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DNR Denial and More Hate….I Mean “Humor” From the Blood Sport Capital of the United States

**For the anti-wolf people attempting to comment here: DON’T BOTHER. We have heard all of the “they are eating all the deer,” “they are killing bear dogs,” “eating grandchildren,” and all of the other propaganda and misleading information time and time again. You don’t care about the “livestock” when a bolt gets shot into their head and their throats are slit, so why get a high and mighty when a wolf kills one that the rancher gets reimbursed for. You don’t care about your dogs when they are running rampant through the woods terrorizing bears, coyotes, and other wildlife so don’t pretend you care when a wolf kills one trespassing in their territory. I am sure that you are crying all the way to the bank with your nice fat $2500 check while you just grab another dog from your backyard puppy mill. None of your talking points and anti-wolf rhetoric is going to change my mind or any other wildlife advocate’s mind. Another thing. Don’t assume that everyone who cares about wolves do not live around them. And being offended by us insulting the DNR and the qualifications of Cathy Stepp? Really? Finally, wolves were not “reintroduced” into Wisconsin. They migrated from the last remaining population after lower 48 eradication in Minnesota. Save your propaganda comments for the wolf hate page that sent you here because they sure are not going to be approved for posting here**

A couple of months ago real estate developer and high school graduate turned Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Secretary, Cathy Stepp, was reported to have told a gathering at a public meeting that “there are no anti-wolf people or groups in Wisconsin.” Well Cathy, as the old saying goes “de Nile is a river in Egypt.”

What do Egypt and Wisconsin have in common? That’s easy. Wisconsin and post-Mubarak Egypt are both state sponsors of terrorism. Ha! Ha! Ha! Apparently the “Knotsies” that run the hate “humor” filled “Wisconsin Wolf Hunting Facebook page are “offended” at the linkage to “Muslim terrorism,” because we all know that their glorification of poaching, laughing about “air strikes” against wolves, commenters calling wildlife advocates “timber niggers,” and threatening rape are not intended to intimidate wildlife advocates or make a political statements just as terrorists would. It is all for a good belly laugh. I am sure that they will also be “offended” at my stab at humor above. It takes a special kind of person to find humor in rape, racism, and death threats against Wisconsin mine opponents. I guess I don’t fit that mold.

I thought long and hard about whether or not my characterization of wolf killing sadists “comedians” as equal to terrorists was really an apt comparison. I was pissed that day about what I was reading on that hate page and thought maybe I over-reacted and jumped into the world of hyperbole as they tend to do. Today, I gave up any self doubt when I saw this picture that supposedly emanated from Wyoming and has been lauded on Facebook by several of the Wisconsin wolf killing sadists “comedians.”

Remind you of anything from America's dark chapters?

Remind you of anything from America’s dark chapters?

What does this look like to you? After viewing this image I have no regrets about equating terrorism and wolf haters “comedians.” Who are they trying to emulate? The Klan? Al Qaeda? Replace the dead wolf with the scalp of a Native American, the body of a lynched black man, or the severed head of a kidnapping victim. It is all a sick political “comedy” statement. Whatever it is they are certainly holding up the wrong flag. I served this country to defend that flag they are holding not the ideals that these cretins “comedians” represent. These people often claim they are “patriots” that are saving the country from the black guy in the White House and his “socialism.” Of course those anti-Federal “gubmint” patriots types in Wyoming neglect to mention that they leach far more federal money tax money than they pay in, and the black guy in the White House hates wolves as much as they do. Why let facts get in the way of some good ol’ American hate “humor?”

Also today, the wolf hating “laughing” page decided to take a stab at me and a few other wildlife advocates with insults that they labeled as humor:

Humor of the day . Everyone say hi and wave to the Wolf lover nut jobs that continue to visit here daily and cry about legal Wisconsin hunting on facebook. Hi Melissa, Hi Paul, Hi Cathy and Alice!

Photo: Humor of the day . Everyone say hi and wave to the Wolf lover nut jobs that continue to visit here daily and cry about legal Wisconsin hunting on facebook.  Hi Melissa, Hi Paul, Hi Cathy and Alice!
Nothing says funny like dead animals and insults. The “humor” doesn’t end there:
Tyler Tanner This is fuckin great..kill em by the dozen

Wisconsin Wolf Hunting ^He’s talking about the wolves Paul. We understand you’re a little slow and a little sissy like sensitive about this subject Not to mention having the reading comprehension and grammar skills of a 5th grader on your blog.

I suppose you are jealous that my “5th grade education” seems like doctorate level for the sadists “comedians” that comment on your hate “humor” page. It says plenty that you find humor in poaching, death, and anti-government propaganda. If not getting off on killing animals and death threats make me a “sissy” then so be it. Do you find humor in the rape threats and “timber nigger” comments your commenters make as well? Here are some more comments from the graduate students that post to that hate “humor” site:

Ryan Cutts smoke a pack a day! shoot em in the guts and let them run and die elsewhere! : )
Like · Reply · 6 minutes ago

Mark Chovan hell yes, nice job. Kill em all.
Like · Reply · 4 · 3 hours ago

Maureen Drinkman congrats!! SWEET…. lets take em all down!!! we need them gone!!!
Like · Reply · 36 minutes ago

Tom Handrick I hope everyone “wounds” at least 10 before filling their tag
Like · Reply · 1 · 2 hours ago via mobile

Austin White Smoke a pack a day
Like · Reply · 1 · 3 hours ago via mobile

Kris Hanes Nice wolf. Im from Elcho. Killem all
Like · Reply · 35 minutes ago via mobile

William S Dordan awsome smoke all those fuckers
Like · Reply · 2 hours ago via mobile

George Busse Them idiots should have there own country or state or septic tank. Whatever can hold them all. Facebook only gave them something to live for. A place to express there opinion where they wouldn’t have to kill any trees writing it down. Don’t worry, soon they will die, there are only so many plants to go around, I will die after, animals can live without food longer. I eat animals. In case you didn’t know…… Here’s your sign. Fuck off you tree hugging, anorexic, no meat eating Fuck head!!! Yeah I said it!

Wow! National Honors Society level on that last comment. Thems some deep words. They like to label all wildlife advocates as being the same but freak out when we label them for what they are. I can play that game too. Look at the leering snuff photos all over that site. They all look the same. Short white guy. Fat white guy. Ugly white woman. Fat white kid. Bushy faced white guy. Notice the pattern? They all dress the same as well. It is like “Children of the GMO Corn” on that site. What a knee slapper I am!

My “humor” level has peaked for the day so I will share a couple more comments from the Mensa candidates that post on the hate “humor” site:

Garrett Shaw Gut shot everyone before you kill one!!!!

Dan Morris I hunt near superior we have no deer , bone piles and lots of timber wolf tracks bigger Than my hand we had a great heard in July till the wolfs moved in

Dan Morris The wolf’s were brought in by the paper mills to protect the damn poplar trees in the first place. When I was young in the 50-60s we never had wolf’s except in the UP and Canada.

Who woulda thunk? It was the paper mills all along that conspired to bring the “wolf’s” back to Wisconsin. You learn sumthin’ new every day……..

Wildlife advocates, make sure you forward this post to DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp so she can see that indeed there are anti-wolf groups and and anti-wolf people in Wisconsin. Of course I am sure that the Wisconsin Wolf Hunting page will “Knot” know what I am talking about and claim that it is just “satire” and “humor.”

From the Blood Sport Capital of the United States this “sissy,” is signing off to go hug some California trees, eat some organic granola, and hug some “wolf’s.”


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