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To Some, This Brutality is “Recreation”

There has been a set of horrifying pictures that has been making it’s way around the internet. Tonight I saw these pictures, and I have to say that I am sickened beyond words, and I hope you will be too.

Graphic and heartbreaking photos at this link:

**Update** As of March 26, 2012 the above post has been taken down. Please go to the below link for these and other horrifying pictures:

This is the face of the modern “sportsman.” This is the type of person that we let control our wildlife. This is what will be coming to Wisconsin for our wolves starting in October.

From the mouth of one of these “sportsmen:”

“We trappers do cause pain and suffering to animals and apologize to no one” 

Dennis “Foothold” Schutz, Vice-President West of the Montana Trappers Association

Please, share these images with everyone that you can. A very passionate wildlife advocate told me today that nothing can be accomplished by just complaining on the internet. We must make our voices heard, and demand that this sick and sadistic behavior be ended once and for all. Please join us in this fight.


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Wisconsin Regressives Turn the Clock Back to the 1800’s


Photo from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

UPDATE: I guess I was right about the gunfight part. This is courtesy of our state’s new “Castle Doctrine” law:

Apparently it is now “self defense” if someone steps on your porch and you blow them away. The march backward continues.

While searching for news stories about the impact of the Wisconsin wolf kill bill I came across this article from the Columbus Dispatch:

What really stood out was this:

“Eleven tribes of the Ojibwe, also known as the Chippewa, in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan oppose a wolf hunt. Their disapproval, filed with the legislature in written testimony, is based on religious principle and a tradition that links the health of the tribe to the state of the wolf population.

Courts have ruled the tribes should have a say in matters such as a wolf hunt on land they control. Should legislators go ahead with a wolf hunting season, an additional complication is that half of the wolves harvested would belong to the tribes under existing agreements.”

What a slap in the face Scott Suder, Joel Kleefisch, etc. gave to the Wisconsin Native American tribes. The Wisconsin Legislature attempted to do the exact same thing with the failed mining bill. Look at the anti-woman and anti-minority bills that were recently passed. It seems that Wisconsin wants to return us to the mindset of the 1800’s where we kill all predators, increase trapping, eliminate unions, and treat Native Americans, minorities, and women as subhuman. What is next, gunfights in the streets? Public hangings? Is this what we want out state to become? If anyone thinks that I am over exaggerating just look at the type of bills that have been passed in the past 12 months.

Wolf Kill Bill

Wetland Destruction Bill

Bill that Allows Trapping on ALL Public Lands and Teaches Hunting and Trapping In Public Schools for Credit

Bill that Gave Complete Control of Natural Resources Board to Hunters, Trappers, and Agriculture

Elimination Of Punitive Damages for Discrimination Victims

Anti-Abortion Bills

Anti-Union Bill

Then there is this gem from one of the wolf kill bill “authors:”

Although some of these issues may not appear to be directly related to wildlife the one thing that stands out is that the same people are behind all of these bills. The names are all the same: Walker, Suder, Kleefisch, Grothman, etc. These people want to turn what was once one of the most progressive states in the country into the most regressive state in the country. Whether is is persecuting wolves or women, that goal is the same among all of these people. Is this the type of Wisconsin that we want to live in? I know that I don’t.


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Shame on You Wisconsin!!! Anti-Wolf Bill Passes Wisconsin Assembly 69 to 25


Photo by Christian Jansky, via Wikimedia Commons

It comes as no surprise to anyone that the Wisconsin State Assembly passed the wolf kill bill AB 502/SB 411 on a 69 to 25 vote. Not one Republican voted against the bill and 11 Democrats joined them in voting to sell out our wolves. The bill now goes to Gov. Walker who I am sure is drooling in anticipation of signing it so that he can continue to appease the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, and all of the other anti-wildlife special interests in Wisconsin.

This is a sad day in our history when the wants of a vocal minority take priority over the wishes of the majority of Wisconsin citizens, and the Native American tribes that call this state home. We can only hope that the tribes and other pro-wildlife groups are able to challenges this barbarous bill in the courts so that the proposed wolf killing fest does not become a reality.

Here is an article about the bills passage in The New York Times:

WE VOW also wishes to extend our thanks to those who had the courage to vote against this anti-science and anti-wildlife bill.


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Article in Monday’s New York Times About Wolf Kill Bill and Native Rights


Photo by Gunnar Ries Amphibol, via Wikimedia Commons

This horrible bill is finally getting national attention as it is set to be voted on today. The article points out that there may be treaty violations that the tribes may be able to fight in court. Let’s offer them our full support. While this bill is likely to be made law we cannot let up on the pressure.


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Article about AB 502 Amendments in Wisconsin State Journal and Reminder of Rally Tomorrow


Photo by Gunnar Ries Amphibol via Wikimedia Commons

The Wisconsin State Journal posted two items today about the wolf hunting bill, AB 502, that is set for a vote in the Assembly tomorrow:

Letter to the Editor from a concerned citizen:

Also, a reminder of the rally at noon tomorrow at the State Capitol in Madison. 

If you are interested in rallying against these bills there is a rally scheduled for Tuesday, March 13 by the Lady Forward Statute ( State Street entrance) at the Capitol between 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM.

This horrible bill is to be voted on tomorrow in the Assembly. I you haven’t already contact your representatives to speak out against this bill. Here is what WE VOW sent every representative today:

Dear Representative,

This letter is written on behalf of a new organization, Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic- Vote Our Wildlife, that is organizing to give the majority of non-hunting citizens a voice that we previously never had. We are hearing from outraged citizens from Wisconsin and across the world about AB 502 and the provisions contained within. Many of those citizens are also speaking of boycotting Wisconsin tourism and products if this horrendous bill passes. The below petitions have almost 14,000 people who are speaking out about this bill:

The brutal provisions in the bill aside, this makes Wisconsin look horrible in the eyes of the country and the world. To allow for the hunting of an animal that was considered endangered just a month and a half ago through the use of dog packs, at night, with bait, with electronic calls, trapping, killing pregnant females, over four and a half months looks like Wisconsin is declaring war on this majestic animal. This bill is shameful and should be voted down.

Our new organization Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife (Wisconsin WE VOW) will be keeping track of who does and does not vote for this bill. Our goal is to bring a voice to the silent majority who have been shut out of the decision making process concerning our wildlife. We are the majority, and we will vote for our wildlife.

Thank you for your consideration,

Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife

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**UREGNT Please Contact Regarding Wolf Kill Bill AB 502 **URGENT

**URGENT** List of Assembly Contacts **URGENT**
Photo by Derek Bakken from Minneapolis, MN (Gray Wolf (Canis lupus)) via Wikimedia Commons
Petition to sign against this bill:
This is a list of all Wisconsin Representatives and their email address. You can copy and paste these addresses into the “To” portion of your email program.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Statement from Patricia Randolph (Madravenspeak) and Sample Letter Against AB 502


Photo by Gary Kramer [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

ACT NOW – the final assembly vote is Tuesday, March 13

Whether you have expressed outrage at AB502 and its all out torture, packs of dogs 24/7, trapping, shining and murder of an endangered species (endangered 700-800 when delisted Jan. 27 and more endangered today), or not,- NOW is the time to raise a statewide HOWL to all reps that we are the people and we want them to respect the Wildlife Public Trust Doctrine – that all wildlife are held in protection for all citizens – and TRASH THIS BILL AB502.

Amendments should be made to rid the bill of night hunting, dogs, and trapping – but it should be voted against in its entirety regardless of amendments.

The “predation” natural to wolves (85 cattle all year confirmed while humans predate on 3.4 million cattle in Wisconsin annually) – is concentrated on 1/10th of wolf territory, most of it by a few packs in the northwestern part of the state (6% of wolf territory). Adrian Treves of the Nelson Institute has done surveys showing 91% accuracy in determining the FEW packs that are likely to prey on livestock (like we do abundantly)….91% accuracy is amazing!

The DNR has the ability to target those few packs and leave this iconic species in prime wolf habitat helping control CWD and keeping balance in our imbalanced world. The wolves are sacred to the Indian tribes who came out against this ant-scientific ruthless trophy wolf hating bill.

As Adrian Treves found in his extensive surveys of hunters, there is nothing of “stewardship” in attitudes toward wolves – and after 15 years of dealing with hunters and trappers, I can vouch there is nothing of stewardship in hunting and trapping our wildlife at all.

Join us at our new website and sign up by county for alerts….donate at the level you want, if you can help defray expenses. Thank you.

Patricia Randolph
State Journalist
Madravenspeak living wildlife columnist/Capital Times online newspaper
Wisconsin Willdife Ethic – Vote Our Wildlife ( WE VOW – )

Please copy and paste the below sample letter, and send to your state representative.

 Dear Representative_______,

As your constituent, I wish to express my concern over the Wolf Hunt bill, AB 502, coming up next Tuesday for an Assembly vote. At both the assembly and senate committee hearings, testimony was given by of our state’s wolf biologists and wildlife experts, who provided constructive guidance on how a sustainable wolf hunt could be appropriately conducted, yet their recommendations have yet to be adopted as Amendments to AB 502.

I’ve spoken to many family members, friends and neighbors about this bill since its introduction and I can tell you that people are extremely concerned and disheartened by the legislature’s conduct. It is my hope is that you will either oppose AB 502 or advance an Amendment to limit the scope of the Wolf Hunt to ONLY those specific areas of the state that are experiencing wolf livestock depredations on private property—areas already identified by DNR field biologists and other wildlife experts, see, for example,

Also, I’d ask that you lend your support at the time of the Assembly vote to Amendments that seek to eliminate night hunting, bar the use of dogs to hunt wolves, and limit the length of the hunt, which, as it currently stands, will interfere both with the wolf breeding season and the DNR’s survey capabilities.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of my concerns.



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Aldo Leopold and the Dying Green Light


Picture: Bernard Landgraf via Wikimedia Commons

From the book A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold:

“We saw what we thought was a doe fording the torrent, her breast awash in white water. When she climbed the bank toward us and shook out her tail, we realized our error: it was a wolf. A… half-dozen others, evidently grown pups, sprang from the willows and all joined in a welcoming melee of wagging tails and playful maulings. What was literally a pile of wolves writhed and tumbled in the center of an open flat at the foot of our rimrock.

In those days we had never heard of passing up a chance to kill a wolf. In a second we were pumping lead into the pack, but with more excitement than accuracy; how to aim a steep downhill shot is always confusing. When our rifles were empty, the old wolf was down, and a pup was dragging a leg into impassable side-rocks.

We reached the old wolf in time to watch a fierce green fire dying in her eyes. I realized then, and have known ever since, that there was something new to me in those eyes—something known only to her and to the mountain. I was young then, and full of trigger-itch; I thought that because fewer wolves meant more deer, that no wolves would mean hunters’ paradise. But after seeing the green fire die, I sensed that neither the wolf nor the mountain agreed with such a view.”

And we are back to those days.

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Democrats Add Amendments to Wolf Kill Bill


Public photo from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Assembly Democrats have added five common sense amendments to AB 502. The first four amendments seek to eliminate hunting wolves with dogs, over night, shorten the season, and limit bear hounder reimbursement for hunting dogs killed by wolves. These amendments were brought forth by Reps. Clark, Molepske Jr., Hulsey, Mason, and Danou. These are common sense measures that should be adopted. Unfortunately, this will be an uphill battle because of the anti-wolf sentiments among many in the Assembly.

Here is a list of the proceedings and amendments:

The fifth amendment was authored by Rep. Christine Siniki. She gets it. Here is what the amendment states:

March 6, 2012 – Offered by Representative Sinicki.
At the locations indicated, amend the bill as follows:
Page 8, line 10: after that line insert:
“Use of meat. A person who harvests a wolf by use of a firearm shall ensure
that the meat from the wolf is eaten.”.

Rep Siniki understands that this bill is only a trophy hunt and nothing more. Please call her office and thank her for putting this witty amendment forward.

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How Wisconsin Senators Voted on SB 411


Photo from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Here is the list of Wisconsin Senators who voted for and against SB 411. Democrats are noted with a (D).





As you can see it was not only Republicans who have sold out our wolves. Seven Democrats voted yes on this horrible bill. Please contact these senators and let them know how you feel about their vote. The Democrats who voted no should be thanked for taking a futile stand against the anti-wolf interests in Wisconsin.

Contact information for each senator can be found here:


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