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Results of Wisconsin Conservation Congress Votes

By marya, via Wikimedia Commons

As expected the kill everything crowd voted to approve each killing proposal this year during the Conservation Congress voting. Here are a couple of notable votes:

Sandhill crane killing season: Yes-2559 No-1271

Allow killing of coyotes during gun deer season: Yes-2501 No-1048

Allow trappers to check weasel traps every four days rather than daily: Yes-1878 No-1133

Every increased killing measure was approved by wide margins. A measure to delay the start of the crow killing season was also approved because an earlier start is just too cold for these big tough guy “sportsmen.”

Here are the results:

Statewide Results

County Results

There you have it folks. Each year we allow the hunters and trappers to increase their killing and the brutal methods by which they kill. We NEED to get involved in this and speak as a true majority. These meetings have become nothing more than “good old boy” gatherings where they rubber-stamp killing proposals. They are supposed to be PUBLIC hearing and we must get involved. We have another year until the next elections. Let’s mobilize and get actively involved. We cannot keep letting these people control every aspect of our wildlife and turn our lands into nothing more than killing grounds for their amusement.


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News Articles About Conservation Congress Meetings

Photo from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Here is a list of articles about the Conservation Congress meetings from last night with some notable quotes:

From the Portage Daily Register:

“Doug Williams, a Columbia County delegate on the Conservation Congress, said that if a Sandhill Crane hunting season was created that it would not be the end of Sandhill Cranes or would put an end to crop damage for local farmers.”

“It’s going to be regulated like you can’t believe,” Williams said. “As it should be. You don’t want the population to go down to five, but you can’t have it get to 5 million, either.”

So this guy expects the population to go from 15,000 to 5,000,000 if the hunters don’t save the day?

From the Wausau Daily Herald:

“Jim Goheen of the town of Norrie, a retired aquatic biologist, also opposes the hunt. Farmers can protect their corn by using a coating that stops the birds from eating it, Goheen said. Besides, Goheen said, “we’ve got enough things to hunt.”

Others disagreed. One hunt supporter said the birds create too much damage and Wisconsin should follow the example of 22 other states that allow cranes to be hunted.

“Cranes are a renewable resource,” said Mike Brust of the town of Stettin.

“So are robins,” answered Goheen.”

I find it amazing how living beings are only “resources” in the mind of people like this guy. Mr. Goheen better not speak too loud or next they will want to have a robin hunting season.

From the Appleton Post Crescent:

Don Ebelt, of Appleton, said he wouldn’t hunt the cranes if it were made legal, but said it is a management issue and should be allowed.

“Bird lovers raised the same stink with the dove hunt, but we’ve had that season with no problem. It can be controlled,” Ebelt said. “You head out to Navarino or Shiocton and the cranes are everywhere. They’re very pretty birds but there are too many.”

We are still raising a stink about you and your ilk killing mourning doves for no reason. The only reason people like this say there are “too many” is because that is what their hunting group propaganda tells them to say. What is this state’s obsession with killing animals? Each year they want to kill more, more, and more. We need to stand up and speak out against this wanton slaughter of our wildlife.


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“Well, everything in God’s garden is available to us”

“Well, everything in God’s garden is available to us.”

Those are the words of Dave Swanson of the Green Bay Duck Hunters Association speaking about the proposed sandhill crane hunting season for an article in today’s Wisconsin State Journal.

This is the mindset that we are dealing with. People like Swanson think they have a spiritual imperative to kill what ever they want because it is part of “God’s garden.” This is not the first time that I have heard this argument used to justify recreational hunting and trapping. Personally, I think that people like these are just using that argument as spiritual cover for their bloodlust.

Another argument that is being used by proponents of crane killing is that they damage untreated crops. This response from Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation lobbyist Paul Zimmerman also came from the Wisconsin State Journal article:

“Zimmerman said hunting offers a means of controlling population growth and gives hunters “another recreational opportunity.”

That sums it up. The killing of sandhill cranes is just another recreational opportunity for hunters in Wisconsin.

Remember the Conservation Congress Election is Monday April 9th (tomorrow) in every county in the state. The issue of a sandhill crane hunting season is one of the questions to be voted on. Hunters and trappers have controlled this group for the past 80 years. This is a PUBLIC event and it is NOT just for hunters and trappers. Please show up tomorrow at your local meeting and remind them they WE are the majority in this state and to vote against their animal killing agenda.

Location of Election in Each County 

2012 Questionnaire


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