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“What the Hell is a “Kleefisch?”


I humbly apologize for posting another picture of a Wisconsin wildlife hater, but I just could not resist this topic. A question was asked today in the comment section of the Wisconsin State Journal by friend and contributor to this website. The topic was about the wolf kill bill and old “Ribeye’s” name was brought up. He asked, “What the hell is a kleefisch?”

I thought about this for a while and I came up with this explanation:

“I think a “kleefisch” is a type of fish that is related to the Asian carp. Unwanted, invasive, and dangerous to the environment. Of course it could also be related to the clownfish.”

Let me know in the comments what you think, or if you have an alternate definition.


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Joel (Rib Eye) Kleefisch Likes “Marinating” Wolves


Photo by By Steve Emmons of USFWS, via Wikimedia Commons

This would be humorous if it was not for the fact that this guy is partially responsible for the upcoming wolf slaughter. Included in a press release from Kleefisch:

“Since being introduced back into the Wisconsin wildlife, wolves have thrived and grown to the point that their population must be managed,” said Rep. Joel Kleefisch (R-Oconomowoc). “They’re decimating deer and other game species in northern Wisconsin, and threatening house pets and even humans. A hunting season will allow for reasonable control of the population, while marinating viable and sustainable pack numbers for this majestic animal.”

Where are deer and other “game” being “decimated” in Wisconsin? Where have wolves threatened humans? The Wisconsin DNR reports that there are 1.14 million deer currently in the state AFTER the last hunting season. That does not sound like decimation to me. He is also the one who is pushing for a sandhill crane killing season after saying that they are “the rib eye of the sky.”

This is also the same person who was caught on camera voting for other Assembly members who were not present. And this guy is allowed to make laws that affect the rest of us and our wildlife?


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