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“Just Get Over It”

Coming soon to Wisconsin.

Coming soon to Wisconsin. Apparently we are supposed to just “get over it.” 

One of the more common arguments that wolf haters are throwing around these days are that wildlife advocates need to “get over it” and “accept” the wolf slaughter because it is the law and the Wisconsin DNR says that we must kill wolves before they eat our grandchildren…….or some other nonsense. I pose this question to the wolf haters and their right-wing supporters. If wildlife advocates are supposed to stop fighting the wolf kill and “get over it” will you do the same for abortion and Obamacare? How about gun laws? After all they are the “law” just as wolf killing now is.

A woman’s right to an abortion has been upheld time and time again in the Federal Courts, yet those on the right continue to whine, complain, and do everything they can to undermine that right up to and including bombings and murders.

Why can’t you right wingers “just get over it?” After all abortion is legal and that has been affirmed by the Supreme Court.

That’s right. You continue to fight it because you find it morally reprehensible based on your religion or whatever hate radio tells you that day.

How about the Affordable Care Act aka “Obamacare.” That too is the law of the land and has been upheld by the Supreme Court. Why can’t the right-wingers just “get over it?”

How about gun laws? The “Holy Grail” of the right wing in America. Why do you fight gun laws? After all some are the “law” as well. Just “get over it.”

I am kind of getting the idea of what these people believe. If you want to help animals and people live a healthy and cruelty free life you are “bad” or “anti-American.” But if you want to kill animals and deny people healthcare or access to abortions you are “good” and a “patriot.”

As one anti-wolf commenter that tried to post to this site said:

“So what if a couple comments hurt your feelings, wahhh, go cry about it.”

I suppose the same can be said for those very same people when they protest abortion, gun laws, and the big bad “socialist” Obamacare. They are the law now, so “get over it.” We wildlife advocates feel just as passionate about fighting what we see as unjust laws and regulations that go against what WE believe in. We will not stop fighting against the cruel use of dogs against wolves. We will not stop fighting the sadism that is trapping. Why should our passion or right to protest be any different than your rights? Is it because you think that you are somehow “more of an American” than we are? Is it because of some twisted sense of “dominionism” taught to you by a religious leader or parent?

No, we will NOT “get over it.” Just as I am sure that the right wing will not get over the LEGAL things that I mentioned above. If that hurts your feelings, “wahhh, go cry about it” but not here.


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So Much for the “Respect” and “Tolerance” the DNR Says Exists for Wolves in Wisconsin


The Wisconsin wolf slaughter is up to 95 today. Over at the hate filled “Wisconsin Wolf Hunting” Facebook page they are celebrating, spreading the hate, and cheering on more wolf poaching. In fact they decided to make it personal today when they posted this about the wolf advocates that had the nerve to report a possible wolf poaching last year:

Wisconsin Wolf Hunting

2 hours ago

Another photo shot for the Jamie Vee fan club from yesterday. Just a little shout out to Alice, Melissa and Cathy from the fine fans of the WWH fan page. We will turning that story over to a few bloggers and they will be running a story about all of this after the season is done with. Yeah we know what you three attempted to do with harassing people last year and this year . The majority hard core anti wolf hunters are nothing more then bunny huggers and whack job animal activists.


If readers do not remember the above mentioned person posted two snuff videos on YouTube showing the gleeful killing of a black wolf and a collared gray colored wolf. What followed was laughing about killing the wolves by the killers in the videos. The videos went viral and were reported to the DNR. In fact this is the response that was received from a DNR official in November 2012:


For your information the man who shot the radio collared wolf will be fined and the wolf was confiscated from him.  He was not legally licensed to trap wolves, in part because he had not taken trapper education classes.  We had tried to require training for anyone planning to trap wolves, but were unable to get special wolf trapping training that into the rules.  But all trappers need to have taken trapper education classes.  A major  part of trapper education programs are teaching people ethics of trapping and attempting to dispatch captured animals as humanely and quickly as possible.  Letting the wolf struggle in the trap while they were videoing it instead of just quickly euthanizing it certainly was not ethical.


We did provide voluntary training for wolf trapping and I would guess neither group took that class.  The first pair that commented about shooting the wolf in the face were certainly not ethical.   But a well-placed shot to the head can be an approved method of euthanasia approved by the American Medical Veterinary Association.  But putting it on a video, and making comments as they did certainly was not ethical.  I could not see well enough how well the shot was made to the head. Even with a well-placed shot into the brain, there still may be some residual muscle and nerve action after the animal was shot. 


Thanks for bringing these to my attention.  They were not easy to watch.  It looks like at least 1 of these individual will end up getting fined. 


Happy Thanksgiving


Of course as expected the charge was dropped due to what the District Attorney called “legislative interference.” So go ahead and “blog” all you want about this case. Be sure to interview the DA that prosecuted it so he can tell you all about that “legislative interference.” I am sure the public will just love to hear about it.;jsessionid=B173CFFC636E4AEF26494A1DB946F8D9.render6?caseNo=2012FO000321&countyNo=4&cacheId=67B9B7242E108FDCDFE3B1C271D0D055&recordCount=7&offset=1&mode=details&submit=View+Case+Details


And speaking of that disgusting hate page here is a smorgasbord of comments showing some of that “tolerance” and “respect” that the DNR and Patrick Durkin claim exists for wolves among Wisconsin “sportsmen.” Here are a few examples:



Erica Hana I love how these extremist liberals argue how protecting an animal that murders livestock with its face is a must. Shoot them all and make a nice duvee cover. Like · Reply · 5 minutes ago via mobile



Notice how they go crazy when we say they are “murdering” wolves, but livestock can be said to be “murdered” and it is ok.



Kris Hanes Going after them hard starting this weekend. Any of u animal rights tree hugging bitches want to watch let me know lmao Like · Reply · October 18 at 10:18am



Evan W. Powell Looks like another tree hugger. Smoke a pack a day! Like · Reply · 4 · October 17 at 2:38pm via mobile



Dan Tischer Let the lead fly take them all!!!!!! Like · Reply · October 18 at 2:35pm via mobile



Jayne Ellen Bay All you people sad about the poor wolves… I’m an animal lover, but when my nephew’s found their much loved labs remains (a spine and collar) in their yard, you tell me they don’t need to be controlled. Blame “people”. You lose a pet, or maybe a child. There was a child attacked by a wolf this summer. Its only a matter of time. Like · Reply · Yesterday at 8:18am via mobile



Yup, you sure are an “animal lover.”



Brian Nicks Those are small!! Gonna take four that size to FILL a tag!! Now get back to work. O goodjib! Like · Reply · October 18 at 7:06pm via mobile



Alan Dulmes Only about two thousand more to go Like · Reply · 6 · October 18 at 11:56am via mobile



Cori Thiede Who cares what size they are, it’s a wolf KILL EM ALL Like · Reply · 7 · October 18 at 12:50pm via mobile



Kelly Marquardt Sad when all you have to do is drive around on roads and you will see least 1 or 2 wolves around here .. I still say the wolf and bear count is way off .. Turkeys , Wolves , Coyote , and Bear have taken over .. I hunted a spot that I could always get a limit of grouse .. Not 1 flush .. My GSP did not even get birdy .. shame what the DNR have let our good hunting come too.



So turkeys are now eating all the deer?



John Crash Orlowski KILL THEM ALL I have lost a few deer to them damn wolfs and coyotes Like · Reply · October 18 at 2:26pm via mobile



This one is about the pups killed by the sadists:



Lucas Schulz They are so small haha Like · Reply · October 18 at 4:31pm via mobile



Mark Woller I know a guy who guides in Newwood they lost 3 dogs sand had 3 more seriously injured by wolfs and they know of at least 3 packs with up to a dozen in each that doesn’t even put a dent in them Like · Reply · October 18 at 9:31pm



Patrick Chieves Awesome I was stalked by one up there two years ago bow hunting hope they shoot them all. Like · Reply · 1 · October 18 at 11:50am



Kelly Marquardt These were shot by a good friends family on opening day .. They have 1 tag left far as I know .. Not sure on the guns used to blast these vermin . Like · Reply · 1 · October 18 at 12:16pm



Laurel Brown They have been around here too. A guy in Chicago was attacked. I don’t let my dogs out alone. Like · Reply · October 18 at 2:19pm



So a “guy in Chicago” was attacked by a wolf? Hmmmm I must have missed that news story.



Amber Rice Hey my uncle shot these! There are too many wolves! That’s why people kill them. They’re a nuisance! Like · Reply · 5 · October 18 at 5:29pm via mobile



No people kill them because they are a substitute for “libtards” and “tree huggers.”



Ashley Lynn Martin People in northern wisconsin cannot take their dog for a walk out in the country on trails because their dogs get attacked. People have gotten attacked going for walks. not everyone wants to walk the city. And they kill off all the deer population. If your not a hunter you dont understand. Or if you have not experienced this. You do not understand. People need to get over this already. Its much needed.



People being “attacked” huh? Proof?



Maureen Drinkman there are too many of them, our ancestors were right to not have them, and eliminated them!!!…kill them all!!! 16 minutes ago



Sound familiar? They say the same thing about Native Americans.



Brian Ryskoski My coonhound thanks you all. Keep smokin them!



RickMabry I really like the running total but scares me cause I have not got one yet, oh well more motivation!



Avery Fenne Hopefully some will be shot in Burnett County. Are deer population is extremely low and bear is way up. DNR needs to hand out a few more tags in NW WI.



Jerome Zondlo Wipe them off Wisconsin along with pit bull dogs.



Maureen Drinkman awesome!! less pups next year~!!!!



Chad Haucke We keep this up the IR deer herd is gunna prosper!!!!!!



Kyle Drinkwine About 10 miles from there now, watching the Wi badgers kick ass, love Wi, and love smoking a pack a day 



Had enough of that “tolerance” and “respect” yet? It goes on and on and gets even more vile. Here are a couple of messages that Dane County Conservation Congress Delegate, and WE VOW friend, Melissa Smith, received today showing how women and Native Americans are also “tolerated” and “respected” in Wisconsin:


Brent Charles Go fuck yourself bitch



JB Brown: timbernigger



And last but not least the wolf hater that is disappointed that his dogs may not be able to “let my dogs rip the throat out of one of them”



Tolerant enough for you? There are literally thousands of comments like these on that page but Durkin and the DNR keep pretending that wolf hunters “respect” wolves. Sure they do. And for the enablers that run that hate page it would be a good idea to stop threatening and enabling those that harass wildlife advocates. You see Melissa Smith is an ELECTED official with the Conservation Congress and any threats or harassment will bring enhanced charges. You may want to consider that before spouting off or allowing your “readers” to harass or threaten her. Terroristic threats are not taken lightly these days. Just remember that. And I hope your “bloggers” have better grammar and spelling skills than you commenters do.



Wildlife advocates next time a DNR talking head or one of their propaganda mouthpieces like Patrick Durkin or Paul Smith talk about how much wolf “hunters” respect wolves just direct them to that disgusting page or the comment section of any story about wolves.



And here are more Wisconsin “sportsmen” in action in a newly obtained video showing how much they “respect” wildlife:




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