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Hunters Worried About Image After Deer Thrill Killing in Wisconsin


Photo by ForestWander via Wikimedia Commons

This report just surfaced about four people in Wisconsin who poached at least 100 deer in Richland County last December in what is called a “contest.” They also apparently left the killed deer to rot.

Wisconsin man suspected of slaughtering 100 deer in ‘thrill kill’

Of course there is outrage from the hunting community, but not in the manner you would expect. According to the article:

“The suspected illegal slaughtering of deer by Blaha violated all the rules of hunting, authorities said, and has since outraged many hunters and conservation groups who claim Blaha may have depleted the herd and brought unfair notoriety to the sport.”

Yup, they are outraged because it tarnishes their image and takes away deer that they could be killing. I guess that they can’t blame the wolves for this “depletion” of the deer herd.

Note: I normally do not like using Fox News as a reference, but I could not find other sources.


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