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Scott Walker: Miracle Worker


With the recall election a little over two weeks away, I am going to do something a little different today. While this story is not directly related to wildlife I thought that I would share another example of how “ethical” the Walker administration is and how arrogant this guy truly is. Not only is Wisconsin the only state in the country that allows the brutal practice of using packs of dogs against wolves, they are now the only state in the country to now use a new method for counting job creation. Again neither the federal government or any other state in the country uses this method, but Scott Walker has decided to magically turn Wisconsin’s worst in the nation job figures into a miracle of job growth.

Scott Walker Magically Turns Dismal Wisconsin Job Numbers Into A Pre-Election Miracle

“With Wisconsin suffering the worst job loss numbers in the nation for the calendar year 2011, Governor Scott Walker promised yesterday that he will reveal newly revised numbers this week that will, effectively, change water into wine on the Wisconsin job front. And he’s done it just in time for the June 5th recall election.”

As we saw with the recently passed wolf kill bill this guy and his cronies will lie, cheat, and manipulate any number or fact to get their agenda passed. Now with his political future on the line Walker is making his dismal job numbers suddenly look completely different than reality. If Wisconsin voters choose to keep this guy in office then we deserve exactly what we get. What more do the citizens of this state need to show what kind of person this man and his administration are? John Doe? “Divide and Conquer?” “Drop the bomb?” Wetland destruction? Tax cuts for millionaires? DNR “pay to play?” Now this? I see signs and bumper stickers and yard signs everywhere that say “We Stand With Scott Walker.” Why? Why do you stand with a man who brags about dividing our state? Why do you stand with a man who turns the very public employees who are our neighbors, family, and friends into evil scoundrels who are responsible for for the budget problems in the state.

Wisconsin, it is gut-check time. Is the divisiveness and rancor that this guy has caused really worth it? Imagine how emboldened Walker and his goons will be if they survive the recall. Can Wisconsin really afford it? You decide.


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The U.P. and a Divided Wisconsin

It should be illegal for anything to be this cute!
By Steven Pavlov and Nadine Pavlov, via Wikimedia Commons

My wife and I just returned from a two day trip to the gorgeous Porcupine Mountains in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Nestled along the shores of Lake Superior the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park offers over 90 miles some of the best hiking that I have ever been a part of. The park is home to black bears, wolves, and an assortment of many, many other types of wildlife. Aside from a few deer, red tailed hawks, and dozens of adorable chipmunks, we were not fortunate enough to see any bears or wolves. While we didn’t see any in person, signs of them were certainly abundant most surprisingly through tracks in the beach sand along the shore of Lake Superior.

While our trip was wonderful that is not the sole purpose of this article. Driving from the south-central part of Wisconsin northward I saw how sharp of a contrast in political views that there is in our state. South of Columbia County the number of “Recall Walker” yard signs and bumper stickers that I have seen vastly outnumber signs and stickers showing support for Walker. That changes once you go into Marquette County northward. I was astounded by the sheer number of “I stand with Scott Walker” yard signs and bumper stickers in the northern part of our state. I even saw the billboard of one tavern near the border of the U.P. that read “Ted Nugent for President.” Then there was the vast number of taxidermy shops advertising on billboards and on storefronts. Killing sure is big business in this state. I have always known this, but seeing it in person reminded me of how divided this state is in terms of politics and how animals are exploited for a profit.

I did notice with many of the people that we met in the U.P. that there didn’t seem to be the hatred of wolves and other predators that I sense in Wisconsin. People there seemed genuinely proud that bears and wolves inhabit their landscape and bring in wildlife watchers from across the nation. I didn’t hear any of the “they are eating all of the deer” or other nonsense that Wisconsin is known for. That doesn’t mean that hunting isn’t big business there as well, including bear hounding, but I just did not sense the hatred and the need to exploit wildlife that I get from Wisconsin.

If anyone is in the Porcupine Mountains area and want to stay at an great place that is ran by a wonderful couple and their four “fur-kids” try the Sunshine Motel and Cabins outside of Ontonagan, Michigan. The owners, Kay and Bruce, are wonderful people and made us feel truly welcome. It didn’t hurt that they had three wonderful dogs, and a very sweet cat that made animal people like my wife and I feel right at home.

Wisconsin is truly divided and we need to rectify that on June 5th and bring some sense of decency back to our state. This is for the citizens and our wildlife.


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Propaganda Email Sent from Walker’s Office About Wolf Kill Bill

**Warning** Have a barf bag close by while reading this! **Warning**

April 3, 2012

Dear Concerned Citizen,

Thank you for contacting me regarding the recently passed wolf hunting bill. I appreciate your concern about this highly sensitive matter.

Given that the wolf was just removed from the endangered species list in the Western Great Lakes area, I see this as the perfect time to show that Wisconsin is ready to properly manage our wolf population. Wisconsin, through the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), provided scientific and legal evidence in support of delisting numerous times during the lengthy process, and I was pleased to see a favorable outcome. The federal threshold for consideration of delisting the wolf in our area required a population of 100 wolves in the combined Wisconsin and Michigan area. In Wisconsin alone, we have exceeded that at least eight times over.

With the authority granted to the DNR in this legislation, I have no doubt that our wolf population will be managed using the best scientific practices. The DNR is required to divide the state into management zones, each with its own harvest quota. Any of these zones can be closed to hunting within 24 hours if the DNR deems it necessary. This will allow the Department to closely and responsibly regulate the harvest. In addition, there is a federally required five year period during which the wolf population will be closely monitored. Our goal is to maintain a stable and sustainable wolf population in Wisconsin for generations to come.

Again, thank you for contacting me on this important issue.


Governor Scott Walker

Yup, Wisconsin sure is showing that they are ready to properly “manage” the wolf population. I would like to know what “science” was used in this bill? I certainly think science when I hear the name of the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association who wrote the bill. Don’t you? If Walker is so proud of this bill, why doesn’t he mention how these wolves will be “managed?” Wisconsin is now the only state in the country that allows wolves to be hunted by dogs and at night. Even the extreme wolf hating states like Idaho do not allow this.

As I said yesterday this is just another reason to vote to recall this guy. People like Walker use the term “science” when it comes to killing wolves, but ignore it when it comes to issues like evolution and women’s rights.

Also, can someone please start a petition to remove the word “harvest” from the English language. The word has been corrupted by hunting/trapping groups and fish and game departments as a cover for the word KILL. You harvest crops. You KILL animals.


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