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More Ignorant Racism From An Anti-Wolf Troll

Tonight I was going to write a follow up piece for my post on Thursday about the NRA in light of the mass murder on Friday in Connecticut. Instead I will write about that later in the week. Tonight I want to share with you a vile and ignorant post from a racist anti-wolf troll that attempted to post on this site. Usually the comments from these rural gun lickers end up in the spam folder, but this one I have decided to share with you. And people wonder why those of us in civilized America despise the rural “culture” more and more each day. Read this and you will under stand why:

Matt Kufahl commented on Is There a Link Between Anti-Wolf Sadism and Racism Against Native Americans?

Us hunters have the right to be racist towards the native Americans. They don’t know how to manage their lands so they have to go off reservation to get fish and deer. Wolves are destroying deer and elk herds, so yes I HATE wolves. BOYCOTT CASINOS. All of you antis are messed up and don’t mess with us.

So says the racist who thinks that he has a “right” to be openly racist against Native Americans. I put this person’s name into the Wisconsin Circuit Court website and look at what popped up:;jsessionid=BCAAAA5CCA9AD6BA516DB1E10597A61A.render6?cacheId=9AA048935084C58971EE631AB5BD2017&offset=0&sortColumn=0&sortDirection=DESC

Apparently there is a person with the exact same name that doesn’t like to register his vehicles, drive with a valid license, pay his bills, and likes to steal. What are the chances? And people wonder why the rest of the country looks at people from Wisconsin as backwoods idiots? Isn’t open records and CCAP a great thing? I guess I have the “right” to see what people like this guy are all about. I rest my case.


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Article in Monday’s New York Times About Wolf Kill Bill and Native Rights


Photo by Gunnar Ries Amphibol, via Wikimedia Commons

This horrible bill is finally getting national attention as it is set to be voted on today. The article points out that there may be treaty violations that the tribes may be able to fight in court. Let’s offer them our full support. While this bill is likely to be made law we cannot let up on the pressure.


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