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Wisconsin DNR Shows Their True Agenda

Photo by Phil Haynes , via Wikimedia Commons

Today, the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board approved a plan to remove 16 species from the state endangered species list. Proposed to be removed from the list are the barn owl, the snowy egret, and the Blanding’s turtle. I wonder how long they will be off the list before Joel “Ribeye” Kleefisch wants a hunting season on them?

According to this article in the Wisconsin State Journal the plan is drawing fire from George Meyer and the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation. Of course Meyer isn’t upset that species are being removed from the list. He is upset because eight are being added. From the article:

“The plan drew opposition from the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation. George Meyer, executive director, said his organization is asking that action on the changes be delayed because he said the agency did not consult outside experts on proposed additions to the list.”

So George Meyer apparently thinks that all changes must go through his deceptively named hunting group group and their “experts?” That is the understanding that I get from this statement. We all saw the results of the actions of his so called outside “experts” in the recently passed wolf kill bill, SB 411.

Then there is this gem in the article from Kurt Thiede, the DNR’s lands division administrator:

“As for the species proposed for delisting, studies have shown most of their populations either stable or in some cases already gone from the state, Thiede said. The Bewick’s wren, for example, has not been observed breeding in Wisconsin or neighboring states for more than 40 years. Removing such species from the list, according to the DNR plan, will lessen the impact of such regulation on business.”

Again their true colors show. We wouldn’t want anything to get in the way those businesses, would we? Just like the recently passed wetland destruction bill passed by the legislature and signed into law by Gov. Walker. Of course the funny thing is that George Meyer’s group opposed that bill. I wonder why? I am sure that it was out of concern for all of the species that would be impacted by development on the wetlands (sarcasm off). No, it is far more likely that they opposed it because it would destroy their killing grounds and they would have to blow birds out of the sky elsewhere.

The true agendas of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation and the Wisconsin DNR have shown their face once again. It is time to fight back against these self-serving groups and the political hacks that control our wildlife and wild lands.


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