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Five Month Wolf Slaughter Begins Monday and Why Are Federal Employees Giving Wolf Killing Lessons?

An article by pro-killing writer, Paul Smith, appeared this evening on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s website talking abut the upcoming wolf kill. Amidst all of the fluff about how “careful” the DNR is not to allow “over-harvest” of wolves there is a section about how a professional wildlife assassin from the despised USDA’s “Wildlife Services” gave a government sanctioned course to would be wolf killers about how to trap wolves. From the article:

Only a handful of people, mostly state and federal employees like Dave Ruid of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s wildlife services, have intentionally and with proper authorization trapped or hunted wolves in Wisconsin.

Ruid said the techniques for trapping wolves are very similar to those used for coyotes. At the clinic in Tomahawk, Ruid demonstrated a wolf set. It used a foot-hold trap concealed by dirt and leaves. A dog urine scent was used to mark a nearby log.

Trappers are likely to achieve higher rates of success, said Ruid. Of the 1,160 licenses issued in Wisconsin, 238 have some trapping experience or have purchased a trapping license in the past, according to the DNR.

So our tax money is paying for “clinics” that teach sadists how to bait and trap wolves. I expect this garbage from the kill everything types in the DNR, but why are the Feds putting on killing classes? Then we have DNR employee and bear hounder shill, Kurt Thiede, spreading more ridiculous fluffy propaganda:

“We are being as careful as possible,” said Thiede. “It is in everyone’s interest that we effectively manage wolves so we are able to retain management of these majestic creatures.”

Careful as possible? Really? Wanting to allow packs of vicious dogs to run rampant through the woods and fight wolves? Allowing 1600 sadists to target a population of 800 wolves night and day for five months? Allowing those same sadists to bait, use electronic calls, and trap? That sure sounds “careful” to me. By the way this is almost exactly what Rep. Scott Suder (R-ALEC) said during an interview on Wisconsin Public Radio back in February. It sure is funny how the bear hounders, Suder, and their shills like Thiede all use the same talking points. Who do they really work for?

Then there is a very well reasoned article from Ron Seely in the Wisconsin State Journal talking about how the wolf killing season, vehicle deaths, killings by Wildlife Services assassins, and poaching could cause between 46 to 57 percent of the wolf population to be killed over the next few months according to DNR wolf biologist Adrian Wydeven. Now I see why Rep. Scott Suder (R-Alec) and Rep. Roger (Some Girls Rape Easy) Rivard did not allow Mr. Wydeven to testify at their sham of a “public hearing.” From the article:

Wisconsin population studies, Wydeven said, have shown that 9 percent to 19 percent of the state’s wolves are killed illegally each year, 10 percent are killed in depredation control programs, and 3 percent to 4 percent are killed by vehicles. Add those numbers to the 24 percent harvest quotas, Wydeven said, and total, human-caused mortality is likely to be between 46 percent and 57 percent. Research has shown that wolves can tolerate up to about 29 percent to 35 percent human-caused mortality rates before populations decline, Wydeven reported to the Natural Resources Board.

So it is likely that over 50 percent of the wolf population will be killed before the wolf killing season ends in February. Of course that does not include the number of pregnant females that will be killed after the beginning of the year that will further decrease the population. Then we have Mr. Wydeven talking about how beneficial wolves are to the ecosystem in this article:

“Wisconsin’s wolf population has grown since then from a pair of wolves to roughly 850 wolves today,” Wydeven said. “As their numbers have grown, they have had a significant impact that has shown to benefit surrounding ecosystems.”

Wydeven will provide data and anecdotal evidence on how the growing wolf population has contributed to greater diversity of understory plants, as well as improved deer herd and trout stream conditions. In addition, he will touch on the controversy surrounding human interaction with wolves related to depredation and Wisconsin’s first wolf hunt to reduce their numbers.

So we have a respected DNR biologist talking about how over 50 percent of the population may be killed and how beneficial they are to the ecosystem while the DNR is all hot and bothered to kill as many wolves as they can in any way possible. What is wrong with this picture? Wolves in this state face very grave danger in the upcoming months. This threat is not just from the sadists who wish to trap, shoot, and hound wolves, but from ignorant politicians like Scott Suder who will surely push for increased kill numbers next year along with more extreme killing methods.

If Mr. Wydeven is correct and over half of the wolf population is killed we must not stand by and allow the federal government to sit on their hands. If this happens the wolf needs to be returned to the Endangered Species List and we need to make sure this happens. Please be vigilant as to what is happening if you live in wolf country. Do not hesitate to report poachers, trespassers, or hounders breaking the rules. If you do not want to report it directly send us a message and we will report it. The DNR must be held accountable and enforce their so called “rules” that they let trappers, hunters, and hounders so brazenly get away with. If you have video evidence of wrongdoing please share it with us. If you see photographs or videos on the internet of any violations please share the links. We cannot stand by and let these sadists continue to break laws and torture wildlife while the DNR looks the other way. This is not just for wolves. If you see any wildlife violations report it and let us or other wildlife advocacy groups know. The public must be made aware of what is really happening to our wildlife and who is enabling it.


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Contact Your Senators to Oppose S. 2066


Photo from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Please contact your Senators and tell them to oppose the audacious hunter and trapper power grab that is S. 2066, the so-called “Recreational Fishing and Hunting Heritage and Opportunities Act.” This bill is northing more than a desperate power grab to open up ALL of our public lands, including National Parks, to more hunting, trapping, and recreational shooting. The House version of this bill H.R. 4089 also included a provision to allow trophy hunters the opportunity to import the bodies of the polar bears that they killed in Canada which is currently illegal to do in the United States. More shameless pandering to the rich SCI trophy hunter crowd. That horrible bill which mostly mirrors S. 2066, passed the Republican controlled House last week. The Democrats in the Senate and President Obama already sold out the wolves in the Northern Rockies last year by agreeing to the shameless “Tester Rider.” Please remind them of that vote and that we are currently in an election season. President Obama has already done quite a bit to anger those in the environmental movement who supported him in 2008. Does he really want to alienate us even more by signing bill that is an all out assault on our wildlife?

These bills are nothing more than a shameless power grab to appease the defenders of a dying “sport” and those who wish to exploit our public lands for their own selfish wants. Most of our national forests and deceptively named National Wildlife Refuge system already allow many of these activities to take place, yet many in Congress want to turn ALL of our public lands into killing grounds and shooting ranges to appease SCI, the NRA and other likeminded groups and individuals.

Please take action and tell your Senators to OPPOSE this horrible bill.


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“And the Scumbag is Smiling”


Photo by Hellahulla (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons

Did you know that many hunters and trappers who pose with their kills call the photographs “hero shots?” Yes it takes a real hero to shoot an animal and then mug for the camera over a once living being that had no chance to defend itself. A recent article in The Record Searchlight of Redding, CA brought the actions of these “heroes” and their photographs to light.

“As the sun was starting to dip below frost-covered hills on a frigid evening last fall, my friend Greg and I stood smiling in front of a camera on an ice-covered boat ramp. We were each holding straps loaded with a heap of dead ducks. We were doing what hunters have done since the advent of the camera — taking a “hero photo,” as one hunting blogger calls them. Hunters know why we take those pictures.”

“They’re a celebration of success, a record of our determination, passion, skill and all those bleary-eyed early mornings and when we went home without firing a shot at the ducks that stayed out of range, our deer tags went unfilled and our freezers stayed empty.”

The author then goes on to talk about how hunters should be worried about how they will be perceived when the photographs are seen by others. Common sense, right? He even titles the section of the article “And the Scumbag is Smiling.” Then he makes sure to talk about how evil “animal rights” people will put anti-hunitng measures on ballots because of these photos. But then he has to go on to tell a story about what “heroes” he and his buddy were for hiding their boat and then blowing ducks out of the sky:

“We hid the boat, and I finally had a chance to take off my jacket. With my waders pushed down to my waist and my coat dangling off one arm, I heard that telltale whistle of rippling wing feathers. Mallards overhead. I grabbed my gun and, with one hand, made one of the most incredible passing shots of my life. The greenhead folded, stone dead, as a poof of feathers fluttered down on my shoulders. I hollered in triumph. Greg gave me a knuckle bump.”

“It only got better. In the next two hours, we filled our duck straps (and, much later, our freezer, the chili pot and my smoker) with mallards, ringneck ducks and, yes, a pair of fat canvasbacks.The shutter clicked.”

“We grinned like idiots.”

Does anything more need to be said? Heroes, indeed.


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