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More Evidence of Wolves Being Tortured In Wisconsin? Update 10-25-2012

**3rd UPDATE** We have not been able to verify if this poster is indeed the subject involved in the “castle doctrine” shooting. It appears that someone is pretending to be him on Facebook. Reports are that this same person also is pretending to be Kind’s deceased victim on Facebook. Whether it is him or someone pretending to be him there is a very sick mind at work with this whole hoax. I am leaning toward this being an internet troll attempting to piss of wolf lovers and torment the family of Bo Morrison, the deceased victim of the “castle doctrine” shooting. This guy is laughing from his mom’s basement at all of the turmoil that he caused today, no doubt. Please report this disgusting individual to Facebook and ask that they ban his IP address. We have spent too much time on this sicko and we need to get back to focusing on the real torture that is happening to wolves in this state. 

I removed the second update because it appears that the hoaxer in this incident is pretending to be the shooter in the below story.

**UPDATE** As many of us suspected this picture is indeed a hoax. Any bets that some loser living in his mom’s basement thought that it would be funny to get wildlife advocates all riled up? Thanks to those who were able to research this for us. The wolf is actually chewing on a bone in a captive location. To them it is all a big game whether wolves were killed or not. The photo came from here:

According to the Wisconsin DNR this is what trappers are supposed to do when they find an animal in their sadistic traps:

All live furbearing animals taken during the open season for such species shall be released unharmed or killed immediately and made part of the daily bag. 

Then how does anyone explain this post and photograph that showed a wolf with it’s face stuck in something called a “Wolf-B-Gone:

Adam Kind This one was tough. It struggled for about 15 minutes & kept beating it’s head on the ground to try & dislodge the Wolf-B-Gone but once it is locked in, there is no getting it out. Goodbye Mr. Wolfie!

If you think that is bad enough? How about this comment that the sadist put after that:

Adam Kind The only regret I have is that I used a recording device without sound! Just think how cool a video with sound would have been. To hear him trying to gasp for air would have been amazing! I should have taken an “after” pic, because it looked like it tried to claw it’s own face off with it’s front paws.

This behavior is apparently perfectly acceptable by the “standards” of the Wisconsin DNR. They are doing everything that they can to allow the torture of wolves and then the sadists are rubbing it in our faces. If this is indeed real, I would love to hear the DNR try to justify this torture as “tradition” or “conservation.” If they are indeed using a product that causes this kind of torture, I want to know where in the DNR “regulations” that this is legal. Please report this cretin to the DNR and we will see how they try to justify this.

1-800-TIP-WDNR or 1-800-847-9367


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Five Month Wolf Slaughter Begins Monday and Why Are Federal Employees Giving Wolf Killing Lessons?

An article by pro-killing writer, Paul Smith, appeared this evening on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s website talking abut the upcoming wolf kill. Amidst all of the fluff about how “careful” the DNR is not to allow “over-harvest” of wolves there is a section about how a professional wildlife assassin from the despised USDA’s “Wildlife Services” gave a government sanctioned course to would be wolf killers about how to trap wolves. From the article:

Only a handful of people, mostly state and federal employees like Dave Ruid of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s wildlife services, have intentionally and with proper authorization trapped or hunted wolves in Wisconsin.

Ruid said the techniques for trapping wolves are very similar to those used for coyotes. At the clinic in Tomahawk, Ruid demonstrated a wolf set. It used a foot-hold trap concealed by dirt and leaves. A dog urine scent was used to mark a nearby log.

Trappers are likely to achieve higher rates of success, said Ruid. Of the 1,160 licenses issued in Wisconsin, 238 have some trapping experience or have purchased a trapping license in the past, according to the DNR.

So our tax money is paying for “clinics” that teach sadists how to bait and trap wolves. I expect this garbage from the kill everything types in the DNR, but why are the Feds putting on killing classes? Then we have DNR employee and bear hounder shill, Kurt Thiede, spreading more ridiculous fluffy propaganda:

“We are being as careful as possible,” said Thiede. “It is in everyone’s interest that we effectively manage wolves so we are able to retain management of these majestic creatures.”

Careful as possible? Really? Wanting to allow packs of vicious dogs to run rampant through the woods and fight wolves? Allowing 1600 sadists to target a population of 800 wolves night and day for five months? Allowing those same sadists to bait, use electronic calls, and trap? That sure sounds “careful” to me. By the way this is almost exactly what Rep. Scott Suder (R-ALEC) said during an interview on Wisconsin Public Radio back in February. It sure is funny how the bear hounders, Suder, and their shills like Thiede all use the same talking points. Who do they really work for?

Then there is a very well reasoned article from Ron Seely in the Wisconsin State Journal talking about how the wolf killing season, vehicle deaths, killings by Wildlife Services assassins, and poaching could cause between 46 to 57 percent of the wolf population to be killed over the next few months according to DNR wolf biologist Adrian Wydeven. Now I see why Rep. Scott Suder (R-Alec) and Rep. Roger (Some Girls Rape Easy) Rivard did not allow Mr. Wydeven to testify at their sham of a “public hearing.” From the article:

Wisconsin population studies, Wydeven said, have shown that 9 percent to 19 percent of the state’s wolves are killed illegally each year, 10 percent are killed in depredation control programs, and 3 percent to 4 percent are killed by vehicles. Add those numbers to the 24 percent harvest quotas, Wydeven said, and total, human-caused mortality is likely to be between 46 percent and 57 percent. Research has shown that wolves can tolerate up to about 29 percent to 35 percent human-caused mortality rates before populations decline, Wydeven reported to the Natural Resources Board.

So it is likely that over 50 percent of the wolf population will be killed before the wolf killing season ends in February. Of course that does not include the number of pregnant females that will be killed after the beginning of the year that will further decrease the population. Then we have Mr. Wydeven talking about how beneficial wolves are to the ecosystem in this article:

“Wisconsin’s wolf population has grown since then from a pair of wolves to roughly 850 wolves today,” Wydeven said. “As their numbers have grown, they have had a significant impact that has shown to benefit surrounding ecosystems.”

Wydeven will provide data and anecdotal evidence on how the growing wolf population has contributed to greater diversity of understory plants, as well as improved deer herd and trout stream conditions. In addition, he will touch on the controversy surrounding human interaction with wolves related to depredation and Wisconsin’s first wolf hunt to reduce their numbers.

So we have a respected DNR biologist talking about how over 50 percent of the population may be killed and how beneficial they are to the ecosystem while the DNR is all hot and bothered to kill as many wolves as they can in any way possible. What is wrong with this picture? Wolves in this state face very grave danger in the upcoming months. This threat is not just from the sadists who wish to trap, shoot, and hound wolves, but from ignorant politicians like Scott Suder who will surely push for increased kill numbers next year along with more extreme killing methods.

If Mr. Wydeven is correct and over half of the wolf population is killed we must not stand by and allow the federal government to sit on their hands. If this happens the wolf needs to be returned to the Endangered Species List and we need to make sure this happens. Please be vigilant as to what is happening if you live in wolf country. Do not hesitate to report poachers, trespassers, or hounders breaking the rules. If you do not want to report it directly send us a message and we will report it. The DNR must be held accountable and enforce their so called “rules” that they let trappers, hunters, and hounders so brazenly get away with. If you have video evidence of wrongdoing please share it with us. If you see photographs or videos on the internet of any violations please share the links. We cannot stand by and let these sadists continue to break laws and torture wildlife while the DNR looks the other way. This is not just for wolves. If you see any wildlife violations report it and let us or other wildlife advocacy groups know. The public must be made aware of what is really happening to our wildlife and who is enabling it.


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Can Wisconsin Wolf Killing Season Be Challenged as Animal Cruelty?

Wisconsin is the only state in the country that allows wolves to be hunted with packs of vicious dogs. We should be so proud!


An interesting article appeared on the pro-hunting Wisconsin Outdoor News Website titled:

Will Wisconsin’s animal cruelty law affect a wolf hunt?

Instead of actually considering that using packs of dogs, night hunting, trapping, baiting for four and a half months is what it sounds like, animal cruelty, the author instead blames the conviction of thugs who tortured deer in 2009 with snowmobiles for bringing this issue to light. Apparently animal cruelty is just fine as long as it is done to wild animals and the bad thing according to this author is the fact that the deer torturers got caught and convicted and shed light on the sadistic acts of some “sportsmen.” From the article:

“Wisconsin may well create a wolf season this year, but if that season does open as planned Oct. 15, state sportsmen can thank the Kuenzi brothers for adding a substantial hurdle that must yet be overcome, based on comments from Midwest Environmental Advocates last week.

The seven-member Natural Resources Board did unanimously approve a “scoping statement” at its May 23 meeting that will allow the process to create a wolf season to continue, but not before Jodi Habush Sinvkin, of Milwaukee, representing Midwest Environmental Advocates, indirectly described how her group could challenge the trapping of wolves with cable restraints and the hunting of wolves with hounds, based on a court ruling from the Kuenzi brothers’ court case.

Remember the Kuenzis? In the winter of 2009, Rory and Robby Kuenzi and Nicholas Hermes ran down deer with snowmobiles in Waupaca County. They also tied deer to trees and tortured them.

Sinvkin told NRB members that a state appellate ruling in the Kuenzi case states that animal cruelty laws extend to wild animals.”

Oh the horror! “Sportsmen” cannot torture wolves and other wild animals without getting into trouble. Do you think that maybe the attention should be paid to the act of cruelty rather than blaming the idiots who got caught?

Then there is the response of the bear hounder representatives trying to gloss over their actions by talking about how much they “love” their dogs:

“Hunters Rights Coalition spokesman Bob Welch said there would be very little hound hunting for wolves the first year because not many hunters will have had a chance to train their hounds to pursue wolves.

Welch countered Sinvkin’s claim that dogs would be injured by wolves, and that wolves bayed up to dogs would be bludgeoned in the head with clubs.

“People who own dogs love their dogs. A lot of people think that if the dog doesn’t sleep on the couch with you, you don’t love your dogs. The dogs will be trained to hunt wolves, or they won’t be out hunting wolves.

When a wolf stops, the dogs stop. They won’t engage,” said Welch.”

Welch is also the paid shill for the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, SCI, Whitetails of Wisconsin, and gun group WI Force. So packs of vicious dogs chasing wolves with no restraint are just going to stop and not “engage” a pack of cornered wolves? I guess the hounder dogs are now robots who don’t act like canines actually do. Give me a break. Remember these are the people who wrote the wolf kill bill allowing Wisconsin to be the only state in the country to allow packs of vicious dogs to go after wolves. This is already legal for coyotes. How is this not legalized dog fighting? I want the DNR to answer this. Better yet, I want the courts to answer this.

One encouraging aspect from the Natural Resources Board hearing is that the chair, Dave Clausen, expressed serious concern over the use of dog packs to go after wolves:

Dave Clausen, NRB chair, said the European hunting might be with coursing hounds, or sight-hunting hounds, not trailing hounds as would be the case in Wisconsin.

“You’re looking at a wolf-dog fight. That would have some very negative connotations. I think we should be very careful about allowing (this),” said Clausen.

Here is Clausen’s contact information:
David Clausen, Chair

Veterinarian. Appointed February 19, 2006, Reappointed May 1, 2007. Term expires May 1, 2013.
1265 58th Ave
Amery, WI 54001
(715) 268-8131

Finally this is a reminder of the DNR holding four hearings about the wolf killing season on these dates and at these locations:

June 6, Spooner – Spooner High School Auditorium, 801 County Highway A.
June 8, Black River Falls – Black River Falls Middle School Auditorium, 1202 Pierce St.
June 14, Fond du Lac – UW-Fond du Lac Auditorium, 400 University Drive.
June 15, Rhinelander – James Williams Middle School Auditorium, 915 Acacia Lane.

Of course it is very likely that the DNR already have their minds made up for the impending slaughter as they make it clear that the meetings will be all about the killing methods to be used from this article:

“The four meetings are meant to give state residents a chance to voice their views on the number of permits issued, quotas, hunting zones and specifics regarding trapping equipment. The meetings aren’t intended for a discussion on the pros and cons of a hunt, Thiede said.”

That’s right shut us out again. They sure love to hear the “pros” from the hounders and their shills, but we get no voice. This thing is on the fast track and the courts are going to be the only thing standing in the way of the slaughter of hundreds of wolves so that the anti-wolf groups can get to their mythical number of 350 or less wolves. This is Wisconsin’s shame and I hope that this rush to kill comes back to bite us hard in the future. I would rethink any vacation plans in Wisconsin that you may have, and remember that Wisconsin is not the only state that makes cheese and other dairy products when making purchasing decisions.


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Josh Bransford: Comedian

Josh Bransford: The FACE of the modern “sportsman” and wannabe comedian.

A couple of days ago I received the below e-mail notifying me that there was a new comment that needed approval. Look closely at the name. Does it seem familiar?

New comment waiting approval on Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife

josh commented on Does Josh Bransford Look Like A Victim To You?

Id love to beat the shit outta that looser !!!

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More information about josh

IP: 68.39.35 68.39
E-mail: joshbransford@     .com

That’s right, the post came from an email address belonging to a person named Josh Bransford in response to my article titled “Does Josh Bransford Look Like A Victim To You?” What a coincidence that this is the same name as the sadistic Idaho trapper photographed smiling with a bloody tortured wolf in the background.
Apparently Brandford thinks that this is all a big joke and he now has to visit pro-wildlife sites to leave mocking comments. I even mentioned in the post how wildlife advocates should not make threats against Bransford or his family. In response he has to come on this site and think that he is being funny by mocking other commenters. This guy really does not have any shame and it is all a big joke to him. He must be reveling in all of the attention his sadistic acts have brought him. 
Now is not the time to let up the pressure on the U.S. Forest Service who employs this guy. Please contact the Forest Service and let them know that their response to the wolf torture incident was unacceptable and Bransford should be fired for making their agency look bad.

Tom Tidwell
Chief US Forest Service
Yates Building
201 14th Street SW
Washington, D.C. 20250
(202) 205-8439

Jane Cottrell
Deputy Regional Forester, Region 1 US Forest Service
PO Box 7669
Missoula, Montana 59807
(406) 329-3311

Rick Brazell
Clearwater/Nez Perce National Forest Supervisor
12730 Highway 12
Orofino, Idaho 83544
(208) 476-4541

Terry Nevius
District Ranger
Red River Ranger District
PO Box 416
Elk City, Idaho 83525
(208) 842-2245

Note: I deleted parts of the e-mail address for privacy purposes. I am not trying to protect Bransford, but our policy is to not publish the personal e-mail addresses of people who comment on this site no matter how revolting they are.

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