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“Just Get Over It”

Coming soon to Wisconsin.

Coming soon to Wisconsin. Apparently we are supposed to just “get over it.” 

One of the more common arguments that wolf haters are throwing around these days are that wildlife advocates need to “get over it” and “accept” the wolf slaughter because it is the law and the Wisconsin DNR says that we must kill wolves before they eat our grandchildren…….or some other nonsense. I pose this question to the wolf haters and their right-wing supporters. If wildlife advocates are supposed to stop fighting the wolf kill and “get over it” will you do the same for abortion and Obamacare? How about gun laws? After all they are the “law” just as wolf killing now is.

A woman’s right to an abortion has been upheld time and time again in the Federal Courts, yet those on the right continue to whine, complain, and do everything they can to undermine that right up to and including bombings and murders.

Why can’t you right wingers “just get over it?” After all abortion is legal and that has been affirmed by the Supreme Court.

That’s right. You continue to fight it because you find it morally reprehensible based on your religion or whatever hate radio tells you that day.

How about the Affordable Care Act aka “Obamacare.” That too is the law of the land and has been upheld by the Supreme Court. Why can’t the right-wingers just “get over it?”

How about gun laws? The “Holy Grail” of the right wing in America. Why do you fight gun laws? After all some are the “law” as well. Just “get over it.”

I am kind of getting the idea of what these people believe. If you want to help animals and people live a healthy and cruelty free life you are “bad” or “anti-American.” But if you want to kill animals and deny people healthcare or access to abortions you are “good” and a “patriot.”

As one anti-wolf commenter that tried to post to this site said:

“So what if a couple comments hurt your feelings, wahhh, go cry about it.”

I suppose the same can be said for those very same people when they protest abortion, gun laws, and the big bad “socialist” Obamacare. They are the law now, so “get over it.” We wildlife advocates feel just as passionate about fighting what we see as unjust laws and regulations that go against what WE believe in. We will not stop fighting against the cruel use of dogs against wolves. We will not stop fighting the sadism that is trapping. Why should our passion or right to protest be any different than your rights? Is it because you think that you are somehow “more of an American” than we are? Is it because of some twisted sense of “dominionism” taught to you by a religious leader or parent?

No, we will NOT “get over it.” Just as I am sure that the right wing will not get over the LEGAL things that I mentioned above. If that hurts your feelings, “wahhh, go cry about it” but not here.


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