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More “Outdoor Page” Killing Propaganda

The "great white hunter" frequently saves us from this vicious predator
By D. Gordon E. Robertson, via Wikimedia Commons


**Update April 22** It looks like the title of the turkey killing “hobby” article has been changed to “Turkey Management Plan Under Review.”

Before the spread of the internet one of the few places to get any type of wildlife news was from the so-called “outdoor pages” of local newspapers. Unfortunately the people who write these articles glamorized the killing and helped to perpetrate the oft-repreated myth of the great white hunter being the “steward of the land.” This tradition continues in the outdoor pages of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Wisconsin State Journal. Pro-hunting writers like Paul Smith of the Journal-Sentinel and Pat Durkin of the State Journal frequently write fluffy stories about the great white hunter killing everything from turkeys to bunnies and saving the world in the process. Here are a couple of recent examples of this killing glorification:

Wisconsin’s turkey hunters love their hobby

Durkin: Rabbit hunt something to revisit

The titles of these stories tell the whole story. Those turkey hunters just love their hobby! Killing is a hobby? Ted Nugent would be so proud. Here is the story of how seven great white hunters took down those vicious bunnies:

My first shot at a bounding bunny kicked up a silvery cloud of snow 2 feet behind its cotton tail, sending the rabbit into overdrive.
OK. Maybe the shot was 3 or 4 feet late. My shotgunning skills were rusty. Then again, 36 years had passed since my last serious rabbit hunt.
No matter. Tyson Hall’s shotgun blast stopped the rabbit’s run seconds later. Or maybe it took a .22 slug from Paul Neess’ nylon-stocked Remington auto-loader, which had been popping off like a string of firecrackers. Either way, our seven-man group had its third rabbit of the morning.”

This is what passes for “conservation” in America today. Shooting animals passes for “recreation” and our local newspapers give these sadists a forum to spread their “killing is conservation” propaganda. Then there is the photograph in this article showing another great white hunter all decked out in camouflage and saving the world from those vicious turkeys. Halloween must be year round for these people.


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