Reblog: DNR Admits Banning Critics From Wolf Policy Committee

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DNR Admits Banning Critics From Wolf Policy Committee

This is serious: Cathy Stepp, Walker’s DNR Secretary and hand-picked, “chamber-of commerce” anti-conservation tool,  has unapologetically confirmed to news media that the agency kicked wolf advocates off a broadly-based citizen advisory committee; the reconstituted group now stacked with wolf-hunt proponents will play a key role in the development of a long-term wolf management  killing plan now under development.

corel-wolfWisconsin is killing its wolves

No wonder that dispirited career DNR employees with science backgrounds are leaving the agency, and those remaining are being kept in line with your classic bureaucratic iron fist in the velvet glove: patronizing top-down/follow-your-orders directives dressed up in team-building mumbo-jumbo and cheer-leading slogans.

Stepp is admitting what the wolf hunt opponents had charged – – publicly in the Journal Sentinel and in a first-person guest posting on this blog:

Turning state policy-making over to special-interest, pro-hunter-and-gun-lobby politicking that literally will spill blood.

And further narrow and damage an outdoors experience for Wisconsinites who prefer taking a camera or their children into the woods for a peaceful hike without a rifle, leg traps or GPS-driven baying hunting hounds.

In a state where hunters have recently been given the right to shoot and trap in state parks.

Where cruelty to wildlife, and in some cases to hunting dogs, is sanctioned by various permissible ‘training’ practices.

And where big business interests will be permitted to remove unsustainable quantities of groundwater, pollute the air and water near big dairies with airborne and piped manure, fill wetlands with debris at a proposed and gargantuan open-pit iron mine site up North, and fill the air near dozens of new sand mines near the Mississippi River with dust.

Stepp is admitting to an intentional and politicized manipulation and giveaway of wildlife and land rights that are under state trust management for all the people of Wisconsin.

She is capitulating to powerful hunting and gun lobbies often aligned with conservative politicians – – about which the public got a peek a few months ago when Walker, DNR Secretary Stepp and their partisan cronies were all caught trying to funnel public money and program management to a so-called sportsman’s group that had helped Walker win his recall election.

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Reblog: DNR Admits Banning Critics From Wolf Policy Committee

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Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Wolf execution ‘quota’ a measure of DNR’s ignorance

To blog followers regarding this week’s column:

Although I put into the column that citizens can comment up until the Wednesday before Natural Resources Board (NRB) meeting, they cannot. They changed the rules again! Ever eager to suppress citizen input, written comments had to be submitted by 11 a.m. last Friday…unless you were able to register before Friday’s cutoff time to speak at the NRB meeting. I suggest commenting anyway. This is our natural commons and the NRB needs a public outcry of rage.

Please network this important column to people who want to protect intact ecosystems through your email lists and social networking sites. It can be forwarded or copied and pasted as a link. It recounts important new research affirming the need to treat social and all predators with the respect of natural numbers in natural life systems to protect biodiversity in trophic cascade. Top predators protect diversity of life that humans are wantonly destroying.

Please join our membership at to enable us to continue tabling at events like Bobfest and doing the lobbying at the legislature where these ignorant laws are made, pandering to a very organized minority of hunters, trappers, hounders, NRA, and Farm Bureau who want a dead landscape for their exploitation.

Thanks for all you do, but if we do not move quickly, we will not be able to restore the web of life that supports us all:  – Scroll down here at the extinction web site and realize the seriousness of this situation, and then join our membership to have clout with the legislature.


Speak Out Regarding the Proposed Wolf Kill Quota for Wisconsin during the 2014-15 Season

“Carnivore management is not just a numbers game.” ~ Virginia Tech wildlife scientists 

On Wednesday, June 25, the Natural Resources Board, comprised predominantly of appointed hunter activists, will “consider” the hunter-controlled wolf committee’s quota of 156 wolves to be killed in the 2014-15 hunting/trapping/hounding season — the third season in Wisconsin.

The deadline to register for citizen appearances is past, but citizens can submit written comments before the board rubber stamps this quota Wednesday. Disenfranchised citizen outrage is appropriate. The hunting of wolves here is quickly destroying our natural ally, sacred brother to the Indian tribes.

Last year, a Mason-Dixon poll commissioned by the Humane Society showed that eight out of nine Wisconsin citizens want to protect our wolves. It is not surprising that this ratio is the same as the tally of eight non-hunting citizens to every one hunter.

Five wolf pups rescued from a wildfire are big stars at the Alaska Zoo. Wisconsin could have a tourism draw such as this. Instead, we are killing our wolves.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is playing an outdated numbers game that is proven inadequate for social pack animals. The DNR’s arbitrary “350” number of wolves as “carrying capacity” is bogus non-science and only serves trophy wolf hunters and magical thinking. Arbitrarily contrived minimal populations of carnivores cannot fulfill their essential role of guarding the health of ecosystems (known as a trophic cascade).

Research–based science (which appears to be ignored by the DNR) has this response to treating the population of wolves as a numbers game:

“This type of approach may fail in social carnivore species,” said Kathleen Alexander, an associate professor of fisheries and wildlife conservation in Virginia Tech’s College of Natural Resources and Environment. “Predator management is incredibly complex and we need to be extremely cautious in applying blanket approaches which rely on securing some target number or density of individuals in an ecosystem.”

Research by Alexander and two other scientists reported in Science Daily and published in Population Ecology evaluated 45 carnivore species and population trends, and identified the presence of factors that increase the potential for extinction. Disturbingly, 73 percent of carnivore species were declining.

The research-based report concludes: “Social carnivores appeared to be particularly vulnerable with 45 percent threatened by infectious disease but only 3 percent of solitary carnivores similarly impacted. In this, increased contact between individuals, disease-related mortality, and loss of individuals below some critical threshold seems to be the issue, pushing social carnivores closer to the brink of extinction.”

Wolves are the ultimate social pack animals. The report concludes that “highly cohesive social species, like African wild dog, require strict participation from all group members … in all areas of life, including predator avoidance, reproductive success, hunting, and survivorship. This life-history strategy can result in enhanced fitness benefits for the group, but also a higher critical threshold for extinction. … Even in a large population, transmission of an infectious disease from only a few infected individuals can result in sufficient mortality to push groups below a critical threshold, ultimately threatening population persistence.”

The report also documents that in certain ecosystems, when packs are reduced to less than four individuals, the trade-off between pup-rearing and hunting may prevent successful reproduction. From the DNR’s point of view, this would result in less of a wolf “crop” for the next season’s kill.

Extinction of species is occurring right before our eyes, with a 95 percent mortality rate of white-nosed bat fungus, rapidly spread throughout the East Coast, now entering Wisconsin. The threat of extinction is obvious in the massive worldwide bee colony collapse.

In a recent article, “Ten Species You Can Kiss Good-bye,” is the red wolf: “Smaller and more slender than its gray-wolf cousin, the red wolf (Canis lupus rufus) managed to survive the Late Pleistocene ice age but may not be able to slink by modern man. Once widespread throughout the southeastern United States, red wolf populations have been so devastated by predator-control programs and habitat loss that the dearth of breeding partners has led many of them to mate with coyotes instead, further reducing the number of genetically pure wolves. An estimated 100 wolves roam northeastern North Carolina today, while another 150 reside at captive breeding facilities across the United States.”

The gray wolf was the first and only species delisted from the endangered species list, not because they were recovered, but to strengthen Montana Democrat Jon Tester’s political fortunes. There is no science in this political farce. Like the red wolf, the gray wolf cannot “slink by” modern man’s deadly agenda.

It is the human predator that needs to be controlled. Indian prophecies tie the fate of human beings to the fate of wolves. We are dependent on all that we are destroying.

Patricia Randolph

Patricia Randolph of Portage is a longtime activist for wildlife. or

Other News:

Wolves in Greater Yellowstone need your help. Please comment on Montana’s wolf hunting proposal for 2014-15.

Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Wolf execution ‘quota’ a measure of DNR’s ignorance

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Hello All, 

Please take a moment to secure the opportunity to comment at next week’s June 25th Natural Resource Board meeting in Milwaukee. Thank you, in advance, for making your voice heard concerning this important wildlife concern. While it may only take a few minutes of your time, it matters because the Natural Resources Board is being heavily pressured by hunting lobbies to raise the quota above the 156 number recommended by the DNR. This would be harmful and senseless. 

Where is the science behind Wisconsin’s rush to drive its wolf numbers down? There is none. What, then, is the reason for it? Not to benefit our state’s mainstream hunters, that much is clear, according to the latest deer research: Rather, politics and special interest money—not science or reason–are driving our state’s wolf policies. See

Shouldn’t the Natural Resource Board instead be considering a lower hunting quota than 156, to take into account the annual number of additional Wisconsin wolves killed illegally, killed by disease, killed by vehicles, killed by wildlife officials, and killed after packs are dispersed? It will be important for the Board to hear that Wisconsin’s overly aggressive wolf “harvest” is putting this recently recovered iconic species at risk.

The public is invited to speak starting around 8:30 a.m. at the Ambassador Inn at Marquette, 2301 W. Wisconsin Avenue. Per the agenda, the Natural Resources Board will be taking short (3 minute) comments by the public regarding Wisconsin’s proposed wolf kill quotas for the upcoming 2014 – 2015 wolf hunting and trapping season. See

*IMPORTANT–In order to preserve your chance to speak next week, or to submit written comments concerning the proposed wolf quota, you must notify the Natural Resource Board before 11 AM on Friday, June 20th by phoning or emailing the Board liaison—608-267-7420 or—and providing the following information:

Your name, City of Residence, Phone number, Email and Topic or agenda item number (i.e. Wolf Harvest Quota), and your position for or against the DNR’s quota of 156. (see Board public participation web page.)

Thank you for your efforts,

Patricia Randolph

Alert to Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic Membership

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