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And People Wonder Why We View Bear Hounders As Monsters?

Some "traditions" just need to die.

Some “traditions” just need to die.


I am barely able to type this post because I am so distraught over the plight of California bear hounders. This sadness comes from the fact that California banned the hounding of bears and bobcats this past September. It seems that the poor California bear hounders who claim to “love” their dogs so much are in a tizzy about how they are going to sell or get rid of their dogs. And then I read about hounder, Donnie Millsap, and my heart just broke over his plight:

As far as Donnie Millsap is concerned, he had the perfect job.

Two years ago, the Farmersville resident and avid hunter started a side business taking fellow hunters to an area south of Badger to track and hunt black bears.

“I bought a four-door truck with four-wheel drive for this business for about $15,000,” along with about $1,500 worth of knives, guns and other supplies, not to mention the cost and time involved in training, feeding and caring for his four hunting hounds.

It wasn’t Millsap’s main job, but it allowed the heavy-equipment mechanic to do what he loved and earn money to support his own bear-hunting hobby.

But all that changed when the new year began, and a California law took effect banning the use of dogs to track or hunt bears or bobcats anywhere in the state.

“It effectively took my business,” Millsap, 53, said of state Senate Bill 1221, which California legislators passed last year. The law was signed in September by Gov. Jerry Brown.

So this sadist cannot make anymore money off of his sick blood sport. My heart just bleeds for him. This is an example of the ignorant and ridiculous argument that these hounders make:

For his part, Millsap said it’s wrong for California to ban a hunting method that has existed for centuries.

“My reaction was when are they going to stop taking stuff away from people? I mean, hunting dogs, that goes back in the history books. I remember reading in school about famous people going out with a dog and going after a raccoon at night,” he said.

That’s funny, when I was in school I also remember reading about how “famous” people used dogs to go after runaway slaves at night. So is that right as well, Millsap? I get so tired of words like “tradition” and “heritage” being used to justify every sick and barbaric activity these sadists do.

Then we have Millsap expressing how much he “loves” his dogs:

“I give these dogs more attention than some people give their children,” he said.

And Millsap said a hound can’t be trained to go after an animal it doesn’t want to go after, including a bear.

“This dog here, he’s 12 years old,” he said of one of his hounds, Ole Buster. “He’s been doing it all of his life. If he smells [a bear], he is going to go after it.”

But there is always a catch with these people. Millsap and another hounder sadist are whining about how they are going to get rid of the dogs that they “love like children.”

Without the extra income from his business, Millsap said he can’t afford to keep his dogs, and Duplessis said he already gave away three of his dogs, because if they can’t hunt, he had no reason to incur the $300 a month it cost him to feed them.

Before SB 1221 was passed, his remaining dogs were worth between $2,500 and $6,000. Since he can’t use them to hunt anymore or breed them for other bear hunters in this state, Duplessis said the dogs are practically worthless.

Millsap, who also is considering selling his dogs or turning them over to an animal shelter if he can’t find a buyer, said selling dogs to hunters in other states isn’t much of an option, because they know that the new California law will allow them to buy the animals cheap from people desperate to sell them.

“You went from a $5,000 dog to — maybe, if you’re lucky — a $1,000 dog.”

Yup, they “love” them so much that they want to sell them for big money or dump them at a shelter. And they wonder why most sane people view hounders as monsters?

The rest of the article goes on to give the same old whining that all hunting is going to be banned by the “antis” and that the ban on hounding is just a start. The typical NRA backed paranoia that these people are famous for. All I can say is that California deserves massive praise for putting an end to the deplorable practice of hounding. While states like Wisconsin continue to expand hounding, California is following the right path. Excuse me, I must get some tissue because I am still so upset over the bear hounders plight. Read more here:

Tulare County hunters aren’t happy about new state law



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At Least One Sadist From Wolf Torture Videos Cited for Not Having “Trapper Education” And More Hounder Insanity

Last week, I posted several videos from the “Vee” family that showed them laughing and posing for the camera before and after killing two trapped wolves. Three of the videos showed a collared wolf howling and crying while languishing in the trap for several minutes. It turns out that the killer of the collared wolf was fined for not having attended a “trapper education” course and the dead wolf was confiscated from him. This is the email that we received from  a DNR official who we are not going to name.:

For your information the man who shot the radio collared wolf will be fined and the wolf was confiscated from him.  He was not legally licensed to trap wolves, in part because he had not taken trapper education classes.  We had tried to require training for anyone planning to trap wolves, but were unable to get special wolf trapping training that into the rules.  But all trappers need to have taken trapper education classes.  A major  part of trapper education programs are teaching people ethics of trapping and attempting to dispatch captured animals as humanely and quickly as possible.  Letting the wolf struggle in the trap while they were videoing it instead of just quickly euthanizing it certainly was not ethical.
We did provide voluntary training for wolf trapping and I would guess neither group took that class.  The first pair that commented about shooting the wolf in the face were certainly not ethical.   But a well-placed shot to the head can be an approved method of euthanasia approved by the American Medical Veterinary Association.  But putting it on a video, and making comments as they did certainly was not ethical.  I could not see well enough how well the shot was made to the head. Even with a well-placed shot into the brain, there still may be some residual muscle and nerve action after the animal was shot. 
Thanks for bringing these to my attention.  They were not easy to watch.  It looks like at least 1 of these individual will end up getting fined. 
Happy Thanksgiving
While we are happy that at least one of these sadists will be getting a fine, we are not happy that the DNR claims in this article that there were no “violations” in the videos:

Randy Stark, the DNR’s chief warden, said, as of late last week, the agency cited five wolf hunters and trappers during the hunt: one for trapping with untagged traps, two citations to hunters who purchased a trapping license without attending a trapper education course, and two citations to a wolf hunter for using illegal bait and having a loaded firearm in a vehicle.

Stark said the agency also investigated several videos posted online that showed wolf hunters videotaping live, trapped wolves and possibly not killing the animals immediately and humanely, as required by law.

But he said wardens concluded that no violations occurred and the animals were shot quickly and humanely.

So videotaping a trapped and suffering wolf for several minutes is perfectly acceptable, and “shot quick” according to the DNR? Really? The same article also points out how the DNR is already looking to increase the slaughter for next year. Then we have the bear hounders whining again about how hounding is their “right” and compares it to biking and swimming.

One of the groups that pushed for the wolf hunt and the use of dogs is the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association. Carl Schoettel, of Neosho, vice president of the organization, said last week that the case is less about success rates and more about the rights of hunters.

“It surprises me, too, that the success rate has been so good,” Schoettel said.

“But we’ve been very consistent about saying that, regardless, it is our right to use hounds no matter what animal we’re hunting … It’s a hunter rights issue. It’s about hounds. This is a lifestyle. Some people like to bike and some people like to swim. We like to run dogs.

So legalized animal fighting and tormenting wildlife with dogs is the same as biking and swimming? Remember hunters, these sadists are your “voice.” So let me get this straight this:

And this:

Is the same as this:

And we are the “extremists?” We are “ignorant?” We live in “la-la” land? Good job hunters, these are the people  who now represent you in Wisconsin. Keep feeding us this insanity, bear hounders, and we will keep posting it.




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Just When You Think Humanity Cannot Be Any More Disgusting

Another revolting video of two wolf killing sadist brothers in Idaho reveling in shooting a wolf, chasing it to exhaustion from blood loss, and then finishing it off. These are the people that we let control our wildlife. It is not enough for them to kill the wolf they have to videotape it and pose for their “grinning idiot” photos afterward.

**Warning** Graphic video **Warning**


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