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Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf Unveils Billboard and Takes Fight to the Public

Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf billboard unveiled on I90/I94 near Wisconsin Dells.

Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf billboard unveiled on I90/I94 near Wisconsin Dells.

**Disclaimer** I am a member of the Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf Board of Directors.

Tired of being ignored by the State of Wisconsin Legislature, Department of Natural Resources, and Natural Resources Board, a group of Wisconsin wildlife advocates have decided to take our message directly to the public. This week grass roots wildlife advocacy group, Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf, have taken the first step in a campaign to educate and inform the public about the reckless and brutal campaign being waged against Wisconsin’s wolf population.

Here is the official press release from Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf:



For more information:

Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf

117 Ardmore Drive

Madison, WI 53713



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                              August 8th, 2013


(Madison, WI)- In an effort to increase awareness about the upcoming Wisconsin wolf hunt, Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf, a non-profit wolf advocacy group with members all over the state, placed a billboard between mile marker 191 & 192, on Hwy A that goes over I 90/94. The controversial billboard shows wolf families in the sights of a rifle stating “SHAME ON WISCONSIN”, with a hope to increase involvement of the public with the non-profit and to engage tourists in voicing their concerns over the recently de-listed grey wolf hunt.

This year’s wolf hunt with have a quota of nearly 300 wolves.  With recent data released from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources nearly 75% of those wolves killed were juveniles. “While we are relieved that breeding adults mostly survived last year’s hunt, we are deeply concerned about the sustainability of this hunt with a goal of bringing our population down to 350 wolves, nearly as fast as they can with little regard for what is best for Wisconsin’s ecosystem and wolves”, said Melissa Smith, director of the Friends of the WI Wolf group.

 Last year, the quota of 117 was met in a very short time, mostly by trapping. This year however, dogs will be used to hunt wolves, which Friends of the WI Wolf group believes is “state-sanctioned dog fighting”. In addition, the group has been working hard to bring awareness about the practices of hounding in general and captive wildlife penning, both legal in Wisconsin. “I know if the public saw what I just saw on this YouTube video, (a video showing hounds attacking a coyote) they would be outraged. And this year, this inhumane practice will also include wolves”, said Patty Maringer-Fitzpatrick, vice president of the group.

Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf hopes to be able to raise 1,000 dollars to keep the billboard in the Wisconsin Dells up through gun-deer season and to even expand into other places such as Milwaukee and Door County. The donation will be matched by a generous donor if they are able to meet their funding goals.

Contact: Melissa Smith, Executive Director,, 608-234-8860

About Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf: FOTWW is a small, privately funded non profit dedicated to the preservation and protection of wolves in Wisconsin. You can visit them on Facebook as well at




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Direct Anger At DNR and Legislature, Not Judge Anderson

Wisconsin DNR: What century do we live in?

Wisconsin DNR: What century do we live in?

Since the mixed ruling of last Friday by Dane County Judge Peter Anderson on the lawsuit over the use of dogs against wolves there has been a rash of anger against the judge from wildlife advocates. While none of us are happy with the ruling it must be noted that the judge’s hands were essentially tied from the beginning due to the archaic and pandering laws that protect cruelty against wildlife in Wisconsin. When the lawsuit was first announced the leaders of groups like the deceptively named kill everything group the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation and extreme hunting group shills like Rep. Scott Suder (R-ALEC) came out and defended cruelty against wolves and other wildlife because of laws protecting the abusers.

Do not direct your anger at Judge Anderson. Direct your anger where it truly belongs, with the Legislature and DNR. The so called “leadership” in the DNR have been furiously defending the use of dogs against wolves from the beginning. This email from the Wisconsin DNR came out today:

We are pleased that Judge Anderson removed the injunction that banned the use of dogs for hunting wolves. However, we are disappointed with Judge Anderson’s decision to prohibit training of dogs to hunt wolves.

We will continue to seek input from the public and from stakeholders – including tribes – as we continue to develop permanent rules on the wolf season, and the use of dogs for both training and hunting of wolves.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Bill Cosh, DNR, (608) 267-2773; Dana Brueck, DOJ, (608) 266-1221

What kind of state is this? An agency that is supposed to represent the “will of the people” has essentially spit in the face of wildlife advocates, the courts, and even most of the hunters that they claim to represent by pandering to the minority within the minority bear hounders. How much backlash is it going to take before political hacks like Kathy Stepp actually listen to anyone other than the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association,  George Meyer, and their paid lobbyists like Bob Welch? The vast majority of people in Wisconsin have made it very clear that they oppose the use of dogs against wolves and a smaller majority oppose the entire wolf killing program. But none of that matter when you have an agency and legislature that only cares what Bob Welch and George Meyer want and to hell with the rest of the citizens.

Now is the time to make our voices heard more than ever. Call the DNR and your legislators and let them know that the vast majority oppose the archaic practice of hounding and that it is shameful for our state to have the dubious distinction of being the ONLY one in the country to allow packs of vicious dogs to go after wolves. This and other forms of hounding are legalized animal fighting that are not only allowed but actively promoted by the state.

Find you legislators here:

Who Are My Legislators?

Contact the DNR here:

Enough is enough. The DNR and legislature have a responsibility to ethically represent the will of the majority, not pander to a few extremist groups. We cannot let up the pressure on these two government bodies. Call and write each day if you have to to make your voice heard. Remember it is not Judge Anderson that you should be angry with. He did not create this disgusting bill.


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Finally The News Media Is Reporting That Wisconsin Endorses Animal Cruelty

Coming soon to Wisconsin.

Coming soon to Wisconsin.

In today’s online edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel political writer James Rowen pointed out that the Wisconsin Legislature’s vote for allowing dogs in the wolf kill bill is an endorsement of animal cruelty.

Wisconsin legislators voted for animal cruelty through wolf-dog fights

I want to hear how this can be justified as anything other than legalized and state sponsored animal fighting. The same goes for the sadists who send their dogs after coyotes, bears, bobcats, turkeys, and any other animal. Good job Wisconsin you are finally showing your true colors to the rest of the country. The rest of the country no longer views Wisconsin as this quiet rural state that produces milk and cheese, or where idiots wear ridiculous looking hunks of plastic cheese on their heads in support of a football team. We now have the dubious distinction of being a right wing, wildlife hating utopia for sadists and thrill killers. I am sure this will do wonders for the tourism in this state.

Those who voted for and continue to support more and more extreme methods for killing our wildlife should be ashamed of themselves. I know that they are too arrogant to be, but they should. We have very few true Democrats left in this state. The majority of them voted for the wolf kill bill with little to no debate and rubber stamped the year round killing in state parks bill. It is time again to bombard your legislators with phone calls and emails to demand that at minimum the use of dogs be removed from this sadistic law. Here is a link to find your legislators:

Who Are My Legislators?

What the geniuses in the legislature apparently are too dense to realize is that provisions such as the legalized dog fighting may be all it takes to get the wolves relisted under the ESA. When anti-wolf rancher and Idaho legislator, Jeff Siddoway, proposed legislation early last year that allowed for live dogs to be used as bait to kill wolves even the anti-wolf federal representatives stepped in and warned that such a proposal would likely make wolves return to the ESA list. The proposal failed, but Wisconsin kept pushing and rubber stamping any method to kill wolves, even by using dogs. When will this endless pandering to the most extreme elements in our state end? More and more hunters are coming out against the hounders and their legislative enablers yet it continues to fall on deaf ears. Here is what is coming to Wisconsin this fall. This video is very disturbing but it must be seen:

Remember, Wisconsin apparently thinks this is perfectly acceptable and is considered “recreation” and “tradition.” I would assume that the above video comes from some sadists in Europe, but it could easily be northern Wisconsin. Please bombard your legislators with your opposition to this disgusting law and remind them who they are supposed to be working for, and tell your friends to do the same. Tell them that you want to see hounding put up for a statewide referendum and see how the citizens of this state really feel about it.


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