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More DNR Deception and the “Foxes in the Henhouse”

800px-Grauwolf_P1130280 Tuesday


Last week the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources bombarded the news media with figures showing that the wolf population this past winter remained “flat” following the “known” slaughter of almost 250 wolves last year. The DNR claimed that the wolf population is currently 834. From this article:

“The management objectives remain to put downward pressure on the population,” DNR carnivore specialist David MacFarland said. “The mortality levels experienced in 2012 didn’t achieve that objective or only made slight progress toward the goal.”

The DNR’s current wolf management plan calls for an off-reservation population of 350. The agency’s count found as many as 834 animals roamed the state as of March. That compares with as many as 880 wolves around the same time last year. The 2013 count marked only the fourth time since 1985 the DNR hasn’t detected an increase in the wolf population.

So just to reiterate, the DNR states that there are as many as 809 to 834 wolves in Wisconsin as of this past winter. That sure is strange, because just two weeks prior the DNR held a Wolf Tracking Survey Meeting on April 19th in Wausau, Wisconsin where they stated that the current wolf population was estimated to be 785 to 813. I wonder how the DNR can explain this significant difference? I supposed just like those mysterious “missing” calves this is just another example of the books being cooked to show higher numbers of wolves than there really are. I would expect nothing less from an agency ran by Cathy Stepp and her bear hounder masters.

In this meeting the DNR told of their “investigations” into the rampant wolf poaching occurring in our state:

In addition to tracking activities, DNR Conservation Warden Dave Zebro said DNR wardens were involved in several law enforcement investigations. Thirty wolf-related investigations were conducted, with 10 citations issued related to hunting and trapping. Fourteen illegally harvested wolves were recovered, Zebro said.

Funny how the DNR and their propaganda arms in the state newspaper “outdoor” pages went out of their way to show lurid photographs of everyone from children to old white men posing over freshly slaughtered wolves, there was never a mention in the media about these “investigations.” So 10 “citations” were issued but 14 poached wolves were “recovered?” So if that is the case then there are likely poachers that killed multiple wolves, or the DNR isn’t taking enforcement action against some poachers. Why has this not made the news? If I remember correctly Patrick Durkin was recently talking about how poaching concerns were “overblown” and acted as though they almost never happened and if they do it isn’t a big deal.

In that same meeting we had the usual shills from the killing cartels pushing to get their grubby hands all over the wolf counting that in the past was done by mostly volunteers. From this article:

The event drew a variety of DNR staff members, volunteer trackers, and other stakeholder groups, such as the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, Wisconsin Bowhunters Association, Wisconsin Conservation Congress, and Wisconsin Fur Trappers Association.

Ralph Fritsch represented the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation. He encouraged greater use of hunters and trappers in the counting procedures. “How accurate are these figures in establishing the current state wolf populations?” he asked. “Even though these are minimum number counts, how many areas within the state are not covered?

“(This could) greatly add to a more stable and accurate count, and hopefully give a number closer to maximum population numbers,” said Fritsch, who also serves on the Conservation Congress as a delegate from Oconto County.

What a shock. They want to eradicate wolves and what better way than to allow wolf haters free reign to come up with their own numbers. Each of those groups listed, with the exception of a few volunteer trackers, are on record as being anti-wolf. Sure sounds like a “fox in the henhouse” scenario to me, but of course the DNR will welcome them with open arms and then take their “counts” at face value. Remember these are the same people that year in and year out claim that wolves are “eating all the deer.” Wake up Wisconsin or we are not going to have any wolves left.

And there was this little tidbit from the above article that needs more explaining:

One change for 2013, Koele said, is that everyone must allow public hunting and trapping access. While the new rule was generally well-accepted, there was some pushback from “a couple of landowners who objected.”

So now landowners must open their lands to slob hunters, trappers,and hounders that want to kill wolves? I assume this is for the ones that had “depredations” but this is very concerning. I thought the right wing that runs this state were all about “property rights?” I guess not when it comes to killing wolves. They will openly violate the constitutional rights of citizens to achieve their goal of pushing this animal back to the brink.

Each and every day more and more disturbing information comes to light about how the DNR is scheming to find every way imaginable to persecute this animal. Do they think that this is making them friends int he general public? And they wonder why donations to the Endangered Resources Fund are way down over the past few years? Also disturbing is how supposed “biologists” are obsessed with this “350” number in the 1999 Wolf Management Plan. That number was never intended to be a maximum yet that is exactly what the DNR is trying to make people believe. That number was only to be the point at which the state felt that wolves could be “managed.” It was NEVER designed to be a maximum population number. In fact the federal government accepted their plan based on this number and now the DNR is hellbent on getting to that number as quickly as possible. Apparently they are too arrogant to realize that they are supposed to be monitored by the feds for five years following delisting and their so-called “plan” is front and center in the lawsuit brought by the Humane Society of the United States challenging the delisting of the wolf in the Great Lakes. How about we establish maximum numbers for the other animals that people love to kill in Wisconsin? How about we have a maximum number of deer allowed? How about a maximum number of turkeys, ducks, geese, and everything else they love to kill?

Enough is enough, Wisconsin and it is time to get active. We cannot allow this insanity to continue and or rights be trampled on. The WDNR is proving themselves time and time again to be “cooking the books” or is misleading when it comes to wolf numbers and their alleged “depredations.” And we are supposed to believe them now? The proverbial fox is getting deeper and deeper into the henhouse while we just standby and watch. Please, get active!


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DNR Dropping Environmental Education for Children in Favor of Hunter/Trapper “Recruitment”

WI Barcode

Just when you thought the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources couldn’t get any lower the even go and stab one of their biggest supporters in the back. Of course not that I would ever shed a tear for George Meyer the head of the deceptively named hunting group the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, but it sure seems like the DNR threw him and his group under the bus here. The MacKenzie Environmental Education Center in Poynette, Wisconsin is a place that school children from around the state have visited for decades to learn about Wisconsin Wildlife. I visited there as a child in school, and several other times as an adult until Meyer’s group was handed the reigns in 2006. This week the DNR announced that the MacKenzie Center would no longer be used for enviormental education. Instead it will now be used as a location to aid in the “recruitment” of hunters and trappers. This is from the Portage Daily Register:

The focus will be on an outdoor skills training center for the recruitment and retention of hunters, anglers and trappers through mentorship, said Kurt Thiede, land division administrator for the Department of Natural Resources.

The proposed changes are happening for two reasons: security of funding and a change of focus, he said.

Since 2006, the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation and Friends of the MacKenzie Center have had a partnership agreement with the DNR. The agency was considering closing MacKenzie that year. The two nonprofit groups manage the center but it is owned by the DNR. The center is free to the public.

Kurt Thiede? Does that name ring a bell? Of course it does. He was the mouthpiece for last fall’s wolf slaughter in Wisconsin and the DNR’s loudest voice for the use of dogs against wolves. Apparently Meyer and his kill everything group isn’t “recruiting” enough hunters and trappers for the DNR so they a shifting focus.

The proposals by the DNR do not include school groups for environmental education or the need to maintain the wildlife exhibits, according to Meyer.

“The groups that are going to put on skills-based training are not going to be doing environmental education … They’re stating an objective to increase the number of hunters. The point we’re making is that you can do both here. We take 16,000 kids a year through the environmental education during school at a cost of $185,000,” he said. “The audience they’re trying to attract to increase shooting and trapping will have to take place on weekends and the summer because those individuals have school and work schedules.”

The Wisconsin DNR has finally decided to give up the façade that they care about “environmental education.” As most living wildlife advocates have known for a very long time the DNR only cares about hunters, trappers, hounders, and big business. There is no honor among thieves and this is evident by how Cathy Stepp and Kurt Thiede are even throwing their kill-everything ally, George Meyer, under the bus. While I always had concerns about the conditions in which some of the animals were kept, the place did provide some level of true education to those interested in learning about native wildlife. Of course also on the same grounds is a breeding program for non-native pheasants grown to be targets for shooters too lazy to “hunt” for true wildlife. Ironic, isn’t it? But that is another story. The DNR is so hell-bent on “recruiting” more killers of wildlife that they no longer wish to provide any educational opportunities for school children that do not involve killing. Do we need any more reasons why the DNR and wildlife “management” should be funded by anything other than the general fund? The DNR is desperate for money and the only way they can keep funding their killing programs is by “recruiting” more hunters and trappers. Let’s take this in perspective. School children are being taught how to kill wildlife in schools under a state program for credit, but the DNR will no longer provide non-killing field trips to the McKenzie Center for environmental education? They don’t want people to care about wildlife, they just want people to pay to kill it. I would be very interested to see who is behind this. Usually the DNR pander to Meyer and his kill-everything cabal, so this is huge. I wonder who is going to take over management of the McKenzie center? The Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association? The Hunters Rights Coalition? WI-FORCE? This proposal smacks of everything that was wrong with the wolf kill bill, and the year round killing in state parks law. And guess who was behind those laws?

There seems to be a national trend among some anti-wildlife/predator states to minimize the contributions of eco-tourism and wildlife watchers and cater exclusively to the hunter/trapper community. I am of the belief that just as with the war on wolves, this is another attack against “liberals” and “environmentalists” by the right wing politicians and anti-predator groups within these states. They just refuse to acknowledge that the money eco-tourism brings in far exceeds that of killing licenses. But that is where another facet of the issue lies. What funds the Wisconsin DNR and other state’s fish and wildlife department? Of course it is money from hunting, fishing, and trapping licenses. Wisconsin has long passed even the slighted hint of ethics and caring about conflicts of interest. I almost feel bad for George Meyer here. The key word is almost. Read more here:

Focus of MacKenzie Center to change drastically; DNR wants to use it for recruitment, retention of hunters, anglers, trappers


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Reliving 2012 and a Call To Action For 2013

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Welcome to 2013. 2012 was a horrible year for wildlife across the country and especially for wolves in the Great Lakes. 2012 was also the year that we started fighting back against the kill everything extremists and their monopoly over our wildlife and wild lands. This was never more apparent than with the massive public outcry against the insane plan to allow basically unchecked hunting and trapping in our state parks for seven months of the year. Your voice made a difference and forced the normally rubber stamping Natural Resources Board to dramatically scale back this insane plan. We were finally heard loud and clear and a message was sent about the overreach of the DNR and their puppet masters in the legislatures and the extremist hunting groups.

While this was a great accomplishment there is so much more that we need to be vigilant about. In 2012 we saw the revolting side of our species manifest itself in response to Wisconsin’s first wolf killing season. The absolutely disgusting “Wisconsin Wolf Hunting” Facebook page finally showed to the rest of the public the sadistic and bloodthirsty mindset that plagues much of rural Wisconsin and the rest of the country. Facebook should be ashamed to have allowed this disgusting page to even exist. Unfortunately while homages to sadism like the “Wisconsin Wolf Hunting” page were allowed to spread and revel in their torture and bloodlust, wildlife advocates were being banned from Facebook for only expressing their opinions. That being said the sadists who participate in the above page and other similar ones are finally showing their true colors to the rest of society. Would most of us have even known how brutal and sadistic these people truly are without them proudly sharing their sick photos and videos? Their arrogance and pride in their brutal acts are waking up more and more people to what is really happening on our wild lands. One thing is for sure, we are paying attention. Because of the vigilance of wildlife advocates we were able to expose the sick and sadistic videos showing James Vee and his buddy laughing and joking after shooting a wolf in a trap. Vee and his buddy laughed while the wounded wolf thrashed in it’s death throes. Our pressure made sure that the DNR investigated this guy and he ended up being charged for not having a “proper” license for trapping the wolf. This same person also videotaped for several minutes while another trapped wolf howled and cried while awaiting it’s execution by another slob who made it a family event in front of a small child. Of course the DNR found nothing wrong with this and apparently their own rules about requiring a trapped animal to be killed “immediately” are null and void when it comes to wolf torturers.

In 2012, 241 wolves were reported to have died by human hands in Wisconsin. 117 from the wolf killing season, 57 from the Wildlife Services assassins, 22 killed by vehicles (all accidents, I am sure), 18 killed by landowners, and nine killed by poachers. The rest by “unknown causes.” Of course the number killed by poachers is very likely to be highly underestimated or underreported. And the wolf killers all did this without the use of dogs. Of course the trapper sadists killed the majority of wolves at 53%. And at no surprise to anyone the anti-wolf zealots are already clamoring for a massively increased quota for next year to push the wolfp opulation closer and closer to that ridiculous “350” number that they worship. Apparently they are too dense to realize that 350 was the number that they could begin killing wolves and it was not intended to be the maximum population. And like clockwork chief anti-wolf zealot and bear hounder puppet Rep. Scott Suder (R-ALEC) chimed in at the Natural Resources Board hearing that authorized the wolf slaughter. Suder wants to drastically lower the cost for for the wolf killing licenses to match the anti-wolf states of Idaho and Montana, and he was whining that the quota was far too low. Now that Suder and his cronies again have complete and total control of the state government we need to watch every piece of legislation that this guy proposes. He may very well be the most anti-wildlfie politician in the country right now and we need to make sure everyone knows who he really works for.

In 2013 we must also make sure to to keep a close eye on the extremist hunting groups that were behind the wolf kill bill and the unlimited killing in state parks bill. Of course we all know which groups these are and they are led by the deplorable Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association and George Meyer’s deceptively named hunting group, the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation. Last year Meyer’s kill everything group made an insane proposal that slipped under the radar. They want the state to impose a bounty program for the killing of coyotes. Now that they essentially own the legislature do not be surprised to see more insane proposals like this put forth to be rubber stamped by the Republicans and their so-called Democrat allies. When Meyer and his group were not busy dreaming up more killing proposals they were telling everyone that would listen what a great thing that it was that animal cruelty was protected under state law when it comes to wildlife.

The positive is that the above groups flew under the radar for so long that not many knew how much power they really had and how they owned the legislature. But their arrogance could no longer be restrained and they decided that their power was so absolute that they could not restrain their overreach. Now people are paying attention. Now WE are paying attention and we sure don’t like what we are seeing. WE are the new breed of wildlife advocates and WE don’t back down even in the face of bullying and threats. Earlier this year one of our supporters and dedicated ally had a dead and gutted coyote placed on the hood of their vehicle in Madison. Apparently these sadistic thugs thought that it would scare this person into submission. It didn’t. In fact it did the exact opposite and strengthened their resolve even further. These type of bullies may have been able to intimidate wildlife advocates with their gruesome acts and threats in the past, but that is no more. The bullies and sadists in the hunting community need to realize that WE are a whole new breed of wildlife advocate. Some of us are military veterans. We come from all walks of life, and some are even former or current hunters. We don’t back down. The same message goes to the anti-wolf/pro-hounder trolls who post threats on this site toward wildlife advocates and our allies. You will be exposed and your past indiscretions will be made available for all of the world to see thanks to the Wisconsin Circuit Court online records system. I would say something about throwing stones in a glass house, but most of the trolls are too dense to understand the meaning behind that.

We have accomplished quite a bit in 2012 in the face of a relentless attack by those who wish to see all that we hold precious eradicated. For 2013 we must take it up a few notches. The first thing that we must do is continue to EXPOSE the bear hounders, trappers, and other sadists for what they really are. When they post their lies and propaganda, call them on it. When they post their sadistic videos and photos share them far and wide. We must also attend the Natural Resources Board hearings to make our voice heard. The same must be done for the so-called “Conservation” Congress. We must get our delegates voted onto this good old boy “congress.” Remember it is supposed to for the “public” so we have just as much of a right to be a part of this as they do. Any “public” hearing concerning wildlife we must attend to make our voices heard. The DNR always makes sure that the kill everything groups are strongly represented at these meeting and we need to counter that. Finally we must counter the anti-wolf zealots and trolls who post on internet news stories. Counter them with FACTS and when they accuse of of being “emotional” and they get angry turn the tables and point out who is really the “emotional” one. Remember we have the FACTS on our side, not the fluffy lies and propaganda they constantly spew.

Finally the most important thing for us to do is to stop the childish infighting that so often happens among wildlife and animal welfare organizations and individuals. This petty garbage is one of the reasons that we have trouble gaining ground on the kill everything groups that dominate our state. This war on wildlife is not just affecting wolves it is impacting all of our wildlife in one way or another. Look at how bears, coyotes, and other “fur bearing” animals are treated in this state. We are advocates for ALL living wildlife not just wolves as some on our side want it to be. Our state allows and even promotes the most vile and barbaric methods for killing animals and someone needs to keep pointing this out. We cannot do this without coordination or by getting sidetracked trying to save the world from global warming or other issues. While those issues are very important we must focus on our WILDLIFE and try to do what is within our power to force change at the state level. Our real enemies are the hounders, trappers, anti-wildlife legislators, and the kill everything hunting groups that pull their strings. While it is noble to try and change the world we must focus on changing our own backyard FIRST. Before Patricia started her column most people had no clue what was being done to the wildlife in this state and how corrupt our DNR has become. Most bought into the propaganda that all “sportsmen” were “conservationists” and ethical. While some may be we now see the dark underbelly that has been thriving in this state for decades. This is what we must work together to expose. Please stop the petty vegan vs vegetarian vs meat eater arguments. Please stop acting like one species of wildlife is all that matters when all are suffering. If people do not want to work together than they are doing more harm than good as far as I am concerned and we are no better than the extremist sadists that we claim to be fighting against.

Now that I got that off of my chest I want to wish all living wildlife advocates a very happy New Year. Even with all of the sadism and suffering that we saw this past year we are making progress. People are starting to pay attention and the hounders, trappers, and other sadists are finally being exposed. We must not let up. Let’s make 2013 the year that our wildlife finally has a true voice. We must also continue to support those with the courage to challenge in court the insanity of our state. The outstanding legal team challenging the use of of dogs against wolves is a perfect example of this. We thank them for allowing wildlife advocates to finally fight back against the bear hounders and their enablers. But this must only be the beginning. We must fight to bring true democracy into our wildlife and wild land “management” decisions. It is time to stand up to the pro-killing anti-wildlife cartels that are in bed with the state and demand that these decisions are made by the majority, not just extremist special interests. Keep fighting and have a happy New Year.


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**URGENT** Wisconsin Plans to Slaughter almost One-Third of Wolf Population In First Year **URGENT

Wisconsin is proposing killing almost one-third of the state’s wolf population in the first year.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has released their initial plan for the the upcoming wolf kill season beginning in October. It does not look good. The DNR proposes to kill up to 233 wolves out of the estimated 762 to 832 in Wisconsin. That is 28 percent of the population on the high end and almost 31 percent on the low end. Remember this is the “conservative harvest” that they want to start with. Conservative? Nearly one-third of the wolf population to be killed over four and a half months, and they call this “conservative?” This doesn’t even take into account the huge numbers killed by poachers or the wolves killed by the Wildlife Services assassins. The plan also wants to allow for the killing of almost all wolves that venture outside of Northern Wisconsin. They also want to decimate wolf populations in Northwestern Wisconsin. More pandering to the bear hounders. This is absolutely shameful. If this is just the beginning, I hate to see what they plan for the future.

This is what the DNR says is their “Objective’ for the first year:

“Department Objective for 1st Wolf Season: Begin to reduce statewide wolf population; provide hunting and trapping opportunities; monitor, learn and adapt for future seasons.”

That say it all. Kill as many as we can and provide “opportunity” for hunters and trappers. Not one mention of the value of wolves for eco-tourism or their benefits to the eco-system. This is a wholesale slaughter in the making courtesy of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, the Wisconsin Legislature, and Gov. Scott Walker. Below is the link to the DNR survey and killing proposals. Please spread this far and wide to get the word out. The State of Wisconsin is out of control and this proposal does nothing but pander to bear hounders, whining deer hunters, and selfish agricultural interests.

Link to DNR proposals and survey:

Please take the time to fill out this survey and let the DNR know that we are watching them. It is time to stand up to the bear hounders and other anti-wildlife interests in this state. The major wildlife groups have turned their backs on the wolves and it is up to us to be their voice. Don’t let anyone fool you, this plan is the first step in the second extermination of the gray wolf in Wisconsin.


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Misinformation and More Dishonesty From Anti-Wolf “Stakeholders” in Wisconsin

Recently the notes from the Wisconsin Wolf Stakeholders Committee Meeting that was held on April 21, 2012 in Wausau, WI were released by the Wisconsin DNR. As usual representatives from the anti-wolf groups like the deceptively named hunting group the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation and the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association were in attendance. Here are some choice comments from their representatives:

Laurie Groskopf- Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association:

“Some of my comments may not reflect the WBHA Board of Directors positions. Most people are okay with some wolves. The number 350 came about by identifying remote areas, came out of University of Wisconsin. Nothing has changed since then. Position of the WCC voted for 350 less, WI Farm Bureau voted 350, WWF, 18 county board resolutions, all voted for 350. Something that impressed me at how angry people were. Amazing to see what people say about wolves. In terms of Treves work, 66% want 350 or less. Consider what farmers, hound hunters, people with kids, etc. go through due to wolves. (Remind me. When was the last time a wolf attacked someone in Wisconsin? Oh, that’s right. NEVER!) What happens when people have to take things into their own hands? This is because of the management we have had in place. Just want to tell it like it is. In her own area, wolves are threats to farms and human safety in 18% of the farms. Wolves can cause farmers to suffer from something akin something akin to PTSD. One lost 2 calves, carries a gun at all times and he is not even a hunter. One of these depredations was not even part of what APHIS states. What Aphis lists is only tip of the iceberg. Equally concerned for wolves safety and other wildlife.”

Yes you heard it right, farmers who raises cows to be slaughtered by having a bolt shot into their head have symptoms like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because of wolves. This Bear Hounder mouthpiece forgets to mention that they get reimbursed for each of the animals allegedly killed by wolves. PTSD? I wonder how the residents of northern Wisconsin feel when groups of armed men with vicious dogs trample through their land tormenting wildlife? I would guess that those people are the real ones who suffer from PTSD. Then comes this gem:

“The WBHS (Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association) association was not involved with drafting legislation. What organization helped draft law? Lobbyist for hound groups? Unknown.”

Thats funny because I seem to recall this quote from the hearing before the Senate Natural Resources Committee. From The Progressive:

“Bob Welch, lobbyist for the Bear Hunters and other extreme blood sport organizations said, “We believe the stars are aligned at this time and the process was done right this time to get the bill passed. We hired the best lawyer in D.C., the former head of US Fish & Wildlife, to defend delisting. We support the hunting techniques in the bill because hunting wolves is difficult. Without those tools you aren’t going to be able to harvest wolves.”

“Scott Meyer, a member of the Bear Hunters Association and lobbyist for United Sportsman, went even further. He said, “”Seven attorneys were involved with drafting this bill to make sure it didn’t put delisting in jeopardy. The bill is not liberal enough, but unfortunately, these are the cards we’ve been dealt. The idea that we’re going to extirpate the wolves is ludicrous.”

Next comes Corky Meyer of the Wisconsin Association of Sporting Dog Clubs, another hounder group. He thinks that hounders should be reimbursed up to $10,000 for hounder dogs killed by wolves:

“I would again be remiss in my duties if I did not complain about the classification of all hunting dogs as hounds. No bird dogs, other dogs, but they are killed. Bird dogs that have been killed are high value. By putting out this summary every year you shine an inaccurate light claiming all hunting dogs are hounds. I’ve been asking this for years, please stop this. I am also asking that fair market value for hounds and hunting dogs. All dogs can be paid up to $2500 regardless, not fair market value. Please stop misinforming, or change the name, call them hunting dogs.”

“Bill created by Legislature and people of Wisconsin and now time is short. If we had not had all the lawsuits interrupting delisting we would have been done with this, but now we are on the fast track. Related to comments that the 350 number should be higher, there is no consensus, a lot of us think that 350 is too many. Somebody, Randy, mentioned wolf harvest of 100 animals. Public won’t like that. Need a lot more tags than 100 to get 100 wolves. Lots of reasons to participate. Price of dogs need to change has to be increased to fair market value. Taking money from dog hunters and putting it someplace else is not right. Why should a hunting-dog owner be punished for a wolf depredation. Paying $500 for a $10,000 champion bird dog is wrong. Legislation does not allow for payment for dogs hunting wolves. Legislation has various provisions for hunting with dogs. It has provisions for hunting at night. What difference does it make if it is day or night. Wolves have been hunted with dogs for centuries. This is not a new thing. Legislators decided to put it on the books in Wisconsin. I’ve been saying for years it would happen. I was told it would never happen in Wisconsin. Harvest should be in core of wolf areas. This will create sink instead of maintaining a source.”

Apparently this guy only considers hunting groups and anti-wolf legislators to be “the people of Wisconsin.” This guy also has the nerve to say that people who let their dogs run loose in the woods to terrorize wildlife should be reimbursed when a wolf defends their territory. Wisconsin is the only state in the country with a program like this. Wisconsin is also the only state in the country that will allow wolves to be hunted by dogs.

Then comes these comments from Ralph Fritsch of the deceptively named hunting group, the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation:

“Supports delisting, resolution vote in 2011 that if faced with a lawsuit that we would support Federal legislation to remove wolves from Endangered Species List. We support 350 cap, support bill ACT 169. Only two people at hearings were opposed to bill. Lots in favor. Few against. We will continue to support dog payments because that was the original plan discussed by DNR in exchange for people leaving wolves alone.”

Apparently the only “people” who count in testifying at hearings are people representing hunting groups not the many citizens who spoke out against the wolf kill bills at the hearings. Only two people at hearings opposed the bill? That’s funny because Patricia Randolph attended the Senate hearing and there were many people who spoke out against the bill. Then there is the line about supporting the continuation of hounder reimbursements “in exchange for people leaving wolves alone.” That’s right all of these “ethical sportsmen” had to be bribed so that they wouldn’t poach wolves. Whatever happened to following the law and “ethics” that these people claim are so important?

Then there is this doublespeak from Fritsch:

“Wished long time ago it could have been delisted. It would have been a better process. FWS gave state authority back, not the whole issue. Need to be Federally  (congressionally) delisted to give states time and so that everyone does not fee l they are running into a revolving door. Not all in agreement, sportsmen in state that care, and I mean sportsmen not people who just go out and shoot animals, we were biggest influence that wolf population grew because we made an agreement with the DNR that we would not harass wolves despite the fact that the population is three times over what was agreed upon. Illegal shootings not done by sportsmen, done by slob hunters. Hunters support wolves.”

Hunters support wolves? But they needed an agreement so that they wouldn’t violate the law and harass them?I guess the rest of us have to follow the rule of law but “sportsmen” have to come to “agreements” so that they will follow it. Remember that this group, the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, is an affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation. Do you see anything on the NWF site that supports using dogs as a weapon against wildlife. I sure don’t. They even have a heading on their page that says “Wolves in Danger.” Yet this group supports the killing of 60 percent of the wolf population and the use of dogs to do it?

Here are the notes from the entire meeting. There are several voices that speak on behalf of the wolves, but the dialog appears to be dominated by the bear hounders and other anti-wolf interests. I fear for the future of wolves in Wisconsin.

April 2012 Stakeholders Meeting Minutes Amended


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Wisconsin Wolf Population Remains Unchanged Despite Claims of an “Exploding” Population


During the so-called “hearings” in the Wisconsin Legislature on AB 502/SB 411 all we heard from Scott Suder and the other “authors” of the bills were that the wolf population in Wisconsin was “burgeoning” and “exploding.” Here is what bill “authors” Scott Suder and Roger Rivard had to say after the wolf  kill bill was signed into law:

“With the signing of this bill, which had bipartisan support, we will now have the tools in place to manage the state’s burgeoning wolf population. Working with the DNR, we should have a hunting and trapping season in place by October. This bill is a victory for sportsmen, farmers and landowners,” said Suder.

“The ever-growing wolf population has been a constant problem in several areas of the state, including mine,” said Rivard. “The DNR now has the proper tools to address the wolf population and ensure that it is maintained to federal standards while also maintaining the safety and livelihood of Wisconsin residents.”

“As the number of gray wolves in Wisconsin exploded, so did the number of incidents involving farmer’s livestock, pets and hunting dogs. In 2010 alone, more than 30 pets and hunting animals were attacked by gray wolves, costing the state about $200,000 in wolf depredation costs.”

“Senator Moulton, Representative Rivard and I worked with sportsmens groups, hunting groups, outdoor enthusiasts, landowners and the Department of Natural Resources in developing this legislation. It allows the Department to set up a wolf management season and with the help of licensed hunters, we will be able to reduce the current wolf population to a healthier, more sustainable number,” said Suder.

“By signing this bill, Governor Walker confirmed that we will control our wolf population at the state level. We are thankful for the Governor’s support of the bill and his dedication to maintain Wisconsin’s proud tradition of hunting and sporting heritage.”

At least they didn’t say that the wolves would be “marinated” like fellow bill “author” Joel “Ribeye” Kleefisch put out in a press release. I wonder who those “outdoor enthusiasts,” and “landowners” were that they worked with?

What these two hunter and trapper shills neglect to mention is that the bill was written by the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association and their seven lawyers according to this article:

“Scott Meyer, a member of the Bear Hunters Association and lobbyist for United Sportsman, went even further. He said, “”Seven attorneys were involved with drafting this bill to make sure it didn’t put delisting in jeopardy. The bill is not liberal enough, but unfortunately, these are the cards we’ve been dealt. The idea that we’re going to extirpate the wolves is ludicrous.”

24 hour a day hunting for four and a half months, trapping, the use of dogs, bait, and electronic calls is not “liberal enough” for the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association. Are these the people you want writing laws and deciding what happens to our wildlife?

Then comes this little bit of news that puts a damper on their claims of a “burgeoning” and “exploding” wolf population in Wisconsin:

“Wisconsin’s wolf population stayed about the same over the last year, according to a preliminary estimate from the Department of Natural Resources.

The state’s wolf population was estimated at between 762 and 832 animals in 204 packs over the winter of 2011-’12. The previous winter’s estimate was 782 to 824 wolves in 203 packs.”

But of course the DNR and a representative from the deceptively named hunting group the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation are trying to downplay these numbers as “minimums” so that the kill fest can commence this fall. There is also the issue of a minimum of 25 wolves who were killed illegally. Gee, I wonder if any of those poachers were caught?

“We always remind people that this is a minimum estimate,” said Kurt Thiede, administrator of the DNR’s Land Division. “The range is fairly wide, too, but the next steps will compare the tracking information with telemetry information and will help fine tune it.”

“The conditions weren’t ideal, that’s true,” said Ralph Fritsch of the Wisconsin Wildilfe Federation. “We also discussed the possibility that fewer volunteer trackers participated this winter.”

They just cannot admit that wolf numbers are staying the same or decreasing naturally so that their slaughter can begin in October and run until the end of February.

If we do not stand up and speak out about the misinformation that people like Suder, Rivard, and like minded hunting groups spread, our wolves will be on the road to a second extermination starting this fall.


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Wisconsin DNR Shows Their True Agenda

Photo by Phil Haynes , via Wikimedia Commons

Today, the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board approved a plan to remove 16 species from the state endangered species list. Proposed to be removed from the list are the barn owl, the snowy egret, and the Blanding’s turtle. I wonder how long they will be off the list before Joel “Ribeye” Kleefisch wants a hunting season on them?

According to this article in the Wisconsin State Journal the plan is drawing fire from George Meyer and the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation. Of course Meyer isn’t upset that species are being removed from the list. He is upset because eight are being added. From the article:

“The plan drew opposition from the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation. George Meyer, executive director, said his organization is asking that action on the changes be delayed because he said the agency did not consult outside experts on proposed additions to the list.”

So George Meyer apparently thinks that all changes must go through his deceptively named hunting group group and their “experts?” That is the understanding that I get from this statement. We all saw the results of the actions of his so called outside “experts” in the recently passed wolf kill bill, SB 411.

Then there is this gem in the article from Kurt Thiede, the DNR’s lands division administrator:

“As for the species proposed for delisting, studies have shown most of their populations either stable or in some cases already gone from the state, Thiede said. The Bewick’s wren, for example, has not been observed breeding in Wisconsin or neighboring states for more than 40 years. Removing such species from the list, according to the DNR plan, will lessen the impact of such regulation on business.”

Again their true colors show. We wouldn’t want anything to get in the way those businesses, would we? Just like the recently passed wetland destruction bill passed by the legislature and signed into law by Gov. Walker. Of course the funny thing is that George Meyer’s group opposed that bill. I wonder why? I am sure that it was out of concern for all of the species that would be impacted by development on the wetlands (sarcasm off). No, it is far more likely that they opposed it because it would destroy their killing grounds and they would have to blow birds out of the sky elsewhere.

The true agendas of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation and the Wisconsin DNR have shown their face once again. It is time to fight back against these self-serving groups and the political hacks that control our wildlife and wild lands.


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