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Gun Nuts and Sadists: It’s Time To Stand Up To the Bullies

Each day I become more and more disgusted with our society. From gun nuts threatening “civil war” to their brethren in the animal killing community who get more vile by the day, something is very wrong in this country. A fellow Wisconsin wildlife advocate received this image in their email with the following comment:

From: ChrissyJo Alterra <>
Date: Sun, Jan 6, 2013 at 1:28 PM
Subject: Picture you requested

She was such a tough little thing, she ran over 100 yards with her guts hanging out. Maybe if she did not have those pups inside she would have made it. Have a nice day

Welcome to modern America. To a disturbingly high number of people in this country this is funny. Not to be outdone the rabid gun nuts are on a rampage making threats about “civil war” and pushing conspiracy theories about the Sandy Hook massacre being fake. Yup it was all dreamt up by our socialist president so that he could take away your frickin guns. The most insane theory that I heard was that all of the murdered children’s caskets were closed and “no one” saw the bodies. Really? What? Do you want the murdering POS that killed the children to have taken grinning photographs over the bloody bodies of the children like gun nuts do with the animals they slaughter? Do you want open caskets showing children with half of their faces missing? What is wrong with you nuts? The NRA and their shills keep saying that mental health needs to be addressed in this country. You bet it does, and they can start right in their own ranks. Sane people do not act this way or spread crazy accusations. Sane people do not threaten “civil war” if they cannot buy 20 of their little killing toys without a background check. Sane people do not send photographs of gut shot animals and joke about them being killed while pregnant. Isn’t it funny how “pro-life” matters only when talking about human life with these people? Or at least human life while it is still in the womb, because they sure don’t give a damn about you once past that stage.

Is this what “freedom” is all about? If so, I would gladly take some of that evil socialism because there are some truly sick individuals that walk among us and lurk in the shadows taking advantage of that “freedom.” Don’t get me wrong sick people live in every corner of this world, but there sure seems to be a high concentration in this country. Did the founding fathers really have the gun nut view of the world in mind when they wrote the bill of rights? I highly doubt it. And if they did it would be foolish to think that they had all of the answers in the first place. No man is infallible and remember that these same people proudly owned slaves. Do you want to live in a society where every nut who walks a razor’s edge mentally to have access to high powered military style weapons? Do you really think the founding fathers envisioned this for their WELL REGULATED MILITIA?

For the record I have no problem with guns being owned for home protection. In fact I own one for that very purpose. The difference between me and the gun nuts is that I don’t base my entire identity on a killing apparatus. I am also a veteran with extensive training on when to use and when not to use a weapon. Have you ever noticed that most of those who obsess about guns and starting a “civil war” are the ones who never served a day of their life in military service? Ted Nugent? He crapped his pants for a week straight to avoid being drafted to serve in Vietnam. The shills on Fox News? Name one talking head there who served in the military? I sure can’t. So if they were to afraid to fight in the wars they advocate for, why would anyone think they would have the guts to start another civil war? That is the point. Just like the scum that sent the above photograph. They talk a big game and sure know how to abuse creatures who can’t fight back, but in the end they are nothing more than cowards. Take away their killing apparatus and they are even less. It is all about fear and intimidation with these people. They get off on tormenting those who actually do care and threaten “civil war” when we don’t back down from their bluster. I for one say we don’t back down, not one inch. They can hide behind the anonymity of the internet and vile pages like the “Wisconsin Wolf Hunting” page on Facebook but we know exactly what they are in real life.

Is this what we want to continue to allow America? Gun nuts and sadists bullying the rest of us into submission? It’s your decision.


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Contact Your Senators to Oppose S. 2066


Photo from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Please contact your Senators and tell them to oppose the audacious hunter and trapper power grab that is S. 2066, the so-called “Recreational Fishing and Hunting Heritage and Opportunities Act.” This bill is northing more than a desperate power grab to open up ALL of our public lands, including National Parks, to more hunting, trapping, and recreational shooting. The House version of this bill H.R. 4089 also included a provision to allow trophy hunters the opportunity to import the bodies of the polar bears that they killed in Canada which is currently illegal to do in the United States. More shameless pandering to the rich SCI trophy hunter crowd. That horrible bill which mostly mirrors S. 2066, passed the Republican controlled House last week. The Democrats in the Senate and President Obama already sold out the wolves in the Northern Rockies last year by agreeing to the shameless “Tester Rider.” Please remind them of that vote and that we are currently in an election season. President Obama has already done quite a bit to anger those in the environmental movement who supported him in 2008. Does he really want to alienate us even more by signing bill that is an all out assault on our wildlife?

These bills are nothing more than a shameless power grab to appease the defenders of a dying “sport” and those who wish to exploit our public lands for their own selfish wants. Most of our national forests and deceptively named National Wildlife Refuge system already allow many of these activities to take place, yet many in Congress want to turn ALL of our public lands into killing grounds and shooting ranges to appease SCI, the NRA and other likeminded groups and individuals.

Please take action and tell your Senators to OPPOSE this horrible bill.


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American Kennel Club Supports Bear Hounders

Photo by Jim Martin via, Wikimedia Commons


California is far from being a perfect state. But in terms of animal welfare and protection they are light years ahead of the rest of the country. Recently, legislation was introduced in California to finally ban their already limited practice of bear and bobcat hounding. On Tuesday the Los Angeles Times printed an editorial called:

Bear hunting: Leash the hounds

From the op-ed:

“Hunting groups and American Kennel Club officials say this is a sporting, athletic endeavor for hunters and hounds alike. Animal welfare advocates, including the Humane Society of the United States, which sponsored the bill being introduced by state Sen. Ted Lieu (D-Torrance), say this practice is cruel to bears and unsporting.”

“Allowing packs of dogs to chase bears and bobcats for miles until, exhausted, the animals climb trees to flee the canines and end up trapped and clinging to a tree limb, essentially waiting to be shot by a hunter below, is indeed a cruel practice, an animal version of “The Hunger Games.” Those bears and cats that don’t make it up a tree sometimes end up dueling with the dogs on the ground. Once an animal is treed, it’s hardly more sporting to shoot it off a branch than it is to kill it during a captive hunt — in which animals are fenced in for an organized hunt and unable to escape, a practice mostly prohibited in California.”

I did not know that the American Kennel Club (AKC) supported bear hounders. Not only do they oppose regulating the horrific “puppy mill” industry, they are now advocates for those “athletic” bear hounders. If anyone has any affiliation with this group it would be wise to remember this. And of course the repulsive Safari Club International and the National Redneck Rifle Association (NRA) are also in opposition to this bill. 

California deserves our support in their fight to end the brutal practice of hounding. So whenever you see “AKC Certified,” remember that this group is in bed with deplorable groups like SCI and the NRA and wants to continue the use of dogs as a weapon against our wildlife nationwide.


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