadists to bait, use electronic calls, and trap? That sure sounds “careful” to me. By the way this is almost exactly what Rep. Scott Suder (R-ALEC) said during an interview on Wisconsin Public Radio back in February. It sure is funny how the bear hounders, Suder, and their shills like Thiede all use the same talking points. Who do they really work for?

Then there is a very well reasoned article from Ron Seely in the Wisconsin State Journal talking about how the wolf killing season, vehicle deaths, killings by Wildlife Services assassins, and poaching could cause between 46 to 57 percent of the wolf population to be killed over the next few months according to DNR wolf biologist Adrian Wydeven. Now I see why Rep. Scott Suder (R-Alec) and Rep. Roger (Some Girls Rape Easy) Rivard did not allow Mr. Wydeven to testify at their sham of a “public hearing.” From the article:

Wisconsin population studies, Wydeven said, have shown that 9 percent to 19 percent of the state’s wolves are killed illegally each year, 10 percent are killed in depredation control programs, and 3 percent to 4 percent are killed by vehicles. Add those numbers to the 24 percent harvest quotas, Wydeven said, and total, human-caused mortality is likely to be between 46 percent and 57 percent. Research has shown that wolves can tolerate up to about 29 percent to 35 percent human-caused mortality rates before populations decline, Wydeven reported to the Natural Resources Board.

So it is likely that over 50 percent of the wolf population will be killed before the wolf killing season ends in February. Of course that does not include the number of pregnant females that will be killed after the beginning of the year that will further decrease the population. Then we have Mr. Wydeven talking about how beneficial wolves are to the ecosystem in this article:

“Wisconsin’s wolf population has grown since then from a pair of wolves to roughly 850 wolves today,” Wydeven said. “As their numbers have grown, they have had a significant impact that has shown to benefit surrounding ecosystems.”

Wydeven will provide data and anecdotal evidence on how the growing wolf population has contributed to greater diversity of understory plants, as well as improved deer herd and trout stream conditions. In addition, he will touch on the controversy surrounding human interaction with wolves related to depredation and Wisconsin’s first wolf hunt to reduce their numbers.

So we have a respected DNR biologist talking about how over 50 percent of the population may be killed and how beneficial they are to the ecosystem while the DNR is all hot and bothered to kill as many wolves as they can in any way possible. What is wrong with this picture? Wolves in this state face very grave danger in the upcoming months. This threat is not just from the sadists who wish to trap, shoot, and hound wolves, but from ignorant politicians like Scott Suder who will surely push for increased kill numbers next year along with more extreme killing methods.

If Mr. Wydeven is correct and over half of the wolf population is killed we must not stand by and allow the federal government to sit on their hands. If this happens the wolf needs to be returned to the Endangered Species List and we need to make sure this happens. Please be vigilant as to what is happening if you live in wolf country. Do not hesitate to report poachers, trespassers, or hounders breaking the rules. If you do not want to report it directly send us a message and we will report it. The DNR must be held accountable and enforce their so called “rules” that they let trappers, hunters, and hounders so brazenly get away with. If you have video evidence of wrongdoing please share it with us. If you see photographs or videos on the internet of any violations please share the links. We cannot stand by and let these sadists continue to break laws and torture wildlife while the DNR looks the other way. This is not just for wolves. If you see any wildlife violations report it and let us or other wildlife advocacy groups know. The public must be made aware of what is really happening to our wildlife and who is enabling it.


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DNR Wolf Kill Hearings Announced and Dogs as Weapons

Remind the DNR that we are watching.


**Update** Of all of the animals that Wisconsin allows dos to be used against I forgot one: turkeys. Turkeys! So much for their fantasy of “fair chase.”

The DNR has announced that they will be holding four hearings in Wisconsin to help determine the number of wolf killing permits to be issued and the number of wolves to be killed. Any bets that these “hearings” will be dominated by the anti-wolf factions that wrote the bill and control the wildlife in this state?

DNR sets public meetings for wolf hunting and trapping rules

If you are able to attend one of these hearings please consider doing so. I don’t know how much of it will really make a difference because I am sure their minds are made up. They are hellbent on a wholesale slaughter but we need to make them aware that people are watching. I should try not to be so cynical, but judging how this whole process has played out thus far it is difficult to see the state being rational about this.

Dogs as Weapons

Remember that under Wisconsin law it is illegal for any wild animal to be killed by dogs. This wolf kill bill flies in the face of that and we need to make sure we call them on that. Wisconsin now allows wolves, bears, coyotes, bobcats, and raccoons to be terrorized by packs of free running vicious dogs, yet they claim the dogs don’t kill the animals? Give me a break! By allowing the use of dogs to go after wolves and coyotes Wisconsin has basically legalized dog fighting under the guise of “conservation” and “wildlife management.” Who enforces this? There are videos all over the internet showing wild animals, mostly bears, being attacked by packs of hounds in Wisconsin. What ever happened to the rule of law that these “conservatives” claim is important to them? Instead of being limited or banned as much of the country is doing, Wisconsin has expanded the use of dogs a weapons under the guise of “tradition” and “conservation.”

We need to spread the word about this. Do we really want packs of vicious dogs allowed to run free in our woods to torment wildlife for over half of the year? What about the property owners and their pets or children? They are worried about nonexistent wolf attacks while packs of vicious dogs are allowed to run free across the northern part of the state. What is the real threat? Wisconsin is the only state that plans to allow packs of vicious dogs to go after wolves. Not even the wolf hating states of Idaho and Montana allow this. California is close to banning hounding and we need to follow their lead. If the public really knows what happens to the animals that are tormented by these “men” and dogs then we can force real change. We need to take the blinders off of the public and show them what the state’s idea of “conservation” is really all about.

It is time to reenergize our cause. I ask that all living wildlife advocates spread far and wide what the State of Wisconsin is allowing to happen to our wildlife, and that our beloved dogs are now used as weapons under the guise of “conservation.” I have posted this video several times, but it needs to be spread far and wide:

This deplorable behavior is not enforced in Wisconsin. This happens every day during hounding season. These sadists are so brazen that they post it on the internet for the whole world to see because they know the DNR won’t do a damn thing about it. Please share this far and wide. We need this behavior to be banned and force the DNR to enforce existing law.


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Natural Resources Board Approves Wolf Killing Season

Hundreds of gray wolves could be slaughtered in Wisconsin starting this October and lasting until the end of February.


Today, the Wisconsin Natural Resources board approved a plan to allow for the slaughter of wolves in Wisconsin just four moths after they were removed from the federal endangered species list. Here is what a member of this board had to say:

“I can just see the wolf pups getting older and looking at my livestock on the other side of the fence. There is an absolute need for controlling the wolf population in this state,” said board member William Bruins.”

So according to this guy wolves must be killed for “looking” at his livestock. Isn’t this a conflict of interest? This guy is apparently a farmer or rancher and he gets to make policy on our wildlife so that it directly benefits him? Last year wolves allegedly killed 80 livestock. They farmers were reimbursed for all of them. Something is very, very wrong here. UW Professor Adrian Treves again spoke out against the provisions in the wolf kill bill in a letter to the Natural Resources Board. He said this:

“In short, although this act claims to address depredations, the proposed rules for the hunt suggest that recreation or revenge is the goal,” Treves said in a letter to the board. Treves also said night-time hunting and the long season treat wolves without the respect due a trophy animal.

“The length of the season is similar to the season on rabbits, squirrels, and beavers but longer than coyote trapping. These provisions could generate unsustainable mortality and lead the Fish and Wildlife Service to relist the wolf. Wolves are not an ordinary fur bearer or vermin and should be accorded the status of grand trophy game to be hunted with respect or not at all.”

Treves warned that this extreme plan will likely trigger lawsuits and could put the gray wolf back on the endangered species list.

“The DNR’s wolf hunting plan “increases the risk that wolves will be returned to federally endangered status because it proposes untested methods in a very long season in too broad an area of the state,” warned Adrian Treves, an associate professor of environmental studies who has surveyed thousands of state residents on the issue.”

We can only hope that lawsuits will be filed to challenge this insane plan, and that the federal government steps in and re-lists the wolf. If not, hundreds of wolves are likely to be slaughtered in Wisconsin by shooting, trapping, with packs of vicious dogs, at night, all for four and a half months right through the breeding season. This is just another example of the extremist Walker administration and his allies in the Legislature ignoring the will of the people to further their sick agenda. The opinion of the majority of Wisconsin residents and a renowned UW professor are ignored in favor of the wants of the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, Safari Club International, and the National Redneck Rifle Association (NRA). Remember this when you cast your votes on June 5th and in November. Read more here:

UW expert: Wolf could go back on endangered species list


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