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Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Watching bears is much more profitable than killing them



Stanford University study:  Watching bears is Exponentially more profitable than killing them


“We found that the bear viewing is generating 12 times more in visitor spending than is bear hunting, and over 11 times more in direct revenue for the B.C. province,”  researcher, Martha Honey, Centre for Responsible Tourism, Stanford University, Washington D.C. ( )

The Centre for Responsible Tourism is calling on the B.C. government to revise its hunting policies considering findings that viewing bears is exponentially more profitable than killing them:  “ A comparison of the number of jobs generated by each industry also points to the need for a policy change. Researchers found companies involved in bear viewing employed 510 people in 2012, while 11 people worked for guide outfitters in the same year.”

 “It seemed to us quite clear that the government is spending more to sort of manage and oversee hunting than it is earning from revenue from hunting,” she said.

(The Wisconsin DNR has to prove to the hunters that all of the revenue of hunting goes back into providing more hunting. )

More black bears are killed in Wisconsin than anywhere else on earth – 14.000 of them  in the past two and a half years. Two-thirds of bears killed are cubs less than 2 years old. The trophy hunters set dogs on them from July 1 through mid-October, baiting them emerging from hibernation through the kill. 


As Wisconsin’s DNR is exposed for paying criminals for dogs they throw to wolves, even when hunting illegally, indigenous people in Canada are banning trophy hunting.


Native people who live amongst their wildlife are fighting back – with real science, economic impact statistics, and their loving relationship to bears as brothers.  This revealing video filmed by B.C.’s coastal first nations tells the history of Indian relationship to their bears.  It documents the community reaction to an American hunter violating their no hunting signs, killing and decapitating Cheeky, a young grizzly named and beloved by the locals: 


The Nuxalk nation creation story describes their people coming from the upper worlds in the beginning of time.  On the walls of heaven hung all the different coats of the animals, and the first people were given the choice of what form they would like to use to move between the worlds.  They chose the grizzly bear as a direct connection to the Creator.


A young leader of the Nuxalk nation, Megan Moody says, “A lot of people from around the world want to come to see bears and this brings our people out on the land.  It’s a real opportunity to get involved…. Science is basically adding to the arguments that we already have as aboriginal people.  We have always had an understanding of bears that we should live with them.  Bears have been allowed to be killed based on how many bears – but changing the bear behavior –   there is something out of balance there, and how dependent they are on the fish and the fish stocks are falling all over the place. And I don’t see how those population estimates can be correct.  We really do not know how many are there – deforestation, declining salmon stocks and climate change – I would rather protect them and have them around for thousands of years rather than pretend we know what is going on and continue the needless killing of them.”


Let’s reiterate that – the state pretending to know what is going on to kill needlessly for trophy.


In September, 2012,  British Columbia’s first nations issued a formal ban on trophy hunting of all bears, black, grizzlies and kermode bears, across the territories of nine signatory nations.  These interlocking territories cover most of the Great Bear Rainforest. 


9 out of 10 Canadians support the ban.


However, like Wisconsin, the fish and game agencies of Canada are corrupted by the bias of entrenched hunter control and intend to continue to kill bears and other wildlife for trophy.


Robert Johnson of the Heiltsuk Nation:  “Most of the bears, we would be about fifty yards from them and just talk to them and tell them who we are and what we are doing there.  These bear hunters that come in and sit in the grasses and hide and wait for a bear to come out, and go home and brag about it and tell their friends, ‘Look what I got.’  They come up to this beautiful country and come home with this hide.”


Dr. Chris Darimont, the University of Victoria scientist who studied Cheeky’s remains reported, “Cheeky was 5 or 6 years old, probably three years since he left his mother and her range. He probably had not fathered any cubs yet being so young and relatively small.  In a long lived species that might live 25 – 30 years in the absence of sport hunting,  he may have fathered a hundred cubs in his life.  The idea that this hunt is based on sound science to me and to a great many other scientists, is absurd, for a number of reasons.  But in an overarching way, science provides information, but it does not provide permission to behave unethically.  For me, this is the primary issue at stake here.  This is unethical behavior.  To kill something without eating it.”


Frank Hanuse, Wuikinuxv Nation,  said he had killed one grizzly in his life.  He said he felt good about it at first, but when he started skinning it, it looked just like a human.  “I got that feeling like killing my own brother…


They’re us.  We’re them.  This is ours.  We share it.  We have been living with them so close for years and years.  We feel like they are family.  And we don’t like hunters just coming in here and blasting away and just taking a head.  This is not just a first nation issue.  We have to protect them now.”




That means replacing our legislators with people who respect science and have common sense.


Three DNR hearings remain Jan. 21, 22 and 23 (Eau Claire, Wausau and Fitchburg) for citizens  to give input on “permanent” rules promoting expanded hunting and trapping in state parks:


Patricia Randolph of Portage is a longtime activist for wildlife. or


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The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism Blows the Lid Off Of Scam Hounder “Depredation” Payments.


Coyote killed by dogs in Wisconsin


**UPDATE 01-05-2014** The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism has posted a chart along with numerous arrogant quotes from the convicted poachers and other violators that received “depredation” payments at this link:

State pays scofflaws over hound deaths

The end of the 2013-2014 Wisconsin wolf slaughter season marked the first time that dogs have been allowed to “legally” go after wolves. With the help of traps and packs of vicious dogs Wisconsin oversaw the slaughter of 257 wolves in a little over two months. The quota was 251 but the hounders and wolf haters had to make sure they exceeded that number for the second year in a row.

Wolf haters also took their vile bloodlust to a new low this year on the various anti-wolf hate pages that pollute Facebook and the internet. In between the countless snuff pics showing bloody dead wolves and the ginning sadists that killed them, were hundreds of calls from Northwoods wolf haters to “kill ’em all,” to poach unlimited wolves, and even going as far as giving tutorials about how to poison wolves. These comments were not even the worst of it. The season started by wolf haters sending death and rape threats to wildlife advocates and repeated use of the term “timbernigger”  directed toward Native American wildlife advocates.

The hate filled cretins assumed that their childish name calling and threats would make us back down and accept their disgusting sadism. They couldn’t be more wrong. If anything their behavior and disrespect toward wildlife and wildlife advocates have emboldened us even more to educate the public as to what kind of people hounders and the other anti-wolf factions really are. Not only are hounders the lowest of the low in the hunting community they also appear to be freeloaders at the teat of the Wisconsin DNR which enthusiastically pays them $2500 each time one of their dogs is allegedly killed by a wolf. Not only are hounders perpetrating the massive scam on the state by repeatedly putting their dogs at risk when tormenting other wildlife, the DNR has paid out vast sums of money to hounders that aren’t even licensed or allowed to hunt in Wisconsin due to various crimes and violations.

Yesterday, The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism published an article breaking down the tens of thousands of dollars paid to convicted violators over the alleged killing by wolves of their dogs:

Wisconsin, the only state with a program that compensates the owners of dogs killed by wolves while hunting other animals, has paid tens of thousands of dollars during the past decade to individuals who have violated state hunting or firearms laws.

Seven individuals received a total of $19,000 in payments after they were convicted of crimes or paid forfeitures for hunting or firearms-related offenses, according to an analysis by the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism. An additional $20,000 went to four claimants who were subsequently fined for such offenses, including bear hunting without a license.

In one case, the state Department of Natural Resources paid $2,500 to a man for a dog death that happened while he was prohibited from having a hunting license, due to a prior criminal conviction. The DNR, in response to the Center’s inquiries, is investigating. But even if the claimant was breaking the law at the time, which he denies, he will get to keep the money.

“Having a license is not an eligibility requirement for reimbursement of dogs killed by wolves,” said Tim Andryk, the DNR’s chief legal counsel.

The DNR program also has approved more than $80,000 in payments to repeat claimants — those who put dogs in successive situations where they were killed by wolves. And money has gone to people from other states who brought their dogs here to hunt.

For years hounders whined and cried about how wolves were killing their “precious” dogs yet they kept putting their dogs in those situations even after repeated “warnings” from the DNR of wolf activity.

Hunters frequently place the value of their lost hounds at well above the state’s maximum reimbursement rate of $2,500.

“They’re like our kids to us,” said Amy Visger, a board member of the Wisconsin Bear Hunters’ Association, in a 2010 Wisconsin Public Television news segment. “We really don’t want anything to happen to them.”

Visger is among the owners of the 23 hunting dogs killed in 2013 who are seeking compensation. She did not respond to an interview request.

Many hounders make claims to the state that their dogs are worth up to $10,000. One look at the various Wisconsin hounder Facebook pages show how much “value” these people place on their “$10,000” dogs.

Almost 7 year old male walker/bluetick cross bear dog. Great on caught bear, trees good, medium nose, medium speed. Selling him because hes not a great winter dog. $700 Putting this ad on here for a friend of mine so if interested, contact me and I’ll give you his contact information.

3 year old spayed Walker female for sale. Has been run on wolf,coyote and bear. Asking $200. PM me for details.

Plott pups for sale a lot of weems bloodline $300.00

Walker red tick cross hounds out of a 16 yr. Strain of lion and bear dogs, tails trimmed, first shots givin, dew claws removed, weened and ready for there new owners, $250 a pup.

All of the above posts came from Wisconsin hounders posting on a Facebook site. Any bets that if one of these dogs happen to be killed by a wolf they will suddenly be “worth” $10,000? These people are beyond despicable and one has to wonder if the state even bothers to inspect their backyard puppy mills as per state law.

According to the DNR’s Koele, the USDA’s wildlife services office has verified claims for all 23 lost hounds in 2013. The claimants have asked for up to $10,000 per animal, but the program’s established maximum is $2,500 — unless there are additional veterinary costs.

Most of the claimants for 2013 are set to get $2,500. The claims add up to $56,000, higher than any other year. The payments will be processed in mid-January, Koele said.

We certainly know how ethical Wildlife Services are. Watch this video to get an idea of what kind of people run and work for that agency:

A huge thank you to Bill Lueders and The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism for exposing yet another of the unethical scams being perpetrated by the Wisconsin DNR and their bear hounder puppet masters. I wonder how many other government run programs allow you to collect money while breaking the law and then when caught do not require you to pay it back? Try that with unemployment or taxes and see if you get to keep the money. With hounders again the rules do not apply and it is time for the DNR to be called out for their unethical alliance with these disgusting groups and people.

State pays scofflaws over hound deaths


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The Week that Was in the Bloodsport Capital of the United States

As of this morning 213 wolves have been killed in the first five weeks of Wisconsin’s annual wolf slaughter. In little more than 10 days packs of vicious four legged weapons will be unleashed upon the surviving wolves in Wisconsin’s “Zone 3,” the only remaining open wolf kill area in the state. The killing cartel puppets at the Wisconsin DNR have to be hoping that the 251 kill quota is reached during the upcoming gun deer killing season that commences this weekend. They have already been taking massive heat over their reckless and politically motivated wolf slaughter/witch hunt and the last thing they want the public to see are the inevitable photos and videos of dogs attacking wolves in what amounts to government sanctioned dog fighting. If anyone comes across photos and videos exhibiting this activity please do not hesitate to forward it to us.

Yesterday I was informed by a wildlife advocate in Wisconsin that the DNR once again is refusing to take action against bear hounders that openly violate the law and allow their four legged weapons to attack bears and other wildlife. The advocate was emailed this photograph earlier in the year by a troll in an effort to taunt them.

A clear violation of Wisconsin law and again ignored by the Wisconsin DNR. Used under Fair Use Doctrine.

A clear violation of Wisconsin law and again ignored by the Wisconsin DNR. Used under Fair Use Doctrine.

This is the response from the DNR:

Thank you for taking the time to contact the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources with your concerns. We have had an opportunity to investigate the information that you have provided regarding a photo of some dogs “fighting” with a black bear and at this time we have not found evidence of any law violations. (Photographs and admissions apparently are no longer “evidence” according to the DNR apparently).

If you have additional information that you would like to share regarding this matter please feel free to contact me directly via email or by phone at (608)279-1960. To report violations outside of normal business hours please feel free to contact our 24 “Hotline” by phone at 1-800-847-9367, via text at TIP 411 (847411). Text: TIPWDNR [space] followed by the tip or via email at<>. The hotline is in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Trained staff will relay reported information to our conservation wardens. Anyone who calls the hotline or provides information can remain anonymous.

Thank you again for sharing your concerns with us and don’t hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance.

John M. Welke
Commercial and Internet Enforcement Administrator
Special Operation Unit
Bureau of Law Enforcement
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
(*) phone: (608) 279-1960
(*) fax: (608) 266-3696
(*) e-mail:
Find us on Facebook:<>

Hmmmmm. The same Warden that also refused to take any action against wolf killers not immediately tagging their kills in violation of their own printed rules. This is on top of the fact that there were ZERO violations against bear/coyote hounders in 2012. Earlier this year this video was posted to the Facebook page of someone purported to be the DNR’s “Youth Hunter of the Year” and one of their trapping instructors in northern Wisconsin. The person bragged on his page about allowing his dogs to fight this coyote:

This video along with the comments and more photos showing the purported “Youth Hunter of the Year” allowing his dogs to also attack bears were turned over to the Wisconsin DNR by concerned wildlife advocates. After some time passed the investigating Warden informed the complainant that he would “have a talk” with the person and that was as far as the complaint went. Again no action was taken. When pressed on why no action was taken in the face of video, photographic, and internet comment evidence the DNR responded with multiple stories. The most absurd one came from the DNR spokesman Bill Cosh who said that the video above was just “some guy out west” and not their “Youth Hunter of the Year” and trapping instructor. The message from this is very clear. If you are a bear/coyote hounder you do not have to follow the rules because the DNR has your back. If you are a wolf killer breaking the rules they are only “technical violations” and you have nothing to fear from the Wisconsin DNR. Animal fighting and violations of the rules are perfectly fine with the DNR if you kill predators, but don’t you dare try to save an orphaned deer.

In even more bizarre Wisconsin related news it seems that the great white hunters of Wisconsin need to be reminded not to drink and drive while they are out “putting food on the table” this deer killing season.

When hundreds of thousands of deer hunters hit the highways in Wisconsin this weekend, they’ll be reminded at the gas pump to stay sober while behind the wheel.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is teaming up with the Wisconsin Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association to install 150 gas pump topper signs at convenience stores throughout the state.

The signs feature an orange-clad bearded hunter becoming an orange jail uniform-clad bearded inmate because he didn’t stay sober heading out to the hunt.

Funny. I never see these types of warnings for the millions of people that take to the woods to watch wildlife or hike in Wisconsin. If that isn’t absurd enough the DNR had to put out a story essentially trying to make excuses for the reckless fools that shoot people while out “putting food on the table:”

DNR: Hunt accidents rare, mistakes blamed

Wisconsin wildlife officials say shooting-related hunting accidents are rare but most result from basic firearm safety mistakes.

Post-Crescent Media reported Wednesday that Department of Natural Resources records show 28 hunting incidents in 2012, including four deaths. Most were attributed to gun-deer hunting, squirrel hunting and turkey hunting. Thus far in 2013 the state has seen 18 incidents, including one Marathon County squirrel hunter who was killed.

“Mistakes?” How about reckless endangerment? I wonder how many of these tie into the alcohol issues mentioned above? How many people did those big bad wolves kill? But have no fear our fearless leader Governor General Scott Walker will be out attempting to kill deer during the gun season:

Walker released a statement Friday saying he will join hunters from around the world in heading to the Wisconsin woods. His quote: “Like riding my Harley and watching the Packers, going hunting is one of my favorite Wisconsin traditions.”

Wow! He seems to be covering all of the cliche Wisconsin pastimes. All that is missing is some serial killing and drunk driving. Of course that is not the end of the “news” from the DNR. The DNR had to make sure to warn those looking to kill deer over the next week and a half that things might be a little “tough” for the great white white hunters looking to “put a trophy food on the wall table.”

Wildlife officials are predicting deer hunters will face some tough conditions when they take to the woods Saturday for the start of the state’s nine-day gun season.

Kevin Wallenfang is the Department of Natural Resources’ big game ecologist. He says the opener is scheduled later this year, which could mean reduced rutting activity.

He says many areas are fairly wet, which could limit hunter access. And he says that thanks to the late spring and wet conditions about 40 percent of the state’s corn crop is still standing, which will provide cover for deer.

Plus, he says, bow hunters haven’t been reporting many deer in northern areas, mostly because many animals didn’t survive the unusually long winter.

Although not mentioned in the article I am sure we all know what will really get the blame if the great white hunters don’t get “their” trophy buck “food” this year. The wolf haters are already clamoring to further increase the already massive kill quota for next year. That is when they are not advocating the use of poison on Wisconsin wolves:

Gary Kauther
Food sweetner Xylitol found to kill wolves if sprinkled on gut piles.
Like · · November 13 at 3:23pm

Gary Kauther
authorities try to quiet the word about Xylitol elk hunters in the west using to wipe out wolf packs by sprinkling on gut piles,gives wolves a heart attack.
Like · · Yesterday at 3:08pm

And where does this person “work?” He lists “Green Bay Tea Party” on his page. Color me shocked. Another one of those “rule of law” conservatives I see.

Speaking of wolf hate the wolf hating poachers that are worshiped here in Wisconsin and out west are now trying to eradicate the critically endangered red wolves in North Carolina. In just the past few weeks SIX collard red wolves have been illegally killed there. It seems that the Teahadist fueled anti-wolf vitriol now covers all parts of the nation.

Good day from the Bloodsport Capital of the United States.


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More Odds and Ends From the Bloodsport Capital of the United States

As of this morning 199 wolves have been slaughtered during the state sanctioned revenge/witch hunt that began on October 15th in Wisconsin. The vast majority of these wolves have been killed through trapping. This includes one wolf that languished in a leg hold trap for a week before being killed in Marquette County.

“Over 100 lb. Killed on the farm I hunt by portage. Got caught in trap last sat. Ripped 2 2 foot stakes out of ground. 1 week later farmer was combining corn called him up said hes in the corn with the trap. 3 hours later bang”

This wolf apparently was forced to drag around a trap for a week before being executed near Portage, WI last week.
This wolf apparently was forced to drag around a trap for a week before being executed near Portage, WI last week.

Concerned wildlife advocates made us aware of this and informed us that they also asked the Wisconsin DNR to investigate. I wouldn’t hold my breath. We have also been informed by several wildlife advocates that they filed complaints about the lack of a visible tag on many of the wolves in the various snuff pictures posted on the internet. According to the DNR’s own regulations on wolf killing this is a clear violation:

Tagging and Registration

Upon killing a wolf, the harvester must do all of the following:

1) immediately validate and attach the PELT tag to the wolf in the manner described on the tag. After skinning the wolf, the CARCASS tag shall be attached to the skinned carcass, and the PELT tag shall be left attached to the pelt.

From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary


adverb \i-ˈmē-dē-ət-lē also -ˈmē-dit-, British often -ˈmē-jit-\

: with no person or thing in between

: without any delay

Of course as expected the DNR has a different interpretation of “immediately” than the rest of the world when it comes to the wolf killers that they protect. This e-mail from a DNR warden “investigating” one of the non-tagging complaints was forwarded to us:

I am writing to inform you that the WDNR Bureau of Law Enforcement has concluded the investigation into the complaint that you filed with us on 10/20/2013 regarding Wisconsin Timber Wolves not being tagged properly. I can inform you that we have investigated and determined the following:
  • The wolf was harvested in a lawful manner during the open season
  • The wolf harvester was properly permitted and licensed.
  • The trapper successfully completed a trapper education class as required.
  • The wolf was properly registered by phone as required by law.
  • The photo of the wolf without a tag occurred shortly after harvest and the wolf was tagged after the photo was taken.
In light of the circumstances outlined above no enforcement action will be taken in this matter. 
If you have additional information that you would like to share regarding wolf harvest violation concerns please feel free to contact me directly via email or by phone at (608)279-1960. To report violations outside of normal business hours please feel free to contact our 24 “Hotline” by phone at 1-800-847-9367, via text at TIP 411 (847411). Text: TIPWDNR [space] followed by the tip or via email at<>. The hotline is in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Trained staff will relay reported information to our conservation wardens. Anyone who calls the hotline or provides information can remain anonymous.
Thank you again for sharing your concerns with me and don’t hesitate to call me if I can be of further assistance
PJohn M. Welke
Commercial and Internet Enforcement Administrator
Special Operation Unit
Bureau of Law Enforcement
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
(()phone:     (608) 279-1960
(()fax:        (608) 266-3696
Find us on

Funny, I didn’t see anything in the DNR’s rules that state you don’t have to tag the wolf until after posing for grinning snuff pictures and uploading them to the anti-wolf Facebook pages. The rules say IMMEDIATELY. Is anyone surprised that they won’t enforce violations concerning wolves? They refuse to take action on the numerous violations committed by bear/coyote hounders, so why should we expect anything but the same for wolves? Upon requesting clarification from this warden we were informed that these were just “technical violations” and no enforcement action would be taken. Next time you get pulled over for not having your car registered on time or having an expired drivers license see how far this argument will get you.

The above should not be a surprise to anyone considering the attitudes of some employees of the DNR. Last week a comment from a DNR employee showed up on the anti-wolf hate site on Facebook from a person that lists himself as a DNR employee. This was forwarded to to us and is in response to a story about tribal members wounding and not recovering an elk here in Wisconsin:

I hope that the governor denies everything period! Are they not their own nation? Why does the state/Feds give them anything? Why do people go to their casinos? I sure the hell don’t nor would I ever! How are they any different than any other person in this state. Sorry but they are not special! Enough is enough I don’t owe them a damn thing nor does anyone else in this great state!

I am not naming the person because complaints have been filed with the DNR regarding this comment. Past practice would make us assume that they will ignore these this as they have other inflammatory ones made by their associates. We will see. Racist comments like these should not come as a surprise to anyone that looks at the anti-wolf hate site on Facebook. These comments followed the posting of a snuff pic containing two black wolves killed in Wisconsin:

Mary Poppe WOW!!! Not only doubling up . But DOUBLING UP ON BLACKS!!!!! Congrats boys!
Sam Donner Wack em n stack em running the blacks out !
Henry Chmiel DARKIES———SWEET
Northern Wisconsin residents at their most tolerant. Surprise. No racial overtones here, wink, wink.
Wisconsin DNR and Milwaukee Bucks
In other wildlife news it seems that the Wisconsin DNR has built a cozy relationship with the National Basketball Association’s Milwaukee Bucks. From the DNR:
As fall hunting seasons get underway, many hunters have bucks on their mind and so does the Department of Natural Resources. In addition to white-tailed bucks, DNR is also focusing on the Milwaukee Bucks as the first DNR Nights game is set for Nov. 2, 2013.

Bucks Winter Cap
Buy a discount Bucks ticket through our DNR Nights promotion and get this hat free.

Anyone holding any Wisconsin hunting or fishing license is eligible for discounted tickets on select home games at the BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee. In addition, each ticket purchased through the DNR Nights program will include a free regulation blaze orange Bucks winter hat.

“Hunting and fishing in Wisconsin is a time-honored tradition,” said DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp. “We are thrilled to give those license holders an added benefit they can use to spend time with their families.”

The following dates are designated DNR Nights at the BMO Harris Bradley Center:

  • Saturday, Nov. 2 – 7:30 p.m. vs. Toronto (opening night)
  • Wednesday, Nov. 6 – 7 p.m. vs. Cleveland
  • Saturday, Nov. 9 – 7:30 p.m. vs. Dallas
  • Saturday, Nov. 16 – 7:30 p.m. vs. Oklahoma City
  • Wednesday, Nov. 20 – 7 p.m. vs. Portland
  • Saturday, Nov. 23 – 7:30 p.m. vs. Charlotte
Considering that the killing cartel, “U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance,” went crazy when the Minnesota Timberwolves hosted the Minnesota based wolf advocacy group, Howling For Wolves, at one of their games their silence about the Wisconsin DNR’s cozy relationship with the Bucks is quite hypocritical. Again, does that surprise anyone?
“By giving this animal rights group a high profile platform, the Timberwolves are in fact endorsing the group to all those in attendance,” says Nick Pinizzotto, USSAF president and CEO. “It’s disappointing for such a high profile organization to allow this type of propaganda that is contrary to scientific fact”
Pot meet kettle. Funny how it is “propaganda” and should not be allowed if it doesn’t conform to their kill everything views. As with the stories above this should not surprise anyone.
Melissa Smith on WORT
Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf President, Melissa Smith, appeared on Madison’s WORT 89.9 this morning and knocked it out of the park. Great job Melissa! Please listen to the archive of this show here and click on the download of the 8 O’Clock Buzz – Thursday
DNR Quietly Advocating Poaching?
Here is an interesting tidbit from the DNR’s Trapping Regulations that I found today:

Please Contact the DNR About Incidental Take!

The sale of fur from these carcasses is used to support the trapper education program and educate new trappers. If incidental catch of a protected species occurs, please contact your local Conservation Warden or call 1-800-TIP-WDNR (1-800-847-9367) as soon as possible for instructions on how to release an animal, or if dead, how to transport it to the department. A protected species is any species for which the season is closed, there is no open season, or a person has no authority to possess.

Wow! This sure sounds like a fluffy way for the DNR to advocate poaching and illegal trap kills in order to fund their trapper sadism education program. We are going to look much closer into this program and find out how much money the DNR is making off of illegal kills.

More to come this weekend from the Bloodsport Capital of the United States.

“By giving this animal rights group a high profile platform, the Timberwolves are in fact endorsing the group to all those in attendance,” says Nick Pinizzotto, USSAF president and CEO. “It’s disappointing for such a high profile organization to allow this type of propaganda that is contrary to scientific fact.” – See more at:

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“Bunny Slayer” Patrick Durkin Publishes Hit Piece on Professor Adrian Treves

The "great white hunter" like Patrick Durkin frequently saves us from this vicious predator By D. Gordon E. Robertson, via Wikimedia Commons

The “great white hunter” like Patrick Durkin frequently saves us from this vicious predator
By D. Gordon E. Robertson, via Wikimedia Commons

Before I get into the main topic of this post it must be noted that as of this morning, October 21, 2013, Wisconsin wolf haters have “reported” killing 85 (EIGHTY FIVE) wolves since last Tuesday. And those are just the reported ones. Even more disturbing is that the Facebook wolf hating site is showing pictures of multiple wolves killed at the same time none of which have been “tagged” in clear violation of state law. That site continues to post comments advocating poaching and eradication of the entire Wisconsin wolf population. If the DNR truly cared about enforcing the law and promoting so called “ethical” hunting they would monitor that disgusting website and investigate the blatant law violations. Sadly they do not care and the unethical boasting and promotion of poaching will continue. Now on to the “Bunny Slayer,” Patrick Durkin and his tripe.

Last year DNR apologist, “outdoors writer,” and kill everything by any means possible advocate, Patrick Durkin, boasted about how the outrage over Wisconsin’s wolf slaughter would blow over and we would all “accept” it just as we supposedly have accepted the mourning dove killing. What? I don’t know about you but I have never accepted the killing of those docile birds for sport and I damn sure will never accept the yearly sport/revenge killing of wolves in Wisconsin. If anything the outrage has grown substantially since last year and will continue to do so until the DNR listens to the majority of citizens that oppose this reckless slaughter. But that was Durkin’s garbage from last year. This weekend he published and article that can be described as nothing more than a hit piece against University of Wisconsin Professor and world renowned carnivore expert Adrian Treves. From the article:

As Wisconsin’s second wolf season got underway Tuesday we heard claims that the Department of Natural Resources was ignoring science and risking a destabilized wolf population by setting a kill quota of 251.

And those who attended The Wildlife Society’s annual national conference in Milwaukee on Oct. 7-8, heard University of Wisconsin professor Adrian Treves claim wolf poaching is rising. During the conference, Treves also said the DNR’s 2013 wolf quota is “not sustainable nor responsible.”

Such claims pack punch because we like to think university researchers are detached, objective folks who disdain emotion, shun advocacy and avoid predictions they can’t support with data.

In other words, we expect professors to stay above the fray of us caterwauling commoners. Maybe that’s asking too much of mere mortals who deal with wolves.

Wow, Durkin sounds like he is a little jealous of the professor and his vast knowledge of carnivore co-existence. Of course Durkin is nothing more than a barstool biologist that pretends he is on equal footing with someone as renowned as Professor Treves because he writes about killing animals. Durkin follows it up with even more obscene drivel that even goes so far as to think it is great that poaching levels dropped to “only” 17 percent of wolf mortality in 2012.
Treves’ claim about a recent rise in wolf poaching is also puzzling. DNR records show the agency investigated 1,007 dead wolves from 1979 through 2012, and declared 205 (20 percent) to be illegal kills. But from 2003 through 2012 the illegal kill was 19 percent, and after hitting a 10-year high of 30 percent in 2011 it fell to 17 percent in 2012 — the hunt’s first year.

Notice no outrage over the fact that poaching occurs only that it remains basically the same in an attempt to refute Professor Treves. But Durkin fails at this because Prof. Treves said that there was a recent rise in poaching and sure enough Durkin’s own numbers show poaching skyrocketed less than two years ago in 2011. Does that not count a “recent” enough for Durkin? Does this guy not get it? Then comes the biggest stretch of all that wolf hunters somehow “respect” wolves because they “waited for a better shot” before killign them. What? If I am not mistaken at least half of wolves killed last year were trapped. How does a trapper sadist need to “wait for a better shot?”
In fact, a DNR survey of 2012’s wolf hunters found most of them demonstrated respect toward wolves. When asked if they shot at the first wolf that presented an opportunity, 66.5 percent said no. Their No. 1 reason? They were waiting for a better shot.

Further, of those who killed a wolf, 60 percent took its hide to a taxidermist for mounting, and 33 percent tanned and kept it. Why would so many wolf hunters pass up iffy shots, and 93 percent preserve their kill for display if they hate the sight of wolves?

Granted, we’re only one year into state-regulated wolf hunts, so it’s too soon to draw lasting judgments. But isn’t that the point? We should be studying these hunts to learn more about wolves, wolf management and those who hunt or trap them.

So let’s not accuse others of ignoring science and research unless we’re practicing both ourselves.

Really Durkin? They hate the sight of LIVING wolves. That is why they killed them so they could look at DEAD wolves. Why don’t you make a visit to that disgusting Wisconsin Wolf Hunting Facebook page to see how much wolf hunters “respect” wolves. If “respect” is grinning over bloody carcasses and advocating poaching then Durkin lives in a different world than I do. How dare a hack “outdoors” write whose only qualification is that he gets off on killing wild animals insult and question the research of a world renowned expert on the topic at hand. This clown even goes so far as to say that somehow it would be “scientific” to allow bating and hounding because there is no data about it? What?

In his 2012 testimony to the DNR Board, Treves also said: “There is no peer-reviewed scientific evidence to support the safety or efficacy of hunting wolves with hounds … (nor is there) scientific evidence to support the safety or efficacy of hunting wolves with bait.”

Both statements are true, but how could we expect peer-reviewed scientific studies when regulated wolf hunts didn’t exist until the past few years in the United States, and only Wisconsin is pursuing a hound hunt? And if peer-reviewed research of wolf-baiting and wolf-hounding is our goal, we certainly won’t get any data if we don’t offer any tests.

I think that Durkin missed the boat again with his attempts to insult and refute Professor Treves. So wolf baiting and hounding should be justified as some twisted “science project.” What is this guy smoking? Give it up Durkin you are not in the same league as Professor Treves and your feeble hit piece is a joke that only makes wildlife advocates distrust and dislike you even more. How does this guy even have a job? Shame on you Durkin and shame on the publications that allow your drivel to be posted.

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This and That From the Bloodsport Capital of the United States


Now that the wolf slaughter season is upon us here in Wisconsin the wolf killing sadists and their cheerleaders trolling live from their mom’s basement have taken to the net to harass and insult wildlife advocates across the nation. The best way to deal with these trolling slime is to NOT ENGAGE them. They are looking to get under our skin and every time we get into an internet “shouting” match they get what they want. I implore all living wildlife advocates to not be suckered into their trap and unknowingly play their sick game. The best thing to do is to “observe and report” their venomous trash by taking screenshots and saving their exploitative “horn-porn” images and videos. Then we will let the general public see what kind of people are infecting this once great state with their vile antics. If the DNR refuses to enforce their own laws regarding dogs attacking and killing wildlife we will shame them into taking action with the mountain of evidence that you know the hounders and wolf torturing sadists will gleefully post all over Facebook and the internet.

Since I posted my warning to anti-wolf/wildlife trolls last week the number of trolls spamming this site has mysteriously shrunk to nothing. In fact the closest that we have received to a troll item was this comment yesterday:

kevin caruso commented on Can Wisconsin Wolf Killing Season Be Challenged as Animal Cruelty?

“i don’t see what the big deal is with it whats the difference if i kill a deer or a wolf”

Horrible grammar aside, I must commend Mr. Caruso for using the word KILL rather than a fluff word such as “harvest.” Here is what the “big deal” is:

  • Are you going to eat the wolf? I think we know the answer to this one.
  • There are 1.4 MILLION deer in Wisconsin AFTER the killing seasons, while there are approximately 800 wolves. That is the “big deal.”
  • Another “big deal” is that wolves are sacred to the tribes in this state. Of course in racist northern Wisconsin this is just another reason why the wolf haters want to kill them.
  • I am assuming by the comment that Mr. Caruso has no problem killing either one because they are “just animals.” To me that is the same as saying that it is okay to drink bleach because both it and water are clear liquids.

Of course to rabid wolf haters none of this logic will make any sense. They will throw out the same tired arguments that “killing is conservation” and that wolves are “decimating” the deer herd, livestock, etc…. blah, blah, blah. In fact yesterday an Associated Press article made sure to point out the absurd argument that:

The wolf hunt has been one of the most contentious outdoor issues Wisconsin has grappled with in years. Supporters say the hunt is a way to manage wolves that are ravaging farmers’ livestock. Animal welfare advocates counter the state’s wolf population is too fragile to support a hunt.

“Ravaging.” Interesting choice of words considering that the most “ravaged” of these livestock are the mysterious “missing” calves that the state has been paying out vast sums of money for the past couple of years. They also fail to mention that most of the “ravaging” occurred on ONE operation in Burnett County. And of course there is no evidence that wolves had anything to do with these calves going “missing.”

The “Boy that Cried Wolf” sure takes on a new meaning when it comes to the crybabies in Wisconsin that seem to blame wolves for everything and refuse to ever look at the facts. An example of this follows the AP story in the comments section:

Kenneth Henry Kohlman II · Top Commenter · University of Wisconsin-Madison

When the state has at least 800 wolves but probably closer to 1000-1500 wolves and a carrying capacity of 350 it’s time to kill some wolves!
This person claims to have attended the UW but says that the “carrying capacity” is 350 wolves? And of course his avatar shows him firing an M-16 type assault rifle while wearing a camo hat. Oh and he also “likes” huntin’, fishin’, and racin’. Shock! Well Kenneth even the DNR says that the carrying capacity is 1000 plus, but don’t let facts get in the way of some good ol’ barstool biologist hyperbole.
And finally Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf had a protest rally last night that was covered by the Capital Times:

Opposition continues as Wisconsin’s second wolf hunt season begins

And of course the preeminent anti-wolf troll “reality22,” “truthbetold,” “nowolves,” etc had to make sure to chime in with some of that good old Northwoods poor grammar and anti-wolf propaganda:

reality22 – 47 minutes ago Let me get this strait….. Smith is going to say with a strait face that the “public does not support” the wolf hunt when it is documented that 18 Northern CO boards have passed resolutions against the wolf and any changes to the wolf plan! Wow!

Even I am having a hard time keeping a “strait” face after reading that garbage. Apparently the 18 county boards are what is considered the “public” in the eyes of LG/”reality22″ or whatever troll name they are using today. Guess what? Wisconsin has a population of 5.7 Million and the big ag/killing cartel dominated county boards of Northern Wisconsin do not speak for the “public” or the entire state of Wisconsin, so give it a rest with the propaganda.
Thank you to Melissa Smith and all of those that turned out for the protest yesterday. It is about time the media starts paying attention to this issue. The DNR needs to realize that they do not answer only to 18 county boards stacked with anti-wildlife big ag types and killing cartel panderers. They also do not only answer to the killing cartels. They answer to the 5.7 million Wisconsin citizens and it is our mission to make them understand that.
From the bloodsport capital of the United States, goodnight.





Wolf Slaughter Begins While the Media Finally Pays Attention…….And Asks Questions

Is there any doubt left that the Wisconsin DNR hates wolves?

Is there any doubt left that the Wisconsin DNR hates wolves?

The day that wildlife advocates have dreaded and bloodthirsty sadists yearned for is upon us. This is the first day of Wisconsin’s annual wolf slaughter season. There is a big difference between this year and last year though. The mainstream media is finally paying attention to the reckless plan authored by the killing cartel controlled “Wolf Advisory Committee” and the pay to play Wisconsin DNR under former real estate developer turned agency secretary Cathy Stepp. In the past week alone some outstanding journalism from the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism has shone a light in the corrupt and barbaric practices that the DNR labels as “science,” “management,” and “tradition. The Center also asks the question about why some in this state are so obsessed with using dogs as four-legged weapons against wildlife and why this is considered “ethical” by the DNR. The most important piece from the Center is a long investigative article showcasing the corrupt and pandering antics of the Wisconsin DNR and their sham committees. The article is here:

Proposed wolf reduction worries Wisconsin scientists

In the article DNR talking head Sgt. Schultz….errr…..Bill Vander Zouwen makes the ridiculous statement that the DNR has no clue what killing cartel groups are applying “political pressure.” Right……

The wolf committee is one of 16 wildlife advisory committees that were revamped this spring to exclude university researchers and reduce DNR staff — a move that internal DNR records show was controversial among some of the agency’s scientists.

The committees now have more representation by interest groups, including sportsmen.

The wolf committee is drafting a long-term plan for managing the animals due in June to the Natural Resources Board, which sets policy for the DNR.

Committee facilitator Bill Vander Zouwen, the DNR’s ecology section chief, said agency administrators are feeling pressure from outside groups not to raise the goal from 350, set in a state wolf management plan from 1999 when wolves were recovering from threatened status.

“Whoever worked with the legislators on the bill — it’s clear the legislators wanted (the wolf population) brought down,” he said. “If we start talking about higher goals, it will make people nervous because of the political pressure out there.”

Vander Zouwen said he didn’t know who was applying this pressure: “Nobody has really told me who those influential parties are.”

Seriously? Let me give you a hint. They wrote the damn bill and sit on your sham committee, Vander Zouwen. Then there is this asinine statement from the the head of the state trapper killing cartel and committee member:

Committee member Maynard Breunig, representing the Wisconsin Trappers’ Association, was also adamant about not going above 350.

“I’ll change my mind when I’m six feet under. That’s about the only time I’ll change my mind,” he said. “What is the goal of all of this? Everybody knows what the people want.”

What people? The bear hounders? The trapper sadists? Funny that these bloodthirsty sadists speak for a tiny minority of Wisconsin citizens yet they know “what the people want.”

And of course here is the political control of the DNR wolf “management” spelled out in clear terms:

The state’s 2012 wolf hunt, the first in half a century, was approved with support from several state sportsmen groups, including the Safari Club International Wisconsin Chapter, the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association and the Wisconsin Bowhunters Association, all of which are now represented on the Wolf Advisory Committee.

Officers and board members of the seven groups that spent time lobbying for the wolf hunt have donated at least $15,500 to Republican campaigns since mid-2008, an analysis shows. Recipients include Walker and former state Rep. Scott Gunderson, now DNR executive assistant. They also gave at least $4,300 to Democratic campaigns.

The rechartering of the DNR’s 16 wildlife committees has raised concerns among some DNR panel members, according to emails and a report obtained under an open records request by the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism.

Vander Zouwen??? Are you paying attention about who is exerting the “political pressure?” You put them on your sham committee.

And not to be outdone Cathy Stepp decided to respond to the Center’s article in a propaganda press release claiming that managing wolves is “as much art as it is science?” Sit down before you read this obsecene and insulting garbage:

If wildlife management was simply about doing research and then implementing what a study suggests, our wildlife managers would have a pretty straight forward and relatively easy job. However, wildlife management in Wisconsin and across the country is as much an art as it is a science. To ignore public sentiment and turn a blind eye to what society will accept will result in the failure of any policy, no matter how sound it may be from a scientist’s point of view. That is why for over 76 years, the DNR has balanced social, biological, and economic science in its decision making.

In review of the article, there are a number of important facts that were omitted.

First, several scientists, including Dr. Timothy Van Deelen and his research associate Jennifer Stenglen, have presented to the department’s wolf committee on multiple occasions. The article suggests that because Dr. Van Deelen isn’t a member of the committee that his inputs are not considered. To the contrary, their model has been utilized for two consecutive years to help model and project how the state’s wolf population will respond to harvest.

Secondly, the article asserts a false premise that only hunters, trappers and ranchers want fewer wolves. What is not mentioned are the votes by 18 Wisconsin County Boards that have passed advisory resolutions on wolf management, with 14 voting for 350 or less wolves and 4 voting for a goal of 350 wolves. Those counties include: Ashland, Burnett, Clark, Douglas, Florence, Forest, Iron, Jackson, Langlade, Lincoln, Marinette, Oconto, Oneida, Price, Rusk, Sawyer, Taylor, and Vilas. This is a taste of the social side of wolf management. The DNR strives to balance many of the social aspects of wolf management with the need, and the department’s responsibility, to manage the state’s wolf population.

Classic Laurie Groskopf/bear hounder propaganda. So Stepp, who populates these boards? You fail to mention that the vast majority are indeed hunters, trappers, hounders, and ranchers. So no it is not a “false premise.” Guess what Stepp? Wisconsin is a state of 5.6 MILLION people. How about paying attention to that “social side of management” not just bear hounders, hunters, trappers, and ranchers. And then the propaganda continues:

At a recent DNR wolf committee meeting, social dimension work from UW researcher Adrian Treves was presented to the committee. In subsequent meetings the committee decided that more in-depth and robust social dimensions work needed to be conducted to better inform the department’s update to the state’s wolf management plan. Again, no mention was made of this fact in the article.

Next, the assertion that we will get to our goal of 350 wolves in one year ignores the science. The UW’s own population model indicates this year’s harvest could result in a 13 percent reduction in the state’s wolf population.

Since the day the wolf hunt legislation went into effect, we have been clear that we will honor the established population goal, and we will manage the population responsibly. Last year, as we predicted, our conservative harvest resulted in basically holding the wolf population steady. The minimum population count was estimated to be 815 in 2012, after the harvest it was estimated to be 809, a decline of less than 1 percent.

Also, at the beginning of the 2014 wolf hunting and trapping season, the population is well above 809 animals. The state’s wolf population basically doubles each spring when young are born. The number the department reports as a baseline is the population at its lowest point each year, just prior to pups being born. That is the origin of 809 and needs to be reported in context.

Finally, I want to take this time to thank our experts, the 12 DNR scientists and wildlife professionals that sit at the table with our conservation and Federal partners developing recommendations at our wolf committee meetings. The article focuses on only a few committee members but fails to mention the makeup of our 25 member committee which also includes representatives from the US Forest Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), US Department of Agriculture, Wisconsin County Forest Association and the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission (GLIFWC). The article suggests that science is not represented, that only stakeholders are making decisions. This is simply not true and fails to tell the entire story.

Once recommendations are developed at the committee level, those recommendations are advanced to the department’s wildlife policy team, where seasoned managers and scientists with over 150 combined years of experience, weigh the science (both social and biological) and also the management implications. Ultimately they will make the recommendation to department administration and the Natural Resources Board (NRB). That is where biology, science and public sentiment are weighed and a final decision is made. This year the wolf committee recommended a quota of 275 wolves and the NRB approved that quota unanimously.

There are some tough decisions ahead. For instance, if we want to continue to harvest wolves, we will very likely have to decide on whether 350 wolves is the correct number. We do not disagree or ignore the fact that at lower populations we need to take great care in our management decisions. If we do reach 350 animals, it may mean that public harvest is extremely limited and we are only controlling problem wolves. These are the important questions that our citizens and committee will be tackling in the coming year. In the meantime, we will continue to responsibly manage our wolf population.

Our commitment to science remains strong. We will continue to monitor the biological data collected through surveys and harvest data as we move toward our goal, approved by and written by many of those quoted in the article as well as the USFWS. No other state puts the same amount of effort into tracking, monitoring and collecting data on the wolf population and harvest as Wisconsin does. There is much to be celebrated in our recovery and responsible management of the wolves in Wisconsin.

Keep the propaganda spin rolling Stepp and fellow DNR talking heads. This is the same killing cartel propaganda that ALL of the anti-wolf groups keep spreading. The Center has made very clear that they stand behind their story 100 percent and we concur:

The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism stands by its report on the state Department of Natural Resources’ management of the wolf population. The report fairly and accurately draws upon the perspectives of advocates and critics of the DNR, through interviews and public records. DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp’s response mischaracterizes portions of WCIJ’s report, which we invite the public to read in its entirety. We look forward to further examinations of these important issues in the future.

It is so refreshing to see a well respected investigative journalism organization like the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism call out the biased and politically motivated Wisconsin DNR for their corrupt and shady antics. The Center also published and article yesterday asking why Wisconsin is so obsessed with using dogs to kill wildlife:

Is state too open to hunting with dogs?

Joe Bodewes, a Minocqua-based veterinarian, described the damage to dogs by bear in a recent letter to the Wisconsin State Journal.

“Broken and crushed legs, sliced-open abdomens and punctured lungs,” he wrote. “Dogs lying mangled and dying on the surgery table — all in the pursuit of sport.”

Bodewes, in an interview, says his small clinic treats about a dozen dogs a year mauled by bears while hunting. Usually two to four die. Recent cases include a dog whose jaw “was snapped off below the eyes” and one whose back muscles were “ripped loose from its spine.” Both survived.

Now Wisconsin is about to become the only state to let dogs be used in wolf hunts. A judge’s injunction blocking the use of dogs in last year’s inaugural hunt has been lifted; the case is now before a state appeals court. This year’s hunt, with a kill goal of 275 wolves, begins Tuesday. Dogs can be used beginning Dec. 2.

Keep up the pressure. You know that we will continue to expose the sadistic bloodsport antics of many so called “sportsmen” in Wisconsin and their enablers in the DNR.


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Does the DNR Really Care What You Think and is Scott Suder Stepping Down?

Badger Army Ammunition Plant near Baraboo, WI.

Badger Army Ammunition Plant near Baraboo, WI.

Not content sending heavily armed swat style storm troopers to take out a two week old fawn, the Wisconsin DNR wants to turn the state into a giant training facility for all forms of redneckery. Shooting ranges, ATV use, hounding and all other forms of reckless killing and destruction are the DNR’s new priority for implementation all over the state. The latest example of this comes from the DNR pushing to turn the former Badger Army Ammunition Plant into a giant shooting range and ATV facility. Last night the DNR held one of their “public hearings” about their plans for the location. From this article:

Members of the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board got an earful Wednesday about future plans for the Badger Army Ammunition Plant during a stop in Baraboo.

The meeting at the Clarion Hotel came a day after members of the board – which sets policy for the state Department of Natural Resources – toured the decommissioned weapons plant to learn about a series of options the DNR has proposed for Badger property it has acquired.

Many who attended the meeting spoke out against one of those options, which includes installation of a public shooting range and a looped trail for motorized recreational vehicles. They encouraged the board to adopt a plan that would only allow low-impact recreational uses, such as hunting, fishing and hiking.

The public uproar was so much that only three people spoke in favor of the DNR’s proposal. Take a guess who those three people/groups were:

Eugene Robkin, a Baraboo city alderman, told board members the economic benefit of keeping the property quiet and pristine “dwarfs any claimed benefit of an ATV trail and shooting range.”

Also dwarfed was the level of public support at the meeting for target shooting and recreational riding on the land, now called the Sauk Prairie Recreation Area. Only three of the nearly 30 public speakers who voiced their opinions supported a shooting range, ATV trail, or both.

Representatives of the Sauk Prairie Conservation Alliance, Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger, Sierra Club, Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, Baraboo Range Preservation Area, Sauk County Pheasants Forever, as well as Rep. Fred Clark, D-Sauk City, and Sen. John Erpenbach, D-Middleton, spoke against the ATV trail and shooting range and in support of low-impact recreational use.

Representatives of the NRA, Hunters Rights Coalition, and United Sportsmen of Wisconsin spoke in favor of the shooting range.

Of course. The Welchies. People look for answers to life’s questions in many different areas. Religious people turn to their holy texts to find some answers. Lawyers turn to State and Federal statutes and case history to find their answers. Where do Wisconsin wildlife advocates turn when they need answers about the DNR’s actions? This wildlife advocate turns to the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board and looks at the list of clients for lobbyist Bob Welch. Sure enough the NRA (WI Force) and Hunters Rights Coalition (a front group for the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association) are clients of Bob Welch. If it is anti-wildlife, anti-heath, anti-environment, or anti anything progressive it is likely that Bob Welch is a lobbyist for it.

So what does this mean? Like the wolf killing season the public has spoken out in huge numbers against the DNR’s reckless proposal for Badger. Even the kill everything Wisconsin Wildlife Federation and a pheasant killing group are against this proposal. What does that say? But I doubt that matters much to the DNR. The DNR has made it very clear that they care nothing for what the general public wants. Keep a close eye on this, but I would bet that the Welchies are going to get their way here as well if history is any indication. The Wisconsin DNR does not work for you, Wisconsin citizens. They work for Bob Welch and his affiliated groups. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the bills supported and opposed by the Welch groups over the past couple of years on the GAB site.

Suder Stepping Down?

Speaking of Welch aligned puppets an interesting piece of news came out yesterday about Wisconsin’s most anti-wildlife legislator, Rep. Scott Suder (R-ALEC). According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel the word is that Suder will be stepping down from his position as Assembly Majority Leader to take a position at the Public Service Commission. At first I questioned why Suder would give up the number two position in his party for this position, but then I looked at the list of the groups Bob Welch lobbies for and of course things all seemed to fall into place. Here are the responsibilities of the Public Service Commission:

The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC) is an independent regulatory agency dedicated to serving the public interest. The agency is responsible for the regulation of Wisconsin public utilities, including those that are municipally-owned, since 1907.

Types of utilities regulated include electric, natural gas, water, combined water and sewer utilities and certain aspects of local telephone service. More than 1,100 utilities are under the agency’s jurisdiction. Most of these must obtain PSC approval before:

  • Setting new rates
  • Issuing stocks or bonds
  • Undertaking major construction projects such as power plants, water wells, and transmission line

And guess who is a lobbyist for all of these utilities in one form or another? Is this a conspiracy theory? Yes, but judging from the past history of Suder and Welch you would have to be blind not to see the potential links here. One way or another something doesn’t seem right. Why would someone give up a high rank in state government? Fleeing a sinking ship maybe?  All I can say is good riddance if this happens.



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Wisconsin DNR Spits In The Face of The Chippewa Tribes and Wolf Advocates Again

Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

The Wisconsin DNR under high school graduate, turned real estate developer, turned agency secretary , Cathy Stepp, has made it very clear in the past that she and her anti-wildlife agency care nothing for the views and heritage of the Wisconsin tribes. Federal court rulings have always affirmed that the Wisconsin tribes are to be allotted 50 percent of quotas for any species in the Ceded Territories.

Treaty rights are rights retained in treaties negotiated between sovereigns. In the case of the Ojibwe in northern Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota, their headmen retained or kept the rights to hunt, fish and gather on lands they ceded to the U.S. government. These retained rights are called usufructuary rights, which means the right to use property. An example would be if a property owner sold land but retained mineral rights, or the right to access minerals beneath the surface. Another example would be retaining frailing rights in Oklahoma, where land is sometimes sold but the right to frail pecans on the land is retained by the first owner. Treaty rights are not some unique or “special” right that courts have granted certain tribes; rather they are legal usufructuary rights retained by tribes at the time the treaties were signed. Treaty rights are also tribal, not individual rights. They are held and regulated by the treaty signatory tribes.

Last year during the planning for the inaugural Wisconsin wolf slaughter the DNR set a kill quota of 201 wolves. They tribes laid claim to all living wolves in the Ceded Territory. The DNR allotted  85 of the quota to the tribes. This meant that the great white hunter of Wisconsin were allowed to kill 116 wolves. In the end they killed 117 “legally.” This year when the DNR announced their even more reckless kill plan of 275 wolves, the tribes made the same allocation for all living wolves in the ceded areas. This time the DNR decided that because the Chippewa killed no wolves last year, because of their sacred bonds with the animals, the DNR will only allocate 24 wolves out the 275. This means that the great white hunters of Wisconsin will be allowed to “legally” kill 251 wolves out of a population estimated to be around 800. That is almost one-third of the wolves in the states at last count. In fact the DNR goes so far as to claim that this is a “cautious approach.” This year the wolf slaughter will include the use of dogs against wolves. Cautious indeed.

“We are entering the second season cautiously,” said Dave MacFarland of the DNR in a news release. “We will continue to learn valuable information for updating the state’s wolf management plan and adopting permanent wolf hunting rules.”

Only in Wisconsin would killing one-third of a population be considered “cautious.” Unbelievable. And of course the DNR continues to use their ancient “management plan” to justify their reckless slaughter plan:
“In order to meet management objectives, putting downward pressure on the population, the number of wolves removed from the landscape needs to increase this year,” said Dave MacFarland, DNR large carnivore specialist, in the statement. “The 2013 quota is designed to start doing so, in a responsible and sustainable manner.”
Yup. Killing one-third of a population is “responsible” and “sustainable.” All the while the DNR spits in the face of the Chippewa Tribes and what they hold sacred. Here is the response from a DNR representative about why they only gave a token number of the quota to the tribes:

The Chippewa Tribal declaration was similar to last year, they claimed all living wolves within the ceded territory. For other quota limited species (bear, bobcat etc.) the DNR uses a combination of the declaration and prior harvest performance to make adjustments to the state quota. Last year there was no prior data on their likely harvest therefore 50% of the quota within the ceded territory was allocated for their harvest. This year there is data on prior harvest which was incorporated into the quota adjustment. Based on their communications with the state, the fact that they did not harvest any wolves last year, and the fact that they have not promulgated rules for tribal harvest and issuance of tags the DNR does not believe it is likely they will harvest 50% of the quota in 2013. A decision was made to allocate 10% of the allowable quota within the ceded territory in the event they should choose to harvest.

So in other words this is a big F-you to the tribes and apparently Wisconsin only cares about killing and pleasing the great white hunters. One of the other arguments used by the DNR and their killing cartel puppet masters is how hunting, trapping, and hounding are “heritage” and “traditions” that us “antis” are trying to take away. Notice how they never talk about how THEY took away thousands of years of heritage and the traditions from the Native peoples of this country and forced them to adopt the “white man’s” culture. Apparently heritage and tradition only matter when it comes to the great white hunter.

Shame on you Wisconsin and shame on the DNR!

DNR sets non-tribal wolf allocation at 251; license lottery to be held Thursday


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Wisconsin DNR Brags That Majority of Wolves Killed Last Year Were Pups and Then Launches Heavily Armed Raid to Kill a Fawn…..Seriously

The DNR considers this to be a "potential for disease and danger to humans."

The DNR considers this to be a “potential for disease and danger to humans.”

The Wisconsin DNR is going out of their way to spit on and offend wildlife advocates all over the state today. First their “outdoors” writer shill at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel posted a ridiculous article essentially bragging that the vast majority of wolves killed during last years slaughter were pups born that year and the rest were mostly yearlings and how we should all be so happy about that.

Lab results answer age-old questions over Wisconsin wolf hunt

Of the 117 wolves killed by hunters and trappers in Wisconsin last year, 50% were young-of-the-year, or animals born in 2012.

Twenty-five percent were yearlings (born in 2011), 17% were 2 year olds, 2% were 3 years old, 3% were 4 years old.

The department is still clearing up some details on the records and report for a handful of wolves taken last year. Regardless of the age found on those animals, the data from Wisconsin’s first wolf hunting season agrees with a wildlife management tenet: Most of the animals taken were young-of-the-year. “It’s not unexpected,” MacFarland said. “But it’s nice to have the data to help inform the discussion.”MacFarland said going into the first wolf season there were legitimate concerns about the impact of the harvest on wolf reproduction patterns. The results show relatively few breeding wolves (formerly known as alpha wolves) would have been killed during the hunting and trapping season. The harvest was predominantly young pack animals. “It should help allay some concerns,” MacFarland said. “It doesn’t tell us what to do, but the more data we get, the better.”

So according to the talking heads at the DNR it is perfectly acceptable and great that most of the wolves killed were pups and yearlings. Wolf pups are estimated to have a 70 percent mortality rate under normal conditions and now huge numbers are being slaughtered for “sport.” So is it “ethical” to kill the young of other species? A deer hunter would be put into redneck purgatory for shooting a fawn, so why are wolves any different?

As if Smith’s propaganda piece wasn’t enough news came out tonight about the DNR launching a SWAT style raid against an animal shelter because they had the audacity to try and helped an orphaned fawn that had been brought to them. Then to make matters worse they killed the fawn just for existing.

“It was like a SWAT team,” shelter employee Ray Schulze said.

Two weeks ago, Schulze was working in the barn at the Society of St. Francis on the Kenosha-Illinois border when a swarm of squad cars arrived and officers unloaded with a search warrant.

“(There were) nine DNR agents and four deputy sheriffs, and they were all armed to the teeth,” Schulze said.

The focus of their search was a baby fawn brought there by an Illinois family worried she had been abandoned by her mother.

The warden drafted an affidavit for the search warrant, complete with aerial photos in which he described getting himself into a position where he was able to see the fawn going in and out of the barn.

Agents told staff they came to seize the deer because Wisconsin law forbids the possession of wildlife.

Just last week we were informed that for 2012 there were ZERO citations or charges brought against any hounders for illegal activity. The DNR doesn’t bother enforcing rules and regulations for hounders, but has plenty of time and money to draft a search warrant and do a stakeout over an innocent fawn that kind hearted people were just trying to help. If the actions of the DNR and local Sheriff’s Department could not be any more absurd there is this:

The Department of Natural Resources spoke to WISN 12 News about the fawn.

Supervisor Jennifer Niemeyer said the law requires the DNR agents to euthanize animals like Giggles because of the potential for disease and danger to humans.

“These are always very difficult situations for both parties involved, and we are empathetic to the fact of what happened because we know in our heart of hearts they tried to do the right thing,” Niemeyer said.

“Could you have made a phone call before showing up, I mean, that’s a lot of resources,” WISN 12 News investigative reporter Colleen Henry asked.

“If a sheriff’s department is going in to do a search warrant on a drug bust, they don’t call them and ask them to voluntarily surrender their marijuana or whatever drug that they have before they show up,” Niemeyer said.

So people feeding and taking care of a baby deer is now on the same level as drug dealers according to the Wisconsin DNR. Shame on you Wisconsin DNR. We will be keeping on top of this.

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Armed agents raid animal shelter for baby deer



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