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Wolf Slaughter Begins While the Media Finally Pays Attention…….And Asks Questions

Is there any doubt left that the Wisconsin DNR hates wolves?

Is there any doubt left that the Wisconsin DNR hates wolves?

The day that wildlife advocates have dreaded and bloodthirsty sadists yearned for is upon us. This is the first day of Wisconsin’s annual wolf slaughter season. There is a big difference between this year and last year though. The mainstream media is finally paying attention to the reckless plan authored by the killing cartel controlled “Wolf Advisory Committee” and the pay to play Wisconsin DNR under former real estate developer turned agency secretary Cathy Stepp. In the past week alone some outstanding journalism from the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism has shone a light in the corrupt and barbaric practices that the DNR labels as “science,” “management,” and “tradition. The Center also asks the question about why some in this state are so obsessed with using dogs as four-legged weapons against wildlife and why this is considered “ethical” by the DNR. The most important piece from the Center is a long investigative article showcasing the corrupt and pandering antics of the Wisconsin DNR and their sham committees. The article is here:

Proposed wolf reduction worries Wisconsin scientists

In the article DNR talking head Sgt. Schultz….errr…..Bill Vander Zouwen makes the ridiculous statement that the DNR has no clue what killing cartel groups are applying “political pressure.” Right……

The wolf committee is one of 16 wildlife advisory committees that were revamped this spring to exclude university researchers and reduce DNR staff — a move that internal DNR records show was controversial among some of the agency’s scientists.

The committees now have more representation by interest groups, including sportsmen.

The wolf committee is drafting a long-term plan for managing the animals due in June to the Natural Resources Board, which sets policy for the DNR.

Committee facilitator Bill Vander Zouwen, the DNR’s ecology section chief, said agency administrators are feeling pressure from outside groups not to raise the goal from 350, set in a state wolf management plan from 1999 when wolves were recovering from threatened status.

“Whoever worked with the legislators on the bill — it’s clear the legislators wanted (the wolf population) brought down,” he said. “If we start talking about higher goals, it will make people nervous because of the political pressure out there.”

Vander Zouwen said he didn’t know who was applying this pressure: “Nobody has really told me who those influential parties are.”

Seriously? Let me give you a hint. They wrote the damn bill and sit on your sham committee, Vander Zouwen. Then there is this asinine statement from the the head of the state trapper killing cartel and committee member:

Committee member Maynard Breunig, representing the Wisconsin Trappers’ Association, was also adamant about not going above 350.

“I’ll change my mind when I’m six feet under. That’s about the only time I’ll change my mind,” he said. “What is the goal of all of this? Everybody knows what the people want.”

What people? The bear hounders? The trapper sadists? Funny that these bloodthirsty sadists speak for a tiny minority of Wisconsin citizens yet they know “what the people want.”

And of course here is the political control of the DNR wolf “management” spelled out in clear terms:

The state’s 2012 wolf hunt, the first in half a century, was approved with support from several state sportsmen groups, including the Safari Club International Wisconsin Chapter, the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association and the Wisconsin Bowhunters Association, all of which are now represented on the Wolf Advisory Committee.

Officers and board members of the seven groups that spent time lobbying for the wolf hunt have donated at least $15,500 to Republican campaigns since mid-2008, an analysis shows. Recipients include Walker and former state Rep. Scott Gunderson, now DNR executive assistant. They also gave at least $4,300 to Democratic campaigns.

The rechartering of the DNR’s 16 wildlife committees has raised concerns among some DNR panel members, according to emails and a report obtained under an open records request by the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism.

Vander Zouwen??? Are you paying attention about who is exerting the “political pressure?” You put them on your sham committee.

And not to be outdone Cathy Stepp decided to respond to the Center’s article in a propaganda press release claiming that managing wolves is “as much art as it is science?” Sit down before you read this obsecene and insulting garbage:

If wildlife management was simply about doing research and then implementing what a study suggests, our wildlife managers would have a pretty straight forward and relatively easy job. However, wildlife management in Wisconsin and across the country is as much an art as it is a science. To ignore public sentiment and turn a blind eye to what society will accept will result in the failure of any policy, no matter how sound it may be from a scientist’s point of view. That is why for over 76 years, the DNR has balanced social, biological, and economic science in its decision making.

In review of the article, there are a number of important facts that were omitted.

First, several scientists, including Dr. Timothy Van Deelen and his research associate Jennifer Stenglen, have presented to the department’s wolf committee on multiple occasions. The article suggests that because Dr. Van Deelen isn’t a member of the committee that his inputs are not considered. To the contrary, their model has been utilized for two consecutive years to help model and project how the state’s wolf population will respond to harvest.

Secondly, the article asserts a false premise that only hunters, trappers and ranchers want fewer wolves. What is not mentioned are the votes by 18 Wisconsin County Boards that have passed advisory resolutions on wolf management, with 14 voting for 350 or less wolves and 4 voting for a goal of 350 wolves. Those counties include: Ashland, Burnett, Clark, Douglas, Florence, Forest, Iron, Jackson, Langlade, Lincoln, Marinette, Oconto, Oneida, Price, Rusk, Sawyer, Taylor, and Vilas. This is a taste of the social side of wolf management. The DNR strives to balance many of the social aspects of wolf management with the need, and the department’s responsibility, to manage the state’s wolf population.

Classic Laurie Groskopf/bear hounder propaganda. So Stepp, who populates these boards? You fail to mention that the vast majority are indeed hunters, trappers, hounders, and ranchers. So no it is not a “false premise.” Guess what Stepp? Wisconsin is a state of 5.6 MILLION people. How about paying attention to that “social side of management” not just bear hounders, hunters, trappers, and ranchers. And then the propaganda continues:

At a recent DNR wolf committee meeting, social dimension work from UW researcher Adrian Treves was presented to the committee. In subsequent meetings the committee decided that more in-depth and robust social dimensions work needed to be conducted to better inform the department’s update to the state’s wolf management plan. Again, no mention was made of this fact in the article.

Next, the assertion that we will get to our goal of 350 wolves in one year ignores the science. The UW’s own population model indicates this year’s harvest could result in a 13 percent reduction in the state’s wolf population.

Since the day the wolf hunt legislation went into effect, we have been clear that we will honor the established population goal, and we will manage the population responsibly. Last year, as we predicted, our conservative harvest resulted in basically holding the wolf population steady. The minimum population count was estimated to be 815 in 2012, after the harvest it was estimated to be 809, a decline of less than 1 percent.

Also, at the beginning of the 2014 wolf hunting and trapping season, the population is well above 809 animals. The state’s wolf population basically doubles each spring when young are born. The number the department reports as a baseline is the population at its lowest point each year, just prior to pups being born. That is the origin of 809 and needs to be reported in context.

Finally, I want to take this time to thank our experts, the 12 DNR scientists and wildlife professionals that sit at the table with our conservation and Federal partners developing recommendations at our wolf committee meetings. The article focuses on only a few committee members but fails to mention the makeup of our 25 member committee which also includes representatives from the US Forest Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), US Department of Agriculture, Wisconsin County Forest Association and the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission (GLIFWC). The article suggests that science is not represented, that only stakeholders are making decisions. This is simply not true and fails to tell the entire story.

Once recommendations are developed at the committee level, those recommendations are advanced to the department’s wildlife policy team, where seasoned managers and scientists with over 150 combined years of experience, weigh the science (both social and biological) and also the management implications. Ultimately they will make the recommendation to department administration and the Natural Resources Board (NRB). That is where biology, science and public sentiment are weighed and a final decision is made. This year the wolf committee recommended a quota of 275 wolves and the NRB approved that quota unanimously.

There are some tough decisions ahead. For instance, if we want to continue to harvest wolves, we will very likely have to decide on whether 350 wolves is the correct number. We do not disagree or ignore the fact that at lower populations we need to take great care in our management decisions. If we do reach 350 animals, it may mean that public harvest is extremely limited and we are only controlling problem wolves. These are the important questions that our citizens and committee will be tackling in the coming year. In the meantime, we will continue to responsibly manage our wolf population.

Our commitment to science remains strong. We will continue to monitor the biological data collected through surveys and harvest data as we move toward our goal, approved by and written by many of those quoted in the article as well as the USFWS. No other state puts the same amount of effort into tracking, monitoring and collecting data on the wolf population and harvest as Wisconsin does. There is much to be celebrated in our recovery and responsible management of the wolves in Wisconsin.

Keep the propaganda spin rolling Stepp and fellow DNR talking heads. This is the same killing cartel propaganda that ALL of the anti-wolf groups keep spreading. The Center has made very clear that they stand behind their story 100 percent and we concur:

The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism stands by its report on the state Department of Natural Resources’ management of the wolf population. The report fairly and accurately draws upon the perspectives of advocates and critics of the DNR, through interviews and public records. DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp’s response mischaracterizes portions of WCIJ’s report, which we invite the public to read in its entirety. We look forward to further examinations of these important issues in the future.

It is so refreshing to see a well respected investigative journalism organization like the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism call out the biased and politically motivated Wisconsin DNR for their corrupt and shady antics. The Center also published and article yesterday asking why Wisconsin is so obsessed with using dogs to kill wildlife:

Is state too open to hunting with dogs?

Joe Bodewes, a Minocqua-based veterinarian, described the damage to dogs by bear in a recent letter to the Wisconsin State Journal.

“Broken and crushed legs, sliced-open abdomens and punctured lungs,” he wrote. “Dogs lying mangled and dying on the surgery table — all in the pursuit of sport.”

Bodewes, in an interview, says his small clinic treats about a dozen dogs a year mauled by bears while hunting. Usually two to four die. Recent cases include a dog whose jaw “was snapped off below the eyes” and one whose back muscles were “ripped loose from its spine.” Both survived.

Now Wisconsin is about to become the only state to let dogs be used in wolf hunts. A judge’s injunction blocking the use of dogs in last year’s inaugural hunt has been lifted; the case is now before a state appeals court. This year’s hunt, with a kill goal of 275 wolves, begins Tuesday. Dogs can be used beginning Dec. 2.

Keep up the pressure. You know that we will continue to expose the sadistic bloodsport antics of many so called “sportsmen” in Wisconsin and their enablers in the DNR.


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Does the DNR Really Care What You Think and is Scott Suder Stepping Down?

Badger Army Ammunition Plant near Baraboo, WI.

Badger Army Ammunition Plant near Baraboo, WI.

Not content sending heavily armed swat style storm troopers to take out a two week old fawn, the Wisconsin DNR wants to turn the state into a giant training facility for all forms of redneckery. Shooting ranges, ATV use, hounding and all other forms of reckless killing and destruction are the DNR’s new priority for implementation all over the state. The latest example of this comes from the DNR pushing to turn the former Badger Army Ammunition Plant into a giant shooting range and ATV facility. Last night the DNR held one of their “public hearings” about their plans for the location. From this article:

Members of the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board got an earful Wednesday about future plans for the Badger Army Ammunition Plant during a stop in Baraboo.

The meeting at the Clarion Hotel came a day after members of the board – which sets policy for the state Department of Natural Resources – toured the decommissioned weapons plant to learn about a series of options the DNR has proposed for Badger property it has acquired.

Many who attended the meeting spoke out against one of those options, which includes installation of a public shooting range and a looped trail for motorized recreational vehicles. They encouraged the board to adopt a plan that would only allow low-impact recreational uses, such as hunting, fishing and hiking.

The public uproar was so much that only three people spoke in favor of the DNR’s proposal. Take a guess who those three people/groups were:

Eugene Robkin, a Baraboo city alderman, told board members the economic benefit of keeping the property quiet and pristine “dwarfs any claimed benefit of an ATV trail and shooting range.”

Also dwarfed was the level of public support at the meeting for target shooting and recreational riding on the land, now called the Sauk Prairie Recreation Area. Only three of the nearly 30 public speakers who voiced their opinions supported a shooting range, ATV trail, or both.

Representatives of the Sauk Prairie Conservation Alliance, Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger, Sierra Club, Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, Baraboo Range Preservation Area, Sauk County Pheasants Forever, as well as Rep. Fred Clark, D-Sauk City, and Sen. John Erpenbach, D-Middleton, spoke against the ATV trail and shooting range and in support of low-impact recreational use.

Representatives of the NRA, Hunters Rights Coalition, and United Sportsmen of Wisconsin spoke in favor of the shooting range.

Of course. The Welchies. People look for answers to life’s questions in many different areas. Religious people turn to their holy texts to find some answers. Lawyers turn to State and Federal statutes and case history to find their answers. Where do Wisconsin wildlife advocates turn when they need answers about the DNR’s actions? This wildlife advocate turns to the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board and looks at the list of clients for lobbyist Bob Welch. Sure enough the NRA (WI Force) and Hunters Rights Coalition (a front group for the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association) are clients of Bob Welch. If it is anti-wildlife, anti-heath, anti-environment, or anti anything progressive it is likely that Bob Welch is a lobbyist for it.

So what does this mean? Like the wolf killing season the public has spoken out in huge numbers against the DNR’s reckless proposal for Badger. Even the kill everything Wisconsin Wildlife Federation and a pheasant killing group are against this proposal. What does that say? But I doubt that matters much to the DNR. The DNR has made it very clear that they care nothing for what the general public wants. Keep a close eye on this, but I would bet that the Welchies are going to get their way here as well if history is any indication. The Wisconsin DNR does not work for you, Wisconsin citizens. They work for Bob Welch and his affiliated groups. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the bills supported and opposed by the Welch groups over the past couple of years on the GAB site.

Suder Stepping Down?

Speaking of Welch aligned puppets an interesting piece of news came out yesterday about Wisconsin’s most anti-wildlife legislator, Rep. Scott Suder (R-ALEC). According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel the word is that Suder will be stepping down from his position as Assembly Majority Leader to take a position at the Public Service Commission. At first I questioned why Suder would give up the number two position in his party for this position, but then I looked at the list of the groups Bob Welch lobbies for and of course things all seemed to fall into place. Here are the responsibilities of the Public Service Commission:

The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC) is an independent regulatory agency dedicated to serving the public interest. The agency is responsible for the regulation of Wisconsin public utilities, including those that are municipally-owned, since 1907.

Types of utilities regulated include electric, natural gas, water, combined water and sewer utilities and certain aspects of local telephone service. More than 1,100 utilities are under the agency’s jurisdiction. Most of these must obtain PSC approval before:

  • Setting new rates
  • Issuing stocks or bonds
  • Undertaking major construction projects such as power plants, water wells, and transmission line

And guess who is a lobbyist for all of these utilities in one form or another? Is this a conspiracy theory? Yes, but judging from the past history of Suder and Welch you would have to be blind not to see the potential links here. One way or another something doesn’t seem right. Why would someone give up a high rank in state government? Fleeing a sinking ship maybe?  All I can say is good riddance if this happens.



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DNR “Wolf Advisory Committee” Stacks Deck With Anti-Wolf Groups and Excludes Pro-Wildlife Groups

Coming soon to Wisconsin.

Coming soon to Wisconsin.


**UPDATE** Please contact the DNR and express your outrage at this blatant pandering here:

Today, the Wisconsin DNR has been putting out all kinds of press about how their “diverse” group of “stakeholders” on the Wolf Advisory Committee is meeting in Wausau to determine the kill numbers for this years wolf slaughter. Of course when you take a closer look at who is on this “committee” you will see why we have grave concerns about the future of the gray wolf in Wisconsin:

Bill Vander Zouwen, DNR WM Chair
David MacFarland, DNR WM CO
Adrian Wydeven – DNR WM CO
Brad Koele – DNR WM CO
Steve Hoffman – DNR WM NOD
David Halfmann – DNR WM NED
Sara Kehrli – DNR WM SOD
Kris Johansen – DNR WM WCD
Dan Michels – DNR LE
Barry Gilcheck – DNR CSL
Jenny Pelej – DNR CE
Brian Dhuey – DNR SS
Lee Fahrney – Conservation Congress
Eric Koens – Wisconsin Cattlemans Association
Mike Gappa – Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association
Joe Koback – Safari Club International
Randy Jurewicz – Timber Wolf Alliance
Mike Brust – Wisconsin Bowhunters Association
Peter Fasbender – USFWS
Jake Walcisak – Wisconsin County Forest Association
Dan Eklund – USFS
Jason Suckow – USDA WS
Maynard Breunig – Wisconsin Trappers Association
Ralph Fritsch – Wisconsin Wildlife Federation
Peter David – GLIFWC

So the killing cartels that wrote the wolf kill bill now get to set the quota for the wolf slaughter this fall. Even worse is that the DNR refused seats to the Humane Society of the United States, National Wolfwatcher Coalition, and the Sierra Club. From this article:

Howard Goldman, of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), a critic of wolf hunting, says the DNR reorganized the committee to exclude him. He says he won’t be able to vote to block any pro-hunt recommendations.

Goldman says his group fears the state will eventually try to reduce the wolf population to 350 compared to the current estimated population of more than 800. The DNR’s Bill Vander Zouwen says two wolf committees were combined and some slots were reduced.

“There’s a limited number of people or groups on the committee to make them workable, but everybody still has an opportunity for input.”

Of course. There was no room for the HSUS and the other pro-wolf groups, but there was plenty of room for SEVEN openly anti-wolf groups. The only remotely pro-wolf entities in the group are Randy Jurewicz, and Peter David. The DNR has made it very clear that they are anti-wolf, and they even put the despicable Wildlife Services on the “committee.” So how can the DNR justify the makeup of this “committee.” they allow a couple of token pro-wolfers on the group and then allow the groups that wrote the wolf kill bill to set the kill quote. Can this agency get any more corrupt? We are going to be contacting the DNR to get an answer as to why pro-wolf groups were refused a seat on this sham “committee” and why so many anti-wolf groups were given seats.

As for the DNR’s “opportunity for input” I would bet it is the same old thing of them getting thousands of letters against their wolf killing proposals and they will completely ignore them again. Bob Welch, the bear hounders, and the killing cartels were promised no more than “350” wolves and that is what the DNR is going to give them. Your voice as a citizen means nothing to this corrupt agency.

We can no longer stand by and let this corrupt agency openly ignore our views and arrogantly pander to the killing cartels that only want Wisconsin to be a giant predator free game farm for their amusement. Please wake up Wisconsin before there is nothing left to protect.


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Direct Anger At DNR and Legislature, Not Judge Anderson

Wisconsin DNR: What century do we live in?

Wisconsin DNR: What century do we live in?

Since the mixed ruling of last Friday by Dane County Judge Peter Anderson on the lawsuit over the use of dogs against wolves there has been a rash of anger against the judge from wildlife advocates. While none of us are happy with the ruling it must be noted that the judge’s hands were essentially tied from the beginning due to the archaic and pandering laws that protect cruelty against wildlife in Wisconsin. When the lawsuit was first announced the leaders of groups like the deceptively named kill everything group the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation and extreme hunting group shills like Rep. Scott Suder (R-ALEC) came out and defended cruelty against wolves and other wildlife because of laws protecting the abusers.

Do not direct your anger at Judge Anderson. Direct your anger where it truly belongs, with the Legislature and DNR. The so called “leadership” in the DNR have been furiously defending the use of dogs against wolves from the beginning. This email from the Wisconsin DNR came out today:

We are pleased that Judge Anderson removed the injunction that banned the use of dogs for hunting wolves. However, we are disappointed with Judge Anderson’s decision to prohibit training of dogs to hunt wolves.

We will continue to seek input from the public and from stakeholders – including tribes – as we continue to develop permanent rules on the wolf season, and the use of dogs for both training and hunting of wolves.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Bill Cosh, DNR, (608) 267-2773; Dana Brueck, DOJ, (608) 266-1221

What kind of state is this? An agency that is supposed to represent the “will of the people” has essentially spit in the face of wildlife advocates, the courts, and even most of the hunters that they claim to represent by pandering to the minority within the minority bear hounders. How much backlash is it going to take before political hacks like Kathy Stepp actually listen to anyone other than the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association,  George Meyer, and their paid lobbyists like Bob Welch? The vast majority of people in Wisconsin have made it very clear that they oppose the use of dogs against wolves and a smaller majority oppose the entire wolf killing program. But none of that matter when you have an agency and legislature that only cares what Bob Welch and George Meyer want and to hell with the rest of the citizens.

Now is the time to make our voices heard more than ever. Call the DNR and your legislators and let them know that the vast majority oppose the archaic practice of hounding and that it is shameful for our state to have the dubious distinction of being the ONLY one in the country to allow packs of vicious dogs to go after wolves. This and other forms of hounding are legalized animal fighting that are not only allowed but actively promoted by the state.

Find you legislators here:

Who Are My Legislators?

Contact the DNR here:

Enough is enough. The DNR and legislature have a responsibility to ethically represent the will of the majority, not pander to a few extremist groups. We cannot let up the pressure on these two government bodies. Call and write each day if you have to to make your voice heard. Remember it is not Judge Anderson that you should be angry with. He did not create this disgusting bill.


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At Least One Sadist From Wolf Torture Videos Cited for Not Having “Trapper Education” And More Hounder Insanity

Last week, I posted several videos from the “Vee” family that showed them laughing and posing for the camera before and after killing two trapped wolves. Three of the videos showed a collared wolf howling and crying while languishing in the trap for several minutes. It turns out that the killer of the collared wolf was fined for not having attended a “trapper education” course and the dead wolf was confiscated from him. This is the email that we received from  a DNR official who we are not going to name.:

For your information the man who shot the radio collared wolf will be fined and the wolf was confiscated from him.  He was not legally licensed to trap wolves, in part because he had not taken trapper education classes.  We had tried to require training for anyone planning to trap wolves, but were unable to get special wolf trapping training that into the rules.  But all trappers need to have taken trapper education classes.  A major  part of trapper education programs are teaching people ethics of trapping and attempting to dispatch captured animals as humanely and quickly as possible.  Letting the wolf struggle in the trap while they were videoing it instead of just quickly euthanizing it certainly was not ethical.
We did provide voluntary training for wolf trapping and I would guess neither group took that class.  The first pair that commented about shooting the wolf in the face were certainly not ethical.   But a well-placed shot to the head can be an approved method of euthanasia approved by the American Medical Veterinary Association.  But putting it on a video, and making comments as they did certainly was not ethical.  I could not see well enough how well the shot was made to the head. Even with a well-placed shot into the brain, there still may be some residual muscle and nerve action after the animal was shot. 
Thanks for bringing these to my attention.  They were not easy to watch.  It looks like at least 1 of these individual will end up getting fined. 
Happy Thanksgiving
While we are happy that at least one of these sadists will be getting a fine, we are not happy that the DNR claims in this article that there were no “violations” in the videos:

Randy Stark, the DNR’s chief warden, said, as of late last week, the agency cited five wolf hunters and trappers during the hunt: one for trapping with untagged traps, two citations to hunters who purchased a trapping license without attending a trapper education course, and two citations to a wolf hunter for using illegal bait and having a loaded firearm in a vehicle.

Stark said the agency also investigated several videos posted online that showed wolf hunters videotaping live, trapped wolves and possibly not killing the animals immediately and humanely, as required by law.

But he said wardens concluded that no violations occurred and the animals were shot quickly and humanely.

So videotaping a trapped and suffering wolf for several minutes is perfectly acceptable, and “shot quick” according to the DNR? Really? The same article also points out how the DNR is already looking to increase the slaughter for next year. Then we have the bear hounders whining again about how hounding is their “right” and compares it to biking and swimming.

One of the groups that pushed for the wolf hunt and the use of dogs is the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association. Carl Schoettel, of Neosho, vice president of the organization, said last week that the case is less about success rates and more about the rights of hunters.

“It surprises me, too, that the success rate has been so good,” Schoettel said.

“But we’ve been very consistent about saying that, regardless, it is our right to use hounds no matter what animal we’re hunting … It’s a hunter rights issue. It’s about hounds. This is a lifestyle. Some people like to bike and some people like to swim. We like to run dogs.

So legalized animal fighting and tormenting wildlife with dogs is the same as biking and swimming? Remember hunters, these sadists are your “voice.” So let me get this straight this:

And this:

Is the same as this:

And we are the “extremists?” We are “ignorant?” We live in “la-la” land? Good job hunters, these are the people  who now represent you in Wisconsin. Keep feeding us this insanity, bear hounders, and we will keep posting it.




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**URGENT** Wisconsin Plans to Slaughter almost One-Third of Wolf Population In First Year **URGENT

Wisconsin is proposing killing almost one-third of the state’s wolf population in the first year.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has released their initial plan for the the upcoming wolf kill season beginning in October. It does not look good. The DNR proposes to kill up to 233 wolves out of the estimated 762 to 832 in Wisconsin. That is 28 percent of the population on the high end and almost 31 percent on the low end. Remember this is the “conservative harvest” that they want to start with. Conservative? Nearly one-third of the wolf population to be killed over four and a half months, and they call this “conservative?” This doesn’t even take into account the huge numbers killed by poachers or the wolves killed by the Wildlife Services assassins. The plan also wants to allow for the killing of almost all wolves that venture outside of Northern Wisconsin. They also want to decimate wolf populations in Northwestern Wisconsin. More pandering to the bear hounders. This is absolutely shameful. If this is just the beginning, I hate to see what they plan for the future.

This is what the DNR says is their “Objective’ for the first year:

“Department Objective for 1st Wolf Season: Begin to reduce statewide wolf population; provide hunting and trapping opportunities; monitor, learn and adapt for future seasons.”

That say it all. Kill as many as we can and provide “opportunity” for hunters and trappers. Not one mention of the value of wolves for eco-tourism or their benefits to the eco-system. This is a wholesale slaughter in the making courtesy of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, the Wisconsin Legislature, and Gov. Scott Walker. Below is the link to the DNR survey and killing proposals. Please spread this far and wide to get the word out. The State of Wisconsin is out of control and this proposal does nothing but pander to bear hounders, whining deer hunters, and selfish agricultural interests.

Link to DNR proposals and survey:

Please take the time to fill out this survey and let the DNR know that we are watching them. It is time to stand up to the bear hounders and other anti-wildlife interests in this state. The major wildlife groups have turned their backs on the wolves and it is up to us to be their voice. Don’t let anyone fool you, this plan is the first step in the second extermination of the gray wolf in Wisconsin.


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Can Wisconsin Wolf Killing Season Be Challenged as Animal Cruelty?

Wisconsin is the only state in the country that allows wolves to be hunted with packs of vicious dogs. We should be so proud!


An interesting article appeared on the pro-hunting Wisconsin Outdoor News Website titled:

Will Wisconsin’s animal cruelty law affect a wolf hunt?

Instead of actually considering that using packs of dogs, night hunting, trapping, baiting for four and a half months is what it sounds like, animal cruelty, the author instead blames the conviction of thugs who tortured deer in 2009 with snowmobiles for bringing this issue to light. Apparently animal cruelty is just fine as long as it is done to wild animals and the bad thing according to this author is the fact that the deer torturers got caught and convicted and shed light on the sadistic acts of some “sportsmen.” From the article:

“Wisconsin may well create a wolf season this year, but if that season does open as planned Oct. 15, state sportsmen can thank the Kuenzi brothers for adding a substantial hurdle that must yet be overcome, based on comments from Midwest Environmental Advocates last week.

The seven-member Natural Resources Board did unanimously approve a “scoping statement” at its May 23 meeting that will allow the process to create a wolf season to continue, but not before Jodi Habush Sinvkin, of Milwaukee, representing Midwest Environmental Advocates, indirectly described how her group could challenge the trapping of wolves with cable restraints and the hunting of wolves with hounds, based on a court ruling from the Kuenzi brothers’ court case.

Remember the Kuenzis? In the winter of 2009, Rory and Robby Kuenzi and Nicholas Hermes ran down deer with snowmobiles in Waupaca County. They also tied deer to trees and tortured them.

Sinvkin told NRB members that a state appellate ruling in the Kuenzi case states that animal cruelty laws extend to wild animals.”

Oh the horror! “Sportsmen” cannot torture wolves and other wild animals without getting into trouble. Do you think that maybe the attention should be paid to the act of cruelty rather than blaming the idiots who got caught?

Then there is the response of the bear hounder representatives trying to gloss over their actions by talking about how much they “love” their dogs:

“Hunters Rights Coalition spokesman Bob Welch said there would be very little hound hunting for wolves the first year because not many hunters will have had a chance to train their hounds to pursue wolves.

Welch countered Sinvkin’s claim that dogs would be injured by wolves, and that wolves bayed up to dogs would be bludgeoned in the head with clubs.

“People who own dogs love their dogs. A lot of people think that if the dog doesn’t sleep on the couch with you, you don’t love your dogs. The dogs will be trained to hunt wolves, or they won’t be out hunting wolves.

When a wolf stops, the dogs stop. They won’t engage,” said Welch.”

Welch is also the paid shill for the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, SCI, Whitetails of Wisconsin, and gun group WI Force. So packs of vicious dogs chasing wolves with no restraint are just going to stop and not “engage” a pack of cornered wolves? I guess the hounder dogs are now robots who don’t act like canines actually do. Give me a break. Remember these are the people who wrote the wolf kill bill allowing Wisconsin to be the only state in the country to allow packs of vicious dogs to go after wolves. This is already legal for coyotes. How is this not legalized dog fighting? I want the DNR to answer this. Better yet, I want the courts to answer this.

One encouraging aspect from the Natural Resources Board hearing is that the chair, Dave Clausen, expressed serious concern over the use of dog packs to go after wolves:

Dave Clausen, NRB chair, said the European hunting might be with coursing hounds, or sight-hunting hounds, not trailing hounds as would be the case in Wisconsin.

“You’re looking at a wolf-dog fight. That would have some very negative connotations. I think we should be very careful about allowing (this),” said Clausen.

Here is Clausen’s contact information:
David Clausen, Chair

Veterinarian. Appointed February 19, 2006, Reappointed May 1, 2007. Term expires May 1, 2013.
1265 58th Ave
Amery, WI 54001
(715) 268-8131

Finally this is a reminder of the DNR holding four hearings about the wolf killing season on these dates and at these locations:

June 6, Spooner – Spooner High School Auditorium, 801 County Highway A.
June 8, Black River Falls – Black River Falls Middle School Auditorium, 1202 Pierce St.
June 14, Fond du Lac – UW-Fond du Lac Auditorium, 400 University Drive.
June 15, Rhinelander – James Williams Middle School Auditorium, 915 Acacia Lane.

Of course it is very likely that the DNR already have their minds made up for the impending slaughter as they make it clear that the meetings will be all about the killing methods to be used from this article:

“The four meetings are meant to give state residents a chance to voice their views on the number of permits issued, quotas, hunting zones and specifics regarding trapping equipment. The meetings aren’t intended for a discussion on the pros and cons of a hunt, Thiede said.”

That’s right shut us out again. They sure love to hear the “pros” from the hounders and their shills, but we get no voice. This thing is on the fast track and the courts are going to be the only thing standing in the way of the slaughter of hundreds of wolves so that the anti-wolf groups can get to their mythical number of 350 or less wolves. This is Wisconsin’s shame and I hope that this rush to kill comes back to bite us hard in the future. I would rethink any vacation plans in Wisconsin that you may have, and remember that Wisconsin is not the only state that makes cheese and other dairy products when making purchasing decisions.


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If You Needed Another Reason To Vote Against Walker…..

Hunters Endorse Walker in Recall Vote

Remember these words as you cast your vote on June 5th:

“The Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association–which is the political action committee for the state’s Safari Club, Wisconsin NRA chapter, Whitetails of Wisconsin, and the national riffle (sp) association–have all endorsed Walker, claiming he is the strongest advocate for hunting, gun rights and conservation.”

“Governor Walker has been incredible for hunters in his first year and a half in office,” said Joe Koback, chairman of SCI’s state political committee. “He got rid of earn a buck, brought in Dr. Kroll to clean up the DNR mess, got rid of outdated gun case regulation, and appointed good pro-hunting people to DNR leadership.”

And from our friends at the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association:

“WBHA President Al Lobner praised Walker for signed into law the Bear Bill, which former Governor Jim Doyle had vetoed.” 

“His administration has been 100-percent in favor of delisting wolves, and he recently signed Wisconsin’s first modern wolf hunting season bill,” Lobner said. “He also made sure that stewardship land purchases are open to hunting, fishing, and trapping.”

Isn’t it just wonderful that bear hounders can now terrorize all forms of wildlife for almost eight month of the year thanks to Scott Walker. It is also great that our state parks are being turned into free fire zones where hikers will be forced to dodge the land mines known as traps. It is also just fantastic that hounders can also engage in legalized dog fighting when they send their packs of dogs on wolves in addition to bears, and coyotes. Thanks Scott Walker!

With the help of a contributor and friend we are working on getting a clarification from the DNR as to how it can be acceptable for these sadists to set packs of loose dogs onto wildlife when Wisconsin law forbids using dogs to kill wild animals. There are countless videos on YouTube showing bear hounders letting their dogs savagely rip at wounded bears. Wolves and coyotes are not able to climb up a tree to evade the dogs. The wolves especially will fight to the death. Wisconsin should make Michael Vick and honorary citizen because he would be proud of the barbarism that this state brings to our wildlife.

If you live in Wisconsin please contact your legislators and tell them that dogs should not be used as weapons against our wildlife. There is a reason that we are the only one of the 50 states that allows dogs to go after wolves. The citizens of Wisconsin need to demand that the practice of hounding be outlawed. The first step in this is to vote to recall Scott Walker which would also remove his bear hounder loving and wolf hating cronies from their politically appointed positions at the DNR.


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Misinformation and More Dishonesty From Anti-Wolf “Stakeholders” in Wisconsin

Recently the notes from the Wisconsin Wolf Stakeholders Committee Meeting that was held on April 21, 2012 in Wausau, WI were released by the Wisconsin DNR. As usual representatives from the anti-wolf groups like the deceptively named hunting group the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation and the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association were in attendance. Here are some choice comments from their representatives:

Laurie Groskopf- Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association:

“Some of my comments may not reflect the WBHA Board of Directors positions. Most people are okay with some wolves. The number 350 came about by identifying remote areas, came out of University of Wisconsin. Nothing has changed since then. Position of the WCC voted for 350 less, WI Farm Bureau voted 350, WWF, 18 county board resolutions, all voted for 350. Something that impressed me at how angry people were. Amazing to see what people say about wolves. In terms of Treves work, 66% want 350 or less. Consider what farmers, hound hunters, people with kids, etc. go through due to wolves. (Remind me. When was the last time a wolf attacked someone in Wisconsin? Oh, that’s right. NEVER!) What happens when people have to take things into their own hands? This is because of the management we have had in place. Just want to tell it like it is. In her own area, wolves are threats to farms and human safety in 18% of the farms. Wolves can cause farmers to suffer from something akin something akin to PTSD. One lost 2 calves, carries a gun at all times and he is not even a hunter. One of these depredations was not even part of what APHIS states. What Aphis lists is only tip of the iceberg. Equally concerned for wolves safety and other wildlife.”

Yes you heard it right, farmers who raises cows to be slaughtered by having a bolt shot into their head have symptoms like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because of wolves. This Bear Hounder mouthpiece forgets to mention that they get reimbursed for each of the animals allegedly killed by wolves. PTSD? I wonder how the residents of northern Wisconsin feel when groups of armed men with vicious dogs trample through their land tormenting wildlife? I would guess that those people are the real ones who suffer from PTSD. Then comes this gem:

“The WBHS (Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association) association was not involved with drafting legislation. What organization helped draft law? Lobbyist for hound groups? Unknown.”

Thats funny because I seem to recall this quote from the hearing before the Senate Natural Resources Committee. From The Progressive:

“Bob Welch, lobbyist for the Bear Hunters and other extreme blood sport organizations said, “We believe the stars are aligned at this time and the process was done right this time to get the bill passed. We hired the best lawyer in D.C., the former head of US Fish & Wildlife, to defend delisting. We support the hunting techniques in the bill because hunting wolves is difficult. Without those tools you aren’t going to be able to harvest wolves.”

“Scott Meyer, a member of the Bear Hunters Association and lobbyist for United Sportsman, went even further. He said, “”Seven attorneys were involved with drafting this bill to make sure it didn’t put delisting in jeopardy. The bill is not liberal enough, but unfortunately, these are the cards we’ve been dealt. The idea that we’re going to extirpate the wolves is ludicrous.”

Next comes Corky Meyer of the Wisconsin Association of Sporting Dog Clubs, another hounder group. He thinks that hounders should be reimbursed up to $10,000 for hounder dogs killed by wolves:

“I would again be remiss in my duties if I did not complain about the classification of all hunting dogs as hounds. No bird dogs, other dogs, but they are killed. Bird dogs that have been killed are high value. By putting out this summary every year you shine an inaccurate light claiming all hunting dogs are hounds. I’ve been asking this for years, please stop this. I am also asking that fair market value for hounds and hunting dogs. All dogs can be paid up to $2500 regardless, not fair market value. Please stop misinforming, or change the name, call them hunting dogs.”

“Bill created by Legislature and people of Wisconsin and now time is short. If we had not had all the lawsuits interrupting delisting we would have been done with this, but now we are on the fast track. Related to comments that the 350 number should be higher, there is no consensus, a lot of us think that 350 is too many. Somebody, Randy, mentioned wolf harvest of 100 animals. Public won’t like that. Need a lot more tags than 100 to get 100 wolves. Lots of reasons to participate. Price of dogs need to change has to be increased to fair market value. Taking money from dog hunters and putting it someplace else is not right. Why should a hunting-dog owner be punished for a wolf depredation. Paying $500 for a $10,000 champion bird dog is wrong. Legislation does not allow for payment for dogs hunting wolves. Legislation has various provisions for hunting with dogs. It has provisions for hunting at night. What difference does it make if it is day or night. Wolves have been hunted with dogs for centuries. This is not a new thing. Legislators decided to put it on the books in Wisconsin. I’ve been saying for years it would happen. I was told it would never happen in Wisconsin. Harvest should be in core of wolf areas. This will create sink instead of maintaining a source.”

Apparently this guy only considers hunting groups and anti-wolf legislators to be “the people of Wisconsin.” This guy also has the nerve to say that people who let their dogs run loose in the woods to terrorize wildlife should be reimbursed when a wolf defends their territory. Wisconsin is the only state in the country with a program like this. Wisconsin is also the only state in the country that will allow wolves to be hunted by dogs.

Then comes these comments from Ralph Fritsch of the deceptively named hunting group, the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation:

“Supports delisting, resolution vote in 2011 that if faced with a lawsuit that we would support Federal legislation to remove wolves from Endangered Species List. We support 350 cap, support bill ACT 169. Only two people at hearings were opposed to bill. Lots in favor. Few against. We will continue to support dog payments because that was the original plan discussed by DNR in exchange for people leaving wolves alone.”

Apparently the only “people” who count in testifying at hearings are people representing hunting groups not the many citizens who spoke out against the wolf kill bills at the hearings. Only two people at hearings opposed the bill? That’s funny because Patricia Randolph attended the Senate hearing and there were many people who spoke out against the bill. Then there is the line about supporting the continuation of hounder reimbursements “in exchange for people leaving wolves alone.” That’s right all of these “ethical sportsmen” had to be bribed so that they wouldn’t poach wolves. Whatever happened to following the law and “ethics” that these people claim are so important?

Then there is this doublespeak from Fritsch:

“Wished long time ago it could have been delisted. It would have been a better process. FWS gave state authority back, not the whole issue. Need to be Federally  (congressionally) delisted to give states time and so that everyone does not fee l they are running into a revolving door. Not all in agreement, sportsmen in state that care, and I mean sportsmen not people who just go out and shoot animals, we were biggest influence that wolf population grew because we made an agreement with the DNR that we would not harass wolves despite the fact that the population is three times over what was agreed upon. Illegal shootings not done by sportsmen, done by slob hunters. Hunters support wolves.”

Hunters support wolves? But they needed an agreement so that they wouldn’t violate the law and harass them?I guess the rest of us have to follow the rule of law but “sportsmen” have to come to “agreements” so that they will follow it. Remember that this group, the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, is an affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation. Do you see anything on the NWF site that supports using dogs as a weapon against wildlife. I sure don’t. They even have a heading on their page that says “Wolves in Danger.” Yet this group supports the killing of 60 percent of the wolf population and the use of dogs to do it?

Here are the notes from the entire meeting. There are several voices that speak on behalf of the wolves, but the dialog appears to be dominated by the bear hounders and other anti-wolf interests. I fear for the future of wolves in Wisconsin.

April 2012 Stakeholders Meeting Minutes Amended


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Wisconsin Wolf Population Remains Unchanged Despite Claims of an “Exploding” Population


During the so-called “hearings” in the Wisconsin Legislature on AB 502/SB 411 all we heard from Scott Suder and the other “authors” of the bills were that the wolf population in Wisconsin was “burgeoning” and “exploding.” Here is what bill “authors” Scott Suder and Roger Rivard had to say after the wolf  kill bill was signed into law:

“With the signing of this bill, which had bipartisan support, we will now have the tools in place to manage the state’s burgeoning wolf population. Working with the DNR, we should have a hunting and trapping season in place by October. This bill is a victory for sportsmen, farmers and landowners,” said Suder.

“The ever-growing wolf population has been a constant problem in several areas of the state, including mine,” said Rivard. “The DNR now has the proper tools to address the wolf population and ensure that it is maintained to federal standards while also maintaining the safety and livelihood of Wisconsin residents.”

“As the number of gray wolves in Wisconsin exploded, so did the number of incidents involving farmer’s livestock, pets and hunting dogs. In 2010 alone, more than 30 pets and hunting animals were attacked by gray wolves, costing the state about $200,000 in wolf depredation costs.”

“Senator Moulton, Representative Rivard and I worked with sportsmens groups, hunting groups, outdoor enthusiasts, landowners and the Department of Natural Resources in developing this legislation. It allows the Department to set up a wolf management season and with the help of licensed hunters, we will be able to reduce the current wolf population to a healthier, more sustainable number,” said Suder.

“By signing this bill, Governor Walker confirmed that we will control our wolf population at the state level. We are thankful for the Governor’s support of the bill and his dedication to maintain Wisconsin’s proud tradition of hunting and sporting heritage.”

At least they didn’t say that the wolves would be “marinated” like fellow bill “author” Joel “Ribeye” Kleefisch put out in a press release. I wonder who those “outdoor enthusiasts,” and “landowners” were that they worked with?

What these two hunter and trapper shills neglect to mention is that the bill was written by the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association and their seven lawyers according to this article:

“Scott Meyer, a member of the Bear Hunters Association and lobbyist for United Sportsman, went even further. He said, “”Seven attorneys were involved with drafting this bill to make sure it didn’t put delisting in jeopardy. The bill is not liberal enough, but unfortunately, these are the cards we’ve been dealt. The idea that we’re going to extirpate the wolves is ludicrous.”

24 hour a day hunting for four and a half months, trapping, the use of dogs, bait, and electronic calls is not “liberal enough” for the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association. Are these the people you want writing laws and deciding what happens to our wildlife?

Then comes this little bit of news that puts a damper on their claims of a “burgeoning” and “exploding” wolf population in Wisconsin:

“Wisconsin’s wolf population stayed about the same over the last year, according to a preliminary estimate from the Department of Natural Resources.

The state’s wolf population was estimated at between 762 and 832 animals in 204 packs over the winter of 2011-’12. The previous winter’s estimate was 782 to 824 wolves in 203 packs.”

But of course the DNR and a representative from the deceptively named hunting group the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation are trying to downplay these numbers as “minimums” so that the kill fest can commence this fall. There is also the issue of a minimum of 25 wolves who were killed illegally. Gee, I wonder if any of those poachers were caught?

“We always remind people that this is a minimum estimate,” said Kurt Thiede, administrator of the DNR’s Land Division. “The range is fairly wide, too, but the next steps will compare the tracking information with telemetry information and will help fine tune it.”

“The conditions weren’t ideal, that’s true,” said Ralph Fritsch of the Wisconsin Wildilfe Federation. “We also discussed the possibility that fewer volunteer trackers participated this winter.”

They just cannot admit that wolf numbers are staying the same or decreasing naturally so that their slaughter can begin in October and run until the end of February.

If we do not stand up and speak out about the misinformation that people like Suder, Rivard, and like minded hunting groups spread, our wolves will be on the road to a second extermination starting this fall.


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