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When Fascism Comes to America…….

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

“When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”- Quote attributed to Sinclair Lewis.

Definition of PROPAGANDA

ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one’s cause or to damage an opposing cause; also : a public action having such an effect

Yesterday’s meeting of the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board in Wausau made it very clear that the Wisconsin DNR and Natural Resources Board have no interest in even considering the views of anyone other than the killing cartels. Today the DNR has been using their shills in the news media to push the idea that the 275 kill number approved yesterday is “conservative” and scientific.” One of their talking heads even went so far as to say that there are no pro-wolf groups on the “Wolf Advisory Committee” because they want groups that are for “management” and not pro-wolf. From this article:

Bill Vander Zouwen, the DNR’s wildlife ecology section chief, said the number was a compromise of “quite a diversity of opinions” and would help the DNR achieve its established goal of reducing the wolf population without destabilizing it.

Compromise? Diversity of opinions? Really? Considering that the “Wolf Advisory Committee” that came up with this 275 kill number was stacked with anti-wolf groups and government agencies how can this be considered a “diversity of opinions?” Then we have Ralph Fritsch of the deceptively named hunting group, the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, whining that the slaughter of almost 40 percent of the known wolf population is far too little.

Ralph Fritsch, who sits on the advisory committee, and represents the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, which is comprised of hunting, fishing, trapping and forestry-related groups, supported the new quota for making progress toward the target population of 350. He said the wolf hunt in 2012 was ineffective in reducing the wolf population, which the DNR estimates at just over 800, at minimum.

“The Wisconsin DNR has the ultimate responsibility to properly manage the wolf population in the state, which is currently at least 2.5 times the management goal of 350,” Fritsch said. “The goal was based on the social carrying capacity of wolves in the state and was made as a commitment to farmers, hunters and citizens of Wisconsin.”

The article doesn’t mention that Fritsch, in addition to being a lobbyist for the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation is also a “delegate” for the Wisconsin Conservation Congress. This ensures that his anti-wolf lobbying group has control over all aspects of wolf “management” in the state of Wisconsin. No conflicts of interest here, right?

Then comes this piece of information that I did not know:

Several speakers Wednesday accused the committee, made up of DNR staff and other stakeholders, of failing to represent the interests of most Wisconsinites. The DNR recently decided to remove University of Wisconsin researchers from all wildlife advisory committees (including the wolf committee).

Tom Hauge, director of the DNR’s wildlife bureau, described the change to the Wisconsin State Journal as a move “to be efficient with department resources.”

So let’s remove the only legitimate science based members of the committee to be “efficient?” Really? What does being “efficient” mean to the Wisconsin DNR?

In defense of the composition of the committee, Zouwen said, “We’re past the recovery stage; now we’re in the management stage. It makes the most sense to have the people at the table who are OK with managing and not always fighting that battle.”

So in other words they only want “yes men” that are for wolf killing and dissenting opinions will not be tolerated. More of that Wisconsin “democracy” in action I see.

Then we have the DNR using kill everything shills from the news media to try to convince the public that they are being “conservative” and “scientific” when it comes to wolves. They try to pretend that killing hundreds of wolves each year is good for them and those perpetrating the killing are “conservationists.” Really? Take a look at some of these “conservationists” in action on this page.

This is what the kill everything “outdoors’ writer Paul Smith of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had to say in his latest propaganda piece article:

When it comes to public attitudes on wolves in Wisconsin, at one end of the spectrum some say the species hasn’t recovered and should never be hunted or trapped. It’s hard, I acknowledge, to start killing a species you’ve worked so hard for so long to protect. But the fact is many people at this end would never advocate killing a wolf regardless of its population.

At the opposite end, some believe wolves are a threat to humans and kill too many deer. These folks are more inclined to “shoot, shovel and shut up.”

In the middle are an unknown number who respect the wolf, want to ensure it always has a place in the Wisconsin ecosystem, consider its comeback one of the greatest conservation stories in our lifetime and support science-based management of the wolf as a game species.

Count me in the middle.

And for that, I’m thankful the DNR is taking a conservative approach to its wolf management.

Wildlife managers like Vander Zouwen and carnivore specialist Dave MacFarland have taken pains to explain the agency is working gradually to exert “downward pressure on the wolf population.”

That’s smart and prudent policy. For one thing, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is monitoring the state’s performance in managing its wolf population for five years after delisting.

In between the ass kissing the propaganda screams right into our faces. In Wisconsin killing almost 40 percent of the estimated population is “conservative” according to Smith and the DNR. Then Smith ends with this flaming piece of propaganda:

The current wolf management actions by DNR wildlife managers deserve broader support. Despite claims from opponents, the agency is using the best available science to ensure a viable population of wolves in Wisconsin.

A species managed as a game animal in the modern era has proven to be very secure. It should be no different for the wolf, a species seen as sacred by some and special by most.

With conservative management and an updated plan in the next couple of years, the wolf is likely to be more widely tolerated and have a brighter future in Wisconsin than ever.

So wolves are “no different” than any other species and are seen as “sacred” and “special” by most? Really? So wolves have a “bright future” and will be “more widely tolerated” by subscribing to the DNR’s reckless slaughter plan? So, Mr. Smith, how many species have web pages devoted to their torture and slaughter like the wolf does? Is that tolerance? Why don’t you tell that to the people on the Wisconsin Wolf Hunting Facebook page? That bastion of “tolerance” has over 18,000 likes and is full of anti-wolf propaganda along with photos depicting wolves in various forms of bloody death. And “science” Mr. Smith? “Science like this from Natural Resources Board member William Bruins?

“God created homo-sapiens to be in charge of controlling livestock (misspeaks, corrects) wildlife populations. And if we were to allow the wolf to propagate and go about being the predators that they are, that is not managing the wolf population. So I therefore move to approve the 275 wolf harvest quota and the license issue at 10x the number.”

And here is some more “science” regarding how wolves are “managed” in Wisconsin. Following the meeting and Natural Resources Board member admitted to multiple wolf advocates that they did not agree with the quota but “had to vote it through or Walker could shut them down.” Really? So Governor Dropout wants to make it clear to everyone that no dissent will be tolerated and supposedly “independent” boards like the NRB are apparently too afraid to anger Herr Walker. I seem to remember a term for this in my sociology and political science courses. From the Merriam- Webster Dictionary:

Definition of FASCISM

a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition

Hmm. Who does this sound like? One of my favorite quotes is attributed to Sinclair Lewis:

“When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

Unfortunately fascism is already here and it is wrapped in ALEC/KOCH propaganda and sporting a bald-spot. Are Wisconsin citizens too blind to see this? The wolf issue is a microcosm for what is happening all over this state. First it was the public employees, then the poor, then women, then the environment, then the wolves….. How can anyone miss the pattern here? Everything that “liberal” or “progressive” citizens in this state hold dear is under attack and those charged with being an independent voice are under the total control of a self-anointed “rock star” that believes he can take his blitzkrieg nationwide as president. This is why each and every propaganda piece and action that the Wisconsin DNR and Natural Resources Board takes must be dissected, scrutinized, and called out for the lies and disinformation contained within. We need to demand that our voices be heard and not stand in fear of a self-anointed dictator that spits on all we hold dear. Is Wisconsin that weak of a state that everything we have accomplished in the past 150 years can now be thrown by the wayside to appease big money special interests? The wolf is just another victim in this reign of terror, but they will not be the last if we allow these unprecedented power grabs and institutional intimidation to go unchecked.

Wake up Wisconsin or it won’t be just wolves left decimated and bloody in the woods. Someone also need to remind Governor Walker that it is not a crown on his head, it is only a bald spot.


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Attack of the Brain Eating Wolves!

Beware of the brain eating wolf!!!!
Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


With all of the anti-wolf nuts out there every once in a while one just goes above and beyond to just how crazy they really are.

Below is the list from the Wisconsin DNR about who are members of the Wisconsin Wolf Stakeholders Committee. All of the usual pro-killing groups are represented, along with a surprisingly high number of pro-wildlife groups.

The below list can be opened in Microsoft Excel format:

Stakeholders Committee Members List 4-6-12 Affilitations Only

Among all of the usual kill everything groups one “group” stood out. On the list there is a person named Lawrence Krak representing an organization called “People Against Wolves.” Whether this is a legitimate organization or just one person I don’t know, but I did find a website belonging to them:

People Against Wolves

Oh, my! Among all of his misinformation and fantasies several stand out. Here is just a taste:

“Some of the older residents of Gilman recall the wolves of the 1930s. There was so much howling that kids were afraid to go to sleep at night. Losses of livestock were very common. A Bill Polley of Gilman had the misfortune of getting caught in a bear trap. He was not able to get free and the wolves killed and ate him.”

“The wolf pictured above was killed in British Columbia by one of the area’s hunters. It is a 150 pound male Canadian wolf. The mount is at one of the area homes and has been featured in People Against Wolves talks to sportsman’s clubs and educational institutions. Upon looking at it you will see what an awesome beast some wolves are. He was capable of opening his jaws wide enough to engulf your skull, crushing it and eating out your brain if he chose to.”

Now I have lived in Wisconsin for the vast majority of my 37 years, and I have never heard of anyone being killed and eaten by wolves after getting stuck in a bear trap. And watch out for those brain eating wolves. Zombies have nothing on them. And this guy is considered a wolf “stakeholder?” Now we know why wolves haven’t killed anyone in Wisconsin. There is a serious lack of brains for them to consume.

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News Articles About Conservation Congress Meetings

Photo from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Here is a list of articles about the Conservation Congress meetings from last night with some notable quotes:

From the Portage Daily Register:

“Doug Williams, a Columbia County delegate on the Conservation Congress, said that if a Sandhill Crane hunting season was created that it would not be the end of Sandhill Cranes or would put an end to crop damage for local farmers.”

“It’s going to be regulated like you can’t believe,” Williams said. “As it should be. You don’t want the population to go down to five, but you can’t have it get to 5 million, either.”

So this guy expects the population to go from 15,000 to 5,000,000 if the hunters don’t save the day?

From the Wausau Daily Herald:

“Jim Goheen of the town of Norrie, a retired aquatic biologist, also opposes the hunt. Farmers can protect their corn by using a coating that stops the birds from eating it, Goheen said. Besides, Goheen said, “we’ve got enough things to hunt.”

Others disagreed. One hunt supporter said the birds create too much damage and Wisconsin should follow the example of 22 other states that allow cranes to be hunted.

“Cranes are a renewable resource,” said Mike Brust of the town of Stettin.

“So are robins,” answered Goheen.”

I find it amazing how living beings are only “resources” in the mind of people like this guy. Mr. Goheen better not speak too loud or next they will want to have a robin hunting season.

From the Appleton Post Crescent:

Don Ebelt, of Appleton, said he wouldn’t hunt the cranes if it were made legal, but said it is a management issue and should be allowed.

“Bird lovers raised the same stink with the dove hunt, but we’ve had that season with no problem. It can be controlled,” Ebelt said. “You head out to Navarino or Shiocton and the cranes are everywhere. They’re very pretty birds but there are too many.”

We are still raising a stink about you and your ilk killing mourning doves for no reason. The only reason people like this say there are “too many” is because that is what their hunting group propaganda tells them to say. What is this state’s obsession with killing animals? Each year they want to kill more, more, and more. We need to stand up and speak out against this wanton slaughter of our wildlife.


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Propaganda Email Sent from Walker’s Office About Wolf Kill Bill

**Warning** Have a barf bag close by while reading this! **Warning**

April 3, 2012

Dear Concerned Citizen,

Thank you for contacting me regarding the recently passed wolf hunting bill. I appreciate your concern about this highly sensitive matter.

Given that the wolf was just removed from the endangered species list in the Western Great Lakes area, I see this as the perfect time to show that Wisconsin is ready to properly manage our wolf population. Wisconsin, through the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), provided scientific and legal evidence in support of delisting numerous times during the lengthy process, and I was pleased to see a favorable outcome. The federal threshold for consideration of delisting the wolf in our area required a population of 100 wolves in the combined Wisconsin and Michigan area. In Wisconsin alone, we have exceeded that at least eight times over.

With the authority granted to the DNR in this legislation, I have no doubt that our wolf population will be managed using the best scientific practices. The DNR is required to divide the state into management zones, each with its own harvest quota. Any of these zones can be closed to hunting within 24 hours if the DNR deems it necessary. This will allow the Department to closely and responsibly regulate the harvest. In addition, there is a federally required five year period during which the wolf population will be closely monitored. Our goal is to maintain a stable and sustainable wolf population in Wisconsin for generations to come.

Again, thank you for contacting me on this important issue.


Governor Scott Walker

Yup, Wisconsin sure is showing that they are ready to properly “manage” the wolf population. I would like to know what “science” was used in this bill? I certainly think science when I hear the name of the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association who wrote the bill. Don’t you? If Walker is so proud of this bill, why doesn’t he mention how these wolves will be “managed?” Wisconsin is now the only state in the country that allows wolves to be hunted by dogs and at night. Even the extreme wolf hating states like Idaho do not allow this.

As I said yesterday this is just another reason to vote to recall this guy. People like Walker use the term “science” when it comes to killing wolves, but ignore it when it comes to issues like evolution and women’s rights.

Also, can someone please start a petition to remove the word “harvest” from the English language. The word has been corrupted by hunting/trapping groups and fish and game departments as a cover for the word KILL. You harvest crops. You KILL animals.


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