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Scott Walker: “Defender of Freedom” and “Rock Star”

Scott Walker: Defender of Freedom and Rock Star
Photo by, via Wikimedia Commons

Last week the National Redneck Rifle Association (NRA) awarded our very own corporate shill of a governor, Scott Walker, an award labeling him as a  “defender of freedom.” This fearless individual is defending your 2nd Amendment freedom to slaughter wolves, bears, coyotes, and soon sandhill cranes strictly for your entertainment. Not only can you slaughter more wildlife under this guy, you can also shoot anyone who comes on your property under his “castle doctrine” law and call it self defense. What a “hero.”

The neighbor’s dog poops in your yard- BOOM, instant “Second Amendment Remedy!”

A Girl Scout comes to your door selling cookies- BOOM, I felt threatened.

Someone knocks on your door asking for directions-BOOM, and a second BOOM if you happen to be non-white.

Now, I have nothing against someone legitimately defending their family from an intruder, but Scott Walker and his ALEC/NRA inspired paranoia are taking us back to a far darker time in our history where every problem was “solved” with a blast from a gun. Here is a quote from a recent Washington Post article  where Walker was attending a Koch Industries funded event in Oklahoma :

“He’s exactly what this country needs in terms of leadership,” said banker Bob Emery of Enid, Okla., who was seated at a nearby table, clearly in awe. “The courage he has had … is what wells up in me. The man is absolutely doing what he believes in.”

So was Hitler.

Of course there is also that little issue of the “John Doe” investigation that is getting closer and closer each day to Walker and his goons. I know that all of my heroes have an indictment hanging over their heads.

One more reason that this guy NEEDS to be recalled.


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