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Just When You Thought We Have Seen the Worst…..

With all of the outrage concerning the Josh Brandford wolf torture photos, an effort has been made by hunting and trapping groups to downplay the event. They claim that this type of brutality is the exception rather than the rule. A couple of days ago, I was made aware of a horrific video showing coyotes being killed in the most extreme manners possible including through the use of explosives. These two thugs call themselves “Coyote Control Specialists” and they have numerous videos on YouTube that show them slaughtering coyotes and other wildlife. They even make a video that shows them shooting ground squirrels for fun. Like Josh Bransford these are the faces of the modern “sportsman.” To call this horrifying would be an understatement and it is just the tip of the iceberg.

**Warning** Very Graphic Content **Warning** 

Share these videos far and wide. Is this even legal? Wildlife being killed by explosives? This wanton killing is apparently considered “ethical” and “conservation” in the minds of fish and game department across the country. I cannot even fathom the idea that I am part of the same species that these thugs are.


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