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**URGENT** Wisconsin Plans to Slaughter almost One-Third of Wolf Population In First Year **URGENT

Wisconsin is proposing killing almost one-third of the state’s wolf population in the first year.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has released their initial plan for the the upcoming wolf kill season beginning in October. It does not look good. The DNR proposes to kill up to 233 wolves out of the estimated 762 to 832 in Wisconsin. That is 28 percent of the population on the high end and almost 31 percent on the low end. Remember this is the “conservative harvest” that they want to start with. Conservative? Nearly one-third of the wolf population to be killed over four and a half months, and they call this “conservative?” This doesn’t even take into account the huge numbers killed by poachers or the wolves killed by the Wildlife Services assassins. The plan also wants to allow for the killing of almost all wolves that venture outside of Northern Wisconsin. They also want to decimate wolf populations in Northwestern Wisconsin. More pandering to the bear hounders. This is absolutely shameful. If this is just the beginning, I hate to see what they plan for the future.

This is what the DNR says is their “Objective’ for the first year:

“Department Objective for 1st Wolf Season: Begin to reduce statewide wolf population; provide hunting and trapping opportunities; monitor, learn and adapt for future seasons.”

That say it all. Kill as many as we can and provide “opportunity” for hunters and trappers. Not one mention of the value of wolves for eco-tourism or their benefits to the eco-system. This is a wholesale slaughter in the making courtesy of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, the Wisconsin Legislature, and Gov. Scott Walker. Below is the link to the DNR survey and killing proposals. Please spread this far and wide to get the word out. The State of Wisconsin is out of control and this proposal does nothing but pander to bear hounders, whining deer hunters, and selfish agricultural interests.

Link to DNR proposals and survey:

Please take the time to fill out this survey and let the DNR know that we are watching them. It is time to stand up to the bear hounders and other anti-wildlife interests in this state. The major wildlife groups have turned their backs on the wolves and it is up to us to be their voice. Don’t let anyone fool you, this plan is the first step in the second extermination of the gray wolf in Wisconsin.


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