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Hypocrisy: Thy Name is Wisconsin

Joel "Ribeye" Kleefisch

Joel “Ribeye” Kleefisch

Page #23 of Scott Walker’s Book, “Unintimidated, A Governor’s Story and a Nation’s Challenge”

“As conservatives, we believe that as many decisions as possible should be pushed down to the local level. This is not only a matter of efficiency, it is fundamental to our freedoms.”

From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:


noun \hi-ˈpä-krə-sē also hī-\ the behavior of people who do things that they tell other people not to do : behavior that does not agree with what someone claims to believe or feel

According to the quote above from Governor General Walker’s fable book he believes that decisions should be made at the “local level” to protect our “freedoms.” If that is the case then why did Walker just sign into law a bill that takes away all local government control when it comes to bow hunting within city limits?

A bill signed Thursday by Gov. Scott Walker will allow bow hunting within city limits.
Hunters would have to be at least 100 yards from any building when hunting within city limits.Rhinelander Alderperson Alex Young says the law will erase Rhinelander’s city hunt ordinances the city had on the books, like background checks on people hunting in the city.

“Those restrictions we used to have are off and anybody who has a hunting license can come in and bow hunt,” Young said. “The only thing that you are really allowed to restrict is the distance from neighboring houses.”

You read that right. First they take over our national forests, then they took over our state parks, now we cannot even have a respite from animal killing WITHIN our own cities. This means that essentially any bow killer with a license can come into our cities and impale deer and other wildlife as long as they are 100 yards from a building. Is it the goal of this regime to eliminate any and all safe havens for wildlife in this state? Mark my words this is just the first step. Next they will be demanding that local governments allow recreational trapping within our cities. So much for the “local decisions” and being against “big government” that the Teahadists always preach.

While we are on the topic of hypocrisy it should be noted that the “author” of the bill that allowed bow killing in our cities is none other than Joel “Ribeye” Kleefisch. Not only was old Ribeye the “author” and chief cheerleader of this bill, he was also a big supporter of the wolf kill bill that now allows state sanctioned animal fighting in our woods. It also appears that old Ribeye has a brand new title to add to his disgusting resume: convicted wildlife law violator and maybe poacher.

From the Cognitive Dissidence blog:

Meanwhile, crazy Joel Kleefisch, Blinky’s tubby hubby, paid a $243 fine earlier this year after pleading guilty to failure to register wildlife he slaughtered in the unit of kill.

Another one of those “rule of law” Conservatives in action. The citation is below:

State of Wisconsin vs. Joel M Kleefisch

Waukesha County Case Number 2013FO000038

Filing Date
Case Type
Case Status
Non-Traffic Ordinance Violation
Defendant Date of Birth

Count No.
Fail/Register Deer or Bear in Unit of Kill
Forf. U
Guilty Due to No Contest Plea
Defendant Owes the Court: $ 0.00
Responsible Official
Prosecuting Agency
Prosecuting Attorney
Defense Attorney
Binn, Martin
District Attorney

Defendant Name
Date of Birth
Race 1
Kleefisch, Joel M
Address Updated On
Finger Print ID

Total Receivables
Court Assessments
Adjustments 3
Paid to the Court
Probation/Other Agency Amount 4
Balance Due to Court
Due Date 5
$ 243.00
$ 0.00
$ 243.00
$ 0.00
$ 0.00

Looks like another example of a drunk with power Wisconsin Teahadist flaunting the rules. Don’t forget this guy is a member of the State Assembly “Committee on Natural Resources and Sporting Heritage.” This guy MAKES the rules like the one he violated. I am also surprised that the DNR actually cited Ribeye for his violation. Of course it did take almost a year for it to be made public.

People like Walker and Kleefisch have long been at the teat of the taxpayer yet pretend to be for “small government” and “rule of law.” At every turn their actions defy their claims and against their own interests, a large number of Wisconsin residents continue to support these hypocrites. Thus is the nature of Wisconsin after 2010. Do we want every inch of our state to be a killing field for recreational killers? People like Kleefisch and Walker have taken dog fighting from the underground dregs of our society and made it a state sanctioned “sport” in our woods. People like Walker and Kleefisch have moved the sport killing of wildlife right into our backyards and state parks. Do we want blatant law violators and hypocrites making rules that impact our wildlife and wild lands? Shame on you Wisconsin if you do.



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When Fascism Comes to America…….

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

“When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”- Quote attributed to Sinclair Lewis.

Definition of PROPAGANDA

ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one’s cause or to damage an opposing cause; also : a public action having such an effect

Yesterday’s meeting of the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board in Wausau made it very clear that the Wisconsin DNR and Natural Resources Board have no interest in even considering the views of anyone other than the killing cartels. Today the DNR has been using their shills in the news media to push the idea that the 275 kill number approved yesterday is “conservative” and scientific.” One of their talking heads even went so far as to say that there are no pro-wolf groups on the “Wolf Advisory Committee” because they want groups that are for “management” and not pro-wolf. From this article:

Bill Vander Zouwen, the DNR’s wildlife ecology section chief, said the number was a compromise of “quite a diversity of opinions” and would help the DNR achieve its established goal of reducing the wolf population without destabilizing it.

Compromise? Diversity of opinions? Really? Considering that the “Wolf Advisory Committee” that came up with this 275 kill number was stacked with anti-wolf groups and government agencies how can this be considered a “diversity of opinions?” Then we have Ralph Fritsch of the deceptively named hunting group, the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, whining that the slaughter of almost 40 percent of the known wolf population is far too little.

Ralph Fritsch, who sits on the advisory committee, and represents the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, which is comprised of hunting, fishing, trapping and forestry-related groups, supported the new quota for making progress toward the target population of 350. He said the wolf hunt in 2012 was ineffective in reducing the wolf population, which the DNR estimates at just over 800, at minimum.

“The Wisconsin DNR has the ultimate responsibility to properly manage the wolf population in the state, which is currently at least 2.5 times the management goal of 350,” Fritsch said. “The goal was based on the social carrying capacity of wolves in the state and was made as a commitment to farmers, hunters and citizens of Wisconsin.”

The article doesn’t mention that Fritsch, in addition to being a lobbyist for the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation is also a “delegate” for the Wisconsin Conservation Congress. This ensures that his anti-wolf lobbying group has control over all aspects of wolf “management” in the state of Wisconsin. No conflicts of interest here, right?

Then comes this piece of information that I did not know:

Several speakers Wednesday accused the committee, made up of DNR staff and other stakeholders, of failing to represent the interests of most Wisconsinites. The DNR recently decided to remove University of Wisconsin researchers from all wildlife advisory committees (including the wolf committee).

Tom Hauge, director of the DNR’s wildlife bureau, described the change to the Wisconsin State Journal as a move “to be efficient with department resources.”

So let’s remove the only legitimate science based members of the committee to be “efficient?” Really? What does being “efficient” mean to the Wisconsin DNR?

In defense of the composition of the committee, Zouwen said, “We’re past the recovery stage; now we’re in the management stage. It makes the most sense to have the people at the table who are OK with managing and not always fighting that battle.”

So in other words they only want “yes men” that are for wolf killing and dissenting opinions will not be tolerated. More of that Wisconsin “democracy” in action I see.

Then we have the DNR using kill everything shills from the news media to try to convince the public that they are being “conservative” and “scientific” when it comes to wolves. They try to pretend that killing hundreds of wolves each year is good for them and those perpetrating the killing are “conservationists.” Really? Take a look at some of these “conservationists” in action on this page.

This is what the kill everything “outdoors’ writer Paul Smith of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had to say in his latest propaganda piece article:

When it comes to public attitudes on wolves in Wisconsin, at one end of the spectrum some say the species hasn’t recovered and should never be hunted or trapped. It’s hard, I acknowledge, to start killing a species you’ve worked so hard for so long to protect. But the fact is many people at this end would never advocate killing a wolf regardless of its population.

At the opposite end, some believe wolves are a threat to humans and kill too many deer. These folks are more inclined to “shoot, shovel and shut up.”

In the middle are an unknown number who respect the wolf, want to ensure it always has a place in the Wisconsin ecosystem, consider its comeback one of the greatest conservation stories in our lifetime and support science-based management of the wolf as a game species.

Count me in the middle.

And for that, I’m thankful the DNR is taking a conservative approach to its wolf management.

Wildlife managers like Vander Zouwen and carnivore specialist Dave MacFarland have taken pains to explain the agency is working gradually to exert “downward pressure on the wolf population.”

That’s smart and prudent policy. For one thing, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is monitoring the state’s performance in managing its wolf population for five years after delisting.

In between the ass kissing the propaganda screams right into our faces. In Wisconsin killing almost 40 percent of the estimated population is “conservative” according to Smith and the DNR. Then Smith ends with this flaming piece of propaganda:

The current wolf management actions by DNR wildlife managers deserve broader support. Despite claims from opponents, the agency is using the best available science to ensure a viable population of wolves in Wisconsin.

A species managed as a game animal in the modern era has proven to be very secure. It should be no different for the wolf, a species seen as sacred by some and special by most.

With conservative management and an updated plan in the next couple of years, the wolf is likely to be more widely tolerated and have a brighter future in Wisconsin than ever.

So wolves are “no different” than any other species and are seen as “sacred” and “special” by most? Really? So wolves have a “bright future” and will be “more widely tolerated” by subscribing to the DNR’s reckless slaughter plan? So, Mr. Smith, how many species have web pages devoted to their torture and slaughter like the wolf does? Is that tolerance? Why don’t you tell that to the people on the Wisconsin Wolf Hunting Facebook page? That bastion of “tolerance” has over 18,000 likes and is full of anti-wolf propaganda along with photos depicting wolves in various forms of bloody death. And “science” Mr. Smith? “Science like this from Natural Resources Board member William Bruins?

“God created homo-sapiens to be in charge of controlling livestock (misspeaks, corrects) wildlife populations. And if we were to allow the wolf to propagate and go about being the predators that they are, that is not managing the wolf population. So I therefore move to approve the 275 wolf harvest quota and the license issue at 10x the number.”

And here is some more “science” regarding how wolves are “managed” in Wisconsin. Following the meeting and Natural Resources Board member admitted to multiple wolf advocates that they did not agree with the quota but “had to vote it through or Walker could shut them down.” Really? So Governor Dropout wants to make it clear to everyone that no dissent will be tolerated and supposedly “independent” boards like the NRB are apparently too afraid to anger Herr Walker. I seem to remember a term for this in my sociology and political science courses. From the Merriam- Webster Dictionary:

Definition of FASCISM

a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition

Hmm. Who does this sound like? One of my favorite quotes is attributed to Sinclair Lewis:

“When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

Unfortunately fascism is already here and it is wrapped in ALEC/KOCH propaganda and sporting a bald-spot. Are Wisconsin citizens too blind to see this? The wolf issue is a microcosm for what is happening all over this state. First it was the public employees, then the poor, then women, then the environment, then the wolves….. How can anyone miss the pattern here? Everything that “liberal” or “progressive” citizens in this state hold dear is under attack and those charged with being an independent voice are under the total control of a self-anointed “rock star” that believes he can take his blitzkrieg nationwide as president. This is why each and every propaganda piece and action that the Wisconsin DNR and Natural Resources Board takes must be dissected, scrutinized, and called out for the lies and disinformation contained within. We need to demand that our voices be heard and not stand in fear of a self-anointed dictator that spits on all we hold dear. Is Wisconsin that weak of a state that everything we have accomplished in the past 150 years can now be thrown by the wayside to appease big money special interests? The wolf is just another victim in this reign of terror, but they will not be the last if we allow these unprecedented power grabs and institutional intimidation to go unchecked.

Wake up Wisconsin or it won’t be just wolves left decimated and bloody in the woods. Someone also need to remind Governor Walker that it is not a crown on his head, it is only a bald spot.


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Scott Walker: Miracle Worker


With the recall election a little over two weeks away, I am going to do something a little different today. While this story is not directly related to wildlife I thought that I would share another example of how “ethical” the Walker administration is and how arrogant this guy truly is. Not only is Wisconsin the only state in the country that allows the brutal practice of using packs of dogs against wolves, they are now the only state in the country to now use a new method for counting job creation. Again neither the federal government or any other state in the country uses this method, but Scott Walker has decided to magically turn Wisconsin’s worst in the nation job figures into a miracle of job growth.

Scott Walker Magically Turns Dismal Wisconsin Job Numbers Into A Pre-Election Miracle

“With Wisconsin suffering the worst job loss numbers in the nation for the calendar year 2011, Governor Scott Walker promised yesterday that he will reveal newly revised numbers this week that will, effectively, change water into wine on the Wisconsin job front. And he’s done it just in time for the June 5th recall election.”

As we saw with the recently passed wolf kill bill this guy and his cronies will lie, cheat, and manipulate any number or fact to get their agenda passed. Now with his political future on the line Walker is making his dismal job numbers suddenly look completely different than reality. If Wisconsin voters choose to keep this guy in office then we deserve exactly what we get. What more do the citizens of this state need to show what kind of person this man and his administration are? John Doe? “Divide and Conquer?” “Drop the bomb?” Wetland destruction? Tax cuts for millionaires? DNR “pay to play?” Now this? I see signs and bumper stickers and yard signs everywhere that say “We Stand With Scott Walker.” Why? Why do you stand with a man who brags about dividing our state? Why do you stand with a man who turns the very public employees who are our neighbors, family, and friends into evil scoundrels who are responsible for for the budget problems in the state.

Wisconsin, it is gut-check time. Is the divisiveness and rancor that this guy has caused really worth it? Imagine how emboldened Walker and his goons will be if they survive the recall. Can Wisconsin really afford it? You decide.


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If You Needed Another Reason To Vote Against Walker…..

Hunters Endorse Walker in Recall Vote

Remember these words as you cast your vote on June 5th:

“The Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association–which is the political action committee for the state’s Safari Club, Wisconsin NRA chapter, Whitetails of Wisconsin, and the national riffle (sp) association–have all endorsed Walker, claiming he is the strongest advocate for hunting, gun rights and conservation.”

“Governor Walker has been incredible for hunters in his first year and a half in office,” said Joe Koback, chairman of SCI’s state political committee. “He got rid of earn a buck, brought in Dr. Kroll to clean up the DNR mess, got rid of outdated gun case regulation, and appointed good pro-hunting people to DNR leadership.”

And from our friends at the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association:

“WBHA President Al Lobner praised Walker for signed into law the Bear Bill, which former Governor Jim Doyle had vetoed.” 

“His administration has been 100-percent in favor of delisting wolves, and he recently signed Wisconsin’s first modern wolf hunting season bill,” Lobner said. “He also made sure that stewardship land purchases are open to hunting, fishing, and trapping.”

Isn’t it just wonderful that bear hounders can now terrorize all forms of wildlife for almost eight month of the year thanks to Scott Walker. It is also great that our state parks are being turned into free fire zones where hikers will be forced to dodge the land mines known as traps. It is also just fantastic that hounders can also engage in legalized dog fighting when they send their packs of dogs on wolves in addition to bears, and coyotes. Thanks Scott Walker!

With the help of a contributor and friend we are working on getting a clarification from the DNR as to how it can be acceptable for these sadists to set packs of loose dogs onto wildlife when Wisconsin law forbids using dogs to kill wild animals. There are countless videos on YouTube showing bear hounders letting their dogs savagely rip at wounded bears. Wolves and coyotes are not able to climb up a tree to evade the dogs. The wolves especially will fight to the death. Wisconsin should make Michael Vick and honorary citizen because he would be proud of the barbarism that this state brings to our wildlife.

If you live in Wisconsin please contact your legislators and tell them that dogs should not be used as weapons against our wildlife. There is a reason that we are the only one of the 50 states that allows dogs to go after wolves. The citizens of Wisconsin need to demand that the practice of hounding be outlawed. The first step in this is to vote to recall Scott Walker which would also remove his bear hounder loving and wolf hating cronies from their politically appointed positions at the DNR.


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It’s Time To Wake Up Wisconsin

Joel “Ribeye” Kleefisch

In today’s edition of the Wisconsin State Journal published a damning article linking political appointees of Gov. Scott Walker and allies like wolf kill bill “author” Joel “Ribeye” Kleefisch to a possible “pay for play” scandal where serious environmental violations of campaign donors were ignored by the Wisconsin DNR. From the article:

“A top political appointee at the state Department of Natural Resources chose not to send a complaint against an Oconomowoc waste hauler to the Department of Justice for prosecution despite findings by agency staff that the company was treating fields with so much human waste from septic tanks it risked poisoning nearby wells, DNR records show.”

“At a second meeting, on Dec. 20, Kleefisch — who also received $100 in campaign donations from Herr and whose wife Rebecca received $2,250 from the Herr family during her campaign for lieutenant governor — challenged Gunderson to reconsider the citations the DNR was weighing against Herr.”

“In the age of the DNR/Wisconsin Governor being pro-business, why is the DNR giving Herr 5 citations and why can’t 2 or 3 be taken away as a show of good faith?” Joel Kleefisch asked, according to Bolha’s notes of the meeting. He also reportedly asked that the fine be reduced. Kleefisch didn’t respond to a request for comment.”

It sure looks like old “Ribeye” and Walker’s political appointees have “Stepped” in a pile of it this time. This incident along with a drastically lower number of citations being issued by the DNR for environmental violations sure make it seem like something stinks at the DNR.

Unfortunately too much damage may have already been done but we can begin to change this on June 5th by voting Walker and his cronies out of office. Opening all of our public lands up to the hunting and trapping of our wildlife? Passing legislation making it easier to develop wetlands? Allowing an open killing season on a species that numbers less than 800? Pushing to have open pit mining that would pollute vast areas of fresh water that residents of this state depend on? What more evidence do we need that this guy, his administration, and his allies are hell bent on destroying what is left of our environment? Maybe the first clue should have been the appointment of real estate developer, Cathy Stepp, as head of the DNR.

It’s time to wake up Wisconsin and send a message that this war on our environment and wildlife will not be tolerated anymore. Walker and his cronies need to be recalled on June 5th, and his allies like “Ribeye” and the other wolf kill bill “authors” need to be voted out this fall.

Read the entire Wisconsin State Journal article here:

DNR appointee resolved massive waste violation internally instead of referring case to DOJ


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Scott Walker: “Defender of Freedom” and “Rock Star”

Scott Walker: Defender of Freedom and Rock Star
Photo by, via Wikimedia Commons

Last week the National Redneck Rifle Association (NRA) awarded our very own corporate shill of a governor, Scott Walker, an award labeling him as a  “defender of freedom.” This fearless individual is defending your 2nd Amendment freedom to slaughter wolves, bears, coyotes, and soon sandhill cranes strictly for your entertainment. Not only can you slaughter more wildlife under this guy, you can also shoot anyone who comes on your property under his “castle doctrine” law and call it self defense. What a “hero.”

The neighbor’s dog poops in your yard- BOOM, instant “Second Amendment Remedy!”

A Girl Scout comes to your door selling cookies- BOOM, I felt threatened.

Someone knocks on your door asking for directions-BOOM, and a second BOOM if you happen to be non-white.

Now, I have nothing against someone legitimately defending their family from an intruder, but Scott Walker and his ALEC/NRA inspired paranoia are taking us back to a far darker time in our history where every problem was “solved” with a blast from a gun. Here is a quote from a recent Washington Post article  where Walker was attending a Koch Industries funded event in Oklahoma :

“He’s exactly what this country needs in terms of leadership,” said banker Bob Emery of Enid, Okla., who was seated at a nearby table, clearly in awe. “The courage he has had … is what wells up in me. The man is absolutely doing what he believes in.”

So was Hitler.

Of course there is also that little issue of the “John Doe” investigation that is getting closer and closer each day to Walker and his goons. I know that all of my heroes have an indictment hanging over their heads.

One more reason that this guy NEEDS to be recalled.


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If Your Stomach Can Handle It, Read Below

The genius himself!!!

Photo by Maxamegalon2000 (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons

As if one dose of Scott Walker was not enough today, here is what our esteemed governor had to say about the wolf kill bill that he signed today. This was taken off a press release from his office today:

“Senate Bill 411 provides for a wolf hunting and trapping season in Wisconsin from October 15th through the end of February if the wolf is removed from the United States and Wisconsin lists of endangered and threatened species. This establishes Wisconsin as the first state to have a wolf hunting season east of the Mississippi.”

“With this law, we are opening the door for the DNR to have rules in place for a wolf hunt beginning in October of this year,” Governor Walker said. “The Wisconsin wolf population has grown from about 25 wolves in 1980 to more than 800. The swelling wolf population has created a hardship for many farmers and homeowners. The DNR is ready to put the rules in place that will allow them to reduce the herd to a healthy, sustainable level.”

“Governor Walker thanked Sen. Terry Moulton (R-Chippewa Falls) and Rep. Scott Suder (R-Abbotsford) for their work on the wolf hunting bill.”

So there you have it. Walker is just so proud that Wisconsin will be the first state to start slaughtering wolves this fall. And yes, a special thanks goes out to Scott Suder and Terry Moulton for allowing the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association and their seven lawyers to write this abomination of a bill for them. Thank you for ignoring the will of the people and allowing our wolves to be slaughtered for four and half months with dogs, at night, trapped, and baited.

And one more thing. Someone should tell this genius that wolves live in packs not herds. And these are the people we let make our laws?


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