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Josh Bransford: Comedian

Josh Bransford: The FACE of the modern “sportsman” and wannabe comedian.

A couple of days ago I received the below e-mail notifying me that there was a new comment that needed approval. Look closely at the name. Does it seem familiar?

New comment waiting approval on Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife

josh commented on Does Josh Bransford Look Like A Victim To You?

Id love to beat the shit outta that looser !!!

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IP: 68.39.35 68.39
E-mail: joshbransford@     .com

That’s right, the post came from an email address belonging to a person named Josh Bransford in response to my article titled “Does Josh Bransford Look Like A Victim To You?” What a coincidence that this is the same name as the sadistic Idaho trapper photographed smiling with a bloody tortured wolf in the background.
Apparently Brandford thinks that this is all a big joke and he now has to visit pro-wildlife sites to leave mocking comments. I even mentioned in the post how wildlife advocates should not make threats against Bransford or his family. In response he has to come on this site and think that he is being funny by mocking other commenters. This guy really does not have any shame and it is all a big joke to him. He must be reveling in all of the attention his sadistic acts have brought him. 
Now is not the time to let up the pressure on the U.S. Forest Service who employs this guy. Please contact the Forest Service and let them know that their response to the wolf torture incident was unacceptable and Bransford should be fired for making their agency look bad.

Tom Tidwell
Chief US Forest Service
Yates Building
201 14th Street SW
Washington, D.C. 20250
(202) 205-8439

Jane Cottrell
Deputy Regional Forester, Region 1 US Forest Service
PO Box 7669
Missoula, Montana 59807
(406) 329-3311

Rick Brazell
Clearwater/Nez Perce National Forest Supervisor
12730 Highway 12
Orofino, Idaho 83544
(208) 476-4541

Terry Nevius
District Ranger
Red River Ranger District
PO Box 416
Elk City, Idaho 83525
(208) 842-2245

Note: I deleted parts of the e-mail address for privacy purposes. I am not trying to protect Bransford, but our policy is to not publish the personal e-mail addresses of people who comment on this site no matter how revolting they are.

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